E-mail from Ashayana about Mr.David Icke

RE: E-mail about Mr. Icke commentary (Written in the year 2000)

A while back, a friend brought Icke’s name to my attention saying I should look into this because of his work on tracing the Illuminati lines and how it corresponds to my work in areas which cover disclosure of the “Black Sun DNA” sub strand matrices and the vulnerability to manipulation of people who inadvertently carry this scalar-wave template distortion in their DNA.

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Conversations with Sasquatch (part 1)

Although some call him Bigfoot, Yeti, Yowie, Babaloo, Misabe, and a variety of other names, I call him Sasquatch, one of his most famous names, coming from the Coast Salish language of so-called BC. I say him, although this specie of two-leggeds also has genders and families, but the ones who choose to show themselves and interact with us Humans are most often wise older males, protectors of their tribe.

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¨Voyagers¨ (Chapter 1): UFOS, Visitors, and the Interior Government

¨Voyagers: The Sleeping Abductees¨ is a fascinating book written by Ashayana Deane, in English, and which I simply had to share with you. In contains information which can help us all understand a lot of what goes on in the extraterrestrial reality, and ours, as they both go related, since the beginnings of time.

You can find more information about E’Asha Ashayana and Guardian Material at her site arhayas.com


Toto, We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

The Bridge zone project is no more, instead earth has chosen the path of Krystal failsafe host. See for more information on arhayas.com.

The Beginning of The Voyagers series and the Azurite Temple

Anna Hayes

Around the world people follow Ashayana Deane and her teachings about the true history of Planet Earth and role of humans and ETs in it. Her fascinating material started here, with this article in Contact Forum, in 1998.

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Indigos- Orgin and Types

“Who ARE the Indigos”

The “Oraphim is the parent consciousness of blue rays..indigos.. ” have very special gene codes called “Double Diamond
Sun” or the “Emerald Sun Matrix”- Double Diamond has the 12-strand
coding of the original human, plus another 12 pertaining to the
ascended mastery levels beyond time, and the Emerald’s, the high
council of the Oraphim, have an additional 6 strands that correspond
to the Level-3 Eckatic Matrix, last level of ascended mastery before
At-one-ment with source.

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