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Return of the innocence

August 12, 2015

*Excerpt: 404p-406p / Voyagers (Volume II) by Ashayana Deane

“How long we will continue to allow these cosmic criminals to use us as pawns in their conquest game for Earth/Inner Earth/Halls of Amenti dominion?”

Salvaging the Sacred. Healing World Religion

In the times before the 208,216 BC Fall of Brenaui, when the Angelic Human races of Earth suffered the loss of D-12 access, all life experience was a “living prayer” of joyful spiritual and material celebration. In those times “religions” was not a control dogma used to rob personal power and dignity from people. In those times, people did not die, they consciously chose to ascend out of density via the Universal Star Gate system. Science and Spirituality were fully understood as part of the same Primal Creation Mechanics that allowed for the experience of manifest expression and simultaneous experience of At-one-ment with the true loving God-Source. Back then, we all knew ourselves, each other, the Earth, and all things as blessed expressions of the one God, and we honored all things accordingly. In those Ancient of Days, the Days of Innocence, there were 12 Angelic Human Tribes appointed as the co-Guardians of Earth’s Planetary Templar Complex. Each Tribes was entrusted with one of twelve Emerald Covenant CDT-Plates; each CDT-Plates, protected by the 12 Angelic Human Tribes, arose the first earthly verbal and written translations of the Founders’ Sacred Teachings.

These text translations were the original Holy Books of the 12 genuine components of what is termed “Religion”. The teaching of all genuine Holy Books complemented each other, honored the same eternal, loving, one-God Source that has infinite names and none. All of the ancient “holy Books” that still divide our races today originally emerged from these 12 bodies of once-sacred Emerald Covenant teachings. In the chaos of Fallen Angelic infiltration of Atlantis, and the progressive advancement of the Anti-Christiac Phantom Matrix paradigm on Earth that has occurred since Atlantis times, our sacred religions have been raped and all but extinguished. False teachings have been woven between the lines of truth, and the greatest bodies of truth have been removed entirely.

For over 11,000 years, Human and Illuminati-hybrid races, denied the truth of their history, race identity, memory and immediate relationship to the God-Force, have been destroying each other and Earth on behalf of Intruder ET/Fallen Angelic religious deception. It is up to each of us to decide whether or not we love the Living, Loving, Eternal God-presence, and the promise of “attainable heaven” that true God-spirit stands for. The Living God-Presence does not reside in any book, It resides within each and every person, place or thing. True “Holy Books” teach us of the eternal truths of spirit and science, through which we can most rapidly and easily awaken the God-Presence within. Some people will choose to love more than the Living-Loving God – the twisted rantings and ravings of vengeful, harsh and judgmental Intruder ET-false-Gods, because this provides them with false security and a “socially acceptable” frame of reference. False security and “fitting in with the local clan” are rather pathetic “rewards” for the payment of imprisoning one’s soul.

The sacred teachings of the 12-Tribes Nations are presently drowning in a sea of Fallen Angelic lies; it is up to us to save them. Each contemporary religion holds partial truths and partial lies. It is up to us to find the Living God-spirit within, through which we can salvage the sacred within each and every creed, and dispose of the garbage that has taught us to judge and kill each other, to martyr ourselves, and to unknowingly support Fallen Angelic agendas. If we desire to find the promised “Heaven on Earth”, we must first find it within ourselves, which we cannot do while we continue to Crucify Ourselves in the name of external Warlords and Wrath-filled False God. In the salvaging of the sacred and discarding of the deception within our world religious creeds, we can all discover God, ourselves and each other, and in that discovery we can begin the journey of our collective Return to Innocence.

God is Real.
It is an omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient Force and Source of consciousness within which we all reside(even the “bad guys”), and of which we are all composed. The true God is beyond form manifestation; and no being can ever be separate from the true God, because all form manifestation takes place within the Source. Even beings of the Phantom Matrix are part of the wholeness of God, but they represent the parts of God’s consciousness that have forgotten their Divine Identity and have no memory of the wholeness of which they are a part. Phantom Matrix beings compete for power with others, as they neither acknowledge nor comprehend the endless supply of living power, energy and love that eternally circulates between Source and all living things manifest.
We are all directly connected to the real God-Source in every moment; we can learn the once common-knowledge “secrets” of allowing the Living-Loving God-Presence to progressively embody within us. We do not have to subjugate ourselves to self-appointed false-God Fallen Angelics who depend upon taking our energy/power to sustain their own finite supply. Once we overcome the hurdle of “external false-God worship”, and replace it with “internal Living-God Worth-ship”, we will no longer be overly impressed by, or mentally and emotionally gullible toward, the “space-brother savior” Fallen Angelic agenda.

Ascension is Real,
but it is not achieved by allowing yourself to be sucked into the Phantom Matrix due to dogmatic adherence to Fallen Angelic –distorted ancient texts. The Emerald Covenant Founders Races have always taught the original Freedom Teachings of our Loving Source and Inalienable Spirituality, the realities of a loving God that lives within us all. The Founders also teach the sacred science realities of the Maharata(*personal Inner Christos, Pre-matter Template and D-12 Divine Blueprint) for which the real “Christ story” originally stood, and which the real man Christ, Jesheua Melchizedek, and many others of all religions, once passionately taught.
Long ago, before our planet was “hijacked” by the spiritually and genetically twisted, mentally disturbed, power-hungry Fallen Angelic souls of the Phantom Matrix, the Emerald Covenant teachings were Humanity’s Heritage and common knowledge and soul of every religion. These teachings belong to the Christian, the Muslim, the Jew, the Hindu, the Buddhist, the Tribal Shaman….to everyone.

This was true in the days before the “Falcon”, and the “Phoenix,” the “Serpent”, the “Dragon” and the “Dove” laid their territorial claim on Earth and attempted to possess humanity’s soul. These were the Ancient of Days, the Days of Innocence, when Angelic Humans lived in peace and joyful union with all other kingdoms in “God’s House of Many Mansions” that is our 15-Dimensional Time Matrix System and the many other of its kind. These were days before the dereliction of Atlantis. Right now, in the Bridge Zone Inner Earth Time Continuum that represents humanity’s victorious future (*Time is simultaneous), the Days of Innocence are reborn.

Today, we are faced with a truly profound choice. Do we subjugate and sacrifice our Living Inner Christos(*Our D-12 personal Christed Avatar Identity level) upon the altar of wrathful Gods from of ancient books, or do we reach within and Godward, to find the Living Presence of Source that has always been there? These are the most decisive of times, for in the contemporary drama we will witness the long-foretold “battle of the Angels”

The Fallen Angels and the Living Angels will, in these very times, meet and each individual will face the choice of deciding which type of Angel to be.

*Excerpt: 404p-406p / Voyagers (Volume II) by Ashayana Deane (E’Asha Ashayana)

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