200 dogs rescued from dog meat farm

In South Korea, as many as 2 million dogs a year are slaughtered and eaten. They suffer on a daily basis in deplorable conditions on dog meat factory farms.

This is the sixth farm that Humane Society International has closed down. All the dogs we have rescued have been flown to the U.S., UK and Canada because at present in South Korea there is insufficient widespread acceptance of dog adoption, particularly for large-size dogs. There is also a misconception that “meat dogs” are different from “pet dogs”; this is something that we hope to change through public education and our hundreds of adoption stories that clearly show this is not the case.

Toto, We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

The Bridge zone project is no more, instead earth has chosen the path of Krystal failsafe host. See for more information on arhayas.com.

The Beginning of The Voyagers series and the Azurite Temple

Anna Hayes

Around the world people follow Ashayana Deane and her teachings about the true history of Planet Earth and role of humans and ETs in it. Her fascinating material started here, with this article in Contact Forum, in 1998.

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High antidepressant use could lead to UK public health disaster

A woman reading a medical advice leaflet
No mention of addiction on here

BSIP/UIG via Getty

Antidepressants are meant to make things better. But the increasing reliance on them in the UK could be a public health disaster in the making, campaigners are warning. Evidence is growing that people struggle to stop taking antidepressants once they have started, and that the drugs could even prolong symptoms of low mood and trigger other mental health problems.
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