Official of TEPCO subcontractor: Dosimeter ruse was one-time act


A senior official of a construction company has admitted that he and four workers used lead plates to shield their dosimeters to lower radiation readings inside the embattled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant in December.

The 54-year-old official with Build-Up, a subcontractor in Fukushima Prefecture, told The Asahi Shimbun on July 22 that they used the shields for 30-40 minutes. He also admitted that he had concocted a lie for the workers beforehand if they were asked why their protective suits were taped where their pocket-sized dosimeters are carried.

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Oregon criminalizes permaculture; claims state ownership over all rainwater – ponds and swales restricted – jail time for violators

(NaturalNews) There’s nothing more refreshing than standing in a cool, summertime rain shower. Or bathing in the warm sunlight on a crisp spring day. Or inhaling the cool autumn air, fresh with the scent of turning leaves and pine needles. These things — rainwater, sunlight, air — have long been assumed to be not only free, but un-claimable. You can’t claim to own the sunlight that falls on my front yard, for example. A corporation can’t claim intellectual property ownership over the air that you breathe and demand you pay a royalty for inhaling.

But today, Jackson County, Oregon says it owns YOUR rainwater, and the county has sentenced a man to 30 days in jail and fined him over $1500, for the supposed “crime” of collecting rainwater on his own property.

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Bernie Sanders Exposes the 26 Billionaires who are Buying the 2012 Election

In his new report, America For Sale: A Report on Billionaires Buying the 2012 Election, Sen. Bernie Sanders named names and called out the billionaires who using Citizens United to buy our democracy.

In front of a Senate panel today, Sen. Bernie Sanders outed the 26 billionaires who are members of 23 billionaire families that are using Citizens United to buy elections. Sen. Sanders estimated that these 26 billionaires are the tip of the iceberg. “My guess is that number is really much greater because many of these contributions are made in secret. In other words, not content to own our economy, the 1 percent want to own our government as well.”

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Horror Hospital: The Most Shocking Photos And Testimony From The Dawood Military Hospital Scandal

An explosive Congressional investigation revealed horrific new details this week about a U.S. funded military hospital in Afghanistan that kept patients in “Auschwitz-like” conditions.

The investigation also revealed that Lt. General William B. Caldwell, then commander of the $11.2 billion dollar a year Afghan training program, tried to block the probe and ordered a cover-up.

There are currently two ongoing investigations looking into the Dawood Military Hospital abuses: one centered around the Military Whistleblower Protection Act, the other concerned with Caldwell’s politically-motivated decision to delay investigations into the hospital until after the 2010 elections.

What follows is a very disturbing look inside the Dawood National Military Hospital. It was compiled with sworn eye-witness testimony from the three U.S. Army colonels who blew the whistle on the scandal, as well as never-before published photos obtained by BuzzFeed.

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DNA testing underway on ‘alien hybrid human baby’ found in Peru

DNA testing and carbon testing are currently underway on several elongated skulls that were found in Peru last year. In exclusive email correspondence with Brien Foerster from “Ancient Aliens” on July 18, 2012, Unexplained Phenomena Examiner was able to obtain information about these skulls and an upcoming tour that is planned to visit the cities of Nazca, Ica and Paracas in Peru, where the elongated skulls were found. Although the tour is nearly sold out, limited space is still available. For more information about the Ancient Peru and Bolivia tour with the Nazca, Ica and Paracas add-on, please visit Megalithomania.

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Horseshoe’ UFO Filmed over South Korea

A weird, horseshoe-shaped UFO was spotted and videotaped in the skies over Busan, South Korea which seems to be the first of its kind.

The unidentified flying object is traveling at a very fast clip, probably meaning it’s not any kind of weather balloon. The original, raw feed segment shows the object pitching and yawing through the air, as if it was being piloted.

The second half of the video is a zoomed-in closeup, which does show more detail, but doesn’t help to explain exactly what the object really is.

What at first look seems to be the classic saucer-shaped type of UFO, is revealed to have a strange cleft in its center, giving the object its horseshoe shaping.

The daytime sky is bright and clear, giving a very good view of the object. It just seems to be a bit too far away from the camera to positively identify what it is.

There are no wings jutting out and there doesn’t seem to be any exhaust. There are also no running, navigational lights or the usual markings identifying it as any known aircraft.

So, what is it?

Here’s the video: