A Very Light Eater

A Very Light Eater

“So whereas higher-density positive entities might be considered Light beings, higher density negatives are more like, Light-eaters.”

“They are the light-eaters, the devourers of light. That’s why they’re associated with ‘darkness’, because the light is lapped up into the cavernous ‘black hole’ of their congenital emptiness, their persistent lack. Light is sucked into the abyss where their heart should be, in order to try to compensate or fill-in for the Love that isn’t there.

“All the massive, cosmic extension of the ordinary ego-project that they perform in full consciousness and on the grand scale, is ultimately a means of ‘cornering the market’ on energy, monopolizing all the known fields of light or light potential. The expanding order they attempt to impose, the totalitarian control over increasingly-large numbers they attempt to exert, is the fantastical and internally self-contradictory project of coercing everything in creation to work for them, to cultivate and keep the fields of their energy-reserves and to furnish self-replenishing ‘herds’ of emotional source-nutriment which can be converted into useful energy or light-capital. Since the negative beings can’t generate an important light-energy source themselves, i.e. the emotional range of energy-values belonging to the ‘heart’, they can borrow against the manipulated and artificially regulated emotional reserves of the beings effectually harnessed in thrall to them. Since the values of light energy the negative beings find useful to them and compatible with their systems are of light gathered from negative emotional states, it is in the ‘best-interests’ of the negative beings to promote a continuum of increasingly negative emotions and response patterns, i.e. those of fear and anxiety, hatred, terror and despair.”

“Maybe this has something to do, then, with the rumors circulating around about the underground Dulce facilities where aliens have been reported to take infernal ‘baths’ in vats of liquid stewed with human and animal parts, a kind of diabolic broth of enzymes and hormones they’re supposed to absorb for nutriment through their skin.”

“Well, yes,” MT replied, “there is something to this; hormones of the human ductless systems and various kinds of human and animal enzymes, neurotransmitters, lymphocytes and extract of digestive chyle furnishes variable measures of a radiant energy-value; especially the human reproductive system—the specific cells of reproduction are just saturated with subtle energy-charge, and on top of that, the male seed carries a clear-light unit of awareness that comprises the usual parent-donor to the fertilized matrix prepared for incarnating consciousness.

“There are in fact multiple uses to which these ‘natural resources’ of the human system may be put. As grim as it might seem, the ‘aliens‘ perceived to indulge that hormonal baptism are generally biobot replicants, hybrid forms created from genetic tissue of humans, animals and even plants; they have vestigial digestive systems, virtually inoperative because these types of biobot-form follow the general template of the higher dimensional negative beings only in more grounded and stabilized, physical terms.

“The higher-dimensional beings in their own context nave subtle, vertical filamental axes on the Man-like model, because the general formula Man (inclusive of woman) presides over the present Logoic pattern; but, whereas the digestive system of Earth-based mankind is proportionately the largest of the physical complex, having an absorptive surface-area that can be stretched for square miles, the higher-dimensional beings of both positive and negative variety nave largely replaced the cellular-tissue digestive tract with subtle nerve-networks (corresponding to the simpler regulatory structures of the autonomic plexuses in 3rd-density human form). Those subtle nerve-networks process radiant-energy values, drawn in through the etheric ‘chakras‘ of the higher-dimensional systems; the noetic values informing a given energy-complex or ambient field-pattern determine the corresponding center through which the energy cluster will be absorbed and processed.

“Translating the higher-density alien structures into synthetic, physical material terms so that the biobot product may constitute a stable physical representation (manipulable like a marionette through the subtle-connective cords of the plexiform centers), results in a virtually dysfunctional, vegetative tract’ homologously corresponding to the solid-food system of terrestrial beings but superfluous with respect to that function; the solid-form basis of the biobot ‘parallel’ to the alien structure, requires direct absorption of light-energy values, to be assimilated and processed by the appropriate centers and nerve-networks; and, whereas the etheric aspects of those centers absorb and process etheric-material energies much in the manner conducted through the earth-beings’ chakra systems, the tissue-structure of the biobot form has to assimilate nutriment at and through its specific, flesh-born level.

“That function is of course performed in man by the cumbersome and really outdated agency of the massive physical digestive tract, generally at the expense of certain subtle potentials and energy-processes otherwise available that are coopted to the major physical spacetime work of solid digestion; in the case of the biobots, though, the digestive ‘tube’ is faked, a mere vegetative sketch; the more ‘efficient’ economy for the absorption and assimilation of radiant-energy and light values in the hybrid biobot form, is directly through the pores. The highest concentrations of the radiant/light values required, are locked into the physical structures of human enzymes and hormones, so that’s what they go for; they imbibe energy-rich extracts of the human reproductive and glandular structures wholesale through the high-saturation surface area of the skin itself.”

“Then that whole business of the alien hell-soup has a basis in fact.”

Present company was now turning green about the gills.

“Unfortunately, initiated understanding has to confirm very much of this,” MT continued. “Tremendous concentrations of desirable energy-values, laced with the emotional juice that generates them, are involved in neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine, and in epinephrine/norepinephrine hormones of the sympathetic systems. Agents of psychic stress are always most suitable, and very charged.

“A very potent extract of the excitatory processes is adrenochrome, which in minute amounts packs a terrific jolt; microscopic quantities of the live substance directly ingested can be fatal to humans; but the alien-consciousness (connected up by astro-etheric threads and pleaform webs of marionette energy-signals to its biobot correspondent on the physical level) gets off on it, the more the better. Adrenochrome is generated through the psychic pattern of terror, principally, and its extract can only be catalyticalty effective when obtained from a still-living subject. I leave the rest of the ugly picture to your imagination.”

“My god…”

God doesn’t seem to have much to do with it. At the same time,” MT continued, “it is very probable that much of the more horrific stuff—reported through the ‘underground’—regarding places like Level 7 in ‘Dreamland’, Nevada and so forth are calculatedly projected and controlled thought forms impressed upon the ‘captive audience’ of a human consciousness, that, in fact, has been more or less selected to ‘escape’ or be returned to the workaday world so as to begin circulating the fearful and depressing rumors.”

“You mean the stuff about people being kept in cages with the approval or cooperation of the military/CIA in those underground facilities, and the ghastly hybrid experiments that have been glimpsed by abductees like some nightmarish magnification of scenes from The Island of Dr. Moreau…?”

“Yes. We can be pretty confident that at least some of that is thought-form induction directly into the memory-banks of the abductee, rather than literal reporting of things seen; the effect of course is to begin the circulation of horrific rumors so as to generate an atmosphere of terror, the cumulative energies of which will of course serve admirably as food for the negative beings—another aim is to instill an overall atmosphere of depression, despair and ultimate defeatism before ‘they’ even surface on any large scale to the daylight of general mass perception, so as to have satisfactorily devitalized any potential resistance or aggressive anger before-the-fact”

“Then you don’t think there are really many-legged octopus-men and mutant furry creatures that cry like human babies…”

“Well, there is a tendency with the negative being, and the negative reality altogether, to continuously move in relentless ‘materialization’ from the playful nightmare planning boards of the ‘dream-psyche’, (out of which they derive the shapes of mankind’s common fears and through which they imprint and reinforce the sense of their impending actualization) into daylight waking reality with flesh and blood counterparts of the most hellish nocturnal impressions. So—even though a large part of these more lurid reports (always taken from controlled-environment settings such as enclosed underground rooms, where the psychic and brain-wave ambience can be rigorously regulated to alien design) may be initially some expression of a seeded thought-form, the tendency of the malevolent aliens is to use such thought-forms as template for the molding of biogenetic materials, productive—ultimately—of real phantasmagoric ‘beings’ corresponding to the most oneiric horrors.”

Indeed this fact wasn’t unknown to the medieval alchemists, who warned of the dangers of the path of internal spiritual transformation when it was written of the “mountains of the moon” (esoterically, the interior site of the 3rd eye):

“Go, my son, to the Mountains of India, and to their quarries or caverns, and take thence our precious stones, which dissolve or melt in water, when they ate mingled therewith. Much indeed might be spoken concerning these mountains, if it were lawful to publish their mysteries, but one thing I shall not forbear to tell you. They are very dangerous places after night, for they are haunted with fire and other strange apparitions, occasioned (as I am told by the Magi) by certain spirits, which dabble lasciviously with the sperm of the world and imprint their imaginations in, producing many times fantastic and monstrous generations.”

—Lumen it Limine, by Eugenius Philalethes, p. 24

Such passage clearly indicates that there are “those” who share the uncommon condition of the opened 3rd-eye—newly experienced by the initiate of the above instructions—yet who definitely utilize that power to a negative purpose, magnifying the efficacy of the imagination by those means to produce a contrary world of terrors and impedances to the positive progress.

“Then the UFO beings that are reported as having been seen at the physical level are…”

“Generally, they’re biobot, biological robots ‘viewed through’—like remote TV. equipment—and manipulated long-distance by the ‘real’ aliens invisibly parallel our reality within their own psycho-physical alignments corresponding to 4th or 5th density; they’re usually identified by their sluggish character. They seem comparatively lethargic and unresponsive, and each of their actions seems arduous as if performed underwater.

“In comparison, the ‘real’ greys or negative aliens, while they can appear in an Earth-physical context, are in-and-of-themselves unstable; they don’t as a rule stay long (whereas the positive entities like the Pleiadeans of your Meier material, being more intrinsically ‘human’ in structure can stay much longer); instead they show up just long enough to strike quickly with their particular aim, usually that of snatching some targeted ‘abductee’—and then the rest of the abductee’s experience of them is within their own environment, either homebase planet or UFO vehicle. Just compare the Whitley Strieber reports of the behavior-patterns of his alien beings. They’re swift, almost discontinuous rapid and flickering in their movements, striking with cobra speed before a wink of reactive thought can intervene or interpret.”

“I suppose the Andreasson greys are biobots, then.”

“No, not really. They’re clones, which is something a little different. They belong to a ‘hive’ or group soul, and are regimentally designed for specific functions. They have real, intrinsic intelligence and consciousness, though they are very much like worker-bees. The Andreasson ‘dorks’ are technically not negative beings, but have developed along a kind of mechanically positive wave-length which they’re now trying to adjust with the more elastic freedom and emotional sensitivity of their human ‘counterpart’.”


“Yes. Most of the ‘abductees’ of this type of alien, actually come from a biogenetic background originating from the alien source-planet. They were ‘seeded’, ancestrally, to interblend with the specific values indicative of Earth-consciousness so as to come to genetically incorporate some of those ‘virtues’. That’s why, in the case of the types of alien we call the ‘space dorks‘, abduction tends to ‘run in the family’. It’s actually generational, though that fact is usually only specifically subject to hypnotic memory retrieval.”

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Interference Signals in the Spacetime Traffic

“You know now that you mention it, the surfaced reports and eye-witness testimonies regarding the ‘live-alien capture’ by the military during that initial Rosweli-Aztec span of time in ’47-’48 describes the EBE as having very sluggish behavior-patterns. The live-specimen aliens that ‘stayed around’ in containment for a while, all seemed to have that characteristic slowness and very delayed reaction time.”

Biobots. The military was being ‘entertained’, through the entrapment of Stalking (cf. issue 4, Vol. 2 TNTC) by a traveling roadshow of handpuppets and diabolical marionettes.”

“Then the idea was to demonstrate…”

Vulnerability. Vulnerability through apparent susceptibility of vehicle-malfunctioning in the vicinity of Earth-radar, and the idea that at least under Earth conditions the EBEs were fatefully slow in response time. The government would be very reluctant to enter into treaty with any unknown alien power it didn’t at least suspect had an exploitable vulnerability.

“When you think about it, bow many times would such an intellectually and technologically advanced culture run afoul of our parochial radar nets before they figured out the problem and compensated for it? Yet time and again alien vehicles came crashing accommodatingly on our doorstep, always with the same cover-story that ‘they couldn’t deal with the unexpected problem of our radar-systems’!”

“Sort of like the cover-story about why their digestive tracts are atrophied—atomic wars and nuclear genetic mutations on their home planets, all that stuff..”

“Exactly. Vaguely plausible rationalizations stated in ‘our’ terms, terms Earth-ears could relate to—ears that didn’t know one thing about the various densities of existence, the variable requirements of mind/body polarization alignment, inner adjustments of the vehicles and facultative ‘fields’-.”

“So we ‘invited them in’, so to speak, believing initially that it was easier to have an overt diplomatic relation with their presences so that they’d be more easy to monitor, and at the same time so that we could learn enough from them regarding advanced technologies to be able to hold our own eventually in the face of less cordial developments, or against more bluntly bellicose visitors from other zones of spate and time we were beginning to realize actually filled out the ’empty’ intervals between Earth and the farthest star.”

That seems to be the general consensus sifted out of the collected data and ‘inside’ stories.”

Initiated insight knew abstractly, from many years back—circa the beginning months of the Process as described above—about the up-building alien presence, the general patterns their different civilizations and polarization-allegiances described with respect to terrestrial interaction etc.; Initiated understanding also knew by observation of subtle faculties the character of the covert projects begun on the basis of that interaction, the world-government coalitions even at the height of the camouflage “cold war” preparing underground and interplanetary escape routes etc…

The specific details as to how these things initially developed, necessarily sorted themselves by subsequent report of real witnesses and participants in the events themselves, and—in the case of initiated wisdom—by further contrast and comparison in the optimum light of Intuitive alignment so as to filter bands of probability and high potential accuracy from striations of misinformation, muddle and even disinformation.

“What happened after that, however,” MT continued, “doesn’t seem to be at all dear to those even most aware of the situation; after that initial Event of interaction the flow-lines begin to become ambiguous and seem to describe bewildering criss-cross patterns.”

“That’s for certain. It’s all a mess, with people running about alternately claiming that the government is in league with the negative aliens, that the government is trying surreptitiously to get itself disentangled from the committing ‘devil’s pact’ it got itself into.”

“Actually both of those ‘signals’ have some truth to them. The really critical thing in all of this is to determine the specific levels from which those apparently contradictory signals emanate. It makes a great deal of difference whether the subliminal calls for help and distress messages are issuing from the deepest pans of the ‘shadow government or from more peripheral ‘service’ levels that necessarily interact with that covert reality but which have much less of a central stake in its negative premise, as well as much less knowledge regarding the overall ‘plot’.”

“So, uh, which is it?”

“The determining factor here is the real alien agenda. If the true alien intent is to mount an invasion or occupation force, then the detection of that intent by members of the secret government would constitute grounds for a scenario of basic antagonism; the deepest levels of the secret government would be looking for ways to adapt the superior alien technology to available terrestrial means, and would be in the process of continuous ‘scouting’, sending out coded SOS signals through various media, intentional ‘leaks’ etc designed to attract the attention and cooperation of those in the populace at random who might actually have types of knowledge, insight or even ‘contacts’ that they could use. This could account in part for the ‘peculiar’ solicitation of ‘psychics’ and so forth by the CIA; the idea that such tactics are attempts to keep up with Russian activity in that field in case it happens to contain anything ‘worthwhile’, might be camouflage rationale—that could account for the circumstance that Science Digest even published matter-of-fact material several years ago about psychic-espionage research of the CIA under the cover-story of keeping up with the Soviet ‘Joneses’.”

“Then the government is trying to break away from its earlier ‘commitment’.”

“No, not exactly. That would be the case, we could legitimately interpret the soft signals we’re receiving in that way if the actual alien schedule was just that, i.e. to mount an overt invasion force with a gradual underground ‘troop’ buildup toward sufficient, transplanted numerical strength to be able to wage a successful, ‘local’ planetary war. Truth to tell, where the Wisdom eye is open it’s perceived that this isn’t the real alien scenario, but their camouflage scenario. You really have to understand their Intent from the higher-dimensional perspective from which it actually emanates.”

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The Name of the Game, All Languages

“In the higher densities, the Name of the Game is Consciousness. This simply means that the higher densities of existence, whether positive or negative in orientation, uniformly recognize that the business of all being and existence everywhere is always that of Consciousness, even in our own ‘3rd density’ where that fact is generally disguised in symbolic or substitutive terms. In the higher densities above 3rd there is no longer any delusion about the ultimate raison d’etre of existence. It is overtly and directly understood as Absolute Consciousness, whether in the positive or negative framework.

“The difference is that the positive framework recognizes the homogenous business of life as being that of integrating the functional ego of self-reflective cognition into balanced, congruent alignment with the whole-being value of Absolute Consciousness. The negative framework of the higher densities, on the other hand, posits the game in terms of the ultimate aggrandizement of ego as the functional equivalent of Absolute Consciousness, exalting ego to the nth degree of total creative absorption and subordinative control/dominance. In all cases, Consciousness is overtly identified as the common denominator, the standard and coveted value; and that makes the real business of the negative fundamentally different from the cover-story carefully set into place with the recognizable colors and attributes of our own ‘local’, planetary terms.”

“Then they don’t intend to literally take over—”

“They do; but in a very specific way. To the higher-density negative beings those Ruby Slippers have to be obtained very carefully. They can’t just be arbitrarily yanked off the feet to which they’re provisionally fitted. ‘Gathering the essence’ is in this case a decided art.”

“You see,” AAA continued the explanation, “the negative ‘plan’ is only camouflage-invasive as a direct matter. It’s not so much a function of military takeover in our familiar sense as it is of stalking, an art with which this density is all but completely unfamiliar.

Stalking in this case builds up the subtle, cumulative impression of militaristic-style infiltration and takeover, made all-the-more cleverly convincing because it allows itself to seem ‘discovered’ as if by the ingenuity of our spy network etc. The aim of Stalking, by those means, is to create a completely controlled artificial environment composed of thoroughly predictable human behaviors—made so because they’ve been programmed to respond to cues of conditioning revolving around a ‘story’ that is actually untrue, and wholly mis-representative of the real negative aim.

“Behaviors of our military and government personnel artificially conditioned by the habits of their response-patterns, are in fact eminently predictable and subject to extensive, engineered manipulation—you know, getting everyone to act appropriately and in confident coordination at just the precisely-timed moments. In this way they create invisible corrals, and generate an artificial stampede in the formative ranks of the world-wide power elite—a stampede taking its momentum from mind’s own characteristic impulses and direction. So they herd them into a rapid, tight consolidation along the lines they were heading in any case.

“In fact for centuries they’ve been giving the power-structure its suggestive influences from ‘long-range’. The early Tesla electronic discoveries of this century, for example, were swiftly shunted into the exclusive privilege of private hands and kept from the public; negative ‘long range’ influence encouraged the beginning of an intensified exploitation of alternative energies by the power structure right there. The financial/military empires of the planet began their several lines of development on antigravity and ray technology at a time when that had no more ‘official’ reality than the old Flash Gordon serials. Yet it wasn’t till the mid-to-late ’40s that the current era of rapid, forced consolidation began as a direct result of the sudden ‘alien invasion’ scenario.”

“You know,” the Colonel said, “some feel that the whole ‘alien invasion scenario’ was an artifice concocted by the government and newly-crystallized espionage agencies with autonomies beyond the Constitution, that simply used the secret Tesla-based technologies and pharmacological advances to enforce the impression—through the subliminal psyche of the general public—that there was a vaguely forming ‘threat’, an unsettling undercurrent of ‘alien presences’.”

“Yes, some people go by that theory,” MT rejoined, “but it’s based on a misperception; the manifesting fact of various, ‘advanced’ kinds of drug-and-implant technology in the hands of espionage agencies is the result of an original intensified interaction with alien empires, not the source of subliminal impressions regarding the existence of those empires.

“Certainly the CIA and NSA etc. have wide use of manipulative kinds of technology scarcely known to exist at any level; but the derivation of those technologies is a complex genesis between ‘homegrown’ discoveries which were often themselves the results of influence flowing from the various class of ‘space-brothers’, and scientific advancements strategically parceled out in direct manner from ‘landed’ aliens themselves. Those secret manipulative technologies are variously used by various covert agencies; there isn’t so much of a unified conspiratorial program as several, concomitant and often overlapping ‘conspiratorial programs’ perceiving their respective activities according to different levels of function and access.

“This blurred-focus use of the technologies by the several, mutually-screened levels of government agency activity suits the alien purposes just fine—in fact, it’s all consistent with their program of Stalking, in which confusion and cross-purpose prevents a clear perception on the part of the Stalked subject as to just what’s going on.”

“Then there’s no direct, one-to-one conspiratorial interaction between the ‘shadow’ world-government and the negative aliens…”

“Oh there is, but mainly at the deepest level. This is partly because the most central aims of the real power structure at the very ‘heart’ of terrestrial ‘darkness’ are closely compatible with alien aims; the most entrenched members of the Bilderberger / International bankocracy complex are virtual graduates to negative polarization themselves.

“This can be viewed as the two-part product of the act of Stalking itself; by first of all stampeding the power structure and its various military enforcement-arms into consolidating under adoption of the negative-alien mood, mode and approach, the power elite is in effect squeezed into alignment with the negative mold. Fitted more precisely into that mold, it can be procedurally ‘taken over’ directly, body-mind-and-soul; so that, whereas it was initially moved at its core by self-protective instincts, it has long since transformed into covert congruence with the negative alien Intent

“At the deepest levels, the power-structure and its Nazi-recruited espionage agencies can’t be distinguished from the alien dynamic itself. They are ‘in league’; they’re at unholy Oneness. It’s only the intermediate and ‘service’ levels of the power structure that may still believe they’re playing out the basic ‘antagonism’ and ‘self-protection’ roles. At the same time, the conspiratorial consistency and unification at the higher levels is partly the product of negative cloning, implant technology and direct takeover of certain terrestrial seats of power.”

“You mean certain members of the ‘elite’ might be directly cloned, genetic carbon copies pulled by invisible strings of the ex-transdimensional aliens…”

“Some yes: where it was deemed strategically necessary. Numbers of the elite, the various spy agencies etc are often implanted, and influenced by low-frequency programs.

“Yet, although extensive implant technology may be used in that way to ensure influenced obedience, a degree of technical freedom is often conserved through the consciousnesses of certain central members of the power elite; for, don’t forget, the commodity valued at a real premium in this scenario is consciousness; and a totally drugged, surgically altered and thoroughly programmed psyche is only good for robotic slave-service, i.e. dispatching mechanical secondary functions. The primary object of Negative stalking is to procedurally persuade, through strongly influenced but not robotically tailored behavior-patterns, the ultimate polarization of consciousness to negative higher-density alignment. This is because, in the long run, the object is the addition of functioning units of real consciousness to the negative hierarchy, with volitional prerogative— indicating the presence of real, conserved consciousness—intact.

“This conserved element of true consciousness is the irreducible value that allows polarization-alignment to the positive or negative in the first place. Insofar as it is not chemically coerced and ‘boxed’ into internal electro-magnetic traps of the brain-lobes effectually curtailing real exercise of discriminatory volition (and thus consciousness), to that degree the mind of the subject retains the all-important value of the indeterminate variable distinguishing consciousness and the volitional axis as such.

“Thus real negative polarization as a prerogative of that indeterminate variable, is achieved in the case of the given subject. Yet that subject becomes an immediate functional dependent of the higher-dimensional entity (or ‘commander’) efficiently responsible for having induced the negative-polarization alignment of the subject in the first place regardless the deceptive means employed, the persuasive misrepresentations marshaled in conditioning the terms through which that fateful value of ‘volitional indeterminacy’ would be exercised. There’s an immediate psychic bond of hierarchical relationship; at the higher-density level it’s directly apparent and unarguable. The newly recruited ‘souls’ to negative-4th density take their place automatically in the pecking order, after a preliminary ‘battle’ amongst themselves.

“Because the name of the game is Consciousness, the progressively higher stations of the negative hierarchy are proportionately enhanced with every ‘induction ceremony’ of additional members; owing to the necessarily conserved value of real consciousness and the all important void-value of volitional indeterminacy in the case of negative recruits, the apprenticeship of the latter in the negative hierarchy necessarily emails the expansion—if controlled and carefully regimented expansion—of conscious/psychic potentials through the higher negative densities.

Thus all ‘initiates’ to the higher negative densities necessarily learn the development and exploitation of their own conscious/psychic potentials as do all initiates of the higher positive densities; yet in the case of the former, that development is regimen-tally overseen by the negative hierarchy and very sharply proscribed in conformance with the austere requirements of the particular ‘place occupied’ and ‘function performed’ by the soul/subject. Considerations of innate-creative tendencies and potentials of development are minimized on the negative side of the ledger. Thus higher integration and mind/body development of psychic/conscious potential on the negative side is basically anti-creative. This is an important factor to note.”

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Source: http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/topper/topper15b.htm#A

Curing Cancer Without Chemo – Part 9 – Nutrients That Will Kick Cancers Ass!

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A Blog of Leads for Investigations Regarding Cancer

Part 9: Nutrients That Will Kick Cancer’s Ass

By Alan Holman, Health Researcher

Eating your vegetables is the cure for more diseases than popping pills with long, multi-syllabic techno-sounding names.

Limit your meat intake! A cancer patient who doesn’t want to become a vegetarian should eat no more than between 5%-to-10% of meat in their regular diet. At least 90% of your diet should be vegetables!

If an amateurish vegetarian diet makes your white blood-cell count too high, that’s the time to start taking this mixture every other day: 15,000 IU vitamin D3, 100 mg resveratrol and same of quercetin, 4000mg of IP6 rice bran, 12000 mg of flaxseed oil, and sprinkle on some crushed garlic clove. Do that every other morning, with breakfast! (Do that on odd numbered days. And on even numbered days, take everything except the resveratrol and quercetin.) That mixture should be started when your white blood cell count is high, but it should continue during the duration of your battle against cancer. All of the ingredients in that mixture are anti-cancer nutrients, and really you should take that mixture regardless of whether or not your white blood cell count is high. The only reason I suggest starting it at that time is because that’s when it converts the most white blood cells to these things called macrophages which are capable of kicking cancer’s ass.

Also, do not take quercetin on the same day as when you take any supplementation of Vitamin C; that combination causes inflammation. If you make that mistake, take a teaspoon of sea salt with three cups of water, and take 1000mg of turmeric.

Take at least the recommended dose of all of the lettered vitamins on each day when you’re fighting cancer.  It will promote overall health, and it will help you to avoid problems that are symptoms of vitamin deficiencies.

Vitamin D is an immune supporter.  You can take a lot of it at once, if you get the most pure Vitamin D that you can find.  You’ll want to make sure that your Vitamin D supplements don’t have yeast, gluten, egg, dairy, artificial colors, preservatives, solvents, alcohol.  You can actually take A LOT more of that per day than what the recommended dose on the bottle says.  If you get a good Vitamin D capsule, you can take between 3000 IU to 100000 IU per day!

I believe that everybody with cancer has a selenium deficiency, because people aren’t getting enough good fruits and vegetables, and selenium is in good soil that they’re grown in.  When taking selenium, make sure that you never get more than 100mcg of selenium per day.  Some brands, which sell 200mcg tablets, are just plain insane.  I’ve heard that if you get 400mcg or more in a day, you have a very good chance of dying of a heart attack in that day.

Meats are acidic, and tumors thrive in an acidic environment. Maintain a diet of mostly fruits and vegetables. The fruits and vegetables – especially green vegetables because green vegetables have chlorophyll — keep the body’s pH levels at an alkaline (non-acidic) level so that the tumors will not grow any farther. Tumors cannot grow in a 7.36 pH environment.

You should also do a daily dose of one fresh apricot kernel for every ten pounds of body weight. And you split that up and take it with meals. So a 150 pound guy eats five with each meal, and so on. The Apricot Kernels have a chemical in them that’s a combination of cyanide and something else. The only thing that separates the cyanide from the “something else” is a type of sugar that’s only found in tumors. So apricot kernels are a direct chemical attack against tumors! (Tumors contain a chemical called glucosidase which unbonds the cyanide from the other atoms. And so the cyanide ONLY affects the tumors.)

The chemical in apricot kernels is called Laetrile, and it’s also found in:
Almonds, cherry kernels, peach kernels, pear kernels, plum kernels, broad (vicia faba) beans, burma beans, bitter almonds, macadamia nuts, cashew nuts, blackberries, chokecherries, cranberries, elderberries, raspberries, strawberries, chia seeds, flax seeds, sesame seeds, spinach, oat groats, barley, brown rice, buckwheat groats, flax, millet, rye, wheat berries, bamboo shoots, and other places in nature!

You should also take a Zinc supplement on any day when you take laetrile.  Zinc carries laetrile to where it’s needed.

A low, regular dose of Graviola will stop the cells in the tumor from being able to absorb energy. Start the Graviola dosages very small and gradually increasing until you experience nausea or a headache. Lower the daily dose to half the amount that brought upon the nausea and/or headache.

Here’s a “lead” for your research:  Look up an herb called Paw Paw.

The University of Alberta has found a cancer treatment called sodium dichloroacetate (DCA). But due to red tape from drug companies, it’ll probably never hit the pharmacy shelves as a treatment for cancer. But if you google it, you can find companies who are selling it. For maximum effectiveness, mix 12.5mg per kg of the patients body weight of sodium dichloroacetate (DCA) into some cold coffee or cold tea [heat can nullify the effects / 480mg of caffeine per day is the recommendation, so 240mg every 12 hours.] and mix in 500mg worth of crushed up vitamin B1 supplements, and drink that every 12 hours. Only do the “DCA/B1/Caffeine protocol” for a limited time. When the side-effects (ultra-mega-super urination and/or numb fingers and/or numb toes) set in, you have to stop the “DCA/B1/Caffeine protocol.”  The “DCA/B1/Caffeine Protocol” only works against tumors in some parts of the body; it does not affect tumors in the throat.  And even though it gets rid of some tumors, it does not deal with the underlying causes of cancer, so those tumors may reappear within the body’s 18 month cell replacement cycle.

Eat cottage cheese along with flaxseed oil! This mixture magnifies the effects of all of the above suggestions because it creates a chemical reaction in the body which makes your cells absorb a higher percentage of the nutrients that you eat.

Muffins made with flaxseed oil kill breast tumors better than chemotherapy. A person with breast tumors should also eat mushrooms, and drink green tea.

Enjoy a cup of Essiac Tea every once in a while!

Like Popcorn!

Eat the following supplements like popcorn:
-Vitamin C
-Papaya Enzyme
-IP6 & Inositol
You can’t overdose on those supplements, and they have anti-cancer properties. Have fun stuffing your face with them recreationally!

Source: http://www.exploringinfinity.com/2010/09/curing-cancer-without-chemo-part-9-nutrients-that-will-kick-cancers-ass/

Could 'Goldilocks' planet be just right for life?

WASHINGTON – Astronomers say they have for the first time spotted a planet beyond our own in what is sometimes called the Goldilocks zone for life: Not too hot, not too cold. Juuuust right.

Not too far from its star, not too close. So it could contain liquid water. The planet itself is neither too big nor too small for the proper surface, gravity and atmosphere.

It’s just right. Just like Earth.

“This really is the first Goldilocks planet,” said co-discoverer R. Paul Butler of the Carnegie Institution of Washington.

The new planet sits smack in the middle of what astronomers refer to as the habitable zone, unlike any of the nearly 500 other planets astronomers have found outside our solar system. And it is in our galactic neighborhood, suggesting that plenty of Earth-like planets circle other stars.

Finding a planet that could potentially support life is a major step toward answering the timeless question: Are we alone?

Scientists have jumped the gun before on proclaiming that planets outside our solar system were habitable only to have them turn out to be not quite so conducive to life. But this one is so clearly in the right zone that five outside astronomers told The Associated Press it seems to be the real thing.

“This is the first one I’m truly excited about,” said Penn State University’s Jim Kasting. He said this planet is a “pretty prime candidate” for harboring life.

Life on other planets doesn’t mean E.T. Even a simple single-cell bacteria or the equivalent of shower mold would shake perceptions about the uniqueness of life on Earth.

But there are still many unanswered questions about this strange planet. It is about three times the mass of Earth, slightly larger in width and much closer to its star — 14 million miles away versus 93 million. It’s so close to its version of the sun that it orbits every 37 days. And it doesn’t rotate much, so one side is almost always bright, the other dark.

Temperatures can be as hot as 160 degrees or as frigid as 25 degrees below zero, but in between — in the land of constant sunrise — it would be “shirt-sleeve weather,” said co-discoverer Steven Vogt of the University of California at Santa Cruz.

It’s unknown whether water actually exists on the planet, and what kind of atmosphere it has. But because conditions are ideal for liquid water, and because there always seems to be life on Earth where there is water, Vogt believes “that chances for life on this planet are 100 percent.”

The astronomers’ findings are being published in Astrophysical Journal and were announced by the National Science Foundation on Wednesday.

The planet circles a star called Gliese 581. It’s about 120 trillion miles away, so it would take several generations for a spaceship to get there. It may seem like a long distance, but in the scheme of the vast universe, this planet is “like right in our face, right next door to us,” Vogt said in an interview.

That close proximity and the way it was found so early in astronomers’ search for habitable planets hints to scientists that planets like Earth are probably not that rare.

Vogt and Butler ran some calculations, with giant fudge factors built in, and figured that as much as one out of five to 10 stars in the universe have planets that are Earth-sized and in the habitable zone.

With an estimated 200 billion stars in the universe, that means maybe 40 billion planets that have the potential for life, Vogt said. However, Ohio State University’s Scott Gaudi cautioned that is too speculative about how common these planets are.

Vogt and Butler used ground-based telescopes to track the star’s precise movements over 11 years and watch for wobbles that indicate planets are circling it. The newly discovered planet is actually the sixth found circling Gliese 581. Two looked promising for habitability for a while, another turned out to be too hot and the fifth is likely too cold. This sixth one bracketed right in the sweet spot in between, Vogt said.

With the star designated “a,” its sixth planet is called Gliese 581g.

“It’s not a very interesting name and it’s a beautiful planet,” Vogt said. Unofficially, he’s named it after his wife: “I call it Zarmina’s World.”

The star Gliese 581 is a dwarf, about one-third the strength of our sun. Because of that, it can’t be seen without a telescope from Earth, although it is in the Libra constellation, Vogt said.

But if you were standing on this new planet, you could easily see our sun, Butler said.

The low-energy dwarf star will live on for billions of years, much longer than our sun, he said. And that just increases the likelihood of life developing on the planet, the discoverers said.

“It’s pretty hard to stop life once you give it the right conditions,” Vogt said.



The National Science Foundation: http://www.nsf.gov

NASA: http://www.nasa.gov/topics/universe/features/gliese_581_feature.html

Rise of the Archons

An interview with Jay Weidner on Rense Radio

Rense: Many people have heard the term “Archon” but would be hard-pressed to define it. What is an Archon?

Weidner: To begin with, I would draw attention to two articles on your site: The Global Coup d’Etat and the one about ownership of the world. The Queen of England owns one sixth of the non-ocean surface of the world; and keep that in mind as we go into the Archon subject. The Archons were whispered about in texts after the burning of the library at Alexandra with some mention of mysterious beings called Archons. But the powers that be spent 1,300 years cleaning up the records and had written out the Archons from our history. In 1947, texts were found in clay jars in Nag Hammadi in Egypt and, on these texts was a story of what the Nag Hammadi people, 2,000 years ago, thought the world was about.

The reason the Nag Hammadi texts, which date back 2,100 years (100 BC), are so important is that no-one has been able to put a spin on it [the texts have not been altered, destroyed or omitted as in the Bible], no-one has been able to distort or destroy them which is what they’d really like to do [to keep the information and knowledge from the masses]. Luckily, they survived, were successfully translated and when many people read them, they found a clear and defined discussion of what these Archons are. The texts had been buried in a deep cave in Egypt, in order to protect the most important information that they had.

Rense: There are 13 codices containing over 50 texts, which is quite a substantial amount of writing.

Weidner: A highly descriptive document of an entirely different world [from the one we know]. People don’t realise that, 2,000 years ago, there was a religion on this planet called Gnosticism, which was the biggest religion on earth at the time, was vying with Hinduism. You could go take a university course on the history of religions now and wouldn’t even find a mention of Gnosticism. The Nag Hammadi texts provide a description for what the Gnostics believed. Gnostic is a Greek word meaning knowledge – gnosis. The Gnostics believe that liberation can only be achieved by knowledge, by the consumption and evaluation of reality through knowledge. The library at Alexandria was run by Gnostics and they were the first people to collect scrolls and books and assemble this information. Their culture spread throughout Europe and the Middle East. This was long before the advent of the Western religions outside of Judaism which was mostly concentrated in Israel. Gnostics preached that there was an invasion that occurred about 3,600 BC and, about 1,600 years before the Nag Hammadi texts were buried, they wrote that this invasion was like a virus and, in fact, they were hard pressed to describe it. The beings that were invading were called Archons. These Archons had the ability to duplicate reality, to fool us. They were jealous of us because we have an essence of some kind, a soul, that they don’t possess, and the Nag Hammadi texts describe the Archons. One looks like a reptile and the other looks like an unformed baby or a foetus. It is partially living and partially non-living and has grey skin and dark, unmoving eyes. The Archons are duplicating reality so that when we buy into it, when we come to believe that the duplicated, false state reality is the real reality – then they become the victors.

Rense: How are they duplicating reality? Is it by using consciousness?

Weidner: Yes, according to the texts, they can get into people and can manipulate people to do things very suddenly that are very odd. But also they are actually responsible for the deterioration of culture, so unlike the culture of the ancient Greeks or Chinese but a cheap façade of a culture. As the Archonic presence has spread across the earth and has escalated in the 20th century, you can see that they are responsible for sprawl and the mass ugliness that is everywhere.

Television is an example of Archonic imitation.

Humans are imitated on television but the imitation is altered and is nearly always obscene and profane because the Archons not only do not understand the sacred but they hate it. They are jealous of the natural world and of human beings with the natural world. Also of sexual relationships: loving couples make them angry and they love violence and are sexually titillated by anger and war and death. They create war to consume energy from the dying.

Rense: The Archons seem to be making their big move now, at this time. You can find out about the Nag Hammadi Library on the Internet, which is the living record of the great Gnostic movement. Gnostics and Templars seem to have been all but cleansed from history. How, in the texts, have the Archons been described as coming here? Is there any reference to their mode of transit, travel?

Weidner: Supposedly, they live or lurk outside the inner planets near Saturn i.e. in our solar system. The Gnostics thought that Jehovah was an alien, off planet, demon and that he was a fake god – a masquerading Archon again – duplicating reality. They did believe in God, they believed in what they called the one true God and that’s how they always defined it. Interestingly, Jesus defined his belief as being of the one true God, always delineating it. I believe many of the stories of Jesus are actually Gnostic myths about a possible rebellion against the Archons who came down very severely on the rebel.

So the Archons were released somehow from a prison – and this is probably what The Book of Enoch is about – where he said he took the demons and locked them in a box but that they would come back at the end of time. Jesus was very interested in relating this idea that something was going to happen at the end of time. So you see this illusion going on and then we see also that when Sitchin translated the texts, the cuneiform tablets, that the Annunaki are probably also the Archons. So we can learn more about the Archons by reading about the Annunaki who came here and altered us genetically [using our DNA] so that they could make slaves of us. So we can work out a picture of what these Archonic forces are. They were somehow successfully quelled and then began their re-emergence and they are as close to immortal as we could understand and that’s why their plan is so precise but they needed time to gain power because, the people of the earth were essentially Gnostics who were resistant to, and didn’t believe in the “religion” that was being foisted on them where they must be fearful of an angry, war god called Jehovah. But eventually, the forces of Jehovah conquered the last of them and now they are pretty much in control of the system and are getting ready for the final, gleeful [sarcastic] orgy of despair and horror [imposed upon humans] which is what they like. So, following Tim Rifat and his horrific description of what is about to happen. This is very appropriate, very accurate because this is exactly what they want to occur.

When I did a show for the History Channel last year, I shot it so that it would not end up making people fearful. I shot it so that it didn’t have any fearful footage and they went behind my back and they shot more footage without my knowing and they filled this special, for which I was one of the producers, resulting in two hours of terrorising fear. This is the head of a major network. I think the Archons are involved in some bizarre pornography where they are here and they are perverting us and enjoying every last second of it and we’re letting it happen and I don’t know if there’s any escape from it because now they’ve made it almost desirable to be violent and perverted and sick.

Rense: Ask any young person what their life is like and you will hear much of what Jay Weidner is describing. There was a news story, the average 14-year old watches an average of one and half hours of hard core porn per week. There are current terms that we use which could be ascribed to Archon activity: Zionists, megalomaniacs, but this evil that we’re talking about certainly has been around for a long, long time.

Weidner: It’s highly organized and beyond human and one of my reasons for delving more deeply into the subject, was that I could see that the organization was just too effective and too trans-generational

[to be earthly] and that’s when I found John Lamb Lash’s book, which I highly recommend, called “Not in His Image” about the Nag Hammadi and the Archons. We must realize that we can tell which ideas are the truest by how much they are repressed. When they are suppressing an idea, a language, or individuals [or a way of being] you know you have accessed the truth or that individual is portraying the truth. The Gnostics were completely wiped out. One group of people that were exposing that they were being invaded by these duplicators, these Archons – were wiped out of history. They were wiped out completely. They called them pagans and other names but that is not what they named themselves, which was Gnostics who were very knowledgeable. They knew at the center of the galaxy were millions of stars, they knew how far the sun was from the earth. They were incredibly advanced people and the undertow of this one war-god religion spread across the entire world and now it’s going to burn itself up in a conflagration where all the Jehovah worshiping religions are going to murder each other – which has always been the point.

I really hate to say this but we have all been fooled. The whole idea that some kind of messiah is going to come to save us is an Archon trick to make you think you don’t have to do anything about your present situation, no accountability. Maybe some supernatural force will come but I think you have to look at how this oppression occurred and why it was written out of history. When you begin to look back, you realize the early Christian, from the time of Jesus to the time of Constantine in 310 AD, they were preaching that they did not worship Jehovah; they worshiped the one true God. It could be argued that the early Christians were actually Gnostic followers of Jesus instead of what we, today, call Christians. The entire New Testament was completely rewritten by Constantine and all of the information on the Archons was removed and the ideas of Jehovah being a cruel god were lessened. This is a fact. The Nag Hammadi texts are older than the New Testament by 400 years. The New Testament that we have today wasn’t concocted until about 350 AD. When you go back to the Nag Hammadi, it doesn’t have the sin factor; they say what they really think.

Rense: The issue of someone coming here to save us, whether it’s the second coming of Christ, a spiritual master or ET which may be the most sorry line of them all. This is the most damaging of all to take humans off the hook of responsibility.

Weidner: I agree. It’s an abuser/abused relationship. What these religions have done is beat us with a stick with nails and, whilst they are beating us, they are telling us they love us and that they are doing it because they love us. It’s a trick, a reversal of reality that the Archons are always doing. They are always trying to convince you that war is peace, that love is hate. Everything is always backwards and the ultimate in this duplication. Once you can see it, you are able to see that everything is being turned into a head-over-heels con trick where everything is reversed. I don’t know how we get out of this except to talk about it and people are very afraid. Even scholars who know about the Archons are very afraid to talk about them in public because you attract Archonic energy by even mentioning them but, at this late stage in the game, we have to start thinking about who is fooling us and why they are doing it – and study what the ancients had to say about all of it.

Rense: Many people look into the media – not the mainstream media – for information. So who are these Archons now? These are Talmudic Zionists, to a large degree. They are part of it, perhaps they are the central core of it. We need to start looking at the name values are and where their DNA says they came from, the Czarian Empire. They adopted Judaism and used it like a stick to beat people and hide behind at the same time which is a great tragedy for true, honest and Jews of good heart and there are millions of them. So they are being used perhaps more cruelly and ruthlessly than any other group. This is a summation, a viable thesis as to why there is so much cogent evil on the planet and why so many deaths in the last century – well over 100 million people have been killed and something is feeding psychically off the energy of these events.

There is a blood lust, a very dark and evil satanic blood lust and we are, apparently, well in the hands of these beings now. They have made their plans long ago and intensified them over the last two hundred years and they’ve pulled it off. They’re doing it without any stealth now. They’re pushing it in the faces of an ever dumber and helpless American populus. Did the Gnostics leave any strategies in the Nag Hammadi texts or anywhere else or any ideas to attack or subvert this evil?

Weidner: The Gnostics believed that there were advanced beings who actually care for us and that there was a bet or forecast made that the advanced beings’ creation i.e. human beings, would one day stop falling for the tricks of the Archons and wake up and they provided avenues for this to happen. One thing that is certain is that the Archons hate more than anything after love is courage. They cannot stand up to courage or a clear, articulate debate because their own premises are built entirely on falsity. It’s all false and so we can begin deconstructing history by seeing through the lies. By observing outside the box, outside the norm, you can see the tricks of the Archons. Everything they do is fake, it is not real and has no history, no veracity. It is always a parasitical living off others. Anyone who is following this mad, insane god, Jehovah, will be lead to their death for certain. If you think there’s a reward for you for serving the Archons, I assure you there is not. As they hate courage, stand up to them. They will try to destroy, try to tear you down and do everything they can but nothing makes them shudder in fear more than someone standing up to them and they always overreact to it because they are cowards and terrified themselves.

They don’t believe in an afterlife and there may not be an afterlife for Archons but I think there is for humans and that humans are a divine principle. This is also what the Gnostics say and we were gifted with intelligence and reasoning and this is what makes the Archons so angry and jealous of us because we have this innate, creative intelligence, which can almost solve any problem.

Solving the Archon problem may very well be the test. The final test of humanity is can you define the Archon problem and solve it? The thing that will solve the Archon dilemma more than anything is to love each other unconditionally. That just drives them out of their minds. They cannot stand familial love or the love between men and women and that’s why they do all these things to destroy the pureness of it. If you look at the path of modernity, it’s one attempt after another to remove any sense of purity even from the children. It is really hard for them because children of 6 or 7 years old who watch television see things that probably no human should even see. The same thing is true about the horror films, these are all Archonic tricks to desensitize people so that they create even higher levels of violence when that point becomes necessary for them, so they can become satiated. Because that’s what they are doing, drawing energy from us because they have no intrinsic assets.

Rense: The whole idea of the Archon controlled media is to desensitize the masses and reprogram them with the most base of drives and instincts.

Weidner: I don’t watch television but I was at a conference recently and switched on the television in the hotel room and was bombarded with people getting killed, all kinds of sex going on.

Rense: I won’t have a television in my home and got rid of it over 21 years ago.

Weidner: Television images are the fastest way into your mind.

Rense: The saddest thing is that this is all self-policing. They understand how the masses work perfectly and peer pressure. They understand the drive of young people defining themselves in order to be accepted by a group and they know that no-one wants to be threatened by expulsion from a group. So we get stories like the one last week: British middle school age students who are very bright, gifted kids on the fast track, individuals are now dumbing themselves down so they can have friends.

Weidner: It happened to me in school. I had to play stupid so my peers would get along with me and would stop beating me up.

Rense: Intelligence is viewed as arrogance and conceit by those who don’t have it or don’t want it.

Weidner: They are against gnosis, they are against knowledge. The defining myth of Western mythology is that Jehovah told Adam and Eve that they could not eat of the Tree of Knowledge. Not only that but if they did eat of it, they would surely die. Yet they both ate of it and didn’t die so he wasn’t even telling them the truth.

This essential core myth that we’re being told from the very beginning is that we are to stay stupid and if you attempt to smarten yourself up, you will be punished. This central myth is the reason we are caught in this nightmare world of abused relationship where they beat us up whilst telling us how much they love us and say, don’t worry, some saviour somewhere is going to save you. You don’t have to do anything, just lay there because it’s going to come in an alien spaceship or the clouds or Obama.

Rense: Many of the photographs of Obama picture him, as they did Bush, with halo-like lighting above his head. Look at the video of Obama on www.rense.com and his deep-waisted bow at the same time as holding his right hand with the King Abdullah of Saudi, which they denied and at the photo shoot, see him grinning from ear to ear. He is as phoney as they get.

Weidner: Yes, and the thing with the Archons is, as soon as you get rid of one, they will trick you and just produce another face. Islam is not what we want to have in this world either. It is another form of Archonic trickery. I’m not saying we shouldn’t believe in the spiritual world, I do, but I’m saying we have to be a lot more discerning about what is being forced upon us.

Rense: I’m seeing the most primitive behaviour now, rising up, as more of the second and third world climbs up the metaphorical ladder.

Weidner: If anyone thinks that we are not being targeted by foreign powers with that president and our current state weakness, well they are out of their mind.

Rense: If they have any minds left to get out of anymore! We are heading towards a conflagration, as you say, there’s no question about it. When and how, we don’t yet know but please do prepare. We’re talking about food, protection, common sense, growing your own food. The Archons have made it very difficult for anyone to live a healthy life because of the constant toxicity pumped into their bodies, the air they breathe, the water they drink but beyond that, but also through energetic subjugation of the masses through cell-phone radiation, all kinds of ELFs and EMFs, Gwen towers, the HAARP projects (including the mobile HAARPs that can be set up anywhere), so there is a tremendous amount of these technologies. All of the telephones all of the media can come through the electricity into your homes, everything can be carried over the electric grid, as we know.

The issue is, they know that, too.

Source: http://www.jayweidner.com/Archons.html