Music of the day

As a composer, I remember studying this soundscape, albeit many moons ago. It was a very late autumn night. The music library was long empty, except me. Earphones on, vinyl spinning ever so slowly. As I watched the rise and fall of the needle course across that record, I could see a million tears swirl upward and light the heavens. They still shine across aching harmonies, their light an offering of hope, a peace to come.. –Carl Rachel

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Music of the day – Denez Prigent – An Hini A Garan

An hini a garan (‘The One I love’)

The one I love, before, when we were little at home when we were so near to each other My heart was loving only one When I was little at home, the one I love. The one I love, I lost forever Gone far away and will never come back And this is what I sing for the one I love. The one I love one day left me For a far away land A land that I don’t know Lost, lost one day, the one love.