How does sun help, blast or hurt us?

Our sun is infinitely powerful & causes so many effects on earth(except the Eskimos?) we don’t count the ways, just feel it. We depend on sunshine totally, aware of its multi-energy fields of not! Let’s examine how sunshine radiation effects our healthy life patterns? The suns daily (diurnal) light/dark cycle depends on earths rotation & orbit, while it always radiates cosmic energy thru-out the solar system, our moon reflects as cool rays & magnetic waves.

The day & night cycle of sunshine is most obvious in weather patterns, which differ in each bioregion, from microclimates of plants to macro spheres: vast oceans, sky, solar storms & magnetic fields all impact us daily. Do we feel & enjoy these sunlight cycles, can make us more healthy?! We notice radically different health patterns between cold & warm climates speeds up metabolism. While cold weather & nightime slow down most inner process, like hypothryroid = sluggish energetics.
Being in direct sunlight is naturally intense for most animals, like hot water, sunshine can help, warm, heal or burn us. An in-depth report on mostly positive effects of natural sunlight is in Health & Light by John Ott who invented ‘time-lapse’ photography that exposes natural slow rhythms in film, was popularized by Walt Disney. Ott broke his eye-glasses one day, & found his vision improved with direct sunshine, so he didn’t need’em any more. Then he studied how sunshine is used to heal other human problems in more natural cultures & clinics, where people get sick &or don’t fear sunshine. His small revolutionary book triggered the ‘full spectrum lighting’ devices & industry now that corrects the unatural lighting in many indoor ‘lighted’ places is more healthy. See Liebermans Light: the medicine of the future, is great survey of natural, healthy & spiritual dimensions of natural sunlight. Sunlight can boost our natural immunity if absorbed in gentle ways, while moving, massage, yoga, etc.

Now millions of nudists know, feel & love the sunshine on our skin, is pleasurable, even blissful if totally relaxing on sand, wood, bed, etc. BEing several minutes in direct sunlight can help keep us warm, healthy & happy! As a kid i got sunburned most summers from long swimming sessions, It felt great! Except twice being burned in pain. Once i got sunstroke, being naked from miday overheating on a hot beach without drinking water for a few hours, it made me weak, dizzy, confused & stupid for 2 days as i drank lots of pure water, rested & did yoga to regain my balance. Often i see the sunbows of multic-colored sunshine thru the trees most days while gazing there. Could it be that sunshine casts zillions of sunbow rays thru millions of trees all around earth daily, maybe just seen by sun-loving meditators>!?!< I also softly gaze athe sun, helps me sneeze = orgasmic!

Meanwhile millions of rich people vacation to sunny lands & waters to feel the blessings of sun, especially in winter months with dark, cold & wet spells are depressing millions of northerners. Most folks that fear the sun are white skinned, usually indoors & fully clothed, not used to the strong sunshine, like southerners, natural farmers & children playing out.
The southern ‘sun-belt’ is known to attract millions seeking warm & dry or tropical climates for comfort, fun & health, the snow-birds & sun-bums go to relax. Thus we avoid the gray sky, wet & cold climates where heaters are so critical & people are all protected in their warm rooms & clothes. 1000s of natural healing retreats & resorts are in southern regions, where sunbathing & swimming are preoccupation’s in Caribbean, Mexico, Mediterranean, So. U$, China, Russia, Thailand, & south sea isles. Many folks get naturally hi in sunshine, feeling good, but forget it later indoors. I meditate in the sunshine almost daily, feeling the energy flow inside me.
The direct sun stimulates our body blood flow to the surface, making skin red & burning if unacclimatized to the intense radiation. Sunshine can dry up colds, mucus, infections & flu if we absorb it directly in balance, also drinking natural fluids. Sunshine is dangerous only to those who overdo it, eat junk food, chemical grown & processed food that becomes toxic when over-heated inside a body, creating imbalance, acidosis & needs lots of fresh pure water to flush out excesses. The common fear of direct sun-shine is a indoorism belief of unatural civilized, who don’t know about the causes & effects that all toxic pollution has on us, & project blame on the sun (& weather?) for causing health problems.
Working, playing & laying in the sun can help burn out toxins, like a sauna, massage, sweat & fever does. But its more healthy to eat life & organically pure food in balance & prevent ills with whole immunity, than to need cures/remedies & medical treatments, natural or chemokill. Our Sun is one infinite cosmic source of naturenergy, like water is, we use for multipurposes for pleasure, simply growing food, feeling inspired & loving natures eternal changes everyday & seasons in rhythmical cycles. The new age passive solar power systems of Permaculture are more ways to use the free sunshine to heat water, bodies & spaces, grow, dry & cook foods, heal stresses & love life on Spaceship Gaia.