Modern financial banking system based upon a simple but genious idea of goldsmith.

In the old days gold was minted into coins and those coins, along with
silver coins, formed the nation’s cur Goldsmiths had strongboxes
and vaults in which to securely store the precious metal with which
they worked. It was natural enough then that other people took to
asking the goldsmith to store their gold and gold coins in his vault
and to pay the goldsmith for the service. A merchant (for example)
would entrust to the goldsmith £20 worth of his own gold for
safekeeping. When he handed over his gold, the goldsmith would provide
him with a receipt or note promising to hand back the gold (pay the
bearer on demand) whenever the depositor returned and presented the
note. The receipt held by the depositor was in fact as good as gold
because he could exchange it for his £20 worth of gold any time he
chose. But the note was easier to carry around than heavy and bulky
amounts of gold and easier to conceal, so the depositor was often
content to leave his gold in the goldsmith’s safekeeping for long
periods. In fact when the time came to pay for some commodity with his
£20 of gold, instead of returning to the goldsmith, exchanging the
receipt for the gold and then using the gold to pay for his purchase,
it was more convenient for him simply to hand over his receipt to the
seller. The seller was happy to accept the receipt in lieu of actual
gold because it was more convenient to carry around and he knew that
should he present it to the goldsmith, £20 of gold would be handed
over to him.

Thus those gold receipts began to circulate and became the first paper
money. People were happy to exchange them back and forth rather than
the cumbersome gold they represented. The receipts had value because
people were confident that in the goldsmith’s vault lay the gold,
which they could redeem at any time.

Eventually the goldsmiths noticed that the gold left by depositors
remained in their vaults for longer and longer periods. People turned
up wishing to exchange their receipts for gold less and less often,
and that the receipts they had issued to depositors circulated in its
stead. It seemed a shame to have that gold just sitting there doing
nothing. Why not lend some of it out for a while? If it just sat there
for year after year the owner, the holder of the receipt, was not
going to miss it if it were loaned to someone else for a period. As
long as there was enough gold in the vaults to satisfy anyone who did
turn up with a receipt, then no-one would be any the wiser. So
depositor Joe would leave £20 of gold with the goldsmith for
safekeeping and depart with his receipt which he would then use as
money in lieu of the gold and it would circulate. It might be years
before anyone turned up with that £20 note asking for £20 of gold.
Meanwhile Tom would turn up at the goldsmith’s asking to borrow £20 of
gold and the goldsmith would lend it to him, demanding that it be paid
back after a certain period at a certain amount of interest. But
instead of lending Tom actual gold, the goldsmith would draw up a £20
receipt, just like the one depositor Joe had been given. Tom was happy
to take the receipt in lieu of the gold because it was more convenient
to carry around and people were happy to accept such receipts in
payment for things.

So Tom went off with his £20 note, content that through it he was now
in temporary possession of £20 of gold. But unbeknownst to Tom, Joe
also has a receipt representing that gold. In other words there are
now two notes in circulation representing the same £20 of gold!
Clearly the goldsmith’s issuance of two receipts for the same amount
of gold is fraudulent – particularly when Tom repays the gold he
believes he has borrowed in real gold. As each receipt promises to
hand over the same £20 of gold on demand, the goldsmith is making a
promise he knows he cannot keep. Several things are clear at the
moment the second receipt was issued and entered circulation: new
money has been created out of thin air; that new money has been loaned
into existence; as the loan has interest charged upon it, then a debt
has been created out of nothing that is greater than the amount of new
money created.

And another thing: Tom will eventually return to the goldsmith and
repay his £20 loan, say at 10% interest. He will therefore hand the
goldsmith, £22 in real gold. In other words, the goldsmith, in
creating that bogus receipt and lending it to Tom, is creating for
himself, albeit after a delay, real debt-free gold worth more than the
new money he loaned into existence! It gets worse. After a while the
goldsmith, seeing that his fraud is working pretty well, thinks that
if he can issue two £20 receipts against the same £20 of gold, then
why not two, three or even four? So Joe deposits £20 of gold and the
goldsmith gives him his receipt. In time four other people turn up at
his shop wanting to borrow that £20 of gold. The goldsmith obligingly
lends it to each of them at interest, giving each a receipt purporting
to represent that £20 of gold. There are now five receipts in
circulation representing the same deposit of gold, one for the
original depositor and one for each of the four borrowers. For that
deposit of £20, £80 (4x £20) of new money is created merely by writing
on a fancy piece of paper. If (say) £2 of interest (10%) is charged on
each loan, at the same time that £80 of new money is created out of
thin air, a debt of £88 is also created out of thin air.

Property is held as security against these loans so if the borrower
fails to repay with real gold the fraudulent piece of paper he
borrowed, the goldsmith takes his property. Each time the goldsmith
lends £20 of bogus gold he charges 10% interest on the loan. By
lending out £20 four times over and charging £2 interest on each loan,
the goldsmith makes a whopping 40% (four times £2) in interest on the
£20 “reserves” that were not even his to begin with! The goldsmith
cannot lose and soon begins to amass a fortune from his fraud. It is
the greatest get-rich-quick scheme ever invented. And it is, in
essence, the basis of the modern banking system. The goldsmiths of
yesteryear became the bankers of today and although paper money and
latterly electronic money took over from gold, essentially the same
fraud is being run.

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Declassified UFO files reveal Canada expected alien landings.

By Victor Viggiani

Few know that the Canadian government chose to release its UFO files in 2005 and 2007. Over 9500 files were released with no public consultation or notification. Amidst these thousands of highly tedious sighting reports and rambling administrative memoranda, the Canadian government hid sensitive documents that clearly demonstrate officials took the UFO matter very seriously. Measures were discussed to play-down reports of UFOs by using similar tactics employed by the United States Air Force. The ultimate indictment – a Canadian Director of Scientific Intelligence suggested that Canada put in place a plan in the event of a landing of a UFO.

In making available 9500 files on its web site entitled ‘Canada’s UFOs – Search for the Unknown’, the Canadian government has opened an international controversy on unidentified flying objects.
This controversy is fueled by the clear admission that Canadian officials in the Ministry of National Defense regularly discussed tactics and policies on how to ‘play-down’ the UFO phenomenon as far back as 1950. It is even more instructive that Canada, in 2005 and 2007, chose to resurrect these controversial policy letters and hide them among thousands of mundane UFO sighting reports.

By hiding these files in plain sight, did the Canadian government attempt to deceive its citizens by proving it can be a master of misdirection, or was it a simple case of bureaucratic pragmatism?

Unlike the British Ministry of Defense and the French, Brazilian and Danish governments’ releases of their UFO files in 2007, 2008 and 2009 amidst widespread international press coverage, the Canadian government chose to make their UFO files release a virtual non-event.
As demonstrated by the total absence of media coverage or public consultation – Canadian officials were quite successful in concealing its UFO involvement. No one, outside of a handful of UFO research experts, was aware that Canada had even set up the archived UFO data base.
Released initially in August 2005, then more files in December 2007 – no international, national or local announcement, notification or press coverage accompanied Canada’s mass data-dump of UFO information.
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RFID microchip exposed.

Citizens of USA will have two choices vaccination and people who refuse to take vaccinations are forced to have RFID bracelet.  It s like choosing between cholera and ebola .Vaccination will make you sick. In worse case scenario leading to Death. RFID bracelet gives government total control of You.

First vaccination, immediately followed by RFID bracelet and now Verichip (mostly funded by goverment with OUR taxes) comes with RFID microchip. They try to sell their human implantable chip with this illusion . Click here to find out what kind of secrets they hide from us.  They want to control every step,  every word of us. They want to enslave human race.  People watch it. Again mind blowing.

Psssst Canada ordered already 500 000 bodybags

Government already built their FEMA camps , aka depopulation camps. In these plastic coffins they will cremate people died from Swine flew.  People we will not die from the flew but from their vaccinations.  Swine flew is not worser than a common flew. There is no one single scientific evidence to proof it!

I always think about World War II where Nazis told the Jews to take a train leading them to a camp.  Nazis told they could take a shower instead they were toxicated, murdered.

Fema camps, Swine flew vaccination and plastic coffins. Hmmmm. Will history repeats itself!?  Definetly. Therefore it is HISstory.  Video.