NASA Discovers Liquid Salty Water Flowing On Mars

Photo credit: These long streaks are inferred to have been formed by contemporary flowing water. NASA/JPL/University of Arizona

NASA teased us last week with the promise of a “major science finding” regarding our planetary neighbor, Mars. Today they delivered news of an exciting discovery – and no it’s not Mark Watney or even little green men. Using data collected by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO), scientists have detected evidence of salty water flowing on the surface of Mars.

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Baby Chicks Ground Up Alive at Maple Leaf Hatchery

New hidden-camera video taken by a Mercy For Animals Canada investigator exposes horrific cruelty to baby chicks at a Maple Leaf chicken hatchery. Workers fling birds by their fragile wings, slam them into metal dividers, drown them in scalding hot industrial washing machines, and roughly cram chicks into a macerator machine to be ground up alive. Learn more and take action at:

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9 Nervy Facts About the Vagus Nerve

What happens in the vagus nerve, it turns out, doesn’t stay in the vagus nerve. The longest of the cranial nerves, the vagus nerve is so named because it “wanders” like a vagabond, sending out fibers from your brainstem to your visceral organs. The vagus nerve is literally the captain of your inner nerve center—the parasympathetic nervous system, to be specific.

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Neuroscience Tips to Remain Calm under Pressure

There’s a surprisingly simple way to calm yourself down using a skill that can be learned in minutes.

Have you ever wondered how the President seems so unfazed while addressing the entire nation? Or how there always seemed to be a couple nonhuman people in college who actually enjoyed giving presentations? The ability to remain calm and collected during high-pressure situations is certainly not a trait that comes naturally to most of us, but it’s a skill that can be learned, thanks to neuroscience.

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Dr John Holt – Radio Wave Cancer Cure – Electromagnetic Healing

Over a period of 30 years, highly qualified Perth-based surgeon Dr John Holt has had some startling successes with a radio-wave therapy treatment for cancer patients.
However, this radical treatment has polarised the medical community in Australia. His supporters say he’s been vilified, while his detractors point out there is no scientific basis for his claims.

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Old Military Planes Could Drop 900,000 Tree-Bombs a Day

Image: a C-130 Hercules dropping something other than tree-bombs. Suggestsoft

I’ve always felt that planting trees was simply too much of a non-violent affair. Digging holes, lowering in saplings, filling them with soil — yawn. Where’s the action, the excitement, the military-grade aircraft? It’s also time consuming. Granted, I don’t have nearly the skills this guy does, but the last time I went out planting trees, the best I could do was one every few minutes. Thankfully, somebody figured know how to plant trees right: By enlisting a fleet of a retrofitted C-130 military transport planes to literally aerial bomb forests with new trees, we could plant 900,000 of them in a single day. Planes once used to drop landmines retrofitted to drop tree-mines
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Zim cops arrest Cecil hunter for smuggling sables


Police in Zimbabwe have arrested Theo Bronkhorst, the professional hunter behind the killing of Cecil the lion, following the discovery of 29 sable antelope allegedly being smuggled to South Africa, his lawyer said on Tuesday.

Theo Bronkhorst. © Zinyange Auntony, AFP

Advocate Perpetua Dube said: “He’s been arrested. He’s detained at Hillside Police station.”

Bronkhorst was arrested on Monday but charges against him are yet to be clarified, Dube said in a telephone interview from Bulawayo. “The police from Beitbridge will determine that [when he will be brought to court]. I haven’t had a meeting with them. They were on their way last night,” she added.

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