UFO reports to be destroyed in future by MoD

The Ministry of Defence will destroy all future UFO reports it receives so it does not have to make them public, a previously secret memo discloses.

Britain’s official UFO investigation unit and hotline were closed down at the start of December.

Since then reports of strange sights in the skies sent to the MoD have been kept for 30 days before being thrown out, the newly released policy document shows.

This stance was adopted so defence officials would not have to publish the information in response to freedom of information (FoI) requests or pass it to the National Archives.

The memo, dated November 11, 2009, sets out the MoD’s reasons for shutting its UFO unit and ceasing to invite the public to send in details of sightings.

It notes that the number of reports the department received soared last year, taking up extra resources and diverting staff from ”more valuable” defence-related activities.

The MoD recorded 634 UFO sightings in 2009, the second highest annual total after 1978, when there were 750, according to UFO expert Dr David Clarke.

This compares with an average of about 150 reports a year over the past decade.

The memo states: ”The dedicated UFO hotline answer phone service and e-mail address serve no defence purpose, and merely encourage the generation of correspondence of no defence value.

”Accordingly these facilities should be withdrawn as soon as possible.”

The official document covers what defence officials should do when they receive reports of UFOs in the future.

It says: ”Reported sightings received from other sources should be answered by a standard letter and… should be retained for 30 days and then destroyed, largely removing any future FoI liability and negating the need to release future files post-November 30 2009.”

The memo reveals that MoD chiefs made a point of not discussing their plans to close the UFO unit with other countries because of fears this could be perceived as part of a global cover-up.

It states: ”We have deliberately avoided formal approaches to other Governments on this issue.

”Such approaches would become public when the relevant UFO files are released, and would be viewed by ‘ufologists’ as evidence of international collaboration and conspiracy.”

But the document includes as an annex a printout from the US Department of Defence website explaining that the American government stopped collecting reports of UFO sightings in December 1969.

Dr Clarke, a lecturer in journalism at Sheffield Hallam University, obtained the memo through an FoI request.

He said: ”This is the final rubber-stamping of the decision – they just want to totally wash their hands of the UFO business altogether.

”It’s just been a millstone around their necks ever since the Cold War. They have decided that whatever they do, it reflects badly on them.”

The expert said the MoD’s new policy on destroying UFO reports would make it much more difficult to uncover the truth about incidents in the future.

”It’s like they’re desperately trying to avoid having to answer FoI requests on this subject,” he said.

”Even if something quite serious happened, perhaps where there was a near-miss with an airline, the MoD will say, ‘we may have had a report on it, but we’ve destroyed it’.”

The MoD is releasing its historic UFO files gradually through the National Archives.

Five instalments have been made public so far, amounting to about a third of the total.

Nick Pope, a former MoD employee who worked on the UFO files, said: “It’s ironic that the UFO project was cut because sightings were increasing.

“MoD disengaged because they were inundated. It’s laziness as opposed to a conspiracy.

“Destroying UFO reports to avoid dealing with FoI requests isn’t illegal, but it’s a great shame. Who knows what fascinating material will be lost?”

Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/ufo/7336622/UFO-reports-to-be-destroyed-in-future-by-MoD.html

The Life of Svali – an Ex-Illuminati Mind Control Programmer

Here is an excerpt from Svali’s writings about the planned worldwide financial collapse:

All groups have goals, and the Illuminists are no exception. Money making is not their final goal – it is a means to an end. This end point, or goal, is no less than to rule the world. The Illuminati has a set plan similar to the Soviet Union’s previous “5- year” and “10-year ” plans. This is what the Illuminists themselves believe and teach their followers as gospel truth. Whether they will actually succeed is another matter altogether.

The following is the Illuminist agenda at ALL levels of the Illuminati. As with any goal, the Illuminati has specific steps which it plans to implement to reach its objectives. Briefly, each region of the United States has “nerve centers” or power bases for regional activity. The United States has been divided up into seven major geographical regions. Each region has localities within it that contain military compounds and bases that are hidden in remote, isolated areas or on large private estates.

These bases are used intermittently to teach and train generational Illuminati in military techniques, hand- to- hand combat, crowd control, use of arms, and all aspects of military warfare. Why? Because the Illuminists believe that our government, as we know it, as well as the governments of most nations around the world, are destined to collapse. These will be planned collapses, and they will occur in the following ways:

The Illuminati has planned first for a financial collapse that will make the great depression look like a picnic. This will occur through the maneuvering of the great banks and financial institutions of the world, through stock manipulation, and interest rate changes. Most people will be indebted to the federal government through bank and credit card debt, etc. The governments will recall all debts immediately, but most people will be unable to pay and will be bankrupted. This will cause generalized financial panic which will occur simultaneously worldwide, as the Illuminists firmly believe in controlling people through finances.

Next there will be a military takeover, region by region, as the government declares a state of emergency and martial law. People will have panicked, there will be an anarchical state in most localities, and the government will justify its move as being necessary to control panicked citizens. The cult trained military leaders and people under their direction will use arms as well as crowd control techniques to implement this new state of affairs. This is why so many survivors under 36 years of age report having military programming. People who are not Illuminists or who are not sympathetic to their cause, will resist. The Illuminists expect this and will be (and are BEING) trained in how to deal with this eventuality. They are training their people in hand-to- hand combat, crowd control, and, if necessary, will kill to control crowds. The Illuminati is training their people to be prepared for every possible reaction to the takeover.

Many mind control victims will also be called into duty with preset command codes. These codes are meant to call out a new, completely cult loyal presenting system. Shatter codes programmed under trauma will be used to destroy or bury non-cult loyal alters.

Military bases will be set up, in each locality (actually, they are already here, but are covert). In the next few years, they will go above ground and be revealed. Each locality will have regional bases and leaders to which they are accountable. The hierarchy will closely reflect the current covert hierarchy.
About five years ago, when I left the Illuminati, approximately 1% of the US population was either part of the Illuminati, sympathetic to it, or a victim of Mind Control (and therefore considered useable). While this may not sound like many, imagine 1% of the population highly trained in the use of armaments, crowd control, psychological and behavioral techniques, armed with weapons and linked to paramilitary groups. These people will also be completely dedicated to their cause.

The Illuminati firmly believes that it can easily overcome the other 99% of the population, most of whom are untrained, or poorly trained, such as “weekend hunters.” Even the local military will be overcome as the Illuminati will have regional cell groups with highly trained leaders. They also count on the element of surprise helping them during their takeover. Many of the highest leaders in the militia branch of the Illuminati are or have been officers in the military, and so already have a good knowledge of which techniques will work best to overcome a region’s or locality’s defenses.

After the military takeover, the general population will be given a chance to either espouse the Illuminati’s cause, or reject it (with imprisonment, pain, even death being possible punishments). These people very much believe that the intelligent, or “enlightened” or Illuminated, were born to rule. They are arrogant, and consider the general population as “dumb sheep” who will be easily led if offered strong leadership, financial help in an unstable world economy, and dire consequences if the person rebels. Their utter ruthlessness, and ability to implement this agenda, should not be minimized.

The Illuminati banking leaders, such as the Rothschilds, the Vanderbilts, the Rockefellers, the Carnegies, and the Mellons, as examples, will reveal themselves, and offer to “save” the floundering world economy. A new system of monetary exchange, based on an international monetary system, and based between Cairo, Egypt, and Brussels, Belgium, will be set up. A true “one world economy”, creating the longed for “one world order”, will become reality.

There is more to the Illuminist agenda, but these are the basics of it. This agenda is what the Illuminati really, truly, believe, teach, and train for. They are willing to give their lives up in this cause, in order to teach the next generation, as they believe that their children are their legacy. I was told that my children’s generation would see this takeover, sometime in the 21st century.

At present, the Illuminati have quietly and covertly fostered their takeover plan by their goals of the infiltration of:
1. The media
2. The banking system
3. The educational system
4. The government, both local and federal
5. The sciences
6. The churches

They are currently, and have been working the last several hundred years, on taking over these 6 areas. They do NOT go to an institution, and say “hi, I’m a local Illuminist, and I’d like to take over your bank). Instead, they begin by having several people quietly invest funds over several years, gradually buying more and more shares in the bank (or other institution that they wish to control), until they have a financial controlling interest in it. They never openly disclose their agenda, or their cult activities, as often they are amnesic to them. These are well respected, “Christian” appearing business leaders in the community. The image in the community is all important to an Illuminist; they will do anything to maintain a normal, respected facade, and DESPISE exposure.

On one leadership in a major metropolitan city, where I was a member, there sat: one head of the local small business administration; one CEO of a government defense firm; one principal of a Christian school; one vice mayor of the city; one journalist; one nurse; one doctor; one behavioral psychologist, one army Colonel, and one navy Commander. All except one attended church weekly; all were well respected within the community. NONE of them appeared “evil”, or “marked”.

If you met them in person, you would probably instantly like any of these intelligent, verbal, likeable, even charismatic people. This is their greatest cover, since we often expect great evil to “appear” evil, led by media portrayals of evil as causing changes in the face and demeanor of people, or marking them like the biblical Cain. None of the Illuminists that I have known, had unkind, or evil appearing, persona in their daytime lives, although some were dysfunctional, such as being alcoholics. The dissociation that drives the Illuminists is their greatest cover for being undetected at this time. Many, if not most, of these people are completely unaware of the great evil that they are involved in, during the night.

There are other groups which are not actually part of the Illuminati, but the Illuminati are aware of them. The Illuminati are not the only group that follows esoteric practices, or worships ancient deities or demons. They encourage divisiveness between different groups (divide and conquer is one of their ruling principles), and are not concerned about other groups. Instead, they will often welcome them into their umbrella, if possible. This has been happening more and more in recent years, as the Illuminati trade teaching their training principles, which are considered the best by most secretive groups, in exchange for loyalty to the Illuminati. They will send their trainers to these groups, and the trainers will report to the local regional council.

In the political arena , the Illuminists will fund both sides of a race, because their greatest maxim is that “out of chaos comes order”, or the discipline of anarchy. That is why they sent arms to, and funded, both sides of both the great World Wars in this century. They believe that history is a game, like chess; that only out of strategy, fighting, conflict, and testing can the strong emerge. I no longer agree with this philosophy, but at one time, I did, with all my heart.

Hopefully, as these people and their agenda are exposed the common man will rise up against this intended rule to be foisted upon an unsuspecting mankind.

Svali’s battle to be free from the Illuiminati is still going on today, 16 years later, and many people had come to the conclusion that Svali was dead. I even read on one website that she had died of cancer and on another that she had a brain tumor. This is why I am coming forward at this time with this information about Svali and her whereabouts.

I am sure Svali would want you to know that the Lord Jesus Christ is able to protect those who are His until their appointed time on this earth is up. I urge anyone out there who is reading this message to take seriously the times we are in and to do as much as possible to obtain a relationship with Jesus Christ. The real living Christ, the Savior of the world. Without a relationship with Him it is going to be pretty hard to exist in this world of chaos. I urge you to seek Him with all of your heart.


I call on all Christians who love the Lord Jesus to intercede on behalf of Svali for her continued safety and deliverance. I also ask that you would that you pray for the salvation and deliverance of her family members.

I urge all Christians to not rely on their own understanding about the timing of events in the end times but to put their faith fully in God. If we put our trust in a pre-trib rapture to escape the tribulations that are coming upon this world we may be very disappointed and cast off our faith. We must instead rise up and lead people to our source of strength, our Rock, as long as we are allowed to be here as many will perish without the Truth and Light of Jesus Christ. We must be prepared to bring the Gospel to them so they can survive these terrible times ahead and spend eternity with us in His Kingdom.

John 16:33 – These things I have spoken unto you, that in Me you might have peace. In the world you shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world. – The Lord Jesus Christ

Read more: http://svalispeaks.wordpress.com/2008/10/11/svali-is-alive-update-on-her-whereabouts/

Japan 'cautious' as tsunami alert is canceled

(CNN) — Tsunami warnings were canceled for all countries Sunday, a day after a deadly 8.8-magnitude earthquake struck Chile, forecasters said.

However, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said in its cancellation alert it was only advising governments, and “only national and local government agencies have the authority to make decisions regarding the official state of alert in their area and any actions to be taken in response.”

Despite the cancellation, Japan remained cautious.

The nation’s meteorological agency opted to downgrade the warning without eliminating it entirely. Its prior alert of “major tsunami” was changed to “tsunami.”

The quake struck Chile early Saturday, killing at least 300 people and prompting tsunami warnings and advisories along the Pacific. Chilean officials are expected to announce an updated death toll later Sunday.

Full coverage of Chile quake

Read more: http://www.cnn.com/2010/WORLD/asiapcf/02/28/japan.tsunami/index.html?hpt=T1

It's raining fish … no really

WHILE the Top End and Central Australia have been battered by torrential rains, a Territory town has had fish falling from the sky.

The freak phenomena happened not once, but twice, on Thursday and Friday afternoon about 6pm at Lajamanu, about 550km southwest of Katherine.

NEWSBREAKER Christine Balmer, who took these photos of the fish on the ground and in a bucket, had to pinch herself when she was told “hundreds and hundreds” of small white fish had fallen from the sky.

“It rained fish in Lajamanu on Thursday and Friday night,” she said, “They fell from the sky everywhere.

“Locals were picking them up off the footy oval and on the ground everywhere.

“These fish were alive when they hit the ground.”

Mrs Balmer, the aged care co-ordinator at the Lajamanu Aged Care Centre, said her family interstate thought she had lost the plot when she told them about the event.

“I haven’t lost my marbles,” she said, reassuring herself. “Thank god it didn’t rain crocodiles.”

Lajamanu sits on the edge of the Tanami Desert, hundreds of kilometres from Lake Argyle and Lake Elliott and even further from the coast. But it’s not the first time the remote community has been bombarded by fins from above.

In 2004, locals reported fish falling from the sky, and in 1974, a similar incident captured international headlines.

The small white fish are believed to be spangled perch, which are very common through much of northern Australia.

Weather bureau senior forecaster Ashley Patterson said the geological conditions were perfect on Friday for a tornado in the Douglas Daly region.

He said it would have been an ideal weather situation to allow the phenomena to occur – but no tornados have been reported to the authority.

“It’s a very unusual event,” he said. “With an updraft, (fish and water picked up) could get up high – up to 60,000 or 70,000 feet.

“Or possibly from a tornado over a large water body – but we haven’t had any reports,” he said.

Have you seen fish falling from the sky, or know what sort of fish they are? Call 8944 9724 and let us know.

Source: http://www.ntnews.com.au/article/2010/02/28/127891_ntnews.html

10 Reasons to Avoid Genetically Modified Foods10 Reasons to Avoid Genetically Modified Foods (Part 2)

1. Eating genetically modified (GM) foods may cause disease

GMOs may be the greatest health disaster in the American diet. Within 9 years of their introduction in 1996, multiple chronic illnesses jumped from 7 percent to 13 percent of the population,[1] food allergies doubled in less time, and many other ailments have been on the rise.

Millions may already be suffering health problems caused by genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in their diet. The American Academy of Environmental Medicine has urged doctors to prescribe non-GMO diets for all patients, and cites animal studies that show how GMOs cause disorders such as vital organ damage, gastrointestinal and immune system problems, accelerated aging, infertility, and dysfunctional regulation of insulin and cholesterol.

Baby rats from moms that ate GM soy were smaller than those fed natural soy. More than half the GM soy group died within three weeks. Irina Ermakova, 2005-2007.

2. GMOs might cause infertility or hurt newborns

When GM soy flour was added to the diets of female rats, most of their babies died within three weeks—compared to only a 10 percent death rate among mothers fed natural soy.[2] The GM-fed offspring were smaller, and later had problems getting pregnant.[3]When male rats were fed GM soy, their testicles changed from the normal pink color to dark blue.[4] Mice testicles also showed changes, including damaged young sperm cells.[5]

The DNA in mice embryos functioned differently when their parents ate GM soy.[6] And an Austrian government study reported that mice fed GM corn had fewer and smaller babies.[7]

About two dozen US farmers say that thousands of their pigs became sterile after consuming certain GM corn varieties. Some had false pregnancies, others gave birth to bags of water.

Cows and bulls also became infertile when fed the same corn.[8] Investigators in the state of Haryana, India, report that most buffalo that ate GM cottonseed had reproductive complications such as premature deliveries, abortions, infertility, and prolapsed uteruses. Many calves died.[9]

3. GM corn contains a toxic pesticide in every bite

Some GM varieties produce poison—their DNA creates an insect killing “Bt-toxin” in every cell. Monsanto and others claim that the toxin is safe for humans and mammals because the gene that produces it comes from the soil bacteria Bacillus thuringiensis.

Farmers have long used these natural bacteria as a pesticidal spray. But when the spray was widely dispersed to fight gypsy moths in Washington and Vancouver, about 500 people reported allergic and flu-like symptoms.[10]

Genetic engineers insert the bacteria’s toxin-creating gene into corn and cotton plants, which produce a more toxic poison. It’s thousands of times more concentrated than the spray and cannot be washed off.

Close-up of testicles: Rats fed non-GM soy vs GM soy.

Now, thousands of Indian farm laborers who are exposed to Monsanto’s Bt cotton plants are suffering from the same symptoms as those in the Pacific Northwest.[11]

In addition, thousands of sheep, goats, and buffalo have died after grazing on Bt cotton plants.[12] Countless other livestock have suffered reproductive disorders, skin disruptions, and upper respiratory ailments.

In one small feeding study, all the sheep that consumed Bt plants died within a month. Those that ate natural plants remained healthy.[13]

Bt corn is also linked to animal deaths in Germany[14] and The Philippines,[15] and according to an Italian government study, evokes serious immune responses in mice.[16] Even Monsanto’s 90-day rat feeding studies with Bt corn showed vital organ damage and signs of toxicity.[17]

4. GMOs might cause allergies

Soon after GM soy was introduced to the UK, soy allergies skyrocketed by 50 percent.[18] There are many reasons why people may be more reactive to GMOs.

  • GM soy, corn, and papaya fail the allergy screening protocol recommended by the World Health Organization; their GM proteins have properties of known allergens.[19]
  • The widespread collateral damage resulting from the process of creating GMOs can introduce new allergens or elevate existing ones. GM corn contains a new unintended allergen[20] and GM soy has up to seven times more of the soy allergen trypsin inhibitor.[21]
  • Preliminary allergy tests confirm that some people have skin prick reactions to GM soy, but not to a wild natural variety.[22]
  • Consuming GMOs may also provoke allergies to other foods.
  • Mice not only reacted to Bt-toxin[23] and an experimental GM pea,[24] they then started reacting to other foods that previously had no impact.
  • GM soy drastically reduces digestive enzymes in mice.[25] If your digestive ability is also impaired, you could become allergic to many types of food.

5. GMOs have higher residues of poisonous herbicide

The primary reason crops are engineered is to allow them to drink poison. They’re called herbicide tolerant, and are inserted with bacterial genes that allow them to survive otherwise deadly doses of toxic herbicide.

Biotech companies sell the seed and herbicide as a package. Monsanto sells Roundup Ready crops and Roundup herbicide. Bayer CropScience sells Liberty Link crops and Liberty herbicide.

Between 1996 and 2008, US farmers sprayed an extra 383 million pounds of herbicide on these poison drinking GMOs.[26]

Because weeds are becoming resistant to the overused herbicide, farmers are spraying considerably more each year. The last 2 years of the 13-year study alone accounted for 46 percent of the increased herbicide use.

6. GM genes can convert your intestinal bacteria into living factories that continuously produce pesticides or other harmful products

The ONLY published GMO human feeding study (that’s right, there’s only one) confirmed that genes transfer from GM soybeans into the DNA of bacteria living inside our small intestines and continue to function.[27]

Human subjects that ate Roundup Ready soybeans ended up with “Roundup Ready gut bacteria”—unkillable with Roundup. If the pesticide-producing Bt gene in corn chips were also to transfer, it could turn your intestinal flora into living pesticide factories—possibly for the long term.

7. GMOs are approved without adequate safety studies

In 1992, the Food and Drug Administration claimed they had no information showing that GM foods were substantially different from conventionally grown foods. Therefore absolutely no safety studies were required.

But secret internal memos made public by a lawsuit show that the actual consensus among FDA scientists was that GMOs can create unpredictable, hard-to-detect side effects, including allergies, toxins, new diseases, and nutritional problems. They urged long-term safety studies.

Sadly, the FDA official in charge of policy ignored the warnings. He was Michael Taylor, Monsanto’s former attorney and later their vice president.

Because of him, the same biotech companies who have been found guilty of hiding toxic effects of their chemical products are now in charge of determining whether their GM foods are safe. A close look at their so-called GMO safety studies shows how they rig research to avoid problems. They’ve got bad science down to a science.

Tragically, Michael Taylor, who may be responsible for more food-related illness and death in human history, is now back at the FDA as the US Food Safety Czar.

8. GMOs cause irreversible genetic pollution

GMOs cross pollinate and spread into the environment. A total recall is impossible.

The self-propagating genetic pollution already released will outlast the effects of global warming and nuclear waste.

9. GMOs work against feeding a hungry world

The most authoritative evaluation of agriculture, the International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science and Technology for Development,[28] determined that the current GMOs have nothing to offer the goals of reducing hunger and poverty, improving nutrition, health and rural livelihoods, and facilitating social and environmental sustainability.

The report was a three-year collaborative effort with 900 participants and 110 countries, and was co-sponsored by all the majors, e.g. the World Bank, FAO, UNESCO, WHO. In reality, GMOs reduce yield,[29] increase farmers’ dependence on multinationals, reduce biodiversity, increase herbicide use, and take money away from more successful and appropriate methods.

In developing nations, GMOs can be catastrophic.

In India, for example, Monsanto convinced hundreds of thousands of farmers to take out high interest loans to pay for expensive GM cotton seeds and associated chemicals. Inconsistent yields left desperate farmers unable to even pay back their loans. The UK Daily Mail estimates that an astounding 125,000 indebted GM cotton farmers committed suicide.[30]

10. By avoiding GMOs, you help create a tipping point to drive them out of our food supply

Because GMOs give no consumer benefits, if even a small percentage of us start rejecting brands that contain them, GM ingredients will become a marketing liability. Food companies will kick them out.

The tipping point can come quickly.

In Europe, for example, within 10 weeks of a high profile GMO safety scandal that hit the papers in 1999, virtually every major food company committed to stop using GM foods. In the US, a consumer rebellion against genetically modified bovine growth hormone used on dairy cows has also reached a tipping point. Drugged milk and/or yogurt has been rejected by Wal-Mart, Starbucks, Dannon, Yoplait, and about 60 of the top 100 dairies so far.

The Campaign for Healthier Eating in America is designed to achieve a tipping point against GMOs in the US. The number of non-GMO shoppers needed is probably just 5 percent of the population.

They key is to educate consumers about the documented health dangers and provide a Non-GMO Shopping Guide, to make avoiding GMOs much easier. Thus, by choosing healthier non-GMO brands, and telling others about GMOs so they can do the same, we can quickly reclaim a non-GMO food supply.

Visit the Campaign’s website for GMO educational materials to read, watch, listen to, and pass onto others

Source: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2010/02/27/10-reasons-why-no-one-needs-gm-foods.aspx

10 Reasons to Avoid Genetically Modified Foods

GM foods won’t solve the food crisis

A 2008 World Bank report concluded that increased biofuel production (crops grown for fuel rather than food) is the major cause of the increase in food prices.  GM giant Monsanto has been at the heart of the lobbying for biofuels — while profiting enormously from the resulting food crisis and using it as a PR opportunity to promote GM foods!

GM crops do not increase yield potential

Despite the promises, GM has not increased the yield potential of any commercialized crops. In fact, studies show that the most widely grown GM crop, GM soy, has suffered reduced yields.

GM crops increase pesticide use

U.S. government data shows that in the U.S., GM crops have produced an overall increase, not decrease, in pesticide use compared to conventional crops.

There are better ways to feed the world

A major UN/World Bank-sponsored report compiled by 400 scientists and endorsed by 58 countries concluded that GM crops have little to offer global agriculture and the challenges of poverty, hunger, and climate change, because better alternatives are available.

Other farm technologies are more successful

Integrated Pest Management and other innovative low-input or organic methods of controlling pests and boosting yields have proven highly effective, particularly in the developing world.

GM foods have not been shown to be safe to eat

Genetic modification is a crude and imprecise way of incorporating foreign genetic material into crops, with unpredictable consequences. The resulting GM foods have undergone little rigorous and no long-term safety testing, but animal feeding tests have shown worrying health effects.

Stealth GMOs in animal feed — without consumers’ consent

Meat, eggs and dairy products from animals raised on the millions of tons of GM feed imported into Europe do not have to be labeled. Some studies show that if GM crops are fed to animals, GM material can appear in the resulting products, and that the animals’ health can be affected.

GM crops are a long-term economic disaster for farmers

A 2009 report showed that GM seed prices in America have increased dramatically, cutting average farm incomes for U.S. farmers growing GM crops.

GM and non-GM cannot co-exist

GM contamination of conventional and organic food is increasing. An unapproved GM rice that was grown for only one year in field trials was found to have extensively contaminated the U.S. rice supply and seed stocks. In Canada, the organic oilseed rape industry has been destroyed by contamination from GM rape. In Spain, a study found that GM maize “has caused a drastic reduction in organic cultivations of this grain and is making their coexistence practically impossible”.

You can’t trust GM companies

The big biotech firms pushing their GM foods have a terrible history of toxic contamination and public deception. GM is attractive to them because it gives them patents that allow monopoly control over the world’s food supply. They have taken to harassing and intimidating farmers for the “crime” of saving patented seed or “stealing” patented genes — even if those genes got into the farmer’s fields through accidental contamination by wind or insects.


By Gordon Duff and Brian Jobert: Who says Al Qaeda takes credit for a bombing?  Rita Katz.  Who gets us bin Laden tapes?  Rita Katz.  Who gets us prettymuch all information telling us Muslims are bad?  Rita Katz?  Rita Katz is the Director of Site Intelligence, primary source for intelligence used by news services, Homeland Security, the FBI and CIA.  What is her qualification?  She served in the Israeli Defense Force.  She has a college degree and most investigative journalists believe the Mossad “helps” her with her information.  We find no evidence of any qualification whatsoever of any kind.  A bartender has more intelligence gathering experience.

Nobody verifies her claims.  SITE says Al Qaeda did it, it hits the papers.  SITE says Israel didn’t do it, that hits the papers too.  What does SITE really do?  They check the internet for “information,” almost invariably information that Israel wants reported and it is sold as news, seen on American TV, reported in our papers and passed around the internet almost as though it were actually true.  Amazing.

Do we know if the information reported comes from a teenager in Seattle or a terror cell in Jakarta?  No, of course not, we don’t have a clue.  Can you imagine buying information on Islamic terrorism from an Israeli whose father was executed as a spy by Arabs?

It is quite likely that everything you think you know about terror attacks such as the one in Detroit or whether Osama bin Laden is alive or dead comes from Rita Katz.  Does she make it all up?  We don’t know, nobody knows, nobody checks, they simply buy it, print it, say it comes from Site Intelligence and simply forget to tell us that this is, not only a highly biased organization but also an extremely amateur one also.

Is any of this her fault, Ritas?  No.  She is herself, selling her work.  The blame is not Site Intelligence, it is the people who pass on the information under misleading circumstances.

Imagine if a paper carried a story like this:

Reports that Al Qaeda was responsible for bombing the mosque and train station were given to us by an Israeli woman who says she found it on the internet.

This is fair.  Everyone should be able to earn a living and information that comes from Israel could be without bias but the chances aren’t very good.  In fact, any news organization, and most use this service, that fails to indicate that the sources they use are “rumored” to be a foreign intelligence service with a long history of lying beyond human measure, is not to be taken seriously.

Can we prove that SITE Intelligence is the Mossad?  No.  Would a reasonable person assume it is?  Yes.

Would a reasonable person believe anything from this source involving Islam or the Middle East?  No, they would not.

SITE’s primary claim to fame other than bin Laden videos with odd technical faults is their close relationship with Blackwater.  Blackwater has found site useful.  Blackwater no longer exists as they had to change their name because of utter lack of credibility.

What can be learned by examining where our news comes from?  Perhaps we could start being realistic and begin seeing much of our own news and the childish propaganda it really is.

Propaganda does two things:

1.  It makes up phony reasons to justify acts of barbaric cruelty or insane greed.

2.  It blames people for things they didn’t do because the people doing the blaming really did it themselves.  We call these things “false flag/USS Liberty” incidents.

Next time you see dancing Palestinians and someone tells you they are celebrating a terror attack, it is more likely they are attending a birthday party.  This is what we have learned, perhaps this is what we had best remember.

From an AFP article on Site Intelligence:

Rita Katz and S.I.T.E. are set to release yet another “aL-Qaeda” tape

Despite a massive manhunt by the world’s intelligence agencies, BL seems to evade their combined efforts, staying on the run. But he still has time to drop into his recording studio and cook up a fresh tape for the likes of Rita Katz and her outfit called S.I.T.E. SITE is staffed by TWO people, Katz and a Josh Devon.

WASHINGTON (AFP) The head of the Al-Qaeda network Osama bin Laden is expected to release a taped message on Iraq, a group monitoring extremist online forums said Thursday. The 56-minute tape by the hunted militant is addressed to Iraq and an extremist organization based there, the Islamic State of Iraq, said the US-based SITE monitoring institute, citing announcements on “jihadist forums.”

It said the release was “impending” but did not say whether the message was an audio or video tape. Despite a massive manhunt and a 25-million-dollar bounty on his head, he has evaded capture and has regularly taunted the United States and its allies through warnings issued on video and audio cassettes.

Source: ME Times

Yes, despite a massive manhunt by the world’s intelligence agencies, BL seems to evade their combined efforts, staying on the run. But he still has time to drop into his recording studio and cook up a fresh tape for the likes of Rita Katz and her outfit called S.I.T.E. SITE is staffed by TWO people, Katz and a Josh Devon.

Yet these two individuals manage to do what the ENTIRE combined assets of the world’s Western intelligence can’t:

Be the first to obtain fresh video and audio tapes from aL-Qaeda with Bin Laden making threats and issuing various other comments. If BL appears a bit “stiff” in the latest release, that’s because he is real stiff, as in dead.

How is it that a Jewish owned group like S.I.T.E. can outperform the world’s best and brightest in the intelligence field and be the first to know that a group like al-Qaeda is getting ready to release another tape?

How is it possible that Rita Katz and S.I.T.E. can work this magic? Maybe looking at Katz’s background will help:

Rita Katz is Director and co-founder of the SITE Institue. Born in Iraq, her father was tried and executed as an Israeli spy, whereupon her family moved to Israel [the move has been described as both an escape and an emmigration in different sources]. She received a degree from the Middle Eastern Studies program at Tel Aviv University, and is fluent in Hebrew and Arabic. She emigrated to the US in 1997.

Katz was called as a witness in the trial, but the government didn’t claim she was a terrorism expert. During the trial it was discovered that Katz herself had worked in violation of her visa agreement when she first arrived in America in 1997.

She also admitted to receiving more than $130,000 for her work as an FBI consultant on the case.

Source Watch

How mobile phones let spies see our every move

Article dated from 2002.

Secret radar technology research that will allow the biggest-ever extension of ‘Big Brother’-style surveillance in the UK is being funded by the Government.

The radical new system, which has outraged civil liberties groups, uses mobile phone masts to allow security authorities to watch vehicles and individuals ‘in real time’ almost anywhere in Britain.

The technology ‘sees’ the shapes made when radio waves emitted by mobile phone masts meet an obstruction. Signals bounced back by immobile objects, such as walls or trees, are filtered out by the receiver. This allows anything moving, such as cars or people, to be tracked. Previously, radar needed massive fixed equipment to work and transmissions from mobile phone masts were thought too weak to be useful.

The system works wherever a mobile phone can pick up a signal. By using receivers attached to mobile phone masts, users of the new technology could focus in on areas hundreds of miles away and bring up a display showing any moving vehicles and people.

An individual with one type of receiver, a portable unit little bigger than a laptop computer, could even use it as a ‘personal radar’ covering the area around the user. Researchers are working to give the new equipment ‘X-ray vision’ – the capability to ‘see’ through walls and look into people’s homes.

Ministry of Defence officials are hoping to introduce the system as soon as resources allow. Police and security services are known to be interested in a variety of possible surveillance applications. The researchers themselves say the system, known as Celldar, is aimed at anti-terrorism defence, security and road traffic management.

However civil liberties groups have been swift to condemn the plan.

‘It’s an appalling idea,’ said Simon Davies, director of Privacy International. ‘The Government is just capitalising on current public fears over security to intoduce new systems that are neither desirable nor necessary.’

The system, used alongside technology which allows individuals to be identified by their mobile phone handsets, will mewan that individuals can be located and their movements watched on a screen from hundreds of miles away.

Prototypes have been effective over 50 to 100 metres but the developers are confident that range can be extended.

After a series of meetings with Roke Manor, a private research company in Romsey, Hants, MoD officials have started funding the multi-million pound project. Reports of the meetings are ‘classified’.

Whitehall officials involved in radar confirmed that the MoD was ‘very interested’ last week. ‘It’s all about resources now,’ said one.

Private security specialists have also welcomed the new technology.

‘It will be enormously useful,’ the director of one private security firm said. ‘Instead of setting up expensive and cumbersome surveillance equipment, police or the security services could start work quickly and easily almost anywhere.

‘For tracking a suspect, preventing a potential crime or a terrorist strike or simply locating people [the system] has enormous advantages.’

It is likely that the technology would be used at first to protect sensitive installations such as ports and airfields.

The perimeter of a nuclear power station or an RAF base could be watched without having a bank of CCTV screens and dozens of expensive cameras.

If the radar picked up movement then a single camera could be focused on a specific area.

Celldar could also monitor roads when poor visibility due to bad weather rendered cameras useless.

‘The equipment could pick up traffic flows towards an accident site and the details of a crash; who is where and so on,’ said Peter Lloyd of Roke Manor.

Lloyd also outlined a number of military applications for the technology. Individual armoured vehicles or even soldiers could carry the detectors which could tell them where enemy troops were.

Security specialists point out how useful personal radars would be in siege situations. However there are significant concerns that the technology might be abused by authorities or fall into the wrong hands.

‘Like all instrusive surveillance, we need to be sure that it is properly regulated, preferably by the judiciary,’ said Roger Bingham of Liberty.

Bingham expressed concerns that the new equipment, which would be virtually undetectable, could be used by private detectives or others for personal or commercial gain.

Modern technology has brought massive opportunities for wider surveillance. Since the 11 September terrorist attacks on Washington and New York, the government has been pushing through a package of anti-terrorism legislation which targets electronic communications.

Senior police officers are now allowed to access mobile telephone and email records without judicial or executive assent. Within two years, all mobile phones are expected to have satellite-locating devices built into them.

Source: http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2002/oct/13/humanrights.mobilephones

US Navy wipes out airbrushed Moon Lunar Images

You should know that very significant changes in the US Navy/DOD (Department of Defense) Clementine Moon science data has now happened that will negatively impact that data. Specifically to the anomalous evidence that I have reported on and that was previously in that data. In my opinion, truth already seriously compromised in the original version 1.5 data just took a blow with the advent of the new 2.0 data.

The Clementine original data was previously accessed by Clementine Browser version 1.5. Years ago in 2004 after my revelations drawn from the 1994 Clementine data noted in the 2004 Report #067–#071 links below, it was announced that there would be a new browser interface coming. It is now here as version 2.0 and negatively impacts the discoveries in the following 2004 reports.

Report 067: Moon Tower Evidence ……………….. 05/12/2004
Report 068: More Massive Moon Objects ……….. 05/28/2004
Report 069: Moon Miscellaneous Structures …… 06/14/2004
Report 070: Moon Banding Evidence ……………. 07/04/2004
Report 071: More Moon Banding Evidence ……. 08/08/2004

Since those above older reports and their revelations contained serious discoveries about what is apparently being hidden from the public as to what is on the Moon and we’re dealing with the military mind set here, it can come as no real surprise at all that the original data, already intensely obfuscated, would be further and retroactively obfuscated to eliminate the last vestige of truth in it. Sadly, that is exactly what has happened in the new and “improved” version 2.0 data. The bottom line is that in my brief sampling of the new 2.0 data, the above report links discovery evidence is now essentially gone.

Expect the spin to be that the version 2.0 interface will be more user friendly. However, without any effective “help” function available on the site (as of the date I write this) to explain how to use the new 2.0 interface, only user trial and error experimentation can get this interface operational. Now to be fair they do say this is a beta version and that usually means that changes will be ongoing. You do have faith in that don’t you? I doubt that improvements will be forthcoming unless my comments here sting them into some action. The best I can say about that is to make a rude noise or two.

Expect the spin to be that version 2.0 fixes the “camera and processing imaging artifacts and flaws” in version 1.5. Those artifacts and flaws would of course, as a suspicious person might expect, be the anomalous evidence I’ve reported on. In other words, the crude and flawed automated smudge image tampering tending to isolate on really large objects making them, even though still covered over, stand out significantly against the background terrain which itself is full of extensive smudge tampering treatments.

Expect the spin to also be that the new 2.0 interface is much more useful because it offers closer views of the Moon terrain than did version 1.5. Again, consider yourself hearing some more rude noises. The data has been completely and thoroughly sanitized of the previous discovery evidence arising from version 1.5. To do that fake detail has been added including in many ways out in the surrounding terrain around the anomaly sites. What a joke on us. What good does closer looks at fake detail do for the public and researchers unless you weren’t aware of the before and after evidence comparison, didn’t know the difference, and can operate on the ignorance is bliss principle?

However, it doesn’t quite stop there. If that isn’t enough obfuscation wise, as far as I can tell so far, when one saves a large image file out to one’s hard drive for the purpose of more detailed examination, one quickly finds that what is saved out is only a small thumbnail size of the original. So good luck on being able to adequately examine anything in version 2.0! In other words, all the various changes seen so far translate to yet more obfuscation. It is so pathetically obvious and therefore so pathetically disgusting.

So what is one to do when it comes to verification of the old reported anomalous evidence? Is that capability now dead? Don’t worry, anticipating this sanitizing likely to happen at some point due to the inconvenient pressure of the anomalous evidence, I have the original version 1.5 anomalous discovery evidence sites in my reports well documented. I’ve gone back through each of those above listed Reports #067–#071 and added the original version 1.5 source data that I had preserved so that you can access it within each of those old 2004 reports in the documentation section. When you see it, you’ll know what I mean.

For those interested, I’ve confirmed that the surrounding terrain details in that 1.5 data can still be successfully matched well enough with the new altered terrain in the 2.0 new data to A-B compare 1.5 and 2.0 sites even though changes have been made. Just use the coordinates provided in each report. Via this verification process, you can then see for yourself the sanitization the Navy has done. In my opinion, the Navy has shot itself in the foot trying to eliminate anomalous evidence and preserve secrecy as to what may be on the Moon while at the same time telling us to trust them! If you believe that, then I’ve got a bridge currently residing in old London town I’d like to sell you at a bargain. I don’t own it and have never seen it but I’m sure it will all just work out. Oops, more rude noises.

The real issues here at the moment isn’t what is on the Moon as much as it is the public trust and the roles between the public and those they authorize to serve their interest. We all know and can accept that a certain measure of secrecy, including from one’s on people, may be necessary and practical in a real world full of risks. However, this Navy and Department of Defense behavior in thoroughly sanitizing the Clementine data (for public consumption) after the fact of any anomalous truth at all is just going too far.

It speaks of high bold arrogance even for a military mind set and a dangerous disconnect with the population and welfare they are suppose to serve. That is the real problem, not what is on the Moon. This retroactive sanitizing is not just the wrong direction, IT IS CLEARLY THE WRONG DIRECTION. The bulk of the population wants a lessening of the secrecy and more truth not a tightening of the fist of control and a complete disregard for the public wishes and welfare. If there is something on the Moon so important and so worthy of sanitizing retroactively, then the public needs to know about it whether some of us want to know about it or not.

In trying to avoid strong public reactions and preserve what you have by keeping everyone but a few ignorant, you are creating and furthering ignorance and therefore the mechanism and monster that will guarantee an even stronger public reaction at the inevitable moment of truth. Remember, reality always prevails. Loosen the grip and more even tempered heads will gradually prevail. Tighten the grip to perceived intolerable levels as is being done with this Clementine 2.0 data in sanitizing it and you are setting yourself up for the very emotional reaction thing you are trying to avoid.

When the Navy Research Laboratory (NRL) responsible for implementing this Clementine 2.0 change recently won that award for super computing development and application, try not to see your role as just them or us and going only automatically and mindlessly for the public disconnect. You’re not a bunch of blind non thinking robots here to do someone else’s bidding or follow blindly in previous footsteps. That time is past. Sense the momentum that is building. Understand it. See yourself now as part of advancing public knowledge and welfare and make sure that the public sees the benefit to them.

After all the public paid for it and enabled it and the knowledge is legally theirs and was never exclusively yours. Partners have sympathy for each other’s ups and downs whereas a constant diet of disconnect adversarial distrust usually comes to a bad end and especially for the ones doing the most slipping and sliding.

Loosen the grip on the space/Moon exploration secrecy, share, and begin a real measured transition in earnest rather than just give lip service to it with a few manipulated movies and sitcoms. A start would be to not fear the Clementine Version 1.5 data and its few examples of anomalous evidence so much. Retroactively sanitizing the 1.5 data is a very bad idea and move. It telegraphs perception of a fear adversarial mind set dominating you that will alienate you and cause you to fair poorly when truth comes. It causes the risk factor to go up for you in the future time line in doing this.

If loosening the secrecy is handled correctly, the public will see the benefit to them and be understanding of your gesture and can learn to work with you. Go in the opposite polarizing direction and sympathy will be in short supply as emotional reactions tend to prevail. Sympathy like retribution is an earned outcome and you would do well to understand that. The answer for all lies in balanced rational behavior, not fear.

Joseph P. Skipper, Investigator

Source: http://www.marsanomalyresearch.com/evidence-reports/2010/180/clementine-changes.htm

Bloom box. Eco-friendly power unit.

Energy Server is released. What makes the Energy Server unique ?

Built with our patented solid oxide fuel cell technology, Bloom’s Energy Server™ is a new class of distributed power generator, producing clean, reliable, affordable electricity at the customer site.

Fuel cells are devices that convert fuel into electricity through a clean electro-chemical process rather than dirty combustion. They are like batteries except that they always run. Our particular type of fuel cell technology is different than legacy “hydrogen” fuel cells in four main ways:

  1. Low cost materials – our cells use a common sand-like powder instead of precious
    metals like platinum or corrosive materials like acids.
  2. High electrical efficiency – we can convert fuel into electricity at nearly twice the
    rate of some legacy technologies
  3. Fuel flexibility – our systems are capable of using either renewable or fossil fuels
  4. Reversible – our technology is capable of both energy generation and storage

Each Bloom Energy Server provides 100kW of power, enough to meet the baseload needs of 100 average homes or a small office building… day and night, in roughly the footprint of a standard parking space. For more power simply add more energy servers.

100 kW is a lot of power.  An average European house needs 3000-4000 W. Although currently a commercial unit costs $700,000-$800,000 each, Sridhar hopes to manufacture home units that cost less than $3,000 in five to 10 years. He said he got the idea after designing a device for NASA that would generate oxygen on Mars, for a mission that was later canceled.

A great product.

Site: http://www.bloomenergy.com