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The TRAGEDY of Sex Trafficking in America With Expert Jaco Booyens

September 16, 2019

Mysterious object from interstellar space ‘approaching our solar system’

September 16, 2019

A MYSTERIOUS object from deep space is fizzing towards the Solar System – and scientists have no idea what it is.

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New York Area Fire Commissioners Make History, Call for New 9/11 Investigation

September 9, 2019

They started off by saying the Pledge of Allegiance. Ten minutes later, they were reading the text of a resolution claiming the existence of “overwhelming evidence” that “pre-planted explosives . . . caused the destruction of the three World Trade Center buildings.”

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Millionaire model agency boss thought to have key information into the Jeffrey Epstein scandal ‘has disappeared like a ghost without a trace’

September 4, 2019

A millionaire model agency boss who is thought to have key information about the Jeffrey Epstein scandal ‘has disappeared like a ghost without a trace’.

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1944–1956: Radioactive nutrition experiments on retarded children by Harvard and MIT

August 29, 2019

In December of 1993, Scott Allen, a journalist at the Boston Globe, uncovered documents showing years of ethically dubious experiments conducted on Fernald Center youth.

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J&J Shares Rise as Oklahoma Opioid Award Less Than Expected

August 26, 2019

Johnson & Johnson shares rose as much as 5% after an Oklahoma judge ordered the company to pay far less than some investors expected in the first trial by a state seeking compensation for the public-health crisis spawned by opioid painkillers.

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Hibiscus flower extract selectively induces apoptosis in breast cancer cells and positively interacts with common chemotherapeutics

August 22, 2019


Current therapeutic approaches to treat metastatic breast cancer, although effective, have shown many inadvertent side effects such as genotoxicity due to a lack of selectivity.
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