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This blog is dedicated for all people searching for Truth. Information that really matters has been hidden by the mainstream media for decades. HAARP, CHEMtrials, mind-control techniques, RFID chips, Swine flew vaccination are some of their weapons to control US. Some topics can be shocking, mind blowing. Reality surpasses fiction! Be open-minded. Open-minded means accepting all perspectives as possibilities. However, it does not imply that one necessarily believes in all perspectives. One can choose her own beliefs while still maintaining an open mind, as long as she is willing to accept that ohter's beliefs are equally as legitimate.

Corey Feldman’s new documentary that will expose Hollywood’s ‘pedophile ring’ will be aired only ONCE

 Corey Feldman's new documentary that will expose Hollywood's 'pedophile ring' will be aired only ONCE(Getty Images)

Actor Corey Feldman’s new documentary called ‘(My) Truth: The Rape of 2 Coreys’, which is set to release on March 9, is touted to be a provocative exposé where the musician and one-time teen idol will reveal the details of the most “emotionally trying” period of his life.
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There is method to the condescension

My previous post has gotten a lot of comments—some positive, some negative—particularly in my forum. On the negative side, a criticism often leveraged against my essay writing style has, unsurprisingly, returned: some of you dislike the condescending tone of my criticisms of materialism, preferring me to stick to purely objective, sober argumentation without scornful overtones.

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Otherworldly Images of Andromeda Galaxy Over a Tiny Swiss Village

sandro casutt andromeda photography

A view of the sky from the Zervreila Mountain Lagoon in Switzerland.

Photographer Sandro Casutt lives in a remote Swiss village with unbelievable views of the Andromeda Galaxy. The village of Vals, population 990, is a prime location for viewing the closest major galaxy to the Milky Way. Thus, Casutt, together with his brother Markus, started Cosmic Art Photography two years ago as an outlet for their love of the universe.

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Brice Taylor – Thanks for the memories

Brice Taylor – Thanks for the memories

Foreward by Walter Bowart:
More than 25 years have passed since I began research into what was then called “brainwashing,” a comically euphemistic term invented in the 1950’s by CIA propaganda specialist Edward Hunter. It’s been 21 years since my book on the subject Operation Mind Control was published internationally, and five years since it reappeared as the greatly expanded Limited Researcher’s Edition, featuring an account of “Lois” that offers a synopsis of the book you hold in your hands. Now it can be told. “Lois” is Susan Ford, whose pseudonym is Brice Taylor. Her book Thanks for the Memories, which, by all reports is greatly anticipated by an audience better educated than the one I encountered in the 1970’s, is now published for all the world to read.