Dog Meat Is Finally Banned From Yulin Festival In China

Update.  Dog meat festival in China is not banned! Please consider to sign petition.

A huge victory for animal lovers around the world – dog meat has just been temporarily banned from the infamous Yulin Festival in China that has already taken the lives of thousands and thousands of innocent canines following the Chinese tradition of eating dogs. The ban will come into effect on June 15 – that’s one week before the start of the Yulin Festival. It will prohibit the sale of dog meat at restaurants, markets, and street vendors. Those who don’t obey will be facing a fine of up to 100,000 yuan (nearly $15,000) and arrest.

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Woman refuses to feed raven. Raven comes back with a surprise.

“I used to feed the ravens, usually a box of Kraft dinner. I’d just put the food in the front yard for them. Then one day I was miserable and tired, and when a raven tapped its beak on my window looking for food, I screamed at it, ‘I’m sick of feeding you! Bring ME something for a change!’. Then the raven looked at the food and then looked at me and took off without eating anything. In about half an hour it came back with this big white eagle feather and dropped it on the patio, then looked at me and then ate its food. My husband was flabbergasted. It kind of spooked me but I still love ravens.” — Lorna
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