Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura The 9/11 Pentagon Cover up

The idea that a missile or explosives—not a hijacked jetliner—damaged the Pentagon on September 11, 2001 seems the most unlikely of 9/11 theories. That is, until you look at all the factors, which include eyewitness testimony, crime scene video, expert analysis and the question why, with 85 cameras trained on the building, have only five frames of crash footage have ever been released? Jesse Ventura leads a serious investigation into a tangled web of clues that some say are too sacred to even touch.

Revealed: Hitler in Argentina

Highlight Films presents: Revealed, a new documentary film in production following the theory of Hitler’s escape to Argentina.

In 1945, the world was convinced that Adolf Hitler and his mistress Eva Braun had committed suicide in a Berlin bunker, though this theory lacked proper documentation and evidence.
It wasn’t long until flaws in the theory surfaced. As further historical research was conducted, rumors began to circulate that challenged the suicide theory with claims of Hitler’s escape to Argentina – particularly with news of sightings of German
U-boats off the Argentinean coast.

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Pope calls for world government, ‘New World Order’

(NaturalNews) During a recent speech he made before the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace in Rome on December 3, Pope Benedict XVI, the current leader of the Roman Catholic Church, called for what can only be described as a unified world government, which he dubbed a “new evangelization of society” that aligns with the spirit of visions brought forth by previous popes.

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Cannabis, Social Anxiety, and Avoidant Personality Disorder

Cannabis has long been known to be strongly linked to a range of related conditions including agoraphobia, social anxiety disorder and avoidant personality disorder. Sufferers of these conditions are demonstrated to be more likely than the general population to develop dependence on cannabis, as well as tobacco and alcohol. As with so many psychological and neurological conditions, it can be difficult to ascertain the precise relationship at work; does the sufferer experience the symptoms due to their cannabis use, or do they use cannabis because of their condition?

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Reflection of the sun

This is a very strange phenomenon. People thought it was a reflection of the sun seen at the horizon reflected through the clouds.

Palotina – In the week that the predominant issue is the end of the world predicted by the superstitious to take place on Friday, December 21, a curious situation, mainly observed in the sky, awakens the attention and comments of the population.

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