Edward Snowden Reveals UFO Secrets?

According to bombshell documents leaked by Snowden, the government has long known UFOs to be a species more advanced than mankind.

Edward Snowden, the leaker of NSA surveillance documents, was granted asylum in Venezuela on Friday.

With safe harbors in sight, Snowden was willing to share shocking and world-shattering exclusive secret government documents with The Internet Chronicle.

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NBA’s Baron Davis: I was ‘abducted by aliens’ in desert two weeks ago

It was a close encounter of the hoops kind.

Former Knicks player Baron Davis says he was “actually abducted by aliens.”

The basket-case baller told the hosts of “The Champs Podcast” that he crossed into his own personal twilight zone while driving “like two weeks ago.”

Baron Davis claims he was abducted by aliens — like a scene straight out of ‘Space Jam,’ the 1996 film starring NBA great Michael Jordan.

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