Landlord installs Faraday cage to block phone signals because social media is ruining British pubs

A cocktail bar owner has installed a Faraday cage in his walls to prevent mobile phone signals entering the building.

Steve Tyler of the Gin Tub, in Hove, East Sussex, is hoping customers will be encouraged to talk to each other rather than looking at their screens.

He has installed metal mesh in the walls and ceiling of the bar which absorbs and redistributes the electromagnetic signals from phones and wireless devices to prevents them entering the interior of the building.

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Shocking Images Document the Disturbing Living Conditions of Indonesia’s Mentally Ill

from the series: Disorder

Pengabatan Alternatif Jasono (Jasono Alternate Treatmant), Cilacap, Central Java, Indonesia: Agus sings in his cage, his hands moving in an intricate dance. Agus is confined in a cell so he cannot run away. He is being held at Jasono Alternative Treatment, a private shelter with three patients in Cilicap, Central Java. Jasono, the owner, learned his method of treatment from a Pesantren in Jakarta; He sprays water on the men and women and gives them an herbal drink.

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Meet the real-life Magneto: German psychic claims he uses telepathic powers to manipulate metal just like X-Men supervillain

Meet the real-life Magneto, the psychic who claims to use telepathic powers to manipulate metal, just like the X-Men supervillain.

Miroslaw Magola says his mental powers are so strong he can even jump around with drinks cans, pots and pans or cutlery stuck to forehead, hands or chest.

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Charles Michel condemns ‘blind, violent and cowardly’ attacks in Brussels

Islamic State claims responsibility for suicide attack at airport and another explosion on metro train at Maelbeek. Three days of national mourning declared. Public transport starting to resume
  • 14 dead and 92 injured in double explosion at Brussels airport
  • ‘About 20’ dead and 106 injured in blast on metro train at Maelbeek station
  • Highest terror alert, level 4, is reinstated
  • Rail services running again in Brussels, night buses and tram 93 running tonight
  • Advice to stay indoors has now been lifted

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