Decoding John Podesta’s pic with 14 and a fish drawn on his palms

This pic surfaced recently in the midst of a lot of controversy. It’s John Podesta with 14 and a fish drawn on his palms.

As the story goes, Osiris was killed and chopped into 14 pieces. Isis was able to retrieve 13 of them but the penis was lost, eaten by a fish. She substituted another phallus and magically used it to bring forth Horus, from dead Osiris.

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Plants communicate distress using their own kind of nervous system

Plants may lack brains, but they have a nervous system, of sorts. And now, plant biologists have discovered that when a leaf gets eaten, it warns other leaves by using some of the same signals as animals. The new work is starting to unravel a long-standing mystery about how different parts of a plant communicate with one another.

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Like Genes, Our Microbes Pass from Parent to Child

Like Genes, Our Microbes Pass from Parent to Child

We all know that our parents pass on heritable traits, including skin color and height, to us through their genes. Now, the Human Microbiome Project – a department of the National Institute of Health – has produced findings to suggest that our microbial genes are also transmitted vertically from our ancestors. Before we explore this exciting discovery, let’s start with some basics:


On October 25, 2017, the FAA picked up an unidentified target moving rapidly across radar from northern California toward Portland, Ore. Several commercial pilots were able to visually confirm the object from their aircraft, stating they could not make out any identifying markings, but that the craft appeared to be entirely white and moving at high speed.

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