‘Mystical’ Psychedelic Compound Found in Normal Brains

A study in rats has revealed the presence of naturally occurring DMT, an increasingly popular hallucinogen.

Graphic of four brains, each a different color (yellow, orange, blue, purple)

In the past few years, thrill-seekers from Hollywood, Silicon Valley and beyond have been travelling to South America to take part in so-called Ayahuasca retreats. Their goal: to partake in a brewed concoction made from a vine plant Banisteriopsis caapi, traditionally used by indigenous people for sacred religious ceremonies. Drinkers of Ayahuasca experience short-term hallucinogenic episodes many describe as life-changing.

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Hybrid bloodlines – Message from Sasquatch (Queventallir)

”Since thousands of years, the hybrid bloodlines of your ruling elite have been put and kept in power by their alien masters, providing them with just enough technology to keep control over this home-planet. After the main body of the Nazi occult elite was repatriated to America to work on top secret programs, there was a wave of flying crafts observed. While some were the same ships that had been flying for ages, others were the first Human-built prototypes of anti-gravity crafts, raising concern among star faring species.”

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Conversations with Sasquatch (part 1)

Although some call him Bigfoot, Yeti, Yowie, Babaloo, Misabe, and a variety of other names, I call him Sasquatch, one of his most famous names, coming from the Coast Salish language of so-called BC. I say him, although this specie of two-leggeds also has genders and families, but the ones who choose to show themselves and interact with us Humans are most often wise older males, protectors of their tribe.

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Woman refuses to feed raven. Raven comes back with a surprise.

“I used to feed the ravens, usually a box of Kraft dinner. I’d just put the food in the front yard for them. Then one day I was miserable and tired, and when a raven tapped its beak on my window looking for food, I screamed at it, ‘I’m sick of feeding you! Bring ME something for a change!’. Then the raven looked at the food and then looked at me and took off without eating anything. In about half an hour it came back with this big white eagle feather and dropped it on the patio, then looked at me and then ate its food. My husband was flabbergasted. It kind of spooked me but I still love ravens.” — Lorna
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