Secret Caves of the Lizard People

This map is an essential ingredient of a story that has ‘Indiana Jones’ written all over it: secret caves, a lost civilisation and above all, a treasure trove of gold in unimaginable quantities. And all this in the ground below the present-day metropolis of Los Angeles.

Below are two extracts from the LA Times of 29 January 1934, in the first of which reporter Jean Bosquet details the incredible story of G. Warren Shufelt, a mining engineer, who had been told of the underground city and its treasures by a wise old Indian, had consequently located it via ‘radio X-ray’ and was currently sinking shafts into the ground to reach it.

The second extract explains the whereabouts of the putative underground city on the map, and provides the legends for a few photos showing Shufelt hard at work.

Needless to say, no such city has ever been found. Whether fully intentional or not, the hoax did leave us with this strange map of the supposed underground city, its tunnels vaguely laid out in the shape of a lizard.

Interestingly, this article on Skeptoid, a website providing critical analysis of pop phenomena, raises the possibility that Mr Bosquet’s story may be the original source for the later conspiracy theories about humanoid reptilians controlling the world. Indiana Jones has turned into David Icke…

Many thanks to Manuel for sending in this map, found here on Flickr.



Engineer Sinks Shaft Under Fort Moore Hill to Find Maze of Tunnels and Priceless Treasures of Legendary Inhabitants

(LA Times, 29 Jan 1934)

By Jean Bosquet

Busy Los Angeles, although little realizing it in the hustle and bustle of modern existence, stands above a lost city of catacombs filled with incalculable treasure and imperishable records of a race of humans further advanced intellectually and scientifically than even the highest type of present day peoples, in the belief of G. Warren Shufelt, geophysical engineer now engaged in an attempt to wrest from the lost city deep in the earth below Fort Moore Hill the secrets of the Lizard People of legendary fame in the medicine lodges of the American Indian.

So firmly does Shufelt and a little staff of assistants believe that a maze of catacombs and priceless golden tablets are to be found beneath downtown Los Angeles that the engineer and his aides have already driven a shaft 250 feet into the ground, the mouth of the shaft being on the old Banning property on North Hill street overlooking Sunset Boulevard, Spring street and North Broadway.


Shufelt learned of the legend of the Lizard People after his radio X-ray had led him hither and yon, over an area extending from the Public Library on West Fifth street to the Southwest Museum, on Museum Drive, at the foot of Mt. Washington.

“I knew I was over a pattern of tunnels,” the engineer explained yesterday, “and I had mapped out the course of the tunnels, the position of large rooms scattered along the tunnel route, as well as the position of deposits of gold, but I couldn’t understand the meaning of it.”


According to the legend as imparted to Shufelt by Macklin, the radio X-ray has revealed the location of one of three lost cities on the Pacific Coast, the local one having been dug by the Lizzard People after the “great catastrophe” which occurred about 5000 years ago. This legendary catastrophe was in the form of a huge tongue of fire which “came out of the Southwest, destroying all life in its path,” the path being “several hundred miles wide.” The city underground was dug as a means of escaping future fires.

The lost city, dug with powerful chemicals by the Lizard People instead of pick and shovel, was drained into the ocean, where its tunnels began, according to the legend. The tide passing daily in and out of the lower tunnel portals and forcing air into the upper tunnels, provided ventilation and “cleansed and sanitized the lower tunnels,” the legend states.

Large rooms in the domes of the hills above the city of labyrinths housed 1000 families “in the manner of tall buildings” and imperishable food supplies of the herb variety were stored in the catacombs to provide sustenance for the lizard folk for great lengths of time as the next fire swept over the earth.


The Lizard People, the legend has it, regarded the lizard as the symbol of long life. Their city is laid out like a lizard, according to the legend, its tail to the southwest, far below Fifth and Hope streets, its head to the northeast, at Lookout and Marda streets. The city’s key room is situated directly under South Broadway, near Second street, according to Shufelt and the legend.

This key room is the directory to all parts of the city and to all record tablets, the legend states. All records were kept on gold tablets, four feet long and fourteen inches wide. On these tablets of gold, gold having been the symbol of life to the legendary Lizard People, will be found the recorded history of the Mayans on on one particular tablet,the southwest corner of which will be missing, is to be found the “record of the origin of the human race.”


Shufelt stated he has taken “X-ray pictures” of thirty-seven such tablets, three of which have their southwest corners cut off.

“My radio X-ray pictures of tunnels and rooms, which are sub-surface voids, and of gold pictures with perfect corners, sides and ends, are scientific proof of their existence,” Shufelt said. “However, the legendary story must remain speculative until unearthed by excavation.”

The Lizard Peoplem according to Macklin, were of a much higher type intellectually than modern human beings. The intellectual accomplishments of their 9-year-old children were the equal of those of present day college graduates, he said. So greatly advanced scientifically were these people that, in addition to perfecting a chemical solution by which they bored underground without removing earth and rock, they also developed a cement far stronger and better than any in use in modern times with which they lined their tunnels and rooms.


Macklin said legendary advice to American Indians was to seek the lost city in an area within a chain of hills forming “the frog of a horse’s hoof.” The contour of hills surrounding this region forms such a design, substantiating Shufelt’s findings, he said.

Shufelt’s radio device consists chiefly of a cylindrical glass case inside of which a plummet attached to a copper wire held by the engineer sways continually, pointing, he asserts, toward minerals or tunnels below the surface of the ground, and then revolves when over the mineral or swings in prolongation of the tunnel when above the excavation.

He has used the instrument extensively in mining fields, he said.



An amazing labyrinth of underground passages and caverns hundreds of feet below the surface of Fort Moore Hill is revealed in maps – all rights to which have been reserved – prepared by G. Warren Shufelt, local mining engineer, who explains his topographical endeavors as being based on results obtained from a radio X-ray perfected by him. In this elaborate system of tunnels and rooms, according to a legend furnished Shufelt by an Indian authority, a tribe of human beings called the Lizard People, lived, 5000 years ago. The network of tunnels formed what Indians call the lost Lizard City, according to Shufelt and the legend. Gold tablets on which are written the origin of the human race and other priceless documents are to be found in the tunnels, according to the legend. Shufelt declares his radio X-ray has located the gold. The engineer has dug a shaft 250 feet deep on North Hill street, overlooking North Broadway, Sunset and Spring streets, and intends to dig to 1000 feet in an effort to strike the lost city. Upper right-hand corner inset is Times Staff Artist Ewing’s conception of the Lizard People at work. Lower left, upper inset shows Shufelt and crew at top of shaft, baling water out of their deep excavation. Lower left inset shows Shufelt operating his radio X-ray device.


A million library books to be sent down the mines

ONE million books from Manchester’s Central Library – including valuable volumes dating back to the 15th century – are to be put into temporarily storage with many going deep underground in the Cheshire salt mines.

Works from the city’s reference library will be stored in the mines, hundreds of feet below ground, for the next three years while the landmark city centre site undergoes a massive refurbishment to save it from ruin.

Experts say the mine’s caverns – the size of 700 football pitches – provide the perfect environment for preserving the manuscripts, which include the works of eminent academics.

A phased shut down of the St Peter’s Square library will begin next month, with the site closing its doors in June. The Library Theatre, which will most likely relocate to the historic Theatre Royal, will close the following month with a celebratory show entitled Last Night at the Library.

A temporary city library will open in Elliot House, on Deansgate, where staff will also be able to arrange access to some rare reference works that are not available elsewhere in the country. All others will be stored in the salt mines from where they will be digitally catalogued but inaccessible for the duration of the refurbishment.

More than 22 miles of shelving and one million books – including more than 30 works dating back to the 15th century and 44,000 published before 1850 – will be relocated to the mines, Elliot House and other temporary locations including the Royal Northern College of Music. The project is part of multi-million pound plans to transform and modernise St Peter’s Square and the Town Hall Complex, bringing services and facilities up to date and carrying out vital restoration works to the listed buildings.

Central Library will re-open in 2013 with a new state-of-the-art lending library, electronic catalogue and archive centre, to bring historic local collections under one roof. A one-stop customer services centre will also be created on the ground floor of the town hall extension.

From April, some 1,800 council staff will be moved to First Street, at the city centre’s southern gateway, for four years while restoration work takes place. A temporary customer services point will open to the public there in early summer.

The Library Theatre Company will temporarily be based at Zion Arts, on Stretford Road, and stage regular performances at The Lowry.

Coun Mike Amesbury, Manchester’s spokesman for culture and leisure, said: “We recognise that Manchester’s Central Library is one of the finest buildings in the city and one of the finest libraries in the country. This refurbishment and restoration is absolutely necessary to ensure that the Library can continue to be a jewel in Manchester’s crown.”

Head of library services, Neil MacInnes, added: “When Central Library reopens, it will be a real world class facility that Manchester can rightly be proud of, completely in keeping with its history and heritage.”

Members of Central Library can also use all other libraries in Manchester.

Timetable for Central Library closure:

  • Feb 25: Archives service closes.
  • Feb 27: Stack retrieval service for all departments ends. Language and Literature counter, and drop-in computers service, close – queries for the department will be answered by the Science and Humanities team. Main Central Issue Desk will also close, freeing staff to assist with packing and removal.
  • April 1: All other service points close, except ground floor General Readers’ Library.
  • June 18: General Readers’ Library closes.
  • Late June: Temporary city library opens in Elliot House.
  • July 4: Library Theatre closes.


Controllers (= Illuminati) symbolics and 9/11 In Hollywood Movies

Illuminati are infiltrated deep in media. Jay-Z is going towards a very high level in the Mansonic/ freeMansory hierarchy. A pitty he drags Rihanna with him. A nice collection of the Illuminati symbolics used in different programmes.

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Unplug the Signal: The Truth Will Not Be Televised

A flow of information is constantly streaming from the television set; a bombardment of words and pictures.  The speed at which this information is communicated makes it easy for the signal to take control, switching the viewer’s brain to stand-by as information is absorbed without analysis or question. Today the television’s constant signal shapes the conclusions of the masses and produces the collective norm.  The signal prescribes what is news and what is truth through the words of so-called experts and authorities, gelding the consciousness and independent thoughts of those subjected to it. Through television, the masses can be made to accept the most monstrous distortions of reality. The signal is a chill wind of continuous oppression over the minds of the masses. It controls the management of society and culture, creating uniformity across all subjects.

The fuel for this vehicle of mass deception is a technique known as perception management where an array of psychological techniques are used to alter the truth, leading the viewer to a desired conclusion. Some call this spin or propaganda while others know it as lying.  According to Joseph Goebbels, Propaganda Minister for Adolph Hitler, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it… It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” Most of what can be found on the nightly news is nothing but advertisements selling more government and a false reality that benefits only those in control. Television is the dictator of information; newspaper and radio are the whisper campaign of the television’s message.

It is expected that Americans will consistently prescribe to the doctrine of the television. It is subtly communicated that one should stay within the collective and never challenge the message, for doing so may be considered an aggression towards culture. The message is, “Be a good consumer; always obey authority; you know nothing; listen only to experts; be content and never question or express new ideas.” This signal is being broadcast across millions of screens, indoctrinating the unconscious minds of those who choose this as their only reality. Self-censorship occurs when these individuals become so deeply indoctrinated that they are afraid to discuss any information outside the paradigm of television-created culture; they police their thoughts to ensure they won’t conflict with this culture. Sadly, many people’s reality today does not allow any outside information to process, instead it is written off as conspiracy or blatant lies. Our consciousness has been destroyed so much that fiction has become reality. An entire lifestyle of poisonous foods, pharmaceuticals, and fluoridated water are accepted as safe and sold to us at the cost of our health and well being.

Those of the establishment are using the incredibly powerful weapon of mass psychology as a method of controlling the minds of the masses and altering the behavior of individuals. Edward Bernays, a pioneer in the field of public relations in the 20th century, applied Sigmund Freud’s theory of psychoanalysis to manipulate the masses by engineering consent. According to Bernays, “If we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind, it is now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without them knowing it.” Advertisers and psychologists of the billion dollar culture creation industry manufacture trends through the proliferation of insecurities; and manipulating desires and emotions. These concepts are also employed to control how individuals think about politics, as well as the possibilities and limitations within society.  Those wielding power within our streams of mass communication market their plans into each generation as individuals adopt specific ways of thinking and never suspect that all the major events and trends within their lifetime are actually planned by an elite few before they are even born. In our society today, culture is created from the top down. Virtually all forms of culture are created by the ruling class to build a false sense of reality, ensure social compliance, and control the future course of cultural evolution.

Predictive programming is a tool used by the establishment to acclimate the public to new ideas, trends, beliefs, and threats. It is used through television by including certain situations or ideas within the plots of many fictional shows, familiarizing the viewer with these concepts no matter what they may be watching.  When similar situations occur or like ideas are circulated in the world we think that these particular things are quite natural for we have unknowingly been made familiar with them through television. By viewing nearly any popular show on television, one can see the same propaganda that will be aired on the nightly news. Propaganda on a wide array of subjects has been interwoven into a great number of television shows. Just a few of these subjects include global warming, vaccinations, torture, terrorism, national security, the militarization of police, and the degradation of the family unit. Through predictive programming, television shapes culture and prevents individuals from asking questions.

Crises are created on a daily basis and broadcast across the airwaves to keep individuals in a state of panic and fear. Whether it be the threat of a pandemic or terrorism, the constant state of crisis has created a form of mental illness as we are slowly acclimated into an age of crisis. By using Hegelian dialectic, the television promotes the problem, guides our reaction, and presents the solution. The problem of terrorism was exclaimed, a strong emotional response was evoked, and it was stated that our rights need be sacrificed in order to protect us from the threat. We’ve lost personal sovereignty under the guise of terrorism; we’re stopped and searched; we’re watched by cameras as we go about our lives; and we’re encouraged to spy on our neighbors.  We have been trained to accept the life of a prisoner.

America is in a state of enlightened despotism where most individuals live only to satisfy selfish inner desires and remain ignorant of the state of the world around them. In most public places one can find a television transmitting propaganda around the clock ensuring the masses remain focused on trivial matters. From birth we take the world as it’s presented on television.  We don’t question it and any serious criticism of TV is becoming psychologically impossible in society. Who would suspect getting born into a world where everything around you is a continuous lie? The youth of today are convinced that the experts and personalities on television are the authority of credible information while parents and older generations are foolish with dated ideas.  Children are conditioned to disconnect from what is truly important to their well being and instead focus on mindless trivia, sports, celebrity gossip, and buying an array of material things. They invest their psychological worth in fantasy characters on television while ignoring or even scorning individuals contributing to the betterment of humanity. They are discouraged from getting involved in their local community and often lack the ability to think independently or to resist corruption. As their children’s minds are molded by television, there is barely a murmur from the public.

For over half a century, our society has lived under this signal of mental programming and conditioning. The message is clear: don’t be a leader, don’t engage in critical thinking, and don’t care about the people in your life. Until individuals become aware of the current information war, our standard of living and our liberties will continue to be degraded and we will continue to lose communities and meaningful relationships between people. Currently, pockets of resistance are beginning to spring up everywhere as some unplug the signal and regain control of their own thoughts. Informed individuals are canceling their cable and satellite subscriptions and instead spending time with their families and children while participating in meaningful experiences. They are seeking alternative news sources. They are reading about those who weld incredible influence over culture like Edward Bernays, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Charles Galton Darwin, Plato, Bertrand Russell, and Aldous Huxley. However, it is a continuous battle to educate the masses for the television remains our greatest threat to individual sovereignty and the largest obstacle to becoming a truly informed individual. Fortunately, unplugging from the signal is easy. The television can simply be turned off. Through doing so, you may realize nearly our entire world is now a hoax; things once known as truth are fake. We have been trained like dogs to be obedient to our television; our master has had our minds on a tight leash. Let us never forget the truth will not be televised.


Who am I to not believe?

Who Am I to disagree with someone ‘s believe  in

UFO ,  reptilians, etcetera

Because I did not see ?

A believe based on mutual respect, trust and openness(sincerity) . Not a religion. No mass indoctrinations! Beliefe comes from within, from the heart. What you believe, a beliefe wich comes from the heart is Truth.

So Who am I to disagree with someone’s beliefe. A beliefe which comes from the heart. Not from a book, not from a friend,  not from an external source. People trust your heart because in your heart resides your eternal Soul! Soul , a sparcle of God, the One Infinite Creator.  Soul cannot be fooled,  be destroyed, be lied. People , dont forget your heart, your soul.  Reconnect with nature, with Earth, with the Sun. Time is now.

Listen to the song

They Don’t Care About Us

of Michael Jackson.

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What does your heart tell you? It is your heart, soul speaking to you!  There fore people do not forget your heart. Your soul.



Cheney Confesses to Serious Crimes — Torture Is Just the Beginning

Dick Cheney’s statutory crimes are notable for their severity, their number, and his public confessions to them.

February 18, 2010 |

Dick Cheney’s statutory crimes are notable for their severity, their number, and his public confessions to them. Torture is the least of it.

We can start with the crimes found in the three articles of impeachment contained in H Res 333 in the 110th Congress:

1. “Cheney has purposely manipulated the intelligence process to deceive the citizens and Congress of the United States by fabricating a threat of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction to justify the use of the United States Armed Forces against the nation of Iraq in a manner damaging to our national security interests, to wit:” (H Res 333 goes on to list evidence).

2. “Cheney purposely manipulated the intelligence process to deceive the citizens and Congress of the United States about an alleged relationship between Iraq and al Qaeda in order to justify the use of the United States Armed Forces against the nation of Iraq in a manner damaging to our national security interests, to wit” (H Res 333 goes on to list evidence).

3. “Cheney has openly threatened aggression against the Republic of Iran absent any real threat to the United States, and done so with the United States proven capability to carry out such threats, thus undermining the national security of the United States, to wit:” (H Res 333 lists evidence, or rather, absolute proof, since this act was completely and by definition public.  It was also repeated in later instances than those documented).

The IBM Link to Auschwitz

IBM’s extensive technological support for Hitler‘s conquest of Europe and genocide against the Jews was extensively documented in my book IBM and the Holocaust, published in February 2001. Last March, the Voice broke exclusive new details of a special wartime subsidiary set up in Poland by IBM’s New York headquarters, shortly after Hitler’s 1939 invasion, to help Germany automate the rape of Poland.

The new revelation of IBM technology in the Auschwitz area constitutes a final link in the chain of documentation surrounding Big Blue’s vast enterprise in Nazi-occupied Poland, supervised at first directly from its New York headquarters, and later through its Geneva office.

“This latest disclosure removes any pretext of deniability and completes the puzzle that has been put together about IBM in Poland,” says Malcolm Hoenlein, executive vice chairman of the New York–based Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations. “The picture that emerges is most disturbing.”

IBM spokesman Carol Makovich didn’t respond to repeated telephone calls. In the past, when asked about IBM’s Polish subsidiary’s involvement with the Nazis, Makovich has said, “IBM does not have much information about this period.” When a Reuters reporter asked about Poland, Makovich said, “We are a technology company, we are not historians.”

But these latest revelations about IBM come during an unprecedented confession by officials of the German media conglomerate Bertelsmann (which owns Random House, among other properties) that its previous official company history was incorrect and that it actually collaborated with Hitler’s regime and used Jewish slave labor.

Bertelsmann just released an 800-page report saying that company patriarch Heinrich Mohn belonged to a circle of supporters who donated money to a group called the “SS Sponsors Circle,” which provided financing to Hitler’s elite troops. As an October 8 report by The Wall Street Journal noted, Bertelsmann’s new history stands in stark contrast to the previous official company record, which had portrayed Mohn as a devout Christian and strong opponent of Hitler.

The current chairman of Bertelsmann, Gunter Thielen, was quoted as saying the company, which is still controlled by the Mohn family, accepted the conclusions of the report. Thielen added, “I would like to express our sincere regret for the inaccuracies . . . in our previous corporate history of the World War II era, as well as for the wartime activities that have been brought to light.”

Jewish leaders and others have pressed IBM to discuss its wartime activities, as companies such as Bertelsmann and Ford have done. “IBM must confront this matter honestly if there is to be any closure,” said Hoenlein. And scholars have urged the company to open its New York archives to researchers.

“The news that IBM machines were at Auschwitz is just the latest smoking gun,” said Robert Urekew, a University of Louisville professor of business ethics who has studied IBM’s Hitler-era activities. “For IBM to continue to stonewall and hinder access to its New York archives flies in the face of the focus on accountability in business ethics today. Since the United States was not technically at war with Nazi Germany in 1939, it may have been legal for IBM to do business with the Third Reich and its camps in Poland. But was it moral?”

Thanks to the new discoveries, researchers can now trace how Hollerith numbers assigned to inmates evolved into the horrific tattooed numbers so symbolic of the Nazi era. (Herman Hollerith was the German American who first automated U.S. census information in the late 19th century and founded the company that became IBM. Hollerith’s name became synonymous with the machines and the Nazi “departments” that operated them.) In one case, records show, a timber merchant from Bendzin, Poland, arrived at Auschwitz in August 1943 and was assigned a characteristic five-digit IBM Hollerith number, 44673. The number was part of a custom punch-card system devised by IBM to track prisoners in all Nazi concentration camps, including the slave labor at Auschwitz. Later in the summer of 1943, the Polish timber merchant’s same five-digit Hollerith number, 44673, was tattooed on his forearm. Eventually, during the summer of 1943, all non-Germans at Auschwitz were similarly tattooed.

Tattoos, however, quickly transmogrified at Auschwitz. Soon, they bore no further relation to Hollerith operations for one reason: The Hollerith number was designed to track a working inmate—not a dead one. Prisoner deaths at Auschwitz climbed at a staggering rate. Various tattoo numbering schemes ultimately took on a chaotic incongruity all its own as an internal Auschwitz-specific identification system.

Central to the Nazi effort was a massive 500-man Hollerith Gruppe, installed in a looming brown building at 24 Murnerstrasse in Krakow, Poland. The Hollerith Gruppe of the Nazi Statistical Office crunched all the numbers of plunder and genocide that allowed the Nazis to systematically starve the Jews, meter them out of the ghettos, and then transport them to either work camps or death camps.

The trains running to Auschwitz were tracked by a specially guarded IBM customer site facility at 22 Pawia in Krakow. The millions of punch cards the Nazis in Poland required were obtained exclusively from IBM, including from one company print shop at 6 Rymarska Street across the street from the Warsaw Ghetto. The entire Polish subsidiary was overseen by an IBM administrative facility at 24 Kreuz in Warsaw.


The New Biology – Bruce Lipton [Lecture Notes]

Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D. Visit his web sites at:,

Recent advances in cellular science are heralding an important evolutionary turning point.

For almost fifty years we have held the illusion that our health and fate were preprogrammed in our genes, a concept referred to as genetic determinacy. Though mass consciousness is currently imbued with the belief that the character of one’s life is genetically predetermined, a radically new understanding is unfolding at the leading edge of science.

Cellular biologists now recognize that the environment (external universe and internal-physiology), and more importantly, our perception of the environment, directly controls the activity of our genes. The lecture will broadly review the molecular mechanisms by which environmental awareness interfaces genetic regulation and guides organismal evolution.

The quantum physics behind these mechanisms provide insight into the communication channels that link the mind-body duality. An awareness of how vibrational signatures and resonance impact molecular communication constitutes a master key that unlocks a mechanism by which our thoughts, attitudes and beliefs create the conditions of our body and the external world.

This knowledge can be employed to actively redefine our physical and emotional well-being.

Lecture Outline

Knowledge of the philosophical foundation underlying conventional (allopathic) medicine is relevant for it illuminates why and how the dogma of genetic determinacy was derived.

Francis Bacon defined the mission of Modern Science shortly after the onset of the Scientific Revolution (1543).

Accordingly, the purpose of science was “to dominate and control Nature.” To accomplish that goal, scientists had to first acquire knowledge of what “controls” an organism’s structure and function (behavior).

Concepts founded in the principles of Newtonian physics defined the experimental approach to this quest. These principles stipulate that the Universe is a “physical mechanism” comprised of parts (matter), there is no attention given to the invisible “energy.” In this world view, all that matters is “matter.”

Consequently, modern science is preoccupied with MATERIALISM.

The way to understand how a finely tuned mechanism works is to disassemble it and analyze all of the component “parts.”

This approach is called REDUCTIONISM. Through an analysis of the parts and how they interact, defective part(s) in a malfunctioning organism can be identified and either repaired or replaced with “manufactured” parts (drugs, engineered genes, prosthetic devices, etc.). Knowledge of the body’s mechanism would enable scientists to DETERMINE how an organism works and how to “control” the organism by altering its “parts.”

Biologists were preoccupied with taking organisms apart and studying their cells for the first half of this century. Subsequently, cells were disassembled and their molecular “parts” catalogued and characterized.

Cells are comprised of four types of large (macro-) molecules:
Polysaccharides (sugars)
Nucleic Acids (gene stuff)
Lipids (fats)
The name PROTEIN means “primary element” (proteios, Gr.) for proteins are the primary components of all plant and animal cells.

A human is made of ~100,000 different proteins. Proteins are linear “chains,” whose molecular “links” are comprised of amino acid molecules. Each of the 20 different amino acids has a unique shape, so that when linked together in a chain, the resulting proteins fold into elaborate 3-dimensional “wire sculptures.” The protein’s sculpture’s pattern is determined by the sequence of its amino acid links.

The balancing of electromagnetic charges along the protein’s chain serves to control the “final” shape of the sculpture. The unique shape of a protein sculpture is referred to as its “conformation.” In the manner of a lock and key, protein sculptures compliment the shape of environmental molecules (which includes other proteins).

When proteins interlock with the complimentary environmental molecules, they assemble into complex structures (similar to the way cogged “gears” intermesh to make a watch).

When proteins chemically couple with other molecules it changes the distribution of electromagnetic charges in the protein. Changes in “charge” cause the protein to change its shape. Therefore, upon coupling with chemicals, a protein’s will shift its shape from one conformation to another conformation. A protein generates “motion” as it changes shape. A protein’s movement can be harnessed to do “work.”

Groups of interacting proteins which work together in carrying out a specific function are referred to as “pathways.” The activities of specific protein pathways provide for digestion, excretion, respiration, reproduction and all of the other physiologic “functions” employed by living organisms.

Proteins provide for the organism’s structure and function, but random protein actions can not provide for “life.” Scientists needed to identify the mechanism that “integrates” protein functions to allow for the complex behaviors. Their search was linked to the fact that proteins are labile (opposite of stabile). Like parts in a car, proteins “wear-out” when they are used.

If an individual protein in a pathway wears-out and is not replaced then the action of the pathway will stop. To resume function, the protein must be replaced. Consequently, behavioral functions were thought to be controlled by “regulating” the presence or absence of proteins comprising the pathways.

The source of replacement protein parts is related to “memory” factors that provide for heredity… the passing on of “character”.

The search for the hereditary factors that controlled protein synthesis led to DNA. In 1953, Watson and Crick unraveled the mystery of the “genetic code,” which revealed how the DNA served as a molecular “blueprint” that defined amino acid sequences comprising a protein. The DNA blueprint for each protein is referred to as a GENE.

Since proteins define the character of an organism and the proteins’ structures are encoded in the DNA, biologists established the dogma known as the Primacy of DNA. In this context, Primacy means “first level of control.” It was concluded that DNA “controls” the structure and behavior of living organisms.

Since DNA “determines” the character of an organism, then it is appropriate to acknowledge the concept of Genetic Determinism, the idea that the structure and behavior of an organism are defined by its genes.

Science’s materialist-reductionist-determinist philosophy led to the Human Genome Project, the multibillion dollar program to map all of the genes. Once this is accomplished, it is assumed that we can use that knowledge to repair or replace “defective” genes and in the process, realize Science’s mission of “controlling” the expression of an organism.

Since 1953, biologists have assumed that DNA “controls” life. In multicellular animals, the organ that “controls” life is known as the brain.

Since genes are presumed to control cellular life, and genes are contained in the cell’s nucleus, the nucleus would be expected to be the equivalent of the cell’s “brain.”

Dispelling the Myth of Genes

If the brain is removed from any organism, the immediate and necessary consequence of that action is—death of the organism. Removing the cell’s nucleus, referred to as enucleation, would be tantamount to removing the cell’s brain. Though enucleation should result in the immediate death of the cell, enucleated cells may continue to survive and exhibit a “regulated” control of their biological processes.

In fact, cells can live for two or more months without a nucleus. Clearly, the assumption that genes “control” cell behavior is wrong!

As is described by Nijhout (X), genes are “not self-emergent,” that is genes can not turn themselves on or off. If genes can’t control their own expression, how can they control the behavior of the cell? Nijhout further emphasizes that genes are regulated by “environmental signals.” Consequently, it is the environment that controls gene expression.

Rather than endorsing the Primacy of DNA, we must acknowledge the Primacy of the Environment!

Cells “read” their environment, assess the information and then select appropriate behavioral programs to maintain their survival. The fact that data is integrated, processed and used to make a calculated behavioral response emphasizes the existence of a “brain” equivalent in the cell. Where is cell’s brain? The answer is to be found in bacteria, the most primitive organisms on Earth.

The many processes and functions of this unicellular life form are highly integrated, consequently, it must have a brain equivalent. Cytologically, these organisms do not contain any organelles (diminutive of “organs) such as nuclei, mitochondria, Golgi bodies, etc. The only organized structure in these primitive life forms is its “cell membrane,” also known as its plasmalemma.

The cell membrane, once thought to be like a permeable Saran Wrap that holds the cytoplasm together, actually provides for the bacterium’s digestive, respiratory, excretory and integumentary (skin) systems. It also serves as the cell’s “brain.”

The cell membrane is primarily composed of “phospholipids” and proteins. Phospholipids, which resemble lollipops with two sticks, are arranged in a crystalline bilayer. The membrane resembles a bread and butter sandwich, wherein the lipid “sticks” form the central butter layer. The phospholipid bilayer forms a skin-like barrier which separates the external environment from the internal cytoplasm.

Built into the membrane are special proteins called Integral Membrane Proteins (IMPs). IMPs look like olives in the membrane’s bread and butter sandwich. There are two classes of IMPs: RECEPTORS and EFFECTORS.

Receptors are the cell’s “sense” organs, the equivalents of eyes, ears, nose, etc. When a receptor recognizes and binds to a signal, it responds by changing its conformation. Conventional biology stipulates that receptors only respond to “matter” (molecules), a belief consistent with the Newtonian view of the Universe as a “matter machine.”

Leading edge contemporary cell research has transcended conventional Newtonian physics and is now soundly based upon a universe created out of energy as defined by quantum physics. This new physics emphasizes energetics over materialism, substitutes holism for reductionism, and recognizes uncertainty in place of determinism. Consequently, we now recognize that receptors respond to energy signals as well as molecular signals.

Conventional medicine has consistently ignored research published in its own main-stream scientific journals, research that clearly reveals the regulatory influence that electromagnetic fields have on cell physiology. Pulsed electromagnetic fields have been shown to regulate virtually every cell function, including DNA synthesis, RNA synthesis, protein synthesis, cell division, cell differentiation, morphogenesis and neuroendocrine regulation.

These findings are relevant for they acknowledge that biological behavior can be controlled by “invisible” energy forces, which include thought.

When activated by its complimentary signal, the protein receptor changes its conformation so that it is able to complex with a specific effector protein. Effector proteins carry out cell behaviors. Effector proteins may be enzymes, cytoskeletal elements (cellular equivalents of muscle and bone ) or transporters (proteins that carry electrons, protons, ions, and other specific molecules across the “bread and butter” barrier).

Generally effector proteins are inactive in their resting conformation. However, when the receptor binds to the effector protein, it causes the effector to changes its own conformation from an inactive to an active form. This is how an environmental signal activates a cell’s behavior. The activity of effector IMPs generally regulate the behaviors of cytoplasmic protein pathways, like those associated with digestion, excretion, and cell movement. If specific functional proteins are not already present in the cell, activated effector IMPs send a signal to the nucleus and elicit required gene programs.

Receptor IMPs “see” or are “aware” of their environment and effector IMPs create physical responses that translate environmental signals into an appropriate biological behavior. The IMP complex controls behavior, and through its affect upon regulatory proteins, these IMPs also control gene expression. The IMP complexes provide the cell with “awareness of the environment through physical sensation,” which by dictionary definition represents perception. Each receptor-effector protein complex collectively constitutes a “unit of perception.”

A biochemical definition of the cell membrane reads as follows:
the membrane is a liquid crystal (phospholipid organization), semiconductor (the only things that can cross the membrane barrier are those brought across by transport IMPs) with gates (receptor IMPs) and channels (effector IMPs).
This definition is exactly the same as that used to define a computer chip. Recent studies have verified that the cell membrane is in fact an organic HOMOLOGUE of a silicon chip.

Taken in this context, the cell is a self-powered microprocessor. Simply stated, the cell IS an organic computer. The operation of the cell can be easily understood by noting its homology to the computer:
the “CPU” (information processing mechanism) is the cell membrane
the keyboard (data entry) are the membrane receptors
the disk (memory) is the nucleus
the screen (data output) is the physical state of the cell
Receptor/effector IMP complexes, the units of “perception,” are equivalent to computational BITS.

When new, heretofore unrecognized, “signals” enter the environment, the cell creates new perception units to respond to them. New perception units require “new” genes for the IMP proteins. The cell’s ability to make new IMP receptors and respond to the new signal with an appropriate survival-oriented response (behavior) is the foundation of evolution.

Cells “learn” by making new receptors and integrating them with specific effector proteins. Cellular memory is represented by the “new” genes that code for these proteins. This process enables organisms to survive in ever changing environments.

This learning/evolution mechanism is employed by the immune system.
To the immune cell (T-lymphocyte), invasive ANTIGENS (e.g., viruses, bacteria, toxins, etc.) represent “new” environmental signals.
T-lymphocytes create protein ANTIBODIES which complement and bind to the antigens.
Antibodies are “receptors” for they specifically recognize their antigen “signal.”
Protein antibody structure is encoded in genes (DNA). In making new antibodies, cells “create” new genes.
A cell’s awareness of the environment is reflected in its receptor population.

In single-celled organisms (bacteria, protozoa and algae), the cell’s receptors respond to all survival-related environmental signals. These signals include elements of the physical environment (light, gravity, temperature, salts, minerals, etc.), food (nutrients, other organisms), and life-threatening agents (toxins, parasites, predators, etc.).

In multicellular organisms, the cells evolved additional receptors required for “community” identity and integration. Integration receptors respond to information signals (hormones, growth factors) used to coordinate functions in cell communities. A special group of receptors confer “identity” so that members of the cellular community can collectively respond to a “central” command. Identity receptors are referred to as “self receptors,” or “histocompatibility receptors.”

Self-receptors are used by the immune system to distinguish “self” from invasive organisms. Organs or tissues can not be exchanged unless they bear the same self-receptors as the recipient.

When a perception unit recognizes an environmental signal, it will activate a cell function. Though there are hundreds of behavioral functions expressed by a cell, all behaviors can be classified as either growth or protection responses. Cells move toward growth signals and away from life-threatening stimuli (protection response). Since a cell can not move forward and backward at the same time, a cell can not be in growth and protection at the same time.

At the cellular level, growth and protection are mutually exclusive behaviors. This is true for human cells as well. If our tissues and organs perceive a need for protection, they will compromise their growth behavior. Chronic protection leads to a disruption of the tissue and its function.

What happens if a cell experiences a stressful environment but does not have a gene program (behavior) to deal with the stress?

It is now recognized that cells can “rewrite” existing gene programs in an effort to overcome the stressful condition. These DNA changes are mutations. Until recently, all mutations were thought to be “random,” meaning that the outcome of the mutation could not be directed. It is now recognized that environmental stimuli can induce “adaptive” mutations which enable a cell to specifically alter its genes. Furthermore, such mutations may be mediated by an organism’s perception of its environment.

For example, if an organism “perceives a stress that is actually not there, the misperception can actually change the genes to accommodate the “belief.”

In conclusion:
The structure of our bodies are defined by our proteins.
Proteins represent physical complements of the environment.
Consequently, our bodies are physical compliments of our environment.
IMP perception units in the cell’s membrane convert the environment into awareness.
Reception of environmental signals change protein conformations.
The “movement” generated by protein shape changes is harnessed by the cell to do “work.”
Life (animation) results from protein movements which are translated as “behavior.”
Cells respond to perception by activating either growth or protection behavior programs.
If the necessary behavior-providing proteins are not present in the cytoplasm, the IMP perception units can activate expression of appropriate genes in the cell’s nucleus.

“Perceptions” lie between the environment and cell expression. If our perceptions are accurate, the resulting behavior will be life enhancing.

If we operate from “misperceptions,” our behavior will be inappropriate and will jeopardize our vitality by compromising our health.


Iran to 'hide nuclear plants inside mountains'

Read previous post. This article adds a lot of  fuel to a possible fire. Are we going to a nuclear war?!


Iran said on Monday it is considering plans to build two new uranium enrichment plants concealed inside mountains to avert air strikes, drawing condemnation from the United States.

The announcement from Iran’s atomic chief Ali Akbar Salehi came soon after top US General David Petraeus warned that Washington would now pursue a “pressure track” against Iran to thwart its galloping nuclear programme.

“Inshallah (God willing), in the next Iranian year (starting in March) as ordered by the president we may start the construction of two new enrichment sites,” Salehi told ISNA news agency.

Last November, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced Iran would build 10 new uranium enrichment plants, after Tehran was strongly rebuked by world powers for building a second enrichment plant near the Shiite holy city of Qom.

Salehi said the enrichment capacities of the new sites would be similar to the existing facility in the central city of Natanz, where a defiant Tehran is refining uranium despite three sets of UN sanctions.

According to the latest UN nuclear watchdog report, Iran has installed in Natanz 8,610 centrifuges, the device which rotates at supersonic speed to enrich uranium.

Of these, 3,772 centrifuges are actively enriching uranium under the supervision of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Salehi said the new plants will be equipped with new generation centrifuges and the facilities would be hidden in mountains so as to protect them from “any attacks.”

The United States said the move showed Iran rejected diplomatic engagement with the international community.

“This is further evidence that Iran refuses to engage cooperatively and constructively with the IAEA,” State Department spokesman Philip Crowley told reporters.

The top US military officer said that any military strike against Iran would not be “decisive” in countering its nuclear programme.

“No strike, however effective, will be in and of itself decisive,” Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told a news conference, adding that he supported using diplomatic and economic pressure against Iran.

Elsewhere on the diplomatic front, European nations meeting in Brussels appeared divided over boosting sanctions against Iran.

“Unhappily all the actions by the Iranian side for weeks confirm that we must move to (more) sanctions,” French European Affairs Minister Pierre Lellouche said.

But several of his EU counterparts said diplomacy had not run its course and insisted on the need for a UN Security Council decision.

On Sunday, Petraeus said the United States, which along with its ally Israel has not ruled out military strikes against Iran’s nuclear sites, would increase pressure on Tehran.

“I think that no one at the end of this time can say that the United States and the rest of the world have not given Iran every opportunity to resolve the issues diplomatically,” said Petraeus, head of US Central Command.

“That puts us in a solid foundation now to go on what is termed the pressure track. That’s the course on which we are embarked now,” he told NBC television.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday insisted “now” was the time for new sanctions on Iran’s oil exports.

World powers suspect Iran is enriching uranium to make nuclear weapons, a charge Tehran denies.

Enriched uranium can be used as fuel to power nuclear reactors or in highly refined form to produce the fissile core of an atom bomb.

Iran is at loggerheads with world powers for not accepting an IAEA-drafted deal which would supply it with nuclear fuel for a Tehran research reactor in return for the transfer of the bulk of its low-enriched uranium.

Tehran insists it wants a simultaneous exchange of the two materials, with the transfer taking place inside the country, a demand strongly opposed by world powers.

Tensions rose further after Iran began work on enriching uranium to 20 percent purity from 3.5 percent, which according to experts brings it closer to the 93 percent level required for making a bomb.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, meanwhile, warned in a newspaper interview that a pre-emptive Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities would be a “disaster of unpredictable consequences.”

“We have to find a solution through diplomatic means,” he told the leading Spanish daily El Pais. “We must not leave the negotiating table.”


The Anglo-Saxon Mission : the Third World War and the Inheritance of the New World

Historians tell us that the “Anglo-Saxon Mission” refers to the spread of Christianity in the 8th century. But over a thousand years later, there is now another, far more sinister meaning to the phrase.

We recently received 11 pages of information from an insider who was physically present at a meeting of Senior Masons in the City of London in 2005. What was discussed is chilling to the bone.

I (Bill) did an audio interview with our source, an Englishman whose identity we have verified with all details known and confirmed. This man, like many we have spoken with, is no longer able to live with his conscience or to keep this information secret.

My original idea was to release a transcript of the interview, as we have done in the past. But the material it covers is so critical – and, for me, the missing pieces it provided were so important – that I’ve taken the step to present the information on video. The audio transcript with our source, who is not on the video, is available here.

What our source reports is this:

There is a planned Third World War, which will be nuclear and biological. Our source believes that this is on track to be initiated within the next 18-24 months.

It is planned to begin with a strike by Israel on Iran. Either Iran or China will be provoked into a nuclear response. After a brief nuclear exchange, there will be a ceasefire. The world will be thrown into fear and chaos – all carefully engineered.

The extreme state of tension will be used to justify heavy social and military controls in all western first world nations. Plans are already in place for that.

During the nuclear ceasefire, there is planned to be a covert release of biological weapons. These will initially be targeted against the Chinese. As our source chillingly told us, “China will catch a cold”. Biological warfare will spread further, to the west. Infrastructure will be critically weakened.

This is intended to be just the beginning. After this, a full nuclear exchange would be triggered: the “real” war, with widespread destruction and loss of life. Our source tells us that the planned population reduction through these combined means is 50%. He heard this figure stated in the meeting.

This horrific scenario has been planned for generations. The first two world wars were part of the set-up for this final apocalypse – as is the centralization of financial resources that was precipitated with the equally well-planned financial collapse of October 2008.

As if all this were not enough, our source speculates this is all set against the backdrop of a coming “geophysical event” – the same kind of event as was experienced by our ancestors approximately 11,500 years ago. If this event occurs – not necessarily expected in 2012, but sometime in the next decade – it would destroy civilization as we know it, dwarfing even the effects of a nuclear war.

I asked the question to our source: If there’s an expected catastrophe, then why initiate a Third World War? His answer, for the first time to me, made terrible sense.

The real goal, he explained, is to set up the post-catastrophic world. To ensure that this “New World” [note the term] is the one the controllers want, totalitarian control structures need to be in place when the catastrophe occurs – with an excuse that the populace will accept and demand them. Martial law in the right, carefully chosen countries before the catastrophe occurs will enable the “right” people to survive and prosper in the post-catastrophic world, and the beginning of the next 11,500 year cycle. What may have been carefully planned on a covert global scale, for the last several generations, is nothing less than who will inherit the Earth.

Who are the “right” people? The white Caucasians. This may be why the name of this project is The Anglo-Saxon Mission. Hence the justification for the planned genocide of the Chinese people – so that the New World is inherited by “us”, not “them”.

Our source was not informed about the planned fate of the second and third world countries such as those in South America, Africa and Asia. But he presumes that these would be allowed to fend for themselves and probably not survive well – or maybe not at all. The totalitarian military governments of the western, white, people are set to be the inheritors.

This is a plan so evil, so racist, so diabolical, so huge, that it almost defies belief. But it all aligns with what many commentators, researchers and whistleblowing insiders have been identifying for some years now. For me personally, it’s the clearest picture yet of why the world is the way it is, and why the secrets are protected so fiercely: it may be all about racial supremacy. The Fourth Reich is alive and well.

Astonishingly, our source was not pessimistic. He stressed, as do we and many other researchers and commentators, that consciousness is awakening rapidly all over the planet and that THESE PLANNED EVENTS ARE NOT INEVITABLE. If ever there was a reason to work closely together to raise awareness of the real threat to us all, this is it.

Watch this video, listen carefully to the strong message of hope and encouragement, and spread it far and wide. We plan to create subtitles in many languages – including Chinese. We stand for the potential magnificence of a united humanity that knows no racial boundaries or distinctions. Whether or not the catastrophe occurs – and many, including ourselves, maintain that it will not – we must co-create our own future, claim our power, and do whatever we can to alert people to the dangers around us… so that we can be stronger together, for the sake of our descendants and for the heritage of all living beings on Planet Earth.

Click here for the witness audio transcript
Click here for Bill Ryan’s presentation transcript