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How much does spy agency CSEC know about your private life?

December 21, 2014

Ultra-secretive government agency CSEC is collecting hugely revealing information on law-abiding Canadians.
You may have nothing to hide – but do you really want intimate details of your private life to be collected and stored in insecure government databases?

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Louie Schwartzberg: Hidden miracles of the natural world

December 20, 2014

We live in a world of unseeable beauty, so subtle and delicate that it is imperceptible to the human eye. To bring this invisible world to light, filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg bends the boundaries of time and space with high-speed cameras, time lapses and microscopes.

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Modern Warrior: Damien Mander at TEDxSydney

December 12, 2014

Thirty-three year old Damien Mander served as a special operations sniper and clearance diver for Australia. Whilst deployed in Iraq he project managed the Iraq Special Police Training Academy, overseeing training of up to 700 cadets at one time.

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The incredible story of how leopard Diabolo became Spirit – Anna Breytenbach

December 12, 2014

What if you could talk to animals and have them talk back to you? Anna Breytenbach has dedicated her life to what she calls interspecies communication.

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MKUltra: CIA Mind Control Project

December 10, 2014

MKUltra, the CIA mind control project conducted between the 50s-70s. It was officially concluded in the 70s, however there are many signs that it is still being conducted.

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Prof. Martin Pall – How WiFi & other EMFs Cause Biological Harm

December 9, 2014

“I think this is going to be one of the major issues in the next few years. Most people are not aware of this, and the people who are mostly know the old data and there’s a lot of new stuff on this that’s extremely, extremely important”. ~ Prof Martin Pall, Oslo, October 2014.
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What a Shaman Sees in A Mental Hospital

December 7, 2014

In the shamanic view, mental illness signals “the birth of a healer,” explains Malidoma Patrice Somé.  Thus, mental disorders are spiritual emergencies, spiritual crises, and need to be regarded as such to aid the healer in being born.

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