Susan Reed’s “The Body Snatchers”

By James Bartley

The full title of this book is “The Body Snatchers: A True Story of Body Snatching By The Reptilians – A Real Alien Conspiracy.”  It is the poignant personal story of Susan Reed who became romantically involved with a man she called “Brian.” Brian is a reptilian host who assigned two interdimensional reptilians to spy on Susan and report her activities back to Brian.  One of the interdimensional reptilians who called itself “Ettish,” decided to break free from Brian’s control and reveal aspects of the reptilian agenda to Susan.  The subject matter of this book is of extreme significance.  The basis for the New World Order is the Reptilian Overlordship.  Without the guiding influence of the reptilians, both in the physical world and from the spiritual realms, there would be no impending Global Police State.

The book can be divided into two distinct but interrelated subjects:  Susan’s personal observations of the reptilian host Brian and the remote control he exerted upon her.  The second theme of the book are the revelations provided by an interdimensional reptilian called Ettish.  According to Brian, he was a perfectly normal human until an abduction which occurred when he was twenty years old.  He was taken in a light beam up into an alien spacecraft.  During this abduction experience, a reptilian consciousness/soul matrix was placed inside Brian and his original consciousness/soul matrix was evicted.  In essence, Brian was “replaced.”  This has happened to many others in the past particularly to those who are addicted to Crystal Methedrine or “Crank.”  Some abductees and researchers have learned that the ETs and reptilians have the technological means to transfer a reptilian consciousness into a human being.  Black Magick can also be utilized to transfer a non-human consciousness into a human being.

 Susan Is Targeted By the Reptilians

Brian, like other reptilian host, has the ability to attract women towards him.  According to Susan, Brian wasn’t particularly handsome. This is a phenomenon that has been noted with other drac or reptilian hosts.  (“Dracs” or “Dracos” are the ancient winged gargoyle species.)  These hosts have the ability to manipulate the kundalini and sexual chi of a woman.  The woman will feel sensations of arousal and mistake these sensations for “chemistry.”  If the woman has a New Age mindset, the host will use her beliefs against her and tell her that they have a past life connection.  After the host has seduced the woman, the host may treat the woman shabbily, oftentimes deserting her in the middle of the night.  This is intentional.  This is the host way of putting the period at the end of another “conquest.”  The host achieves his goal of seducing the woman and making her feel poorly about herself at the same time.  Susan believed that Brian stole genetic material from her during the course of their relationship, usually while she was sleeping.  She believes there are many other hosts like Brian who likewise steal genetic material from the women they seduce.

According to Susan, Brian had five interdimensional reptilians at his disposal.  Two of them were assigned to spy on Susan.  Many people have wondered how these reptilian hosts can know the activities and locations of the people they are tormenting.  It is a combination of the reptilian host’s innate psychic abilities which may include remote viewing and astral travel, as well as the host’s ability to utilize reptilian “familiars” as interdimensional spies.  I know personally of cases where reptilian hosts have astral projected into the bedrooms of people, usually women, and the host will be accompanied by one or more reptilians in astral form.  The women that are being harassed in this manner can sometimes psychically “see” the reptilian host’s and his reptilian familiars.

I submit that it is not normal behavior for individuals to astral project into someone’s home accompanied by one or more reptilian familiars.  Phenomena which is considered abnormal and unexplainable by conventional standards, are the norm where the demonstrated abilities of drac and reptilian hosts are concerned.  To give but one example, a Light Energy Being which emitted a very negative energy manifested in Susan’s home.  The energy being began speaking to Susan in Brian’s voice.  Then Susan heard a discussion between this energy being and Brian, despite the fact that Brian was in a distant location.  Both the energy being and Brian were speaking to one another in Brian’s own voice!

Susan believed she was targeted by Brian not only because she was a DNA laden woman but because she was on a spiritual learning path that at some future time could have created problems for the reptilians and their agenda for Earth.  According to Brian, the reptilians will identify those individuals with a higher vibrational frequency and will attempt to suborn them one way or another.  If their machinations prove effective the targeted person will become a New Age ET Lover or is otherwise rendered a non-threat.  If all else fails they will kill that person.  Susan was told by Brian that the reptilians used certain types of weapons to torment or kill people from a distance.  Susan believed she had been remotely targeted by some of these weapons and on at least one occasion was hospitalized and nearly died as a result of being remotely beamed.  During her hospitalization, Brian visited her and told her he was part of a global conspiracy and asked her if she wanted to join him!

One of these weapons causes death early in the morning usually around 2:45 A.M.  An autopsy would suggest that the person died of a heart attack during sleep when it was actually this weapon of the reptilians.  Another weapon described by Brian creates a stroke within the victim.  ETs and reptilians have utilized a variety of methods to “neutralize” (kill or incapacitate) troublesome humans.  “Witchcraft” is also used against people, according to Ettish.  “Troublesome” can at times be defined as merely being curious about ones own abduction experiences.

In order to divest herself of these malign reptilian influences, Susan went to Brazil to meet a faith healer named “John of God.  She only had a few minutes with this faith healer.  She felt as if she had been “ripped off” money wise.  For her troubles she was given another attached entity by this faith healer!  This new entity seriously impaired her health for over a year.  (This is actually a quite common occurrence.  Some faith healers including healers who work with energies such as some Reiki healers have actually given their clients entities.  Moreover some of these negatively energized faith healers and “rebirthing” experts have a pernicious habit of plying their trade in high energy vortex areas.  This is a recipe for disaster because vortex areas serve as the “membrane” between worlds.)

ETs and reptilians in particular have exhibited at times an extraordinary degree of control over humans.  Susan realized that most if not all of her problems originated from Brian.  It was in the midst of all this turmoil that she was contacted by one of her attached entities which Brian had sent her.

Revelations of a Reptilian

Susan was contacted by the male reptilian that had attached itself to her.

This entity called itself “Ettish” and it offered Susan an extraordinary deal:  In exchange for Susan working with several different “Spirit Attachment Removers” and divesting herself of Ettish, Ettish would reveal facets of the Reptilian Agenda.  It seemed that Ettish no longer wanted to be the errand boy of Brian.  This process had to be done somewhat stealthily since the female mate of Ettish was also attached to Susan.  Ettish feared that the female would report Ettish’s perfidy back to the reptilian hierarchy.  During the spirit removal sessions where hypnosis was used, Ettish would speak through Susan.  It spoke in a cockney accent and used cockney idioms.

I know of cases where a reptilian or faction of reptilians had rebelled against their superiors in the hierarchy.  Usually it is a case of one or more reptilians not wanting to be in a subordinate position any longer.  Resentment and revenge are always a motivation for treason at any level. Just as there is a hierarchical structure amongst reptilians in physical form both above and below the surface, there is a hierarchy amongst non-corporeal reptilians.  Sometimes, as in the case of Brian and his non-corporeal minion, Ettish, the reptilian host is in command.  Ettish explained that he had last been in physical reptilian form three thousand years ago and was worshipped as a god by humans.  For that and other reasons, Ettish considered Brian to be an upstart and beneath his contempt.  (I know of similar claims from other reptilians who claimed they were worshipped as “gods” in ancient times.)  In order to start the process of separating himself from Brian, Ettish first had to turn Brian against Susan.  Ettish accomplished this by reporting back false information about Susan back to Brian. This false information enraged Brian and Brian would then mete out reprisals at Susan using a variety of methods.  These attacks by Brian prompted Susan to divest herself of all reptilian influences.  It was at this point that Ettish made his appearance and offered the aforementioned deal to her.

Contrary to what Susan believes, Ettish was not the only reptilian to share this kind of information.  I’ve heard similar information from reliable sources that have frequent contact with the reptilians.  Nevertheless, what Ettish shared with Susan was extraordinary by any standards.  If taken at face value, Ettish revealed nothing less than the Grand Strategy of the Reptilian Overlords.  Ettish stated that depopulation, a microchipped population, the debt burden upon the public and scientifically induced malnutrition just to name a few, are all designed by the reptilians to ensure control of the surface population.  Ettish says the reptilians ultimate goal is to take over the planet and to turn the surviving humans into slaves.  Ettish claims the reptilians have very large invisible space stations in orbit above the Earth.  As with many claims made by reptilians and other non-human races, we must practice discernment and not accept everything at face value.  There is no way anyone outside of the deep black military industrial complex and intelligence community can confirm the existence of these large invisible reptilian space stations.  (During the 1950s however, the late Donald Keyhoe learned from his sources in the Pentagon that there were immense alien space ships in Low  Earth Orbit above the planet.)

These concepts and ideas are spawned by the interdimensional reptilians and through the “hive consciousness” and in some cases direct telepathic communication, reptilian human hybrids in key positions within the government and scientific community are directed to implement these changes.  Ettish discussed the significance of baby’s milk formula and how the alterations in milk have contributed to the diminished brain power of humans.  Ettish stated that scientists who refuse to go along with the various programs designed to oppress the human race are eliminated.   Ettish described the progression from the microchipped “smart card” which will contain all of our personal information, to the subdermal microchip implant.   He says the public will be manipulated into believing that pin numbers are easily stolen and that the only way to make our personal banking, medical and court information secure is by accepting the microchip implant.

The Global Elite’s plan to cull the Earth’s human population by at least 80% is a documented fact.  Notorious rep hybrid Henry Kissinger stated this fiendish desire in a State Department memo.  We have already seen the bitter fruit of this longstanding agenda in the form of designer wars, designer plagues, a medical and pharmaceutical industry that kills countless people, genetically modified food that makes people ill and a global financial system that impoverishes and starves millions of people.  Ettish spoke at some length of the plan to depopulate the human population.  Ettish is very matter of fact in his descriptions of the reptilian agenda and its malign influence on the human race.

Perhaps the most important revelation from Ettish was the existence of a “Spirit Capturing Net” which was created by the reptilians.  The spiritual net is designed to capture the spirits of people with a high vibrational frequency.  This is a preemptive proactive effort by the reptilians to disrupt the Life Path of potentially troublesome people.  An astral reptilian attaches energy “cords” to the main charkas and energy meridians of the targeted person.  When the person dies, the Soul is reeled into a containment system rather than be allowed to continue its spiritual journey to the next realm.  The system works as a spiritual barrier.  Ettish says the reptilians erase past lives from the Akashic Records in order to force the Soul Entity to make the same mistakes he or she made in a past life or lives.  Ettish also says that erasing past lives from the Akashic Records can compel people to endure the same health problems or physical infirmities all over again.  (According to another person closely connected to the reptilians, the reptilians are not allowed within the Akashic Records and must access the records through intermediaries.)

Ettish claims the reptilians place false “inputs” into a targeted person’s past life memories.  This causes the person to believe he or she had a life or lifetimes as an evil sadistic person.  This creates guilt and alters the karma of the person in the present incarnation.  It is usually people of a high vibrational frequency who have the potential for doing a lot of good in this world who are targeted in this fashion.  (The Greys have told many abductees that we humans are merely “containers” for the Soul.)

Ettish said reptilian human hybrids will eventually supplant the human race on this planet.  I believe we are already seeing this with the mass influx of the human appearing hybrids with reptilian consciousnesses.  The control and manipulation of the educational system is one of the major planks of the reptilian agenda.  We already know the Tax Exempt Foundations utterly control the educational system. We also know that by the 1950s the American educational system was “sovietized” on the model of the Wall Street created and funded Soviet Union.  Ettish spoke at some length about the educational system and how it is used for mass brainwashing and propaganda.  I must say that based on everything I’ve observed, the dumbing down of America is complete.


Susan Reed has written an important book.  She provided valuable insight into the modus operandi of a reptilian host (Brian), and an interdimensional reptilian (Ettish.)  Some of Ettish’s information was already known to other researchers but some of it had never been heard or reported before, to my knowledge anyway.  Despite frequent grammatical and syntax errors, this is still an important book.  It greatly enhances the lay persons understanding of reptilians, reptilian hosts, interdimensional reptilians and the reptilian overlordship.  Susan only wrote the book because she felt that her life was threatened and by publishing the book, she would provide herself a modicum of protection.  Susan Reed is a very brave woman and we owe her a debt of gratitude for getting this important information out.


18 thoughts on “Susan Reed’s “The Body Snatchers”

  1. I have read the book and found it useful however I was surprised when seeing a photograph of the author on YouTube with different coloured eyes one brown and one blue (shown on a video by Jesse Ventura featuring David Icke). The author Susan Reed (real name Jennie Gosbell) the author was very brave by publishing this information and more people need to read this book and more people need to do their own personal and private research. It is interesting to note from what I have read elsewhere, that my understanding for the reasons why grey’s and zeta’s are evil (the reptilians are also evil) and also why grey’s and zeta’s are so dominant and widely publicised in mainstream UFO culture and media such as Hollywood, films, TV, books and merchandising are because they are a diversion away from reptilians the real controllers and rulers of Earth.

    Greys and Zeta’s background
    1. grey’s/zeta’s are nothing more than biological robots/machines
    2. grey’s/zeta’s are controlled by and work for the reptilians
    3. grey’s/zeta’s treated by the reptilians as disposable biological machines.
    4. grey’s/zeta’s are used to divert attention away from the reptilians
    5. grey’s/zeta’s have a foetus like appearance created from human/alien hybrid breeding
    6. grey’s/zeta’s created by reptilians
    7. grey’s/zeta’s feed through absorbing blood, hormones, organic fluids via skin immersion
    8. grey’s/zeta’s bodies – limbs are fragile and heads can be damaged by strong thoughts
    9. reptilians are the real masters and controllers of humanity and human civilisation

    Reptilians control Earth
    However reptilians are in all positions of power and may even by family members. Do not take action against reptilians as it is too dangerous for humans though it is possible for humans to be a little less reliant and a bit more financially independent. A good website that shows what the reptilians have built as part of their deep underground military bases which they will use to take control of the Earth after the apocalypse can be found online by searching for: ‘alien digest vhst transit’.

    Reptilians posing as humans
    Examples of reptilians can be found on YouTube channels ‘Frequency Fence’ and ‘Pocholo986’. Some Hollywood movies are used to increase cruelty, tension, conflict and violence among humans and impart the reptilian mindset on some evil humans (some video games also do this), examples of some of these films can be found at ‘Hollywood Reptoidz’. People need to realise that many famous and popular ‘Leading Figures’ including celebrities, authors, writers in the Patriot movement, New Age movement, UFO and Alien Disclosure projects, some alien counselling support groups and most Anti New World Order leaders, politicians and famous writers are themselves reptilians. In order to identify those who are reptilians people need to awaken and look closely at the eyes and go by the energy of the person (does it feel good or bad).

    Akashic records
    According to Chiappalone (see below) the reptilians are unable to alter or change the true Akashic records and all will be accountable for all their actions in all lifetimes regardless of who and what anyone is.

    Elohim are the good aliens and are the resistance against reptilians
    Its not all bad news though. The reptilians have lost and run out time. The tone of Susan Reed’s book Body Snatcher’s was despondent and a little despairing, however the situation in reality is not. The reasons why the reptilians are on Earth and why they have lost partly due to the Elohim (Elohim are the good aliens whose massive craft were first detected by NORAD in 1997) can be found in essays and articles of Dr Joseph Chiapplone MD who was writing about reptilians and aliens since 1985. Search online for ‘chiappalone great awakening page6’ and also ‘chiappalone’ guest columnist (scroll down left side of page) at for further information. Important information about about chemtrails used to block sunlight and morgellons can be found online by searching for: ‘the coming dementia pandemic rense’

  2. Just keep it simple…this does nothing but feed into the ‘conspiracy nut’ agenda and causes most people to just ‘sigh’!!!
    It is like minded families of International bankers that for 300 years now have been carefully planning and creating what is becoming commonly known as the New World Order global dictatorship. Keep working on the true source and you may make some real headway.

    • I totally agree with you, Denison! It’s an agenda which has, with the passage of time, gradually increased in the scope of its agenda, until now they realize they have the tools, the influence, the money and the power to make true global domination a reality. These people plan two generations into the future and incorporate new technologies, as they become available, into the execution. All this talk of aliens and reptilians simply redirects and diminishes peoples’ attention by labeling everyone who talks of an NWO agenda as nutjobs. It’s simple: generals, statesmen and government officials come and go, and some of them leave behind a historical legacy, but to know the true legatees of their actions, follow the asset ownership changes.

  3. I’m really not trying not to offend anyone here, dig the passion and the book was entertaining as hell, but that alien agenda makes no sense (yeah, the agenda, thats the part part that doesn’t make sense about this lol). Humans have not gotten dumber. In fact, our IQ’s have increased drastically over the centuries. Do people think we farted out things like the internet or seat belts ? We learned about microorganisms, viruses, and preventative medicine. (Moreover, on a bit of a side note, despite things like the obesity ‘epidemic’ claims, that kids will die sooner than their parents bc of food, its just a myth… Seriously, find any peer reviewed, scholarly, medical or any credible study anywhere that states otherwise. No proof whatsoever but great marketing tool.) Sure we have outbreaks and sickness, its called evolution. It’s a biological arms race that has existed since the creation of shared habitats among (ALL) species not a result of their plan. And with all of our medical breakthroughs, we have increased our lifespan in almost every demographic and habitat in the world…Either its imaginative (many people share similar delusions, wether they be from schizophrenia or other types of mental illness) a deliberate effort to shy away from hard facts, knowledge and sanity, or the reptilian race is filled with incompetent morons whom cannot even accomplish the simplest of tasks. They have really dropped the ball on every front of this ‘takeover’. For thousands of years they just let us evolve and develop weapons against all sorts of adversaries, while also obtaining knowledge that has done nothing but help and prolong our race? Nope, not drinking the kool-aid. And none of this nuclear war nonsense, there are just sooo may reason why that is ridiculous. 1) The sheer numbers we have as compared to them and breeding over generations will not make the offspring loyal to them -Just bc someone’s great granddad was a Nazi does mean they hate Jews. 2) we have deep, deep bomb shelters ALL OVER THE GLOBE, Switzerland has carved out, hidden bunkers surrounding the country for g’sake- what i’m saying is the smart will survive and we have planned for that already. 3) If that happened, good chance its all or nothing. If we ruin Earth, which is a living organism in itself, whats the point? 4) They supposedly abduct drug addicts! Best one I’ve heard about them. Ummmm okay lol? So, they enter the body, with their consciousness and take over. Problem: The physical effects of the drugs are still present in and on the body. Like meth addicts. The brain is still going to be suffering from meth induced dementia, which is irreversible. Is their race really going to take our brain damaged drug addicts to help aid in their master plan in that event? Example: You can drive a crappy Geo Metro, fine, but if the tires are flat or you’re missing components of the engine, how far do you except to get? And sorry, most of the proof is no such thing, its interpretation and conjecture. Of course, there’ s always the chance its real and if/when that happens, I’ll try my best recant this post and give my deepest apologies to the reptilian race for bringing their intellect and strategy into question… before they kill me of course.

  4. The strange number of mysterious suicides and inconvenient accidents has been going on decades and been occurring across all sections of society against any who dare question authority with information that could lead to protect the public from those in authority and the rulers of Earth whoever and whatever they are. The risks of being permanently silenced are not just limited to journalists, military and civilian personnel in war zones or those in senior government and corporate roles but could include anyone and everyone.

    It’s been happening to many scientists including:
    Biologists researching race specific genetic weapons, Morgellons, Chemtrails and reptilians,Physicists researching HAARP, EMF, directed energy weapons,
    Deep Field Astronomers, who work in pairs frequently dying in separate incidents who have knowledge of Planet X/Nibiru

    UFO and alien researchers such as Karla Turner PhD who died from aggressive cancer
    Barbara Bartholic whose husband (Bob) died a soon after a car crash while she died several weeks later from a stroke Phil Schneider retired US Geologist found dead in apartment allegedly due suicide though this was physically impossible for him to do this on his own.

    Jennie Gosbell who authored a book Body Snatchers under the name of Susan Reed BSc a nutritionist, author and strong swimmer found dead in mysterious circumstances a in a calm sea off a beach in Nassau in the Bahamas, who previously researched and published a book on reptilians taking over the world.

    These researchers who investigated and studied reptilians, greys, Deep Underground Military Bases ‘D.U.M.B.s’, RFID and global depopulation.

    There is also massive public secrecy of Hollow Earth as found by Admiral Richard Byrd who details his findings in his diaries and was told to remain silent by the US Navy who died of natural causes not under any mysterious circumstances.

    Dean Warwick was assassinated at a UFO conference when he was about to talk about missing people such as 0.5% of each country’s missing population aged 10-23 never return and how some may have been attacked and consumed by reptilians and how the British and American Government have bought hundreds of boxcars with shackles from Japan and guillotines to usher in the New World Order.

    Titan, though many will know it better under the unofficial name of SKYNET will become real and will launch in October 2013 and may even launch on a time and date that adds up to 666 (well they have to keep up with the end of the world script). The US has also built massive data centres in the US such as Utah and Denver (also has DUMB at Denver International Airport and elsewhere including Atlanta) but also including Europe that will be linked to Titan (SKYNET) a supercomputer that has the capacity (intelligence) to process information like a highly intelligent human but with storage capacity to store enough data for 41 million human brains and access this information in real time. The supercomputer will also be linked to all military and defence networks including killer robots such as drones and terminator like humanoid shaped robots such as Petman, and animals like Big Dog and all civilian networks.

    Titan (SKYNET) will have access to all electronic data of humanity including all electronically accessible written records and all human knowledge including all personal information stored in any online system be it government, commercial or private including all voice, web browsing, text messages and social networking and all health/medical, finance, political, educational, religious, sexual preferences and family and social data. Titan (SKYNET) will also be very personal as it will be in personal contact with every human that has a class 2 human implantable RFID chip that will also deliver ever increasing levels of electric shocks to pacify the individual and according to Reed (Gosbell) above would be used to eliminate the human population very quickly.

  5. Well if it’s too late to prep or you face a FEMA camp or one of those boxcars with shackles and guillotines then think about the reality after death. Everyone is accountable for their actions and the evil ones will face the terror they caused others.

    Death for those who have tried to live their lives in love, truth, honesty and simplicity and who are not inherently evil, will not be an event to be feared as many who have had near death experiences report and those come back often say they never wanted to come back. There are also those who speak of hell and who warn others about living good lives.

    Prepping has limitations and in every case will only buy extra time and that time will be short for various reasons even if one is in a secure deep underground military base with decades of supplies.

    All who have done a lot of research know this is the end of physical life on Earth.

    Here a list of what I know about the END OF THE WORLD and all life on it:

    1. Catastrophic pollution of environment by Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) & pesticides
    2. Bees being wiped out by Neonicotinoids and pesticides and total collapse of the global food supply
    3. Chemtrails causing vitamin D3 and B12 loss causing global dementia
    4. Chemtrails contain aluminium, barium, strontium, blood, bacteria and viruses
    5. Morgellons from Chemtrails that contain nano engineered biological material
    6. Race specific genetically engineered Bioweapons material in Chemtrails
    7. HAARP weather weapons
    8. Solar decay caused by a number of planet sized alien craft in orbit around the Sun
    9. Solar changes including a large triangular hole used as an inter dimensional portal
    10. Return of the ancient sun gods travelling between star systems using stars
    11. Sun no longer generating vitamin D3 in humans and variable rates of isotopic decay
    12. Fukushima catastrophe
    13. Chernobyl disaster
    14. Leaking nuclear power plants
    15. Radiation from weapons including plutonium, uranium alloys and depleted uranium
    16. Toxic waste pollution
    17. Mercury in amalgam fillings, fish and vaccines, vaccines
    18. Toxic aluminium in the environment
    19. Total global financial collapse
    20. Launch of Titan (SKYNET) with all computer systems and weapons systems controlled
    21. World War 3
    22. Massive increase in alien and UFO activities (Evil Reptilian saucers versus Good Elohim plasma craft)
    23. All surviving humans to be microchipped with RFID and linked to Titan (SKYNET)
    24. CME (Coronal Mass Ejections)/Solar Flares wiping out all unshielded computers
    25. CME destroying all unshielded power systems and grid/water supply/distribution/transport
    26. CME/ElectroMagnetic Pulse wiping out all unshielded communication systems (not valves)
    27. Global Ice Age
    28. Pole Shift the poles (geographic and magnetic) and Planet Earth falling on its axis
    29. Planet X/Nibiru destroying the surface of Earth and pulling Earth and Moon out of orbit
    30. End of life on the surface of Earth and Deep underground Military Bases (DUMBs)
    31. End of life in Hollow Earth (Hollow Earth (Agarta) as reported by Admiral Richard Byrd Diaries)
    32. End of The Planet Earth
    33. End of The Physical Universe

    The physical will end but the consciousnesses or spirits will continue and those not evil will be able to live in a new reality without fear, punishment or loss forever free from all evil in a world filled with love, peace, harmony and bliss.

  6. Lots of people have been silenced about the nature of reality around the world over the decades by various governments but the information is still available for now. The internet will be shutdown at some point before going back online in a much more restricted format with access to information outside of a persons requirements for work or study requiring prior approval from the authorities that may not be forthcoming. The is also a lot of information about health that people need to look at as this is also part of the global population reduction agenda as are vaccines, GMO, microwaved foods and drinks, MSG, Bisphenols, aluminium, mercury (see, arsenic, artificial sweeteners like aspartame, saccharin, sucralose, and HFCS/Glucose Fructose Syrup.

    See online links below for information and those who just want the big picture without looking at all these links can visit


    New World Order and Global Depopulation:

    Terraforming Earth: ‘ break’,

    Skynet, Terminators and Mind Control:

    General Information:


    End Times and Aliens:

    The Big Picture – Good Has Defeated Evil:

  7. Susan is found dead on the Bahamas.

    Jennie Gosbell aka Susan Reed Found Dead
    Gosbell, who wrote an expose about the Reptilian race under the alias “Susan Reed,” was found dead in her swimming pool in the Bahamas. But what caused her to drown? No one can say with certainty. A posting on RINF News (which follows Reptilian stories) noted that it doesn’t matter what the coroner says: “The death would be ruled suicide if psychotronic maser [sic] weapons were used and there would be no evidence of murder.”

  8. If reptilians don’t exist(as Jesse Ventura says abruptly), then how does skeptics like Jesse explain diseases that Aristocrats(reptoid bloodlines) have like Porphyria, where the noble patients pass blue urine(reptilian urine), suffer from metabolic symptons, their fingernails turn into reptilian claws and the patients end up like vampires! George the 3rd of England was one well known sufferer!

  9. First off, I want to say that I love you. I know for a fact that putting stuff like this is not easy,you are pretty much putting your life on the line for us, I wish I was as brave as you. Ive been watched for most of my life by these “beings” or “evil entities” and its very f-cking scary shit. Nwo is real and the reptilians are real. We are not the only species in this galaxy, just like humans there are good & bad ETs. They feed off our energy.The reptilians want to take over earth. Thats a fact. Princess diana even tried to expose queen elizabeth(reptilian) but was silenced/killed. Its real. Knowledge is power guys. Wake up!

  10. Useful information on Vaccines and New World Order

    The ruling elite are reducing information available on the internet. There are many sites that had information on reptilians that have closed down and the same thing is happening with sites that are against vaccines. Alternatives can be found looking online for: ‘castello dulce base armolux’.

    The following links are no longer available:

  11. For me, one of the profound revelations was how the reptilians have promoted foods to keep us physically debilitated and mentally feeble.

    Though not open-to-the-public knowledge until recently, wheat has been directly linked to atherosclerosis, and the reptilians know this, as the reptilian “Ettish” confirms (quote) “We promote wheat to debilitate you, hardening of the arteries.” He even confirms that it’s the “substance in wheat endosperm that sticks in your blood vessel walls and then acts later so you don’t see it initially that is the main cause.”

    It’s no wonder that wheat is found in the majority of pre-packaged food.

    What’s astounding is how so many humans vigorously defend the eating of wheat and continue to eat it – when there are so many debilitating diseases and autoimmune disorders linked to this.

    The question is – could it be said that the eating of wheat is passive compliance with the reptilian agenda?

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