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Day After Debate, WikiLeaks Strikes Hillary With The Most Shocking Leak of 2016!

October 21, 2016

This leaked email from the 13th batch of John Podesta’s hacked emails shows direct confirmation that a meeting was set up with Hillary Clinton, and it was paid for with that massive cash payoff:


And Hillary Clinton confirmed that the WikiLeaks emails are authentic last night during the debate:

Hillary Clinton can blame the Russians and foreign agents all she wants. The emails are real, and so is the criminal corruption. Hillary Clinton used the Secretary of State’s office to become obscenely wealthy, and she put America’s national security at risk repeatedly.

Hillary couldn’t apply for a job in the federal government because of the security concerns that would cause. She deserves to be investigated and indicted.

The media can’t cover this up, and the American people now know the truth. WikiLeaks just revealed exactly how corrupt Hillary Clinton is.

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