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A powerful US group pulls strings over UFO issues

June 22, 2016

CHENNAI: Last week we discussed Obama’s legal counsel John Podesta’s failed attempts to bring about disclosure of UFO files. In order to understand what power prevented him and how it come into existence we must travel back to 1947 when President Harry Truman appointed a committee of 12 men to look into the UFO phenomenon and advise him on what course of action to be undertaken.

Five among them were top scientific minds in America, five were top ranking  generals and two were officials. In the last 70 years this group has evolved into an all powerful cabal that controls the flow of all UFO related information. The evidence for this comes from a series of documents known as the MJ-12 papers and from the testimonies of American scientists, astronauts, journalists and military officers who have interacted with members of this group.

US President Harry Truman

Friedman who analysed these documents scientifically concluded there is evidence in them to prove the existence of the MJ-12 group, which was supported by UFO historian Richard Dolan, naval optical physicist Bruce Maccabee and many others. But they were not naïve to miss the point that most of these documents were bogus, designed and leaked to confuse and sow discord among the UFO research community by elements within the American intelligence agencies. A classic example of disinformation campaign unleashed to discredit the UFO phenomenon and its researchers.Dr Eric Walker, chairman of the military think tank Institute for Defense Analysis (IDA) and also the executive secretary of the military’s Research and Development Board and president of Penn State University told UFO researcher Steinman:

Yes, I know of MJ-12. I have known them for 40 years. I believe you are chasing after and fighting with windmills… You are delving into an area that you can do absolutely nothing about.

Astronaut Dr Edgar Mitchell the sixth man to walk on the Moon called this a clandestine group, a quasi-government, quasi-private group that is without any type of high-level government oversight.

Emmy Award winning investigative journalist Linda Moulton Howe pointed out:

The power of the insiders with need-to-know access about UFOs and ETs grew in Black Agencies and Black Budget protected by classified executive orders that prevented Congress — the people’s representatives — from even knowing what those Black Budgets financed.

According to a retired US naval commander Will Miller who held ‘Top Secret Clearance’, the UFO Control Group will not allow any information on their closely held UFO research to be accessed by anyone outside of those specially cleared for Pentagon’s ‘Unacknowledged Special Access Programs’ or Black programmes which are used to finance UFO research. Not even the Joint Chiefs of Staff Intelligence nor the director of DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) can access any information on the subject. They have created an atmosphere where this phenomenon is ignored as if it was an unproven myth despite the existence of classified information about it which Podesta unsuccessfully tried to access.In September 2005 President Clinton was asked by a Hong Kong TV channel about his attempts to seek the truth behind UFOs during his time in office. He replied:

“I wouldn’t be the first president that underlings have lied to or career bureaucrats have waited out, but there may be some career person sitting around somewhere hiding these dark secrets even from elected presidents.”

In 1952 the Congress passed the 22nd amendment to the American constitution which prohibited future presidents from seeking the third term. This amendment ensured that the president will get only a maximum of eight years in office whereas a senator or bureaucrat can get up to 50 years in office, enabling as Clinton pointed out career bureaucrats waiting out presidents.

(The writer is the Director of INSETS-Indian Society for Extraterrestrial Studies and author of Accidental Apocalypse )


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  1. Jon Judd permalink
    June 23, 2016 11:20 pm

    Allen Dulles, made top secret deals with Nazi’s, (who never surrendered, by the way) brought them to USA, they set-up OUR CIA. Made security clearances higher than any of our people had. That’s how Germ Warfare was used against N. Korea and China without our leaders knowing the truth. They called them ‘Mycoplasmas’. Many in USA are their victims. God, help our mindless Nation!

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