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NASA used Santa Claus as codename for THREE UFOs spotted on moon during lunar landings

December 27, 2015

Donna Hare

Donna Hare

Donna Hare claims to have worked for computer and engineering contractor Philco Ford during the early 1970s, in NASA’s photo labs on and off the site of the group’s HQ.

Ms Hare claims to have had a high level of security clearance and was able to access parts of the building known as ‘Building Eight’, which “gave her contact with a series of high ranking officials who leaked her information in secret over lunch”.

She claims in a video testimony to have learnt NASA officials who wanted to speak out about the existence of UFOs were threatened with the loss of their pensions and forced to sign gagging orders.

She even alleged one of her contacts who leaked her information had “disappeared off the face of the Earth”.

But the most outlandish claim made by Ms Hare was she was informed by sources that during one of the moon landings astronauts had found three UFOs had landed there when they touched down.

She said one contact worked in a quarantine area where landing astronauts were debriefed after they returned home.

She said: “This man was in quarantine with them and was part of their debriefing.

“He said a lot of then talked about their experience of these crafts following them.

“I believe there were three of them on the moon when they landed and I believe that the code word for them was was Santa Claus.

“Some (staff) that wanted to talk were threatened and if they wanted to talk they had to sign papers not to talk or they had their retirement taken away,

“I started asking questions of certain people. I would take them away from the site and we would go to lunch.

“Alone they would tell me things and then say if I ever said they had they would swear I was lying.

“One gentleman I knew who said there were the crafts on the moon just disappeared, I can’t find him.”

In a separate claim, she said a security guard told her he was forced to burn UFO pictures by mystery armed men, who struck him with the butt of a gun for looking at them.

She also claims to have seen a UFO in a NASA image being airbrushed out by technicians.

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