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Digital Homeopathy – Evaluation and Treatment

September 11, 2015

Digital homeopathy is a difficult concept to understand.  It is even more difficult to write about – but this is the future of Medicine so I’ll give it a try.  A two hour presentation that covers my understanding of this technique is available on DVD or tape.  The website ( of the late (and likely future Nobel Laureate) Jacques Benveniste MD provides irrefutable scientific proof that vibrational exchange is the language of biochemistry – this is the concept that underlies the paradigm of homeopathy.

We were taught that the molecules that we administer to you, drugs, vitamins, hormones, co-factors, etc., “work” by binding to specific receptors on the cell membrane, triggering a change within the cell – a “drug” or biological effect.  This is the structural matching paradigm.  When you think about it, it makes sense for our cell membranes to have specific receptors for hormones, vitamins, and other “normal human” substances, but does it makes sense for our cells to have receptors for drugs?  Why should Mother Nature or Evolution provide us with receptors for molecules that haven’t been invented yet?  In the vibrational paradigm, the paradigm of homeopathy, the molecules that we give you, as well as the molecules produced in your body, the molecules that govern your physiology, work not by binding to a specific anatomic receptor on the wall of a cell, but instead by emitting an electromagnetic signal, vibrating at a specific frequency, termed resonance frequency, that can be sensed and responded to by the cells of your body.  Drugs work not by binding to the cell, but by getting close enough to the cell such that their resonance frequencies can be picked up and responded to.  If this concept is true, that vibrational exchange is the language, the mechanism, of our biochemistry and physiology, then it follows that giving you a therapeutic molecule would not be necessary, if we could instead give you the resonance frequency of that molecule.  In the second diagram, on the left, within the structural matching theory, if we want to block the action of an agent (ligand) we administer to you a molecule (in red) that blocks the receptor for the ligand.  The ligand cannot bind to the receptor so the cell cannot respond to the ligand.  In the homeopathic paradigm, we understand that it is the frequency emitted by the treatment molecule (in red) that is blocking the receptor, that would otherwise be stimulated by the frequency given off by the ligand.  In homeopathy we do not bother to give your the molecule that emits the frequency of interest; we simply give you its frequency, but in concentrated, or “potentiated” form.  Homeopathic preparations contain only the frequencies once emitted by a therapeutic agent.  A solution of a therapeutic molecule is diluted over and over again, to the point where no molecules of the original substance remain.  All that is left is the frequency given off by the molecule in question, now in concentrated form.  As it is the frequency that is getting the work done, the more dilute the homeopathic preparation, the greater will be its concentration of frequencies, the more powerful will be the therapeutic effect of the homeopathic preparation.  The physics by which serial dilution concentrates frequencies is difficult to understand.  Suffice it to say that removing from solution a molecule that once emitted a frequency creates an entity called a hyperproton, basically concentrated energy (I get into this more on the DVD).  Dr. Benveniste demonstrated that the frequency given off from a given therapeutic agent could be recorded, digitized, e-mailed across the Atlantic, and then “played” to a biological system to generate a biological effect – the same effect that would occur if the original molecule was administered in intact form.  This is digital homeopathy.  In digital homeopathy it’s all about the frequency; its not about the molecule that emits the frequency.  A number of means exist by which you can be treated with specific frequencies.  The Asyra (a EAV – Electro Acupuncture according to Voll device – contains thousands of specific frequencies in the hard drive of a computer.  These frequencies can be transmitted into you, across your skin, as probes, for evaluative purposes.  To treat you, specific frequencies can be imprinted into a vial of otherwise inert homeopathic carrier solution.  When you place drops of the imprinted solution under your tongue, the specific frequencies enter your body, distribute through your energetic nervous system, and stimulate your cells to respond.  A laser of specific frequency can be passed through a vial of the imprinted solution, and will carry the therapeutic frequency into the energetic nervous system through acupuncture control points on the surface of your ears, palms, and the soles of your feet (the basis for Dr. Lee Cowden’s LED – Laser Energetic Detoxification – therapy.  Dr. Richard Hunt developed a system (Aura patch therapy) whereby specific frequencies could be impregnated into a skin patch.  You wear the patch, the frequencies cross through your skin, and are then conducted along your “energetic” nervous system (accupoints, meridians, chakra, and nadi), from there to signal the cells of your body to carry out the activity “coded” by the frequency.  Both systems utilize the principle of digital homeopathy for diagnostic and therapeutic purpose, and are discussed below:

Dr. Richard Hunt’s
Medical Bioresonance Evaluative
Aura Patch Systems 

Dr. Lee Cowden’s
Asyra Evaluative
Laser Energetic Detoxification


Dr. Richard Hunts Medical Bioresonance Evaluative and Aura Patch System:

Dr. Richard Hunt developed a system (Aura patch therapy) whereby specific frequencies could be impregnated into a skin patch.  You wear the patch, and the frequencies enter your body water, from there to be conducted along your “energetic” nervous system (accupoints, meridians, chakra, and nadi), and from there to signal the cells of your body to carry out the desired activity “coded” by the frequency.  The patches may contain frequencies associated with good health, to “remind” your cells how the should be functioning, or a patch could contain frequencies that are toxic to an invader, or frequencies that may neutralize a toxin that is present within your body.  But how do we know which frequencies you need?  Let me introduce diagnostic Medical Bioresonance in the context of MME, a concept discussed in detail elsewhere on this site.  In MME, we apply a powerful static magnetic field, aiming to accelerate the rate at which electrons orbit the nucleus in the atoms of the internal organ or body region that we are treating.  By this means we speed up all useful biochemical activity within the cells.  The electrons, of course, are spinning on their own, and this action generates waves of energy (think of them as vibrations or sound waves) that radiate from the atom.  As the atomic configuration of each atom in the Periodic Table is different, each atom will radiate waves of different frequency, a characteristic frequency that we can call the atom’s resonant frequency.  When two atoms get together to form a molecule, their frequencies merge to form a new resonant frequency (think of a chord in music).  Cells give off frequencies that are a blend of the frequencies given off of its contained molecules.  Organs, organ systems, and our human body give off frequencies, frequencies that can be recorded emanating from the human body.  This collection of frequencies is known as our etheric body.  These frequencies exist in digital form.  They can be captured from a digital picture of you (you need a five megapixel digital picture).  The frequencies emanating from your digital picture can be sorted out, categorized, and compared against a data base of the rest of the population, looking for anomalies and commonalities.  Certain patterns of vibrations are associated with health, and certain patterns with physiological dysfunction.  Please appreciated that we are not attempting to diagnose specific disease states; rather we are looking for physiologic abnormalities that can lead to disease states, signified by an anomalous pattern of emitted frequencies.  This approach, while initially difficult to accept, has dramatically improved the treatment outcomes of my patients.  The digital analysis not infrequently tips us off to a problem that was not picked up on our prior best testing.  Medical Bioresonance is not an FDA approved diagnostic or treatment modality, and likely never will be as these approaches cannot be patented.  However, the approach is non-invasive, essentially risk free (there are no drugs in the patch, only healthy frequencies – frequencies given off by man made drugs are not placed within the patches, as here we could produce a “homeopathic side-effect”.  Please click to  Digital Patch Instruction Sheet and Digital Patch Consent Form for further information.

Dr. Lee Cowden’s Asyra Evaluation and Laser Energetic Detoxification:

Asyra is a EAV (ElectroAcupuncture according to Voll) device.  50 years ago, Dr. Reinhold Voll, a German physician, began the study of human vibrational characteristics for diagnostic purposes.  He applied specific frequencies, to specific sites on the skin, in individuals will well defined disease states.  Dr. Voll then recorded the returning signal.  With a great deal of patience and perseverance, Voll came upon specific human frequency signals that correlated with specific physiologic abnormalities or disease states.  Voll’s work was extended by his students and by their students; other researchers looked at the diagnostic problem a little differently and came up with slightly different devices.  Today there are many different types of EAV devices, all based on the original principles of Dr. Voll.  My mentor in Energy Medicine is Dr. Lee Cowden, like myself a Cardiologist.  I learned about the Asyra device at a meeting hosted by Dr. Cowden in 11/06.  The Asyra (also see is a FDA listed device manufactured by G-Tech, a FDA registered company.

During an Asyra evaluation, you grasp metal rods, putting you into a circuit with the machine’s hard drive.  Thousands of specific frequencies are rapidly sent through your body.  If a particular applied frequency comes across a molecule or structure that exactly matches its vibrational signature, then resonance occurs.  The resistance across your body to that particular frequency will increase, and there will be a voltage drop in the returning signal.  This allows Asyra to register that a particular entity or condition is present within your body.  The software within the machine codes for frequencies that somehow get the Meridian channels within your body to communicate, allowing Asyra to determine the presence of “toxic foci:  within your body.  These are areas where toxic substances are present in high concentration, and from where detoxification is difficult.  Toxic foci are typically ganglia (cell collections adjacent to the spinal cord) of the autonomic nervous system, excretory organs (liver, kidney, bladder, gall bladder), loci of infection (tonsils, sinuses), or scars.  Asyra does not diagnose disease states; rather it diagnoses physiologic abnormalities and/or toxic conditions that underlie or lead to disease states, and it stratifies these conditions in order of importance.  Asyra helps us concentrate on the root cause(s) of a health problem, and not just on its manifestations (i.e. your problem is not really heart disease, but the conditions that led to the heart disease, or which will lead to more disease in the future).

Asyra looks at energetic or frequency abnormalities, deviations from the ideal.  The treatment (and remember that we are now within the paradigm of homeopathy) are frequencies that balance your current, non-optimal frequency characteristics back to normal.  In it’s hard drive Asyra stores the frequencies given off from multiple therapeutic substances.  Asyra’s print out gives us your problems, and the substances which emit frequencies that will resolve them.  In other words, by understanding the frequency given off by a potentially therapeutic substance, and correlating that with your individual frequency picture, we can predict that a given substance will be of benefit (or conversely of no benefit) to you as an individual. This points us in the right direction in making therapeutic supplementation recommendations.  But remember, its not the molecules we give you, but the frequencies they emit, that actually help you.  Asyra has these frequencies in its hard drive, and can imprint them into a bottle or vial of homeopathic carrier fluid (a mixture of purified water and alcohol).  You then place 4-8 drops of this fluid under your tongue, twice a day.  The imprinted frequencies will enter your energetic nervous system, spread throughout your body and influence your cells in a desirable manner.  Six weeks later your Asyra study can be repeated.  You will see that many if not all of the original problems no longer register, and will be replaced by second level problems, conditions less threatening to your health.  Drops to deal with these issues will be made.  The process can be repeated, each time taking you closer to optimum health.  Asyra and similar EAV-based approaches basically peel off the “layers of disease” just as you would peel off the layers of an onion skin.  The down side of Asyra drop therapy is minimal; detox reactions can occur as toxins are flushed out, and then you can tough out the detox reaction or decrease the dose of the drops for a period of time.  Our Asyra Consent Form and Understanding Your Asyra Evaluation sheet are available for your review.

Laser energetic Detoxification (LED) speeds up and amplifies the process of frequency based detoxification.  LED was developed in Germany but was perfected by Dr. Cowden in the US.  First, a diagnostic Asyra study is carried out, utilizing software written by Dr. Cowden.  The Asyra LED study focuses on toxic substances, sensitivities, allergies, and auto immunities*, and lists the toxic foci where the identified toxins are “holed up”.  The software also lists energetic frequencies** that will support detoxification of the given individual for the specific toxins found.

*The autoimmunity concept is important, and explains a lot of otherwise unexplainable health problems.  It is impossible to become allergic to a normal human molecule – the immune system just won’t recognize as “foreign” a molecule that has been present within you since birth – but this statement is not precisely true.  Let’s say you are exposed to a non-human molecule that enters your system and binds to a normal human molecule.  Your immune system will react to this hybrid molecule as foreign, and the antibodies and other immune mediators produced will then cross-react with the normal human molecule.  This is the process of biochemical auto-immunity, the result of toxicity.  Let’s say the normal human molecule was a neurotransmitter involved in sleep.  From this point on your body will react to this particular molecule and you will never again enjoy a full night’s rest.  Let’s say the normal human molecule was involved in reproductive health; from this point on your reproductive cycles will be out of balance.  The more toxins that are are exposed to, the greater is your chance for ill health based upon this principle of auto-immunity.

**The detox support frequencies consist of the frequencies found in various flowers or colors.  This is similar to the Bach Flower Remedies.  Vibrantly colored flowers contain multiple frequencies, many of which promote detoxification in humans.  Asyra matches the individual flowers with the toxins present and health status of the individual being tested.

Acupuncture control points are pathways into the energetic nervous system, the Meridians, Chakras, and Nadis, through which energy flows through your body.  Applying an acupuncture needle to a specific site will influence structures deep within the body, along the Meridian stimulated – this is the basis for acupuncture anesthesia and acupuncture therapy in general.  It turns out that a laser beam of specific frequency can stimulate an acupuncture control point (I spoke at an Integrative Medicine/Traditional Chinese Medicine meeting in London in 3/07 and learned all about laser acupuncture, which should be available in the US within a few years).  In LED, Asyra prints the homeopathic frequency treatment for a single toxin into a glass vial, which is placed within the well of a laser pointer like device.  The laser beam is directed through the treatment vial, converting it from a pin point into a line.  Your body is then “painted” with the linear laser beam.  During a LED application you remove all metal from your body, but remain lightly clothed.  By covering your entire body, we make sure that the appropriate acupuncture control points (of which there are thousands) are stimulated.  Our message is then carried into your body, to your cells, which respond be dumping this particular toxin out into the circulation or into the interstitial space between cells.  Next we paint you (now with particular attention to your palms, ears, and the bottom of your feet) with a laser beam containing the frequencies of the detox support agents determined on your Asyra LED evaluation.  These frequencies help your body escort the now liberated toxins out of your body.  Last we paint you with frequencies directed against the auto-immune process previously set up by the toxin in question.  We will also direct you to take specific nutritional supplements or chelating (metal binding) agents just before and over the 24 hours following your LED session, aiming to complete the rapid detoxification process.

With standard biochemical chelation therapy, as discussed elsewhere on this website, the chelating agent binds to and removes a toxic agent, say Lead, from your blood.  As the blood Lead level is rapidly decreased, a little Lead will leave the cells and enter the blood, following a concentration gradient.  A second chelation is carried out one week later, lowering the blood Lead level, and then a little more Lead will leave the cells.  If we chelate you enough, over and over, we will eventually get most of the Lead out of your cells, but his process is inefficient, because our chelating agent, EDTA, cannot get into the cells where 99% of the Lead is.  With LED for Lead, the cells are induced to dump out their Lead; then the detox support frequencies applied and the oral chelating agents we give you will escort this released Lead out of the body.  LED thus has the potential to rapidly accelerate the detoxification process.  With this rapid detoxification comes the potential for a detox reaction, but with proper patient preparation this risk is small.  Following a LED session, we will ask you to avoid exposure to the toxin under treatment for the following 24 hours, even in low amounts.  Remember that we are dealing not with molecules but with energies, and here a little of the wrong energies can neutralize a LED.  We also ask you to avoid EMF exposure, as much as possible, over the 24 hours post-LED, which is difficult to do.  If, however, a LED is not successful, we can easily repeat it.  LED sessions are typically carried out once or twice a week, but in out-of-town patient can be carried out once every 25 hours.  After every third LED session we repeat your Asyra LED evaluation, to make sure that the toxins previously addressed have cleared and to look for second level toxins to which we will then turn out attention.

LED works – it will remove toxins from your body – but maybe not from your toxic foci.  In German Neural Therapy, a skinny needle is used to inject detox agents into these deep recesses of your body.  Dr. Cowden has a better approach.  The Photon Pulser drives the laser beam, bearing the desired detox frequency, into the toxic foci, “jarring loose” the toxic substances.  Within our LED session you will be Photon Pulsed over the toxic foci determined on your Asyra LED evaluation.

We are hopeful that combining LED with standard chemical chelation will add to our ability to remove metal toxins from your body.  LED will also allow us to address toxicities that we previously could not address, including pesticides, herbicides, solvents, and hydrocarbons such as formaldehyde and benzene.  the goal is to remove all the toxins from your body, and LED is going to help us do just that.  Our LED Consent Form and Patient Preparation sheets are available for your review.

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