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Incredible Aerial Photos Will Make You Feel Like You’re A Soaring Bird

August 6, 2015

Thanks to the team at Russian company AirPano you can now gain a whole new perspective on the world. Their incredible photographs allow you to view the planet as if you were soaring high through the sky without any limits.

When it comes to going on holiday and visiting iconic locations you’re faced with two choices, either take the same photo in the same position which a million other people have also shot or purchase a heavily Photoshopped postcard.

But with these stunning aerial photographs you finally have a third option through which to see and showcase your travels. Get ready to experience the likes of Amsterdam, Russia, United States, Brazil, UAE, Venezuela and a host of others from a spectacular viewpoint.

So how are they able to photographs like these? The answer is, by using anything that flies!

Although we usually photograph from a helicopter, we also like to shoot from an airplane, a dirigible, a hot air balloon, and a radio-controlled helicopter.

Here’s a selection of a personal favourites from their series, you can see more eye-catching locations through their official site and via Facebook.

In the meantime, enjoy!

Barcelona, Spain

Churun-meru (Dragon) Waterfall, Venezuela

Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow, Russia

Flamingo, Lake Bogoria, Kenya

Jokulsarlon Glacial Lagoon, Iceland

Santorini (Thira), Oia, Greece

Iguazu Falls, Argentina and Brazil

Westerdok Disctrict, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Halong Bay, Vietnam

Lake Baikal, Russia

Central Park, New York, USA


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