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How did 666 become the “Mark of the Beast”?

May 27, 2015
Crystalline-Scalar-Mechanics based weapon technology promoted by the collective of renegade Necromiton-Andromie/Jehovian Anunnaki hybrid Nephilim races, now member of the UIR in contact with a group of Humans known as the “Labyrinth Group.”

This technology utilizes inter-time manipulation intended to create “minute time rips” into the Phantom Matrix.
These groups has code-named this process “Blank State Technology “or “BST” (Founders think of it as “the BeaST”).

Release of the “BeaST Pulse” is intended to accomplish several invasion objectives.

Objective three constitutes the intentional shattering of the dimension 8 through 12 portions of Earth Planetary Shields and reversal of the natural “Fire Letter Sequences” (Scalar-Wave Sequences) in D-1 through D-7 portions of Earth’s Planetary Shields.

This despicable plan would seemingly serve to “erase history,” creating a “Blank Slate” of Earth history within which to insert the history of Phantom Earth (thus the “BS-T” code name)

I would be as if our true history was “erased” and a portion of our present literally inserted into the Phantom Earth time line.

(Voyagers II – Page 554-555)

A part of the BeaST machine that hold the tilt of planet Earth at 23.5 degrees angle and is becoming aligned with the natural Earth’s Staff.

First seeded in Density-3 570MYA by the Metatrons (Budhara-Shan-Tar-EL) and continued by the ThE-tans, the Gravitron vortex networks was linked between our Sun and Earth twisting the Tauren up side down in a unnatural configuration called Demon Seed. (See: Metatronic Coding)

The Planetary Reusha-TA spiral is harnessed and turn into a set of vortices called the Gravitron which creates an unnatural artificial gravitational field on this planet and is one of the things that one has to override in order to levitate or fly.

The Gravitron is an electromagnetic harness field that is part of a larger electromagnetic harnessing structure called the Net that anchors at a particular angle in Mexico through the Mayan Temples kicking more storms since it has been progressively activated. (2005)

All these Gravitron vortices doing the wrong thing generates what is called the Poison Apple, which is a configuration of energy that holds the 23.5 degrees tilt on the Earth’s planetary axis. (Staff)

These are Black Hole technologies that were orchestrated on purpose by which this planet has been imprisoned for quite a long time.

In preparation for the August 2003 the UIR’s “Great Thunder” plan for Hethalon involved first fulfilling their 666-BeaST Blue Fire Sword Initiation electrical Solar/Planetary Metatronic Shield reversal during May 2003 Hetharo, which they have successfully done, then completing magnetic Solar/Planetary Metatronic Shield reversal during August 2003 Hethalon, which will occur. The “Great Thunder” plan was scheduled to take place once reversal of the magnetic Solar/Planetary Metatronic Shield was accomplished. Since our first data dispensations of 1999, we have mentioned the potential of the ” Intruders’ August 2003 Dimensional Blend Experiment”, the last in a series of 3 “experiments” that began with the 1943 Philadelphia Experiment, progressed to the 1983 Montauk Project and was scheduled for completion during the August 2003 “Magnetic Peak”. The term “Dimensional Blend Experiment” was a gentle way of describing the potential “activation of the 666-BeaST machine” and reversed Solar/Planetary Metatronic Merkaba; dynamics we have had to progressively reveal since the early 2002 UIR BeaST activation. The “Great Thunder” that the UIR had planned for Hethalon involved the “coming of Wormwood”, the UIR controlled “stellar body” that follows the reversed-diagonal orbit with planet Nibiru. Though we have had some success in reducing the size of the Wormwood body, a portion 2/3 the size of the original remains under UIR control. In simple terms, the UIR had intended to force the Wormwood body into its “Ricochet” between Earth and the Sun during the August 2003 Hethalon Peak. The UIR intended to use the Wormwood body to reverse the post-Hetharo CCW-spin of the PCM universe Metatronic Solar/Planetary Shield and Merkaba to a CW-spin during Hethalon, causing the PKA Parallel Universe Wesedak Black Hole, (which entered Vesica Pisces Phase-lock with the PCM universe Solar/Planetary Shield and Merkaba during Hetharo), to be forcibly ripped open into the PCM universe, in a “Dimensional Blend Experiment” the likes of which this Universal Veca has never seen.

Once the Wesedak Black Hole was ripped into our universe and solar system via the UIR/Wormwood-caused PCM Solar/Planetary Metatronic Shield reversal, the “rip and dimensional blend” were intended to continue on until the Wesedak Black Hole, and our solar system, were progressively pulled into the PCM universe UIR-controlled Wesedak Black Hole between 2008-2012. The “Great Thunder of Wormwood Passing” is a potential event that has been under the control of Nibiruian Anunnaki operatives since Atlantis, and which was partially turned over to shared Metatronic control with Andromie-Necromiton and Wesedaks in the later Atlantean period via the “Lucifer-Archangel Michael” agreements. Through their contemporary UIR alliance, these groups intended to fulfill their “Great Thunder” scenario during the August 2003 Hethalon Magnetic Peak; an event that would have caused rapid mass destruction on Earth, which would have appeared as if it was of “natural” origins, in the event of its occurrence. (The Zeta races have been preparing people for this drama, assigning it to “unavoidable natural causes”, via their “channelings” over a recent number of years). If the “potential UIR shift” events had not taken place through the course of Hetharo, we, the Eieyani would have released public warning through our Speakers and simultaneously we would have personally visited Earth in a way quite obvious to the masses, in order to provide evidence to world governments to prove the reality of what we say, and to provide with this evidence the precise coordinates and related technical data by which the Wormwood body could be manually destroyed by Earth governments, to prevent the pending cataclysm.

If the Hethalon scenario had evolved in this way, utter chaos would have broken out on Earth, for UIR fleets would have orchestrated mass disclosure of presence as they physically mobilized in attempt to deter our visitation and prevent Earth governments from taking remedial measures against Wormwood. Fortunately, the “potential UIR shift” events occurred just following Hetharo, and the original UIR “Great Thunder” plan had resultantly undergone some very positive changes, much to the frustration of the UIR Andromie-Necromiton leaders. The rather chaotic energy that many of you have been feeling running within the Planetary Shield since Hetharo is partially due to these UIR shift events.

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