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Congratulations A Warp Field Is Born

April 25, 2015

Sometimes the main stream media makes me really ill. The biggest scientific breakthrough of all time is occurring right now and not a peep on any corporate media websites.

The history of science is full of accidents and missteps. Sometimes these mistakes or accidents can shed new light on a situation. Today NASA engineers have literally stumbled upon a new phenomena in physics. A whole new scientific frontier is being born right now. Theoretical has become the practical. This new phenomena has actual verified laboratory data which has been duplicated at least 3 or 4 times by different researchers. This new phenomena has met and amazed all involved.

This time in our history will be remembered along with the other great moments of science. Future historians will mention our time in the same breath as the creation of the Principia Mathematica, Einsteins General,  and Special Relativity. By accident and totally unexpected scientists have measured the formation of a space-time effect. It is too early to call it a bubble, but lets say disturbance. Humans have never been able to do this before, ever. The common understanding is that the collective energy output of a galaxy of stars is the magnitude of energy needed to warp space. Science may be wrong by the order of billions of magnitude.

How did this happen?

NASA and other space programs were working on prototypes of what they call the EmDrive or RF resonant cavity thruster. It was invented by British aerospace engineer Roger J. Shawyer. This propulsion device uses a magnetron to produce microwaves for thrust, has no moving parts and needs no reaction mass for fuel. In 2014, Johnson Space Center claimed to have developed its own low-power EmDrive.


Part of the testing and phase of the EM Drive NASA runs very specialized optical tests. NASA has a tool to measure variances in the path-time of light. When lasers were fired through the EmDrive’s resonance chamber, it measured significant variances and, more importantly, found that some of the beams appeared to travel faster than the speed of light. If that’s true, it would mean that the EmDrive is producing a warp field or bubble.

Posts on, a forum devoted to the engineering side of space news, by NASA scientists for NASA scientists. Have been ferociously having nerd-gasms since the news broke. History is truly being made here. You dear reader owe it to yourself to investigate this for yourself. Check out the NASA forum for yourself. It is a technical forum so the details of the discussions are not for the lay person.


Other comments on the thread…

That’s the big surprise. This signature (the interference pattern) on the EmDrive looks just like what a warp bubble looks like. And the math behind the warp bubble apparently matches the interference pattern found in the EmDrive.

Another surprise is that the discovery was accidental, as this comment attests.

Seems to have been an accidental connection. They were wondering where this “thrust” might be coming from. One scientists proposed that maybe it’s a warp of the space time foam, which is causing the thrust.

What happens next?

To prove that the warp effect was not caused by atmospheric heating, the test will be replicated in a vacuum. If the same results are achieved, it seems to mean that the EmDrive is producing a warp field, which could ultimately lead to the development of a warp drive.

When this is proven to be true it will open up the Universe to us in ways we can not yet fathom. If we humans can crack light speed and have a practical apparatus that can warp or fold space at will, why couldn’t the other advanced alien life forms in the Universe figure this out as well? If we sentient monkeys who have only had science for less than 500 years, can figure it out maybe it is not such a difficult issue in the grand scheme of things. Compared to other civilizations that have had millions or billions of years head start on us we are in the Special Olympics category of intellect. If we homicidal monkeys can do it the bar must be low. This tells me that aliens should have no problem with this. The old argument that the Universe is too big for them to get here is now totally smashed.

I’ll volunteer to help to dismantle S.E.T.I… Where do I sign up.


If you find yourself not quite up to speed on warp field theory here is a good video to get up to speed. Dr Eric Davis talk starts at 58:00. It’s mind bending…



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