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Google Demonstrates Self-Driving Car, Brought to You by DARPA

May 14, 2014

Google X Lab (GXL) invited the press to take a look at their latest self-driving cars (SDCs) with demonstrations to show journalists how these cars can navigate city streets, avoid pedestrians and cyclists, and follow instructions to get to a pre-programed destination.

The SDC available to journalists was the Google customized Lexus SUV.

Sebastian Thurn, founder of GXL said they are “very actively” contemplating how to better SDC technology to become the norm by 2017.

Sergy Brin and Larry Page believe that SDCs will “sharply reduce fatalities on the road” and will be embraced by consumers as the public is assured of the perfecting of the technology before it is released wholesale for purchase.

SDCs require sensors to determine how to avoid obstacles.

Robotic cars are expected to be sold for $150,000 worth of equipment; including the Lidar radar-like system that retails for $70,000.

Katelin Jabbari, spokesperson for Google said : “We actually haven’t had any at-fault accidents while the car is in self-driving mode. The only at-fault accident was caused while a driver was in control.”

GXL has “entered a new stage” with the development of new technology that can:

• Drive an estimated 700,000 “accident-free” miles
• Utilize lasers, radar and camera to analyze urban driving conditions
• Artificial intelligence can “read” road signs
• Navigate obstacles in roadways
• Navigate merging into lanes and bad weather conditions
• Detailed mapping of the country

Chris Urmson, SDC project manager for GXL said: “We’re growing more optimistic that we’re heading toward an achievable goal — a vehicle that operates fully without human intervention.”

The auto industry is convinced that SDCs will take over conventional driving. The idea is that these autonomous cars could replace possible human error when operating a vehicle and reduce the amount of accidents and injuries that now occur.

To create the autonomous car for Google, a Stanford University team invented Stanley .

This SDC won the 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge and the $2 million prize from the Department of Defense (DoD).

– See more at:|+Susanne+Posel+Daily+Headlines+and+Research&utm_medium=FB#sthash.YpTGYZY6.dpuf

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