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The Foundations of Life: Primal Conscious States, Divine Laws of Physics, The Space-Time Grid, Partiki Phasing

May 11, 2014

The arena of our conscious experience is taking place within and upon a living, electromagnetic frequency grid network composed of an arrangement of Partiki Grids.

As the name implies, these living grid lattices are composed of Partiki, primal units of ante-matter, omni-polar radiation in the form of fixed, standing points of conscious energy vibration.

Ante-matter refers to the primal state of conscious identity prior to polarizing and becoming pre-matter.

Omni-polarity is a primal state of conscious energy whereby partiki exist in a formation characterized by a singular, unified charge. In other words, omni-polar means “all charges, one charge, and no charges” all at the same time, whether it is held in a manifest form or a potential form. The omni-polar state is the divine state of a fully unified conscious expression that applies to particle units as well as the identities they compose.

Partiki Grids are organically constructed through a perpetual (and eternal) interaction of Partiki Phasing, by “flashing on” through internal fission and “flashing off” through internal fusion. These internal processes of electromagnetic frequency formation are themselves aware and fueled by the complex conscious interactions of intent-desire.


An excerpt from Partiki Phasing on Keylontic Dictionary:

Partiki Phasing is the process by which Partiki Units perpetually convert conscious energy into Bi-polar (PartikāParticum) Light Radiation Scalar-Waves (expansion) and back into Omni-polar Sound Vibration Tri-tone (Partiki) Waves (contraction).

From both a spiritual and a scientific perspective, consciousness expressing itself in the form of energy substance is ‘fueled’ by the many orders of sequences involved with the act of encryption or encoding of thoughts, feelings, intents, and desires. In effect, partiki are indeed the “substance which thought is made of” and serve as conduits of conscious expression. Partiki, considered both divine and primal, are the foundational carriers of e-motion, conscious energy in a state of motion.

The primal “laws of physics and nature” are inextricably connected to a sensible, logical, and natural configuration of movements and relationships formed upon the Rules of Existence, divine properties that apply to all sacred units of conscious identity, right down to the most basic particle unit.

An excerpt from Rules of Existence on Keylontic Dictionary:

The Rules of Existence crucially recognize that:

  • All things are made of energetic substance.
  • All energetic substance is made of consciousness.
  • All consciousness is aware.
  • All energy is consciousness.
  • Spirituality and Science are directly and inextricably intertwined.
  • Human reality and human consciousness are made of the same cosmic substance.

It is through the recognition of these core principles that we are able to once again appreciate a fundamental respect for all units of identity within creation in that we are literally made of conscious substance who are moving through their own unique, microcosmic experiences taking place as part of the same process of perpetual re-evolution through internal fission and fusion.


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