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My son (16) came home frightened!

January 9, 2014

My 16 year old son just came home from Walmart frightened and almost in tears. He is very honest and not about drama at all.

I never believed per say in “black eyed people” because I have never seen one myself and have always thought it could be people with black contacts or something. I don’t know.. just never thought much about it.

Until tonight.

My son and his friends were leaving Walmart, standing in line to check out and he felt someone staring at him from behind and immediately his friend asked him to turn around. He turned and looked at this “being”.

This “being” was as still as stone and looked intimidatingly at my son, like it was his enemy. My son stared at her/ him/ it for a few more seconds, trying to process what he was seeing. He says there was zero light reflecting it’s eyes and that it looked like a black hole. Like.. no eyes just sockets that were deep and black. He says he felt like it was trying to get inside his head so he tried to think no thoughts. As he looked away the “being” grinned, but not a “Hi, how ya doing” but a melancholy smile.. fake and disgusting. He tells me he feels like it was a non-human. His intuition doesn’t tell him if it was demonic or a type of alien, just non-human. So after looking at this being a few more seconds, his instinct kicked in as if he needed to flee. He couldn’t run like he wanted to as he still needed to pay. When he was asked for the payment he said he could tell the cashier was as dumbfounded and confused as he and his friends were. He states everything was going in slow motion, like he was watching a movie in slow motion. He said it didn’t feel real at all.
He made eye contact with his friends who were with him and they all took off running and on the way home they were silent.

My son was so scared that he had actually seen this “being” that he became teary eyed when he was telling me and he was visibly shaken up.

My daughter and her friends laughed and didn’t take him seriously. He and I were in the garage talking about it and one of them came out and knocked on the door and he ran so fast up the stairs crying!!! He is freaked the hell out and this is soooo unlike my boy.

Tonight…. I am a believer in dark eyed non-humans and I am seriously concerned!

Has ANYONE here ever seen anything like what he describes?


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  1. Indy permalink
    February 10, 2014 1:52 am

    I’ve not encountered black eyed humans though I have encountered Men In Black in what appeared dreamlike sequences decades before the blockbuster Men In Black films. I have encountered on two separate occasions a different reptilian partly shapeshifting one of their eyes shimmering into vertical slits to express their annoyance towards me.

    I found a link that may offer some information on the subject as it seemed those with full black eyes were previously surplus to requirements but may now be back. I’ve including links to reptilians that are entirely different for information. Hope this helps.

    Humanoids with black eyes


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