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Ayahuasca – My Heart of Darkness | London Real

January 13, 2013

Nic Gabriel returns from his Ayahuasca retreat in the jungles of Peru to discuss his experiences at El Purguero under the supervision of Shaman Ron Wheelock, the terrifying images and life lessons gained from his 4 ceremonies, his uncomfortable afternoon with the plant medicine San Pedro, and why he feels that the “Old Nic” died in that jungle.

“I am so incredibly well and bursting with love.”- Nic 0:04:56

“I’m going to do my best to use the power of speech to convey what happened to me in that jungle, but a lot of it is beyond the kingdom of words…” – Nic 0:05:00

“We were all very scared.” 0:21:09

“I will take you to hell…but I will bring you back to the light.” – Nic 0:16:10

“Ron’s job is to dig into your soul and find the darkness and bring it out.” – Nic 0:33:32

“I was shown just how insane I was…how many fears I had…how many neuroses I had…” – Nic 0:40:03

“This is intense to listen to. I’m sure people watching can tell that you’re reliving it.” – Brian 0:54:45

“I felt a lot of my ego had been taken off me – a lot of the pressure of the ego had been relieved.” – Nic 0:57:53

“And at this point I had started to freak out a little bit.” – Nic 1:05:09

“When I’d look at someone I could only see their ego on their face. I couldn’t see their heart, only their ego.” – Nic 1:10:32

“This human experience is just a game, it’s just an amazing game we’re all playing.” – Nic 1:18:10

“I saw myself as a holy man underneath a tree, just laughing at the enourmous gift that life is.” – Nic 1:20:29

“I was someone who was having to think his way through the world as opposed to someone who was feeling his way through the world.” – Nic 1:22:20

“The truth is hidden in plain sight.” – Nic 1:27:28

“I started thrashing around in the dirt like a possessed animal.” – Nic 1:35:30

“Nic died in that jungle and whatever I am now was born in that jungle.” – Nic 1:36:40

“The relief combined with the dmt combined with the rite of passage we’d just been through…massive buzz.” – Nic 1:41:54

“Their fear of Ayahuasca belongs to them. It’s not my fear.” – Nic 1:44:19

“I find that the reason I go back to Ayahuasca is the way it changes my life afterwards.” – Brian 1:45:35

“And I would say to anyone listening to this: Go to the jungle and find out who you are.” – Nic 1:47:18


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