Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura – Brain Invaders

Ventura interviews a group of so-called “targeted individuals” (or “TIs”) – people who claim that they are being manipulated and tortured by mind-control signals after they have spoken out against the government. He further looks into the technology that could be behind these attacks, such as microwave transmitting GWEN towers, and meets with insiders who claim to have worked on and developed the technology for the government that began with Project MKUltra.

4 thoughts on “Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura – Brain Invaders

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  3. I’m one of these Targeted Individuals but in France. Maybe the main…

    Nevertheless, there are no Gwen Towers in our country… But it seems it works very good without !

    For me it’s not theory it’s experience. I’m not sure how do they manage to obtain all the sensations, symptoms, diseases on our bodies remotely, because it’s not just about voice in the head. But I can say that it’s everywhere.

    Dr Barrie Trower and John Saint Clair for example explain us a lot:

    However, this is not enough. The technologies goes far beyond everything we can find on the Web.

    As for this documentary, at the beginning (2:06) and at the end (43:24) you can see like a man in black, and it’s not a chance… In addition, if you look down at 43:24 you’ll read in the same time the name of the executive producer: CROWLEY, which is also the name of the journalist (at 5:00). It’s not a chance too.

    The men in black are under these horrific crimes. I know what I speak about because I refused them when they knocked at my door, like my father few years ago, before his death. They are sent by the chief commander, the eye in the sky, the 666, the devil.

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