How an African tribe deals with crimes.

I was recently told of an African tribe that does the most beautiful thing.

When someone does something hurtful and wrong, they take the person to the center of town, and the entire tribe comes and surrounds him. For two days they’ll tell the man every good thing he has ever done.

The tribe believes that every human being comes into the world as GOOD, each of us desiring safety, love, peace, happiness.

But sometimes in the pursuit of those things people make mistakes. The community sees misdeeds as a cry for help.

They band together for the sake of their fellow man to hold him up, to reconnect him with his true Nature, to remind him who he really is, until he fully remembers the truth from which he’d temporarily been disconnected: “I AM GOOD”.

77 thoughts on “How an African tribe deals with crimes.

  1. Yea, we are all born perfect, each a piece of the puzzle that makes up the whole. Wonderful when community recognizes you as a piece of the puzzle and helps you fit in, just as you are, perfect. Problem with many modern societies is they take that puzzle piece and cram it where it’s not supposed to be, leaving us feeling imperfect as we try and fit in the wrong part of the puzzle.

    • I’m sorry but we aren’t all born perfect or equal at all. There are some of us in the work that are born with mental problems, down-syndrome and other health issues. It is also proven that people can be born with a criminal mind and become a psychopath. What you just said is so very wrong it makes me cringe.

      • What a hell you have created for yourself with such thoughts of poison.

        I have worked with down syndrome people, people you would accuse of being psychotics, mental health issues people, autistic all the way to vegetable, and have to tell you that psychopaths are made. Not born.

        You need to forgive yourself for your horrendous thoughts and love yourself before you begin to believe your own bull too much and do something really hurtful to someone else in this spirit and justify it with these abberant manufactured thoughts.

      • “What a hell you have created for yourself with such thoughts of poison.

        I have worked with down syndrome people, people you would accuse of being psychotics, mental health issues people, autistic all the way to vegetable, and have to tell you that psychopaths are made. Not born.

        You need to forgive yourself for your horrendous thoughts and love yourself before you begin to believe your own bull too much and do something really hurtful to someone else in this spirit and justify it with these abberant manufactured thoughts.”

        I am so sick of passive aggressive behavior from supposed bleeding hearts. “I’m really sorry you’re such an asshole. You were obviously raped as a child.”

        Sorry, but William’s right and he can see this because he doesn’t wear rose colored glasses.

        There have been numerous studies which show that some people, even though it’s very low, are born without the capacity for compassion. So because these people cannot learn empathy because of their fucked up brains, they have no problem hurting others.

        I mean, geez. Have you been living under a rock or did you just get the internet or something?

      • This is only partially true. While there are definite differences in brain structure that is consistent among sociopaths or serial killers, that does not actually mean that person will turn out that way. It’s a biological risk factor, like having the gene for breast cancer – that does not mean you will get it, it means you are more likely. This is where environment is so crucial in the lives of children. While I will admit that there is a chance that no matter what you do, a child was just born not wired right and cannot “be good” so to speak, raising every child surrounded by love and compassion is going to be far more successful than any other environment. And it is a very small fraction of the population that are truly “evil.”

        Also, recent studies are coming out showing that a child’s brain develops differently with extreme stress and abuse. It can affect the growth of white and grey matter and the way the neurons fire. This means that there is a possibility that a child that was not born with this brain damage could actually develop it in a bad environment. This is where empathy comes in. We have to stop looking at all people as the same. I mean, for human rights purposes, yes, and I would never suggest this be used as justification for crimes; but it should be used to change the way we perceive humanity. The mind is a fragile thing and as it develops in utero and during infancy and childhood, things can go very wrong. We have a responsibility to do our best to just not screw kids up.

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  3. Hooray! This is Golden Age thinking. By a tribe of ‘primitives’ no less. This is LOVE in action. Every person valued.

    How arrogant have we been to think that the West is civilized?

    Of course, this is probably a small group, how would this work for states?

    • This is fake, there is no such tribe and no such practice. The photo is from a book about soccer in Africa, by Jessica Hilltout. The rest is New age bullshit.

  4. Wow man! That is some beautiful stuff there. And by stuff I mean utter BS. Here’s how some africans deal with sorcerers. That’s right, I said sorcerers: I strongly suggest that instead of listening to fairytale BS and bizarrely believing it, you go spend some time in Africa, and really get to know the people there. Make sure you bring any small children you have so they can learn too.

    • This is only one place in huge Africa, so you can’t say all Africans are burning sorcerers at the stake. Stop generalizing an entire race of people. There is a myriad of different cultures in Africa. Some friendly and some not so comprehensible by western standards. Just like there’s a lot of cooky shit that westerners do that no one understands. This was a report of one tribe doing something cool and you had to be a straight up racist by posting some asinine garbage. Thanks a lot Bob.

      • It’s fake. The photo is from a book about soccer in Africa, by Jessica Hilltout. The whole thing is a hoax.

    • Yeah, I’ve been trying to find confirmation on this. I’m beginning to think it’s just made up bullshit propagated by stupid people on the internet…and here I am seeing it two years later.

  5. In old Afghanistan, where a traveling judge would hear cases, it was possible that a trial of a thief would end up with the village being fined, if they had not given the accused help when it was needed.

  6. That’s a nice bullshit story about the African tribe and village that obviously must reamin nameless because they don’t exist. The truth is they hack him to death with machettes.

  7. The Second Sage: Mencius, developed the wisdom that we are all basically good. His teaching can bring the African tradition into the 21st Century. Kumbaiyah, multi-culturalism rules.

  8. In Camaroon they used to not have locks on the doors, and used to share a food storage building, until the sailors came and taught them about mistrust and greed..thats when they stopped trusting each other and locked thier doors.

  9. Total BS story – more likely, he would be immediately killed. Black Africans are savages – they don’t practice this type of airy-fairy, new-age peace and love crap. Thousands of White South African farmers have been savagely murdered by blacks since the end of apartheid there – something the Jew media doesn’t want you to know about. Most of the White victims, including children, were tortured, raped, then hacked to death with machetes. Anyone who believes this BS story is a fool.

  10. Regardless of the yay or nay postings here (the nays being the typical troll city mongers that only know pain as a solution to anything), the primary reasons for the failure of civilization on the horizon is the pyramid system of governance. When strangers in unreachable places make rules for the rest to follow in a profit driven system, you get this world. It may not suck yet (for some), but believe me this world is going to suck big time for those that worship it and hold fast that it will continue to provide the teat for them to suckle forever.

    Communities, even neighborhoods are under constant attack by the hoarders of wealth. There can be no local solutions to any problem, only global, legislated answers that bring pain as an answer to pain. It is this way because there is a constant advertisement into every hole in every man’s head that being rich is indeed happiness. Look at the sad lives of these happy people. Totally isolated, always suspicious, constantly scheming new ways to extort and control others. It’s absurd.

    I don’t care if this tribe is real or not. The message is real. And those that deny it surely deserve what is coming. No matter if any prophecy is true, the planet earth is on a collision course with an ecological disaster already set in play. Men of low character and intellect constantly look for ways to demonize that which might threaten their pathetic plastic existence. Men of low character believe that money is real and material is god and the governments they pay to sell them a load of manure are actually going to do anything but shoot them dead as soon as the need arises. All this article is, is a different definition of how people should be dealt with when they lack self-discipline. But the deniers will quickly come to the defense of their system of pain and enslavement, always working to make sure the herd mentality is sustained and empowered. They do this for only one reason: they profit from it.

    • The horizontal pyramid system of government is NOT the reason. Unfortunately, through no fault of the Europeans, they developed a Dualistic way of thinking. So, don’t blame Europeans, it’s all a coincidence of history. BUT, THEY ARE THE ONES RESPONSIBLE. Hug a European. Jesus figured out what went wrong, he was a European. Yet, even God couldn’t fix the Europeans. So, let’s all hold hands with the Eurotrash and sing a rousing chorus of “Cumbaiya.”

      2. Ways of Thinking

      Old Way of Thinking New Way of Thinking (Dualism)
      ——————– —————————————-

      What can we learn Civilized Europeans | Savages
      from our neighbors |
      and what do we have Peaceful Europeans | Enemies
      to share with them? |
      (“Love your neighbor Generous Europeans | Useless
      as yourself.”) | Eaters
      Rich Europeans | Trespassers
      | and Thieves
      | on the land
      | over all of
      | which our God
      | gave us
      | dominion
      Educated and | Clowns
      Intelligent Europeans | and
      | Idiots

      • Stopped reading when you said Jesus was European.

        Not in the geographic sense, not in the modern conception of Europe and at his time they definetely didn’t even have a concept of Europe, so, well, Jesus wasn’t European…

    • Solution, solution, solution. Let us focus on solution more so than problem. We may have been taught to focus on problems, but trust me, we are solution creators!

  11. You know, there are many, many different tribes, each with different cultural practices. Just because one tribes burns sorcerers alive, doesn’t mean the practices in the above article are BS. Norway has a kindness based penal system as well, with lower repeat offenders than the US.

  12. I live in Africa. Here they “necklace” criminals – they place an old motor car tyre around his neck, fill it with petrol (gasoline) and set it alight.

  13. who the hell are you trying to fool with this BS article?
    I KNOW people who live in AFrica, my ex is from there. They sell dead babies and baby body arts on the street. Just around the corner from her house. You can actually buy potions made from dead babies. That is their religion. In her office, the women who are virgins dance NAKED in the office once a year, while the males surround them and stare like dogs. This is an ancient tradition, practiced in LAWYERS OFFICES in modern Africa.
    She also told me how nobody stops at red lights or leaves windows open in their cars, because you are guaranteed to be shot or chopped to death for a mere slice of pizza or a dollar – or because you are white.

    Put your BS where the sun don’t shine cuz I don’t buy it.

    • I realize that you are hurt because of the painful things that your African friends have shared with you, but that may (I assume) be the city. Isn’t it a possibility that there is a small tribe, somewhere deep in the jungle, that practices this? And if so, isn’t it a wonderful concept? If it became more widespread, wouldn’t the world be a better place? If you have time, please read my thoughts written recently in this thread. Hugs!

      • I am simply unable to comprehend the abysmal ignorance and arrogance of the average amerikan.

        When I read the posts on this topic all I see are comments about tribes and “Africa” – as if this was one homogeneous, single entity.

        Wake up, you fools.

        There are 57 individual countries in Africa with a total population that exceeds on billion people. Nigeria alone has nearly two thirds the population of amerika. Here in South Africa we have a population of over fifty million people – and they are from all walks of life. We do not live in tribal communities and hunt lions with spears and clubs. Cultures vary from the most sophisticated Western model to the most primitive neo-paleothic customs.

        How everyone can simply refer to Africans and their habits is beyond me. It is like saying that ALL amerikans are obese, watch TV for at least 9 hours a day, think that the world begins and ends at the shores of their country and speak appalling English.

        Mind you . . .

  14. This is beautiful. It’s not about an African Tribe (whether this tribe exists or not) this is a story about life and how we should live it. Great example, absolutely wonderful.

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  16. They really, truly GET it!!! I wish they’d have the realization to implement that in our prisons. I bet we’d see a HUGE reduction in repeat offenders. In fact, we should do this in daily life, when someone hurts us, we should realize that they are acting out of pain and remind them that they are good. Reacting nastily and arguing/fighting is how WE respond to OUR pain from the other person hurting us!! It’s a cycle. When we learn how to healthily process our pain, we will be a happier people, thus, we will hurt eachother less and thus, we will elicit less negative reactions back to us. Do you see the cycle? It’s an epiphany!!

    • The only references to the “Babemba” tribe are postings that confirm the myth.

      I live in South Africa, White English speaking male of 67 years and I have never ever heard of the Babemba tribe. It is all nonsense.

      The only tribes in South Africa are the Zulu, Xhosa, Swazi, Ndebele, Tswana, Pedi, Basotho, Venda, Lemba, and Shangaan-Tsonga tribes.

      • are you sure those are the only ethnic groups in South Africa. Perhaps you should say, those are the ones that you know of 😉

        Have you heard of Bapulana, Batokwa, Balobedu, the Mfengu etc? Learn about your country brother…

      • @Les_D – The groups you refer to are language groups – not tribes.

        I know my country, sister.

      • they are not from South-Africa, rather Southern Africa. They make/made their homes around Zambia and Kongo

  17. It seems we are quick to believe the opposing reality of the unjust and civil society which proposes through keen manipulation of media and information, that Africa is full of horrible people. Thank you Carol Meckelson for the update on which tribe it is, from the instant I heard this story I knew it was true, no doubt in my mind. Lack of a name of the tribe does not make it any less acknowledgeable. And I am dissappointed that there are so many quick to judge. There are still tribes who are unknown that do and know great things and wisdom that us of the technological age can learn a heck of a lot from. We are what we repeat as our mantra. We are social creatures! I can think of no better way to handle such an act .

  18. Can you or anyone tell me the name of this tribe. What part of africa? anything? I am searching for history, or more about this tribe. What a beautiful world it must be

  19. After reading the replies I see the poison of our culture is so prominant that people will fight to believe in horror rather than receive the gift of this example. Making excuses for their own twisted, shame filled gult ridden sadness and anger. Justifying their own rage and twisted values by projecting their intellectual dismissals of anything that doesnt try to dominate or destroy.

    When we look at something it does not change based upon our opinions. It is pure phenomena. We reveal ourselves though with out ways of interpreting and responding to the phenomena.

    By reading the comments its very easy to see which people are bitter and cynical and judgemental and anrgy and which are sweet and good hearted and sincere and loving.

    I know I would much rather be in a community with the people who are willing to pursue loving someone and working with them out of a desire to support them and nurture them towards health than a community of people bent on dominating, classifying, judging and damning.

    We create our own heaven or our own hell…. and its all in your head and heart.
    You get to live with it everyday, every moment. Make it worth living for.

  20. Which part of Africa does this tribe reside, and what is the tribes name? This is such a beautiful and peaceful thing to do 🙂 the world is riddled with war and fear; hate, it really is comforting to hear such a story, and I hope that it influences other tribes, cultures, and communities to do the same 🙂

  21. Whether this is real or not, the real question is “Would this be effective with most people?”

    Science tells us the answer is yes.

    There is overwhelming scientific evidence that behavior is tied to emotional state of the individual. People who feel good are more altruistic, kind (even to strangers), willing to help others, etc. than those who do not feel good. Criminology tells us that sustained low emotional states and attempts to feel more empowered that are thwarted can lead to crimes, including heinous crimes. The evidence of this with serial killers (including J. Dahmer and Charles Manson) is the norm., not the exception.

    One of the other responders also posted about changes in brain chemistry from chronic stress–neurologists are creating mounting evidence of this as well.

    We can do this in our families and with our circle of friends. We don’t have to wait for laws to change in order to use science to improve our lives. We can even do it with strangers when the opportunity to uplift someone comes our way.

  22. I don’t believe this is true. Something is amiss. Tribe is unidentified. Either this is a complete lie or there is a limit to the “mistakes” a person can commit if such a tribe existed it eould self destruct OR be overrun by violent neighbor tribes. Africa is a violent continent.

  23. Unfortunately, the story of the “Babemba Tribe” is a MYTH. Its a beautiful story, but simply not true. There is no proof anywhere the tribe exists, and that there is some ceremony like the one described. None. Sorry to burst bubbles, but the forgiveness and praising ceremony is an idealization (an excellent one, mind you) but it is not real and there is no known tribe anywhere performing it.

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