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Dermatoglyphics / fingerprint analysis

November 29, 2012
The color of the nails and the size of the small “moons” on each nail identify the quality of the blood circulation and oxygen level of the bloodstream.As the “moons” disappear, the circulation has become weaker.Any color other than pink usually signifies a problem from toxins in the blood.
Reading the Fingernails
One of the many things our fingernails reveal is the state of our Nervous System. As our efficiency at dealing with stress deteriorates, the nails will follow thisprogression:
2.White Spots
4.Fluted (vertical ridges)
5.Turned back at tip (dish-shaped)
6.Cross Trenches (horizontal pits, holes, or trenches)
Among the 10 nails, most people have conditions from two different categories, showing a transition stage between the conditions indicated. Once you havefound the category(ies), check the interpretations below.
 The methods of dealing with stress are so effective that health actually improves with each new change.
 Insufficient time has been taken to recover from previous stresses, and the Nervous System is showing its first warning signs.
 The stresses in life have become more frequent and harder to deal with. Mineral deficiencies are present.
 The pattern of denial has become a habit, and life has turned into a constant series of aggravations and traumas. Neglecting the need for recovery at this stagewill result in debility from severe illnesses or accidents.
 Illnesses caused by stress and worry have become common. At this stage, spinal weakness becomes a problem.
 A state of dis-ease has become normal. Cross trenches are often brought on by the death of a loved one.
 The body has been abused to the point where it has begun systematically shutting down.
There are only four basic Dermatoglyphic patterns you need to be concerned with: The Whorl (or Swirl), the Arch, the Loop, and the Triradius. All othermarkings are merely combinations and variations of these four patterns.Each person will have a Whorl, Arch, or Loop on each fingertip (the fingerprints), a Triradius on the Mount of Luna and beneath each finger, and most willalso have two other Whorls or Loops elsewhere on the hand. Patterns can also be found on the second and third phalanges of each finger.
The Whorl
 The Whorl can be a Spiral, a Bulls-eye, or a Double Loop. Whorls are points of intensification, and should be noted whenever they appear.
The Arch
 This pattern can appear as a Flat Arch, or a Tented Arch. Pay special attention to any Arch which rises very high.
The Loop
 Loops can rise towards the fingertips, or fall towards the wrist. The Common Loop moves towards the thumb, while the Radial Loop (Reverse Loop) movestowards the percussion side of the hand.
The Triradius
 The Triradius (also called the “Delta”)can be used to pinpoint the exact center of each mount. The Mounts can then be seen as Centered, Leaning, or Displaced.
The three types of Whorls are the Spiral, the Bulls-eye, and the Double Whorl (also called the Double Loop). The Spiral and Bulls-eye prints are quite similarin their interpretations, the latter giving slightly more focus. Anywhere on the hand the Whorls highlight and emphasize that particular region, making it anarea of focus in the subject’s life.The
Double Whorl
is perhaps the most misunderstood of all Dermatoglyphic markings. In general, interpret the Double Whorl as you would the other Whorls,but because it is made up of two interconnected loops, there is one major difference: Until the personality is developed there will be a strong tendency towardsexaggeration, manipulation, and subversive actions in the area of life indicated. For example, a person with the Double Loop on both thumbs is likely in earlylife to use deceit to help assert their will over others. Owners of this print gravitate towards dramatic careers, and with daily effort can easily attain greatrenoun.
Whorls on the Fingerprints
Index Finger –
“Gift of Perception”
Individuals with this print are virtually impossible to deceive or lie to. As a result, they generally lead very unhappychildhoods. They see only too clearly the deceptions and facades put on by others, including their own parents.
Middle Finger –
“Gift of Organization”
Owners of this print will see categories and relationships which escape most others. They will categorize people andevents as specific “types”. They are very curious, and enjoy uncovering or investigating “secrets”.
Ring Finger –
“Gift of Discernment”
This is the ability to spot flaws in any plan, design, concept, or person. A strong tendency towards perfectionism,especially in their own work. These are the people who cannot tolerate a picture hanging slightly crooked.
Baby Finger –
“Gift of Communication”
Although usually self-conscious and reserved, these subjects have the gift of eloquence with the written and spokenword. Natural orators, they have the ability to move and inspire others with the power of their voice. An interesting charateristic of this placement is thesubject’s spiritual views. They will NEVER follow the dogma of any religion, but have their own unique philosophy in which they are extremely confident.
Thumb Print –
“Gift of Willpower”
This print reveals a natural leader with a strong ability to command others. They will dominate any situation with theirinherent mesmerizing ability. There is a strong tendency towards dictatorial or totalitarian views, especially with their children.
Common Loop
The most common type of fingerprint is the Common Loop (also called the Ulnar Loop). This print reveals the ability to draw on ideas from many sources, andblend them into a unique style.
The Loop reveals a natural “Follower”. The desire to lead others is often present, but NOT the ability. Apply the meaning of the Loop to whatever region inwhich it is found.
Radial Loop
A looped print entering and leaving from the thumb side of the hand is called the Radial Loop (sometimes called the Reverse Loop, or Inventor’s Loop). Whilethe Common Loop shows the blending of other styles, the Radial Loop reveals the ability to create an entirely new style or system. These people have keenvisual memories, able to recall not only images, but also the actions and emotions which accompanied these images. As with all other markings, the RadialLoop applies to whatever area or finger on which it is found.
Radial Loop on the Fingerprints:
Index Finger
– Someone who will express their Ego in a unique way. This single print on the dominant hand reveals that self-employment is the only route topersonal fulfillment.
Middle Finger
– One who uses their mind in a way uniquely their own. These are the great inventors, and are highly creative, also having the ability to controltheir own autonomic systems (heartbeat, digestion, etc.) with their mind.
Ring Finger
– A person who creates their own emotions and emotional responses. Others can never truly understand these individuals, since one cannotunderstand emotions or responses that will never be experienced. As a result of this, these people never feel that they “fit in” with society, but their lives aregoverned by the constant attempt. Fear and loneliness issues must be overcome to attain fulfillment.
Baby Finger
– Extremely rare. This print indicates someone who creates their own religious and spiritual views. This would not be a blend of otherphilosophies, which is most common, but would be a religion based on entirely new concepts.
The Arched Print
The Arched Print denotes traditional values and high morals. In almost every case, the moral values are due to some “past” which the subject is ashamed of.People with this print find it difficult to view their own negative traits, and to understand that the “past” which they look upon with distain or shame wasmerely an experience needed for the personality to develop fully. The Flat Arch follows tradition with little independent thought, while the Tented Arch revealsa depth of intellect.
Arches on the Fingerprints
Index Finger
– One who has traditional views regarding their own ambitions, career, and leadership. They believe they must work hard to make money, savethis money, and invest in their future. These people’s “pasts” are in areas such as promiscuity and low self-esteem (suicidal tendencies, eating disorders, andother forms of self-abuse).
Middle Finger
– Traditional values regarding the mind. For these people, education is the only way to success. Their “pasts” are in areas such as drug abuseand the manipulation of others.
Ring Finger
– Traditional values pertaining to the emotions (men don’t cry, etc.). Their “past” is their previous lack of emotional stability.
Baby Finger
– Traditional values regarding communication, religion, and sex. These are the only people who will truly follow the dogma of any specificreligion, without modifying it to their own standards. Their “past” is their promiscuity or lack of spirituality, but only because of the perceived “staining” of thesoul.
– Traditional values in regards to the passions and willpower. Even after the personality has developed, there is still a strong tendency towardsdomineering attitudes. The “past” for these people is when they fell prey to their passions and desires, with little thought to the future repercussions.When the arched print is found on both the index and middle fingers, there is great depth of intellect. While sometimes appearing slow to grasp concepts, this isdue to the subject desiring a complete understanding, instead of just a superficial grasp of the knowledge.
 Cuts on the hands show where the person has sustained minor psychological harm.
Broken Fingers
 Broken bones indicate severe damage to the psychological aspect represented by the finger – ie. broken ego (index finger).
Blocks and Advancements
 Any horizontal mark is considered a “block”, while any vertical mark is considered an “advancement”. Blocks are traits or events which in some way inhibitthe person from achieving what they desire. Advancements are traits or events which propel the individual to further develop their personality.
Spots identify chronic and accute ailments within the body. Spots may be White, Red, Blue, Brown, or Black. The darker the marking, the more serious theaffliction
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