• Jesse is aware of a lot of truth, but he is not aware of a lot bigger truth than he is willing or perhaps even ABLE to grasp. I don’t know if he can or not, but he is not aware. He is aware of stuff that I was able to figure out as a teenager from using commons sense, honesty, and the “news”. The real questions go deeper. The other dude is a disingenuous tool.

  1. … armed with facts and he can speak without spitting …. fun to watch an interviewer squirm like that – Building 7 and the early news report of it is key to opening people’s minds imo

  2. Mr. Ventura made some salient points to be sure…..but for all his study on 911 and other issues, he’s made a rather large mistake by not examining God’s Word. For it has foretold all that has come to pass, and will come to be. The reason that religions figures so prevalent in the world’s conflicts, is that people often will kill and be killed to defend belief structure. Christ taught otherwise, and any who claim connection with Him yet slaughter others, reveal the heinous hypocrisy of such affiliation. God is angry with our country, and the world at large….as we have defaulted to put in power above us, those who are His enemies! The proof that God’s Word is unfolding exactly as foretold, is everywhere.

    Net search – Shriner Lucifer

    Net search – D.C. Jerusalem masonic shrine

    Net search – six pointed star mark beast

    Net search – 666 talents of gold


    Who is in power of the world at this time? The bible describes them and their mark to the letter! No other Book on the planet at any time comes close to the accuracy and Wisdom contained in God’s True Word.

    Look and see that secret societies have founded their doctrines on the fallen solomon, who fell away from Yahweh, the One True Creator, and took the “Star of chemosh” as his personal seal, hence the “Seal of solomon” or the HEXagram. A geometric representation of 666. That is why the HEXagram is above the eagle on our dollar bill. It symbolizes, that they rule OVER America. Many soldiers have been asking why it is that on EVERY officer sword in the U.S. military, a HEXagram is now etched on every hilt. Why has MalWart changed it’s logo to a six pointed symbol? Note on Youtube that various videos of mobile guard towers are going up in MalWart parking lots at several locations in the south east.

    The HEXagram IS the mark of the beast, as forewarned in God’s Word. Those who take this mark, or worship the beast will be allowed to buy or sell in the days ahead…..but will pay the ultimate price.

    What is happening to heaven and earth itself at this time? Again, God’s Word is True. See the link below, as there is much evidence that Luke 21:25-28 is in fulfillment at this time, as is Revelation 16:8, and Isaiah 24:20 to be fulfilled soon enough! The sun, moon and stars themselves are shaken in the heavens and the proof is everywhere. The oceans are increasingly agitated. Earthquakes and volcanic activity remarkedly increased. All these things taking place exactly as foretold, at a time when those highlighted above, who follow lucifer, are in power over much of the globe.


    Whose side are you on, dear reader? Your own? Lucifer’s by intentional action or paralytic inaction?

    If you be of Christ Yeshua, then do as He commands and instead of sitting in silence with one’s head hanging low……”STAND UP and LIFT UP your heads, for your REDEMPTION draws near!”

    The hour is truly late, and one had best turn or return to God in Christ Yeshua while there is yet time. And may He find you working what is good toward all upon His return!

    Blessings in Christ

    • Please dont spout that idiotic fundamentalist crap on the internet. NOBODY CARES anymore, christian fundies are the most war mongering, hateful, judemental people on the planet today. You NEVER once say peace and harmony, never. You know them by their fruits. You are monsters, Israel is a terrorist state, PERIOD. Luckily you are only 11 percent of America, and you are a true nut with a fringe religion.

      • true patriot/ love your comment! religion is a cancer. if people really believed their so called “religion”, they would live peacefully within themselves and exude kindness and tolerance for others , knowing their truth and peace lies within . instead , their religion is a mask for hate.
        not everyone, but enough to make this subject sickening.
        ask the pedos in the church.

      • You Doug have no idea what you are talking about except for knowing about the phone Isreal. Religion maybe a cancer but your Heavenly Father is your only salvation.

    • Jesse Ventura is a voice crying in the wilderness, but unfortunately he has not connected his dots to God’s Word (the Bible) as referenced. If Jesse’s allegations and theories sound too crazy to be true, it may have been engineered and executed that way… purely for THAT reason.

      Note to Voice in the Wilderness: May God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ bless you and keep you! Great comments!

      • Yes, he is that 911 denier-republiblood-who quit running to save his buddy Romney after disillusioning millions who needed someone to believe in. He was in the running only to divert attention from other 3rd+ party candidates who had even less chance (though better ideas) than he. It turns out that Romney is even more adept than Bush with the foot in mouth technique, so we get four more years of the smiling drone killer. Vote Rocky Anderson.

    • The shills like Piers Morgan are looking like complete morons with the “official story” is true garbage when there is so much data refuting the official story. When 1600 engineers, physicists, metallurgists, architects with 25,000 years of combined experience state there is no way the buildings could have collapsed by jet fuel alone, that nano thermite was found in the ruble (nano thermite is constructed from the atomic level up according to these experts, didn’t know terrorists had that kind of technology available. Oh wait, terrorists in gov’t do have access to that kind of technology), and these shills look like complete idiots touting the official story. When professional pilots (many commercial airline pilots are ex-military) with 1000’s of hours behind military and commercial airline flying experience say that there is no way they could control those 767’s like that and they do not believe a person with minimal training on a Cessna could do what they can’t with their vast flying experience. Seems like no matter how much evidence you give, the shills will keep shoveling the crap and the sheeple will keep believing it. I heard a great definition for a conspiracy theorist – a derogatory term for a person that is a critical thinker. Seems like most people can’t think past what kind of coffee they want from starbucks.

  3. Piers Morgan is a bloody idiot. Why on earth did CNN employ that wazzock? His mindset is stuck in the illusory consensus reality. He wouldn’t know reality if it bit him on the bollocks tomorrow.

  4. Ventura is the worst nightmare the establishment faces in trying to contain the truth from ever coming out, surrounding the events of 9/11
    I applaud all of his efforts, each and every step taken to unmask 9/11 is a step to free this nation from the criminals behind the curtain.

    More on this topic here;



    • Succinctly said. I have come to appreciate most of what Jesse says and at this time, he is the only one that has been given a venue to be heard. I hope the Washington mobsters think that he is just an amazing buffoon and allow him to continue. I know he lives in Mexico much of the time, but he undoubtedly knows for certain that those corrupt and sadistic gangsters will degrade or kill him if he ever poses a real threat to their power. Sadly, even Jessie is not bullet proof.

  5. “you just want to get the crowd back on your side”….was brilliant and true.

    piers is a complete tool.
    he should be bitch slapped by Jessie.

  6. Piers Morgan is a typical bought off elitist shill and gatekeeper. Jesse Ventura is a truth seeker. Bravo Jesse. You made that guy look like the idiot that he is.

  7. Piers is part of the problem concerning the media. Another stooge playing his part for the ruling class.
    He is just what is called in the journalistic community as D.O.P.E.


    Jesse tells it like it is.

  8. Right on Jesse concerning religion. George Carlin had an excellent take on this dismal subject years ago.
    “Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful”. Seneca the Younger, philosopher,
    statesman and orator
    “Religion is the masterpiece of the art of animal training, for it trains people as to how they shall think. ” ― Arthur Schopenhauer

  9. Ventura owned Piers, who sounds like a typical media quisling and suckup to State power. Piers isn’t man enough to get down on his knees and tongue out Ventura’s ass. It would be too great an honor for that Brit poofter.

  10. Too bad he’s an atheist, and not an agnostic. He could go a lot further and do some good as an agnostic. Plenty of atheists worshiping satan in D.C while agnostics simply are committed to any god. Basically, being an atheist only means you worship satan and don’t publicize it.

    • Atheism & even satan-worship, is the blight of the western world. When people abandon Jesus Christ & the Bible, the void never stays empty long. God always sends tyrants, communists, & satan-worshippors as a replacement. His reasoning is, if a people reject their creator’s rule, they then deserve to be ruled by the bloodiest, most cruel monsters imaginable. It works this way every time. History’s full of examples. When the tyranny & oppression gets too much to bear, only then do people seek God again for relief.

    • Not necessarily with regards to “all” atheists worshipping satan. I am a believer who believes that their is no god but The God (Islamic declaration of faith). Meaning, I acknowledge nothing as god but the Source of All Creative Inspiration as can be summed up scientifically as the Singularity which transends All through an Entangled Awareness at the quantum & sub-quantum level. Even though I am a Muslim (one whom submits to the Will of God/Laws of the Universe), I acknowledge there are those who do not belive as I do yet do more good for the sake of mankind and nature than those who claim to believe (whether they be Christian, Jew, or Muslim). There are zionist of all religions.

    • Bud,
      I, like Jessie, am a total and devout ATHEIST. I was brought up Catholic and attended a Catholic elementary school in Oneonta, N. Y. I had some of the most memorable and unforgettable experiences while attending St. Mary’s, but down the road, I did have to admit that there was no Santa, Easter Bunny, etc. Eventually I had to admit that the idea of a God was just an extension of the ” program.” Don’t know where Fred gets the idea that I must therefore believe in Satan because I don’t as well as all of the Greek, Roman, and all of the other Gods that all civilizations have created while searching for an answer. As far as I am concerned, NATURE is the only entity that comes anywhere near the definition of “GOD”. I firmly believe that most “agnostics” are atheists but want to avoid the normal confrontation I have learned to accept. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that most Catholic popes died as atheists. There are practicing clerics today that admit they are atheists. Google up “atheist clerics”. You might also want to google up “celebrity atheists”
      as well as “famous American atheists”. You will recognize the names of Jefferson, Paine, Franklin, Lincoln, etc. There’s enough reason for me to accept the fact that George Washington fell into that category.

  11. This is only part of the interview. Ventura took Morgan to the proverbial woodshed. Ventura speaks of many things that are maliciously labeled as conspiracies, but he is well researched and versed in what he speaks about.

  12. Jesse tells the truth. The international bankers have taken over our country. Most politicians are on the take. We are in the middle east because the oil producing countries refused dollars for oil. They wanted payment in gold or Euros.

    The object is to debase our currency and turn our country communist. Lennon stated in his Manifesto in order to turn a country to government dependency , communism, you must debase the currency. This is a Zionist agenda.

    Piers works for the Zionist networks. He is just a puppet afraid of his job. Bought and paid for.

  13. Piers Morgan started his career with Kelvin MacKenzie and Rupert Murdoch.
    Enough Said.
    He has been bought and sold one hundred times.

  14. The talking muppet from the BBC (blatant biased communists) just had his tail ripped off & handed to him. Well done, Mr Ventura. The Orwellian Brits & their big-brother worship is sad, but American talking heads are just as stupid. Which is why the MSM is in such financial trouble. No one believes PRAVDA anymore, thanks to the internet.

    • Lol@BBC. America, the UK has other tv channels apart from the BBC. Morgan has always been associated with tabloid newspapers in the UK and ITV tv network. If you are going to employ a “Brit”, employ one with half a brain at least.

  15. I just finished watching this clip, Jesse is real, he obviously has done massive research, which for the most part, just about everything he did have too say sounds correct and he definitely put Piers on the defense because Piers cannot sit there and agree with everything Jesse was saying because Piers has too keep his job of disinformation going or else Piers bosses will pull the plug on Piers show in a heartbeat.

    Yes, there are a bunch of wanna be thugs ruling Washington D.C. politics now and they must be weeded out of the political arena before they do more intentional damage to the American peoples liberty and freedoms. American people need too wake up once and for all, put down the remote control, put down the Ipads, put down the cell phones, forget about watching sports and begin researching about what is truly going on within their country, what is truly going on in Washington politics, who are the REAL people who control what is happening in the Whitehouse, what does the NDAA act really mean to the average American citizen, the fact the Federal Reserve who prints the money we all have in our bank account & wallets is not owned/not operated by the U.S. government-is basically owned by the Rothschild banking dynasty and various other elitist.

    What is truly going on you will not find all the answers just by watching mainstream media, must dig deeper, there are many alternative Internet channels, sites too choose from too find out what is truly going on behind the scenes. The rabbit hole of disinformation runs very deep, rely on your gut instincts what is truth or fabricated lies.

    May the positive forces of the light guide you and protect you through the storm.

    Safe journey too all.

  16. What a bunch of bull crap. The fact is the US govt ia an agent for large, greedy corps and is screwing people all over the globe so that Wall St can live in luxury.

  17. It is a stretch to state that all wars are about religion. Most are not. Maybe bc nearly everyone has some form of religion. WWI and II were not religious wars, neither Korean nor Vietnam. Ventura’s statement about Vietnamese not liking religious northerners running the country as the cause is ridiculous, the war had started years before and escalated AFTER the Christian (Catholic) leaders were disposed in ’63. His logic would require the war to end at that point. So he is an Athiest, so I am sure he sides with the athiest leaders of the 20th century who were best at killing: Pol Pot in Cambodia, Mao in China, Stalin in Russia, need more? Also, Just bc politicians wrap themselves in religion doesn’t make what they do religious.

    • Excellent points. Unfortunately, Jesse is not perfect and doesn’t sell the atheist program well even though most of what he says about the political system and 911 have a real ring of truth to those who have studied the issues over the last 10 years. At times, atheism becomes a faith system in itself. With finite minds, we cannot possibly even ask relevant questions of an infinite nature.

  18. Piers Morgan is a hissing little squib that stops short of anything resembling ignition. His prominence on US television has less to do with what he says and more to do with how he says it. A glib little apologist under the aims of becoming populist; his presence in all our lives, be it nightly or only a few seconds a year, this is indeed symptomatic of our collective dysfunction.
    Ironically,. he and those like him are among our easiest problems to solve. It’s as easy as your remote control.
    Jesse Ventura may not speak like Christopher Hitchens, but you can’t turn away. He and others like us..perhaps you as well….are continuing to stand and be counted. For every one that does, there are ten more biding their time.
    Get ready empire. Your capstone shall fall.

  19. Piers Morgan is like any human resources manager. We think HR is the go-to-guy for employes – they’re not – they’re there to present typically unfavorable Board/Exec policy and in turn take the heat from the employees (ie, HR is a shield). Morgan is a shield or a shill. His purpose is to, foremost, deflect by saying look as Bin Laden, don’t look at Mosad. If he can’t deflect then he has to absorb the punch himself. How sickening it must be for a journalist to reach that rung on the ladder to success when they realize they no longer report facts or seek truth but have to tell lies with a straight face and/or take it up the bee-hind for the good of the team. Give me Mike Wallace. And if they can’t deflect or absorb then they have to attack the individual. Listen to it again. See how many times he’s run the standard simple play-book: A, B, C. When you can see this tactic, you will never be able to un-see it. In short, you can then penetrate the hypnotic mass media.

  20. Jesse always takes a firm stand. That’s why he didn’t say he is agnostic. Being aetheist means you don’t believe in god or demon.Belief is not knowledge. I pray that Jesse will be made aware through knowledge, and join the Forces of Light.

  21. Jesse Seems like the only one to get Air Time. Sorry We Had Charlie Sheen hanging out with alex jones.JESSE keep away from these people.WE NEED MORE Like JESSE. maybe a couple of millitary. Ex Generals Corperate Ex Leaders. Former Political insiders. IT Will Build.exponentialy. People With Alot of guts who when they do stand put on a shirt with a target painted on it. Lets Give Them More TARGETS.

  22. Ron Paul jumped ship after making sure there was not enough time to assemble a third party candidacy. Jesse jumped ship and left the country before he had the chance to amass a campaign and competent staff. not that I do not understand the sentiment. Alan Grayson, maybe Dennis Kucinich.

  23. Jesse is a brilliant person who uses truth to win battles. The corrupt forces that have run the US into the ground need to be made public.

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  25. Piers Morgan must be well aware of the 911 BBC female reporter’s on-camera description of the collapse of Building 7, some 20 minutes before the actual collapse happened. He simply dodged Jesse’s argument by disclaiming any knowledge about it.
    Sorry: he’s not a very trustworthy TV presenter.

  26. You got four yrs now to put this guy up….make him work…and you know hes the real deal…no money is going to sway his idea of what you are……you got four yrs. go for it!!!

  27. Piers is a Luciferian Illuminati alter boy. So very willing to be used in their Satanic homosexual rituals. “Pick me. Pick me”, he squealed eagerly, as his little pink hand shot up to be selected.

  28. John, Dave, et al. Can you not see that perhaps Morgan knows what he is doing. He knows that he is doing a bad enough job of deflecting the things he knows he is wrong about enough for us to easily see it but also enough to keep the corporate communist party happy? (I say communist because they are not onlike the Chinese Communist party) Believe it or not he is on our side. Afterall he probably was the one who pressured to have Ventura even come on. His squirming is too obvious. Even his forcing a break is too obvious. Even the guy whispering something in Ventura’s ear was too obvious. Either that everyone has become so disorganized (and is getting more real) that what they were masters of deception during the 80s and 90s they are terrible at now.

  29. And I’ll tell you this much. The corporations and Pentagon have a plan they call 2020 where by that year they are going to tell you they did it. It started with Reagan, possibly Nixon, possibly even before Eisenhower. They are going to say to all of you, “So what are you going to do about it? We’ve got you all hooked up to cell phones and have been tracking all 340 million of you for years now, we’ve been listening to your conversations, we control your credit cards, bank accounts and even your pay checks. We can see where you live, where you walk and where you go from our satelites. We have even installed GPS devices in all your cars (which they are doing now). Cameras look down upon you at every intersection, even in your neighborhoods. There is nothing you can do about it. We can attack you any time we want. We can inprison you for any made up reason like “disorderly conduct” etc.. If you try to protest we’ll use the local police to stop you. We own you now and can enslave you in any way we feel like. What are you going to do about it?” The only hope you can have to do anything about it is not let any Republican in anywhere, but like Ventura says even the Democrips are corrupt. But get the Democrips in there and pressure them to cut back on their funding. But it will be a long process. Without money they won’t be able to do a thing. It’s either that or you all become slaves and this planet is not big enough to hide.

  30. VOICE ITW, You dishonor Christ by not obeying HIM. Spread the good news not FEAR< DEATH & JUDGEMENT. That was not the GREAT COMMISION.You are already saved and should be gentle, kind, forgiving,etc. These are works of the spirit. You speak of SIN, GOD HATING. God is love and sin was taken care of 2000years ago. Start there and stay there.You will do well.

  31. The problem is osama bin laden was not killed by that seal team, its a very very subtle disinfo tactic that that book was written and jesse ventura is a very very subtle dis info agent to give the books props

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