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Elite Reptilian Overlords Like Eating Our Brains Cold

August 28, 2011

The idea of reptilian aliens that rule the planet is of course on its face patently absurd, yet it is a myth that has driven a wide range of fictional media (V, Sitchen’s various novels, etc), as well as a surprising number of people who believe it quite literally, especially those that buy Icke’s implicitly anti-semitic model of reptilian aliens.

As I said in the Immanence of Myth,

“…Zecharia Sitchin has written several books about the “true” origin of Sumerian mythology: aliens. Th is, or the mythology of planet Niburu, is a wonderful modernization of ancient mythic elements, but considered as empirical fact, one may as well buy into the hollow Earth theory. Th e author David Icke takes it a step further: aliens, or reptilians, exist in the world today and control the world economy. Though there is some truth to the argument from ignorance “the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence,” that doesn’t mean either of these scenarios are even remotely likely in a factual or historic sense…”

So let’s look a little deeper at this as a myth, and at some of the ideas that exist in what we might call the connective tissue of these ideas. Reptilians are of course cold-blooded, and they do not nurture their young. If you’ve ever spent time with a lizard or bird, you can get a sense of the consciousness at work behind their similarly cold eyes. It calculates, it measures, it ponders and waits, and most of what it is contemplating is food and danger. So too with mammals, but there is something uniquely… reptilian… about the way that a lizard does it, isn’t there?

Studies have shown, interestingly enough, that empathy is a trait that gets reduced in the wealthy classes. One can only imagine that in the top 1%, many of them must have a downright reptilian disposition. It isn’t much of a stretch. They don’t need to originate from a far off planet X on some massive elliptical orbit: the worst atrocities humans have suffered have been, with the exception of plagues and natural disasters, at the hands of other humans. There is something especially awful about these cruelties, because they could have been averted.

What kind of cold-bloodedness does it take to order the genocide of millions, as has happened time and again throughout history, often for no crime other than having the misfortune of being born in a politically unfavorable spot? That such genocides are often carried out by obedient proles, by the lower classes themselves, that the lower classes often tear themselves apart, and burn their own homes when they riot, is a further bewildering horror – but all of it begins with the reptilians, the cold snake eye that feels no need for mother’s breast, for warm companionship or compassion. It kills, hunts, and grows without those feelings, such that we are all more than a little surprised when we discover that the coldest of butchers loved puppies, or enjoyed playing with children.
This leads us to an associated issue, of the personal psychology of the tyrant. Do they differ between different political and social systems? It would seem at first that the obvious answer would be yes. In the theoretical extremes of free market capitalism and communism, the flaw of the former is an over-emphasis on the individual to the point that it produces cold, unempathic, self obsessed people that are fixated on consumption, whereas communism produces a lack of personal freedom, and de-motivated, inherently socially repressed individuals without any sense of self-worth.

But that doesn’t seem to play out at the top levels. It would seem that the top 1% remain the same in many ways the world over. A look at the homes of communist dictators shows that there are some inherent psychological necessities that supersede this dichotomy of cultural structure – they look more or less the same, barring cultural differences, as the palaces of their capitalist or even monarchist counterparts.

Perhaps they are reptilians after all.

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  1. Nano permalink
    August 28, 2011 6:30 pm

    David Icke isn’t an anti-Semite by any stretch. He’s anti-Rothschild Zionism. He makes this very clear. Anyone who doesn’t yet get the difference needs to get with it. And anyone who still doesn’t believe in the reality of a Zionist agenda hasn’t spent any time on Wall Street. Lest we forget, there are plenty of “Christian” zealots promoting Zionism. It’s not a Jewish thing.

    As long as we’re attempting to use our brains, let’s try a little human brain science on. Perhaps some physiological reproduction while we’re at it. When that becomes taxing, let’s skip around the world for a survey of the many cultures with ancient legends, lore, art and artifacts describing space invading god like reptile beings, and see if there might be a common theme amongst these many and varied sources.

  2. August 29, 2011 12:04 pm

    Obviously, the author of this ariticle has never actually read David Icke’s work. If he/she had, they’d KNOW that “anti-Semitism” has NOTHING to do with his work; it’s just a cheap-shot to discourage People from discovering the potentially world-changing Truths he documents.
    “Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.” ~Albert Einstein

    I challenge you to prove ONE THING wrong in any of David Icke’s books. I’ll be glad to read your e-mail reponse.

    Everybody I know that’s ever read David’s work has come away a new person, their programmed worldview forever changed by the conspiracy FACTS- not “theories”- brought to light by this modern

  3. OzzieThinker permalink
    August 19, 2012 8:16 am

    The article started well and then got “silly”. The Reptilian “conspiracy” is not supported by any tangible evidence. However there are numerous independent accounts of an underground network of intelligent reptiles numbering 200,000 under ground. Zecharia Sitchin retranslated a number of Sumerian tablets which inferred a reptlian Priest class existed milenia ago and “dissappeared”. Sitchin theorised they went back to where they came and their purpose for visting was to “steal gold”. This is nonsense, of course and he found no evidence to support it. Icke is “noveau Christian” propagandist and uses all the favoured “good versus evil” symbolism. His “Brotherhood of Babylon” conspiracy theory I believe is substancially correct and YHWH is the key to exposing how Zionism is a cover for covert Ba’al worship. This also suggests that with overwhelming weight of be-it unsubstantiated reports, consistencies in “wildly different” {source, location, culture] accounts convicing support an undergroud reptilian stronghold which likely has connections with members of humanity.

  4. Indy permalink
    October 29, 2012 9:02 pm

    The Reptilian Conspiracy is very real and Reptilian shapeshifters do exist as anyone who has an open mind and has awakened a little has found. The proof is found on the media, TV, film, photographs of celebrities. Suggest looking up YouTube channels: Frequency Fence, Pocholo986 and Hollywood Reptoidz. Don’t take action against reptilians (too risky) but do be aware and become more independent. In any case the Reptilians know they have lost and run out of time. YWYH also known as Jehovah, Saklas, Moloch no longer exists (see below). The best explanation for those with an open mind for the nature of this reality can be found in the writings of Dr Joseph Chiappalone MD. Decide for yourself by making up your mind. Look on the web (several parts): chiappalone awakening

    • OzzieThinker permalink
      October 30, 2012 3:26 am

      I have looked at 100’s of photographs, including moving photography and have yet to find a single piece of evidence supporting the “shapeshiftling” analysis. Conversely, there are a good 6 videos and many photos of the so-called small greys which are undoutably correct. Dr Karla Turner, who wrote books including “Awaken”, provides an interesting analysis from alleged abductees. If one is to assume that the reptiles and other creatures live in what-is-called the 4th dimension, which is a light frequency beyond the range of normal sight, then this goes some way to confirming shape shifting accounts.

      In fact I have interviewed several indivuals who have seen these reptiles. Without exception every single one was under the influence of narcotics, but [spokily], the same “people” appeared as reptiles under this influence. This may propose a difference explanation of drug over doses. In each case of Dr Karla Turner’s abduction accounts, the victims were either given something to eat or a foul tasting “green, firey” liquid to drink by their “presumed ET” abductors. This made them feel “dazed” – suggesting they were drugged. In this state, they could be taught to walk through walls, telekinesis, and their captors would SHAPESHIFT in front of their eyes – instantly. After these strange experiences not one of these abductees could demonstrate their new super natural abilities in the THIRD DIMENSION.

      If you research the 80 or so eye witness accounts of the “dirty orange brown”, “horned” (brow ridges) “reptiles” seen at Varghina, Brazil in the early 90’s you will find some consistencies. They did not like our atmosphere and appeared “dazed”. They looked like “devils” and emitted a indescribably foul smell. They made a sounds similar to buzzing bees (corroborated by abduction accounts, with specific emphasis on communication). For my research, of the 3 or 4 that were captured only one survive and every human that came into physical contact with the creature died of “unknown causes” (i.e. some unidentified virus) within weeks of touching it.

      It is you that needs to wake up Indy and stop spreading nonsense.

      • Indy permalink
        June 23, 2013 4:49 am

        I’ve seen two different people shape shift their eyes momentarily in person and I was NOT on any drugs. Reptilians and demons do exist. More and more people are seeing reptilians and those with demonic eyes without drugs. Sex with a demonic or reptilian entity, hallucinogenic drugs, alcohol and tobacco weaken the body’s protective aura and allow it to be more easily possessed.

        It is you OzzieThinker who needs to stop spreading your nonsense.

      • OzzieThinker permalink
        June 24, 2013 5:54 am

        As a child, I regularly saw “monster” faces on a rough stone wall in my bedroom. This was the disadvantage of being bought up in a Jacobean farmhouse. However at each new viewing I could never find an earlier face. If I tilted my head one way or other, images would appear and disappear as fast I saw them. There are numerous videos of “famous” personages transforming into reptiles. Included are Hilary Clinton and the Australian opposition leader, Tony Abbott. Whereas I agree both are reptiles, neither were confirmed after review the youtube “evidence”. Certainly if you had decided that their eyes had morphed into something else, then the evidence was compelling. But I viewed them as a sceptic and saw nothing out of the ordinary.

        Nevertheless I have interviewed individually who have seen “iguana” people functioning in society. One had a next door neighbour who (presumably) went to work in suit making no attempt to obscure his Jurassic appearance. Getting to the root of this conundrum, I also discovered individuals who had “colleagues who could not see the ‘real appearance’ of these reptile people’. Ah-ha; we’re getting somewhere. Why is it, with considerable number of alien types, are only “saurian” types seen? Mantid abductions are by far the commonest, but I hear not a single report of visible walking mantids – only reptiles.

        As for drugs, you are entirely wrong with your assessment. There is a connection with the conscious and sub-conscious which is broken in the use of some drugs. The brain is a complex electronic device that happens to be living. Drugs act as enablers or blockers of transactions. Possession is something very different, but does go some way to explaining the reptile people phenomenon. This requires a separate reply as I do not have time now.

      • OzzieThinker permalink
        June 28, 2013 6:00 am

        In addition to my earlier comment:

        Though I am sceptical of the “eyes” being evidence of a reptilian presence, I have experienced a cough except it was not me coughing. To be clear, I coughed but it wasn’t me coughing. I have looked into extensive writings about “sacred” crystals and am aware of the concept of the false matrix. We are carbon based life forms (and new scientific evidence supports silicon) so the notion our thoughts might travel through crystals in not scientifically ridiculous. Indeed science has determined that thought travels at four times the speed of light and may, in time, determine other “strange” conclusions.

        Whereas reptilian possession is a ridiculous hypothesis (except in cases of “broken souls”), particularly considering allegation they can quickly clone “blank” adult bodies for use, the use of human eyes as a window is not. Theorists on the reptilian agenda postulate an overtly and covertly paranoid species type. Some argue the word “draconian” originated from an awareness and previous dealings with the most senior reptile type called the “Draco”. So, the twitching snake eyes appearing to enhance front line politicians presentation on youtube may actually reptilian reconnaissance. This I find compelling. Though personal I would avoid the Clintons like the plague, if you were doing reconnaissance they would be an excellent window into “what goes on”.

        There is the other idiosyncrasy, which I blamed on drugs. Though I know drugs do factor in this, there is also something else. But first, explaining drugs. We are all effectively dual identities. We are made up of a conscious and sub-conscious. The sub-conscious is managed by the “higher self” which acts as a hidden conduit for the conscious. Regressive hypnotists can open up the conduit. Drugs do the same thing is different way. Not all drugs; some drugs and it also depends on how the individual body is hard wired. The sub-conscious is access to the 4th dimension and that is where you see a lot of strange stuff (along with normal looking stuff too).

        However, there are also compelling theories that the humanity (to a degree) is managed by hierarchies hidden in the 4th dimension and other places. These include a reptiles, but a large number of different entity types are involved. One of their “management” tactics has been to genetically re-engineer humanity at various times. One of these genetic re-engineering ventures took place over 10,000 years ago in Southern to Central Africa. It involved a high percentage of reptilian DNA. Over time it has become very watered down as there has been no real attempt to preserve the genetic line. Therefore, the negro person, in particular, has the peculiar ability to see this reptilian content.

        This does not mean humanity should blame the reptiles or other entities for what are decidedly OUR problems caused by US.

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