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Terence McKenna's Final Earthbound Interview

August 11, 2011

Terence McKenna is a genious. Watch his last interview about what he calls novelty theory. As time proceeds towards 12/12/12 , time compresses due to the increase of complexity. More and more connections are made.

An absolute must wacth.

John Hazard

In this last video interview before his untimely death, Terence McKenna describes Novelty Theory to director John Hazard with an elaboration of its core principles involving hyper-complexification and the compression of Time. He holds forth on the correspondences between the structure of the DNA molecule and the Chinese I-Ching, then shows how his notion of an Archaic Revival leads from the theories of mind and the art movements of the early 20th century to the Shaman as the quintessential figure of the 21st century, with psychedelic substances being the bridge between these worldviews.

By way of explaining why he’s finally releasing this footage, Director John Hazard has the following to say:

“On meeting Terence: I had just finished shooting a film which profiled George Wallace for American Experience, and I was looking for a subject for a film that I might make that would engage me in a compelling way. I stumbled upon Terence and Novelty Theory, and I liked the correspondences between his work and the Mayan calendar.

Terence agreed to work with me, and I went to his home on the Big Island of Hawaii to conduct what I assumed would be the first of several interviews. We were just beginning to work together when he was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

I’ve always believed that my interview with Terence worked especially well as a long form conversation, because of his gifted way with language. When Jeremy Narby began his ‘Awakening the Cosmic Serpent’ Evolver Intensives sessions, I was struck by how engaging his long form interviews were, and I noticed how week after week his guests would tell a story about Terence. I’m inspired to release this interview on Reality Sandwich within the context of Jeremy’s Evolver Intensives.

With the psychedelic movement undergoing a renaissance, many in the new generation, the core participants who are finding their way to the Evolver/RS nexus, were children when Terence conducted his interview with me. I think this audience may consider his remarks to be prescient.”


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  1. August 12, 2011 3:02 am

    An excellent interview. Thank you. It isn’t his last recorded video or audio interview though certainly his last while looking this healthy.

  2. Stephen Marchand permalink
    August 12, 2011 5:44 am

    I am and have been experiencing ever broadening perceptions of this sence of “I am” and the relationship of the, “I” and the”We”, as a working piece of the Living whole. My being, a living piece of Nature,Nature, a living piece of our planet,our Planet, a living piece of our … . Somewhere, deep inside my being, my brain as well as my body could feel my beingness as a particepating part of this beingness of nature .Now , to realize that every particle of my physical self and every particle of my perseptions are a living piece of Nature/Universe . One great “Novel Theory” beingness .Every micro/macro particle connected to
    each other. It is humbling but incredably exciting to learn my human connection ,its singular signifigence in the ever growing,ever expanding complexity of existance as part and as a whole.

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