Chemtrail Self Assembling Polymer Crystals – Morgellons

Chemtrails, Crystal Formations, Mogellion Fibres and Self Assembling Polymer Formations in the body.

Morgellons: Terrifying New Disease Reaching Pandemic Status

Tuesday, March 03, 2009 by: Barbara L. Minton

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Morgellons Samples From Patient

Both My Partner and I have Amber Crystals coming out of our acupuncture points, and other locations while using the Kidney Stone or Crystals Detox and Heavy Metal protocols listed below. There are several detox programs in the enclosed documents.

From our personal experience and visuals and my research of published papers along with my  personal analysis of my crystal formations and extraction.

To test for crystals: Feel your body until you find a small lump or hard point between your tissues and bones. Vigorously rub and massage the area until you feel a sharp pain at that location in the lump. If this applies, Bingo…you have found a crystal that was encased in a protein shell to hide the crystal from your immune system. Continue rubbing and massaging, ignoring the pain, as they are quite painful, until the crystal cuts the tissue and rises to the surface. They are barbed and hard to get out. Very painful too!

The small, black particles. are micro seeds with the DNA program encoded in them. They are small enough to penetrate the pores of the skin and to enter the body through lung tissue when inhaled, my forehead skin pores were full of them…. they grow into slivers that then grow into the pear shape somewhere along the way after connecting to the crystals (seeds and crystals sprayed in the same mix…. then they attach to the energy source…the crystals are tapping our bio-electricity by forming in the acupuncture points and Hijacking the energy and signals…then they begin to grow a tap root to the vein for a nutrients supply and ?DNA infusion?….. bio-engineering us.

A prominent researcher stated that they stop growing at a certain size.

That would be when they are transmitting stronger than our own Bioelectrical system and acting as a soft kill weapon…no need to get bigger and obvious. This is their stealth tactic. We were all watching for it in the vaccines.

They are found in biopsies of Dementia Patients and in Breast Cancer tissue biopsies. They may mutate the proteins which cause disease (in research papers)…the soft kill weapon is causing the bulk of the disease increase, and effecting everyone with a multitude of different symptoms. The diseases are all caused by the same initial cause, crystals.

The increase in MS and the crystals in the nerves and neck veins of the people.- Biopsies

I have crystals coming out of my acupuncture points ….electro attraction and disabling the nervous system “They hijack the DNA in order to bypass the immune system”- self assembling polymers.

Connect the dots

From the link below

An unusual inclusion observed in presumed macrophages was “polelike” bodies 0.04- to 0.7-(jim thick. Linearly arrayed, their presumably proteinaceous crystalline substance was moderately electron-dense.
Read More:

They are found in tissue biopsies of the first 2 initial diseases I researched. Must do a follow up, but I suspect that I will find the same as I did for heavy metals, in numerous disease tissue biopsies. Nothing will get into a cell if the receptors are not clogged with Heavy metals. The receptors ARE the gatekeepers.

Inside the body…. the self-assembling polymers are activated by body heat, bio-electro action and external light sources or inaudible/ audible frequencies probably from microwave towers and other sources.

The frequency controls the growth pattern…Fibers in some areas and crystals in others…. Via published documentation

At what point they attach to the crystals…I don’t know

I had crystals with and without black…though they may have broken off as I scraped the crystals out of the wounds.

It took at least2 weeks to clean a wound out by scraping and picking.

First the amber crystal…then the clear granular pieces migrating to wound. then the sand like white powder,  through the skin pores with the protein gel , when skin rubbed…then the black root/sliver…profuse bleeding until fully removed and instantaneous stopping of blood flow when sliver out….very difficult to get out.

Polymers in Polarized Light

Self-assembly: from crystals to cells

Process of self assembling polymers crystallization during polymerization in vivo

Protein and Polymer Formation

Hitachi shows off a microchip smaller than a grain of powder … You need to make them using inkjet printing techniques on a flexible …


Single molecule measurements of channel proteins incorporated into biomimetic polymer membranes

Gold added to polymers for conductivity

A novel amperometric immunosensor based on three-dimensional sol–gel network and nanoparticle self-assemble technique

unclassified military – frequency controlled polymers

A Kinetic Mechanism for the Polymerization of α1

It appears that they are responsible for all kinds of illnesses and dementia

We previously reported the discovery and development of a class of self-assembling peptides made of only natural amino acids. This class of material peptides can undergo spontaneous assembly into well-ordered nanofibers and scaffolds, ~10 nm in fiber diameter with pores between 5–200 nm and over 99% water content[1], [2]. These peptide scaffolds have three-dimensional nanofiber structures similar to the natural extracelluar matrices including collagen. They can readily be designed further to serve as a biomimic synthetic extracelluar matrix. These peptides have been used for the study of cell attachment, survival and proliferation[2][4], and injection into animals[

Morgellons Samples From Patient

Chemtrails also cause Morgellions Disease with self assembling polymers.

Design and self-assembly of two-dimensional DNA crystals

(Self Assembling Polyymer Crystals- Formation Pictures)

Easy polymer latex selfassembly and colloidal crystal formation: the case ….. which impair crystal formation, but are mostly segregated in this process.

Project full title: Patchy colloidal particles: a powerful arsenal for the fabrication of tomorrow

new super-molecules. A theoretical and numerical study of their assembly processes.

Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects

Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and

Engineering Aspects

Energy Migration in Novel pH-Triggered Self-Assembled

â-Sheet Ribbons

Supramolecular Self-Assembly of Dendronized Polymers: Reversible Control of the Polymer Architectures through Acid−Base Reactions

Self-assembly in complex systems (PhD Thesis)

Atomic Force Microscopy of DNA SelfAssembled Nanostructures for Device

Platinum group metal thiacrown complexes as precursors for self-assembly reactions

Title: The Ins and Outs of Supramolecular Polymerization


The last two decades have seen a significant growth in the field of supramolecular polymerization, in which reversible, noncovalent interactions between synthetic (macro)monomeric units are utilized to build functional mesoscale architectures such as nanofibers and nanotubes.

Hierarchical Self-Assembly, Coassembly, and Self-Organization of Novel Liquid Crystalline Lattices and Superlattices from a Twin-Tapered Dendritic Benzamide and Its Four-Cylinder-Bundle Supramolecular Polymer

amber crystals in tissue biopsies

This shows that the polymers hijack the DNA and mutate it in people…..Hollow hair????

Amber crystals breast cancer biopsies – Journal of Mammary Gland Biology and Neoplasia, Volume 10, Number 2

Barium-salt. — Crystallises from the syrupy solution in flat, transparent, Very small, alkaline, detonating crystals, which turn yellow when heated,

Self-Assembled Nanofibers of Fluorescent Zeolite L Crystals and Conjugated Polymer


Important unknown nanotech within humans

  1. [PDF]

Preparation and selfassembly behavior of polystyrene-block-poly …

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – Quick View
by YJ Zhu – Cited by 6Related articles
Keywords: smart polymers, amphiphilic block copolymer, selfassembly, polymer synthesis …. (Hitachi Co., Tokyo, Japan) operating at 150 kV

Morgellions and Chemtrails and Polymers/Crystals.

Chemtrail Analysis Done

We do know that these polymers are of a crystalline morphology, are very friable and break into millions of small fragments in the atmosphere, are inhaled and in some cases are bio-active causing serious skin lesions and diseases when absorbed into the skin. The filaments are lyophillic or are oil soluble (upper epidermis oils melt the polymer fragments and are absorbed into the skin). We have clearly identified the US Air Forces polymer technology used in UV Radiation Mitigation strategies. The use of encapsulated Ultra-Violet Absorbers, Mannin and other organic compounds to absorb UV or reflect radiation have been found in US Patents…..


“Heavy metals, biological pathogens, “fibers”, polymers, and other dangerous materials are being sprayed everyday, all around the planet. The materials are fine particulates and are easily breathed in. Once in the body, they become systemic in less than a minute….”
Morgellons/Chemtrail Illness Protocol by Gwen Scott, N.D

This is Very GOOD Info.

Chemtrails are Reported to Contain

Aluminumn –attaches to cell receptors – immune suppression

Barium – slowly poisons the body

Polymers – Morgellons and Chips

DNA/RNA – DNA Hijackers.

More Source Documents and Scientific Papers.

The Bodies Mineral Deficiency

Since the 1920s, successive Governments have been warned abut the inability of our soils to support healthy plant growth. Discover the dangerous consequences of their inaction.

Secrets of soil nutrition: Why the minerals in soil determine the success or failure of foods, health and civilization

Autism causes, autism heavy metals chelation, mercury chelation therapy autism
Most toxins or heavy metals that attach to cell receptors do so in a manner that … the oral clathration agent and ionic mineral supplements increased their child’s heavy

Learn more:

Heavy Metals and Cell Receptors

Pathogen Recognition Receptors

DNA Transcription and Protein Assembly

Protein Molecules and “Simple” Cells

Cells –Molecular Structure Animation

-1 binding to its receptor on a cell surface, created from structural data. molecular biology cell receptor interleukin-1 IL-1 protein

Neutrophil moving to the site of infection

Self Assembling Polymers – The Science

Description: The invention relates to nanoparticles, in particular to nanoparticles for use in medicine.

LRAD – Total Crowd Control – LRAD for oscillating the chips.

YouTube – Former FBI Chief Ted Gunderson Denounces Worldwide Chemtrail Poisoning and Genocide

Our DNA is a transmitter tuning in one of infinite possibilities?

Talking quantum science here. Is our DNA tuned in to the frequency that is us (our vibration off point zero energy). Is DNA the go between from the quantum world to our classic world? Like our radio receiver that is instrumental in the collapse of the wave function.

Research this new paradigm yourselves.

PATHOGENIC MYCOPLASMA    A Common Disease Agent Weaponised

Support Groups

The Morg Board

Morgellons Pictures

Self-Assembling Polymer Arrays Improve Data Storage Potential

Light-sensitive self-assembling polymer film could become organic PV material

Related material

Easy polymer latex self-assembly and colloidal crystal formation: the case of poly[styrene-co-(2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate)]


Anti Government Phobia- A NEW Disease


Also see this link on Manipulation of information energy.

Zero Point Energy / Energy into Matter.

Understanding The Relationship of Zero Point Energy, Quantum Physics, Metaphysics / Spirituality, and the Manifestation of Energy into Matter through Vibrational Frequencies creating the Structure of the Universe.

A Mystery Solved?

This is a direct link to the Document. Please review and enjoy. It provides all the missing links to zero point energy.*Yt6R0xnjIl-yORig

The whole world is sprayed….maybe the 500 million controlled population is in the D.U.M.B.’s and they will bring out the people/cyborgs and repopulate the planet and also rewrite history…again..full perfect control of the population and planet with no resistance…ever again

Now I’m scared.

Official Admission of Chemtrail Spraying.

Last December, a Canadian citizen complaining to his local air authority about sky-muck over Victoria, British Columbia, was told by that authority that the chemtrail formations were the result of a joint U.S. and Canadian military exercise. His explanation was caught on audio tape and played for radio listeners all over the Western Hemisphere.

Chemtrail Spraying- Burnaby

See related chemspray videos on right of screen@


NPG Asia Materials
Impenetrable disorder : research highlight : NPG Asia Materials

I am not sure how I wound up with all this in my email, but there are many links that are very intruguing, although I don’t comprehend what much of it means.

2008/02/04 – 2008/02/21

This event, under the umbrella of Asia Nano Forum (ANF), will be co- organized and co-sponsored by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), by Tokyo Institute of Technology (TOKYO TECH) under the COE program, and by National Institute of Materials Science (NIMS).

The purpose of ANC2008 is to provide young researchers in the field of nanotechnologies from Asian countries, as well as Japanese participants, with an opportunity to learn the frontier of this field and, more importantly, to build personal relationships across the Asian nations.

Membranes go inorganic : research highlight : NPG Asia Materials

Membranes go inorganic
Published online 24 March 2008

A copper grid immersed in a solution of surfactant molecules and then removed to dry, results in the self-assembly of a reversed bilayer membrane in each hole (left). An ultrathin film of inorganic material, such as platinum, can then be grown onto of this bilayer, which is subsequently removed by washing in water (right).

Ultrathin membranes are ubiquitous in nature, serving as both a means to encapsulate and protect living cells from their environment and to regulate the myriad of biochemical processes necessary to sustain life. Ultrathin membranes also have important industrial applications including gas separation, sensors and fuels cells. However, although organic membranes can be readily grown in a test tube, their inability to withstand even modest temperatures beyond 100ºC limits their applications.

Several methods have been developed to grow thermally stable membranes from inorganic materials such as carbon or silicon. But most involve multiple time‑consuming fabrication steps such as photolithography, or result in membranes that are mechanically fragile and difficult to handle. Izumi Ichinose and colleagues at the National Institute for Materials Science in Tsukuba, Japan describe a simple technique exploiting self‑assembled organic membranes as templates for the growth mechanically robust inorganic membranes1.

The authors’ procedure begins by dipping a copper grid of square 7 μm wide holes into a solution of surfactant molecules and water, to capture a small volume within the holes of the grid. As the water molecules in this solution evaporate, the surfactant molecules gradually self–assemble to form a thin ‘reversed’ bilayer membrane— similar in structure to that of a conventional biological membrane but with its constituent molecules oriented with their hydrophilic end in the centre rather than at the surface of the film—known as dried foam film (DFF). The DFF is then used as a support for the growth of an inorganic film by conventional physical vapour deposition (PVD). In this way the authors grew pure, free‑standing membranes of carbon, silicon, platinum, iron and cadmium selenide with thicknesses ranging from a few to hundred nanometres.

The remarkable feature of this approach is not its versatility for producing membranes of almost any material grown by PVD, but that it works at all.

“Initially, we were afraid that our DFFs would be thermally unstable. However, we found that some of them were stable at above 150ºC,” says Ichinose. “We now realize that the properties of DFFs are more like those of polymers and not soft like conventional bilayer membranes. This is quite surprising, although the origin of their stability is still unclear. But, they are stable.”

The authors are searching for better and cheaper surfactant molecules for making DFF films in addition to studying their potential for growth of porous diamond‑like carbon membranes for applications that include gas separation and zinc oxide membranes for fabricating novel optical devices.

Jin, J., Wakayama, Y., Peng, X. & Ichinose, I. Surfactant‑assisted fabrication of free‑standing inorganic sheets covering an array of micrometre‑sized holes. Nature Materials 6, 686–691 (2007). | article |
Author affiliation
Jian Jin1, Yutaka Wakayama2, Xinsheng Peng1 and Izumi Ichinose1

1Organic Nanomaterials Center, National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS)
2Advanced Electronic Materials Center, National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS)

This research highlight has been approved by the author of the original article and all empirical data contained within has been provided by said author.

Membranes go inorganic
Published online 24 March 2008


Dr. Gwen Scotts Suggestions for Morgellons Detox.

Dia Earth – Fossil Shell Flour

Miracle 2 Soap

Organic Purple grape Juice – for expellsion

Himalayn Pink Salt

Mango Steen or the Grape Juice for testing

Bryan396 Protocol Crystal / Chemtrail Detox / Heavy Metals

Chanca Piedra – crystal breaker

A Good Liver and
Kidney Herb Blend

Cranberry concentrate caps.

Apple Pectin

Chlorella Powder

St. John’s Wort Oil “EXTRACT”

Omega 396 Oils

….as per bottle directions. Just start and try to stay as close to schedule with this detox  the key is to stay with it. You will see clear results in 2 weeks.

Alkaline Diet

Fast if possible or eat as little and light as possible and only as needed.

Kidney Support

Urinary – Kidney support

YouTube – Diuretic action in the kidney

YouTube – **Kidney Filtration (Up Close)




Herbal Teas

Lots of pure /clean fluids.


Essential Oils rubbed on skin dissolves crystals

Hot Baths/Showers/Water dissolves crystals

Rubbing the skin surface vigorously in a hot shower or will oils will bring crystals to the skin surface.

Pick crystals out of sores once they poke through the skin surface and create a temporary exit for your body to take the nearby crystals to.

Pick off scabs so more crystalline residue will be used to produce more scabs. (painful but effective….or the crystals plug the pores and can’t come out….use hot water for less pain.)

The body uses local toxin reserves to make scabs and dump toxins that plug the skin pores.

Dissolved crystals melt and form a hard surface in the surface skin layer…this needs to be washed off frequently, so more residue can come out.

80% of the crystals will be small jagged crystals like powder glass..

15% will be sand size ( particles that come from the skin pores.

5% will be hard crystal slivers that will poke through the skin

This is NOT an over nite process as once your body sees that it can dump the toxins and not work at storing them…….more and more will  start to be discharged from storage areas.

Heavy Metals Detox Info.

Just ADD these to Detox Heavy Metals Too.

Coconut Milk..removes heavy metals from the brain and provides good omega oils ect.

Cilantro…steep a buch fresh for tea…removes mercury.

Liver detox diet in Hot News Box at




It is CRUCIAL because of the energy shift.

The crystals form in acupuncture points.

Acupuncture points are relay switches in your energy/electrical system.

Acupuncture Meridians are the electrical wires in your body that carry the energy signals.

Crystals absorb and amplify energy. Thoughts are energy.

Firmly reject it in your mind and your actions and you will be free….it will not have the power to steal what is rightfully yours!


“ I reject all the wrong and harm that is being done to me and others. I reject all harm that is being done to my body…… and my body will expel all the harmful energies and matter. . I will Not be part of it.”repeat often, mentally.

If you choose to do nothing about the current situation and world events…Then you have used your free will and have chosen to accept it….and what comes to you.

You would have agreed to become part of it and will be saying that it is OK with what they are doing to you, and all of us…..THAT….is FREE WILL!

Speak Up about Chemtrails….your silence is consent!

Heavy Metal Detox Info.

…..”It sounds like truth decay!” Lead, mercury and cadmium exert most of their toxicity by destroying important proteins, many of which are enzymes, hormones, or cell receptors. Mercury will attach to sulfur amino acid building blocks in proteins. The sulfur amino acids are methionine, cysteine, and taurine. Sulfur is present in all proteins. Numerous enzymes require intact sulfur groups and many are inactivated by mercury.

Chlorophyll also activates the PPAR-receptor on the nucleus of the cell which is …. It is here, where mercury and other toxic metal attach and disable the cell from Mercury is a toxic heavy metal and the chronic health problems

The Chemtrails are MicroChipping Us with nano technology!

Chemtrails nanotech pathogens and MMS — yes, we all have parasites

Herbal Gout Treatments and Diet for Crystal Formations in Body

This different growth patterns were described in the light and frequency manipulations for polymer formations of tubes and crystals in the docs I sent.

Different lights and frequencies created different growth patterns of the polymers…

Via spectrum lights (Street lights are the same spectrum as sunlight) and they use sunlight to activate psychotropic drugs to produce a catatonic state…. that is why those drugs make the eyes sensitive to light and they have warning signs of skin sensitivity to sun and burning outside the psych wards)

Via Microwave towers…HAARP…different frequencies transmitted in different areas…different growth patterns ….to avoid mass complaints…and getting caught doing it.

This is it…Everything I sent today is complete in explaining how it is done and what is happening…. from entering the body to the formation, activation and mutation of the hair growth in the pics

Analysis is complete and correct and substantiated by all the docs provided…

I thank everyone who I spoke to regarding this and now it up to the people with the proper equipment to take the assembled info and analyze, prove or disprove and find the solution. any glitches in the hypothesis or theory …i will be glad to hear input and offer help. But I AM correct, I am sure so No need to further investigate this…just run the necessary tests to confirm.

Solution…. is to be determined..


Over ride the signals with a new signal that is stronger.

528 hz.

Rife Frequency Generator – explode the crystals?

Chanca Piedra – breaks up kidney stones and crystal formations in the excretion ducts/glands (Crystals in tear ducts/glands)..From personal experience

Oil of Oregano on band-aid on sore …frequency of oil is high and draws out the crystals. From personal experience

Heavy metal detox – clean up cell receptors.

This was described in the light and frequency manipulations for polymer formations of tubes and crystals in the docs I sent.

Different lights and frequencies created different growth patterns of the polymers…

Via Microwave towers…HAARP…different frequencies transmitted in different areas…different growth patterns…. to avoid mass complaints…and getting caught doing it.

I am also an electronics tech…this is real

If I can do anything more to help with this…please let me know.

I am just that damn sure that this is it.

Maybe the plan is to turn the people into plants…reduce people …increase plant life…2 birds for 1 human!

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