Are you prone to mind control?
Are you easily influenced by what others do and say? If so, you’re just the type of person that hypnotists, magicians and mind-readers seek out as you’re more likely to fall for their mind tricks.

In this video, psychologist Richard Wiseman gives you the chance to find out how suggestible you are. Give it a go – even the most hardened skeptics might be surprised by the results.

If you tried the test, how far did your hands move? According to Wiseman, if they stayed level or shifted just a few inches apart then you aren’t that suggestible. But if they moved more than a few inches, you’re the perfect candidate for a magic trick.

The test can also reveal something about your character. “Non-suggestible types tend to be more down-to-earth, logical and enjoy puzzles and games. In contrast, suggestible types tend to have a good imagination, be sensitive, intuitive and find it easier to become absorbed in books and films,” says Wiseman.

To accompany his new book Paranormality, Wiseman has released a free set of psychological demonstrations where you can learn to perform mind tricks on others.

For more about his book, you can read the full-length feature or check out our review.

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