Hand reading of A. Einstein – Headline

A. Einstein has on each hand an amazing headline. What is so exceptional is the fork on each of its headline. A long headline says something about your thinking process, mental capabilities , a short mental span or a long one. If you have a short one , you think fast but short. On the other hand a long head line, describes a good concentration / the ability to analyse profoundly. In the case of A. Einstein it goes through the other side of the handpalm. A high intellectual mind. But with the two forks on each headline , you have extra ordinary capabilities! Any one with very long headlines plusĀ  a fork has an exceptional mental mind. The length of the line denotes your thought process. It does not mean you have a high IQ! One with short headlines can also have a high IQ. Their thought process is shorter.
In both hands Einsteins head lines are very long and forked!
Some people claim that forked headlines appear in a writer hands. Other says that the direction of the upper fork describes the surplus in a particular category of knowledge. For example if you have a fork in the direction of your little finger, you have an affinity with finance. I personally belief people with forks have the ability to make one path in their thinking return towards a ‘mental’ point and go from that point into another direction.
Another interesting fact is the absence of islands. Also his headlines are not broken which is a surplus.
I can tell a lot more. Hand reading is one of the most fascinating subjects. It tells a lot of people ‘s character.
Show me your hand and I tell you who you are!