Media Coverup of Massive Chernobyl Event Underway in Japan

Editor’s note: Forbes posted the following yesterday: “Without cooling water, the irradiated nuclear fuel could spontaneously combust in an exothermic reaction. Since the storage pools are not located within containment, a catastrophic radioactivity release to the environment could occur. Up to 100 percent of the volatile radioactive Cesium-137 content of the pools could go up in flames and smoke, to blow downwind over large distances. Given the large quantity of irradiated nuclear fuel in the pool, the radioactivity release could be worse than the Chernobyl nuclear reactor catastrophe of 25 years ago.”

A large explosion at Japan’s stricken Fukushima Daiich nuclear power plant reveals that a meltdown is now underway following the exposure of the core following an 9.1-magnitude earthquake.

The media in Japan is not reporting this fact in order to prevent mass hysteria.

Prior to the explosion today, the media reported the radiation level was 1000 times higher than the permissible level.

Kyodo News agency said radioactive cesium had been detected near the 40 year old facility, citing the nuclear safety agency.

Government spokesman Yukio Edano said radiation levels around the Fukushima Daiichi plant in northeastern Japan had not risen after the explosion, despite earlier press reports it had.

Earthquake epicenter and its relation to the two nuclear plants.

It is obvious the Japanese are attempting to cover up the deadly seriousness of events unfolding in their country.

The white smoke emitted from the Fukushima plant resembles the smoke emitted at Chernobyl after the Ukrainian nuclear plant blew up and caught fire on April 26, 1986. Here is a documentary on the events at Chernobyl.

Chernobyl has been blamed for thousands of deaths due to radiation-linked illness.

“If the pressure vessel, which is the thing that actually holds all the nuclear fuel … if that was to explode — that’s basically what happened at Chernobyl — you get an enormous release of radioactive material,” said Prof. Paddy Regan, nuclear physicist from Britain’s Surrey University.

Reuters reports this morning that experts examining pictures of “mist above the plant suggested only small amounts of radiation had been expelled as part of measures to ensure its stability, far from the radioactive clouds that Chernobyl spewed out when it exploded in 1986.”

This characterization is at odds with video of the explosion showing large plumes rising high above the crippled plant.

Even though 210,000 people were evacuated from the region, Japanese authorities and the corporate media insist the situation is not serious. Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan has said that only a small amount of radiation has been released from one of the reactors.

Wind charts reveal that radiation released from the plant will adversely impact nations surrounding Japan.


Why is there no Main Stream Media reporting the Rossi/Focardi E-Cat

All credits go to coolhanddan a member of ATS forum.

Rossi/Focardi E-Cat has been documented before on ATS, below are some and even more to find in search…

Rossi/Focardi on February 10 and 11, 2011, at University of Bologna performed another test of the E-Cat device for 18 hours, putting to rest all the claims that have been put forth to dismiss this new energy source. Celani and others criticized phase-change calorimeters as too complicated so Rossi used a higher flow rate to keep the cooling water from vaporizing. Then there were critical about the enthalpy of wet steam versus dry steam, and the use of a relative humidity meter to determine how dry the steam was. These issues can now be put to rest. has an excellent .pdf below, only 5 pages long and highlights what is known and needed to be known.…

I would like to focus on now what question and where is MSM….

PESN did an article about the implications of this new technology and what is needed to start it.…

Basically, if this technology works as it is claimed to, and as recent testing by outside scientists indicates, it is a game-changing technology. It is revolutionary in the highest sense of that word Never before has there been a technology that could instantly address such a huge problem. The solution for the energy crisis could be here — cheap, simple, and non-polluting.

Global Uses of Cold Fusion

What would this mean to the world? Well, it could potentially solve lots of problems and open up many new possibilities.

First of all, the energy crisis (once enough of these reactors were built and utilized) would be over. Energy would be cheap and clean. We would never run out of fuel. The fuels would be found everywhere so no nation would have an advantage over another. Over a period of time we could phase out fossil fuels all together. Oil could be saved to be used to produce fertilizer, pharmaceuticals, and plastics instead of being burnt.

Secondly, our environment could get a boost. Greenhouse gas emissions could go down significantly. Also, with less exhaust coming from power plants there would be a higher air quality in many areas. If we can get this technology into the poor areas of the world perhaps it could help prevent deforestation. With an unlimited source of energy, water desalinization would become much cheaper. Instead of using freshwater reserves for irrigation and industrial purposes, sea water could be used.

Third, there are many industries that could benefit from a source of cheap energy. For example, the recycling industry uses a huge amount of energy. If energy was “free” these industries could expand. Perhaps landfills could be dug up and the metals recycled. This would reduce the amount of land needed for mining.

My point is that this machine is as important as discovering fire to primitive man, an easy way to produce energy in your back yard so to speak, why are they not rockstar, King of the World types and on Oprah every day?

I have seen many MSM quick 1-2 minute reports on Rossi/Focardi E-Cat with always a question at the end of the report- is this real or just a ponzi scheme, then, even a longer report on something mundane like the celebrity of the week or a dog that can bark “I love you”. What I do not see is the Main Stream Media INFORMING the public. I understand media has changed in the last 20 years from reporting and informing to entertainment and commercials for products.

I do not accept that they can overlook this discovery since even our government says it’s possible.
I do not accept the blackout is due to conspiracy because that would mean every single news outlet is in on it.

Really we have to assume what is going on in the background since we do not see that side of the news world. I know assuming makes an ass out of you and me but how else are we to determine who is the man behind the curtain.

Fox News uses the word “Dubious” below:…

Then all the 2nd tier news sources use the same line and bingo, no news…..
I even can find places like Zero Hedge at least writing an article on it. Then on the fifth page of Google it becomes apparent that only fringe websites are carrying this, why?

As PESN cited, the people who would gain from this the most:

Everyone not invested in oil producing companies and countries.

Who loses the most?

Oil producing countries and companies

Top 10 Oil producing companies in the world:
1. Royal Dutch Shell
2. BP
3. Gazprom
4. ExxonMobil
5. Petrobras
6. Total
7. PetroChina
8. Chevron
9. ENI
10. ConocoPhillips
11. Sinopec…

Top 10 Oil producing countries in the world:
1. Saudi Arabia
2. Russia
3. United States
4. Iran
5. China
6. Canada
7. Mexico
8. United Arab Emirates
9. Kuwait
10. Venezuela…

I know some say “Media” was burned back in the Pons/Fleischmann announcement but really that means no one can report on any LENR process again, or something more sinister?

Top 6 News Outlets United States:
1. Time Warner
2. Walt Disney
3. Viacom
4. News Corp
5. CBS Corp
6. NBC Universal
7. I would list more but the top 6 buy out the others…

Top advertising budgets for US companies:
1. Procter & Gamble
2. Verizon Communication
3. AT&T
4. General Motors
5. Pfizer
6. Johnson & Johnson
7. Walt Disney
8. Time Warner
9. L’ Oreal
10. Kraft Foods…

Correct me if I am wrong but I cannot connect any of these dots, even though this article below supports my idea that the more you spend on advertising the more money you make theoretically. It is funny to see the top two news outlets are in the top ten of advertising. I knew of all the pharmacy companies doing the most advertising but this article is about how banks financially do when they spend advertising money.…

Through this entire event, why is the news, here in Mexico and United States not picking up on this discovery, and I do not mean science journals and peer reviewer, I mean MSM.

Please help connect the dots on this one, because there is a reason for this to not be news but please what can it be if we cannot conclude the easy one, oil companies and countries putting the pinch on news?


Will March 19 'Supermoon' Trigger Natural Disasters?

Tidal forces between the moon and the Earth have slowed the moon
Tidal forces between the moon and the Earth have slowed the moon’s rotation so that one side of the moon always faces toward our planet. Though several spacecraft have imaged the far side of the moon before, NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter is providing new details region. This image, taken by instruments onboard LRO, highlights the moon’s topography, with the highest elevations up above 20,000 feet in red and the lowest areas down below 20,000 feet in blue.

On March 19, the moon will swing around Earth more closely than it has in the past 18 years, lighting up the night sky from just 221,567 miles (356,577 kilometers) away. On top of that, it will be full. And one astrologer believes it could inflict massive damage on the planet.

Richard Nolle, a noted astrologer who runs the website, has famously termed the upcoming full moon at lunar perigee (the closest approach during its orbit) an “extreme supermoon.”

When the moon goes super-extreme, Nolle says, chaos will ensue: Huge storms, earthquakes, volcanoes and other natural disasters can be expected to wreak havoc on Earth. (It should be noted that astrology is not a real science, but merely makes connections between astronomical and mystical events.)

But do we really need to start stocking survival shelters in preparation for the supermoon? [Photos: Our Changing Moon] The question is not actually so crazy. In fact scientists have studied related scenarios for decades. Even under normal conditions, the moon is close enough to Earth to make its weighty presence felt: It causes the ebb and flow of the ocean tides. The moon’s gravity can even cause small but measureable ebbs and flows in the continents, called “land tides” or “solid Earth tides,” too. The tides are greatest during full and new moons, when the sun and moon are aligned either on the same or opposite sides of the Earth. According to John Vidale, a seismologist at the University of Washington in Seattle and director of the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network, particularly dramatic land and ocean tides do trigger earthquakes. “Both the moon and sun do stress the Earth a tiny bit, and when we look hard we can see a very small increase in tectonic activity when they’re aligned,” Vidale told Life’s Little Mysteries, a sister site to At times of full and new moons, “you see a less-than-1-percent increase in earthquake activity, and a slightly higher response in volcanoes.” The effect of tides on seismic activity is greatest in subduction zones such as the Pacific Northwest, where one tectonic plate is sliding under another. William Wilcock, another seismologist at the University of Washington, explained: “When you have a low tide, there’s less water, so the pressure on the seafloor is smaller. That pressure is clamping the fault together, so when it’s not there, it makes it easier for the fault to slip.” According to Wilcock, earthquake activity in subduction zones at low tides is 10 percent higher than at other times of the day, but he hasn’t observed any correlations between earthquake activity and especially low tides at new and full moons. Vidale has observed only a very small correlation. What about during a lunar perigee? Can we expect more earthquakes and volcanic eruptions on March 19, when the full moon will be so close? The moon’s gravitational pull at lunarperigee, the scientists say, is not different enough from its pull at other times to significantly change the height of the tides and thus the likelihood of natural disasters. [Infographic: Phases of the Moon Explained] “A lot of studies have been done on this kind of thing by USGS scientists and others,” John Bellini, a geophysicist at the U.S. Geological Survey, told Life’s Little Mysteries. “They haven’t found anything significant at all.” Vidale concurred. “Practically speaking, you’ll never see any effect of lunar perigee,” he said. “It’s somewhere between ‘It has no effect’ and ‘It’s so small you don’t see any effect.'” The bottom line is, the upcoming supermoon won’t cause a preponderance of earthquakes, although the idea isn’t a crazy one. “Earthquakes don’t respond as much to the tides as you’d think they would. There should actually be more of an effect,” said Vidale. Most natural disasters have nothing to do with the moon at all. The Earth has a lot of pent up energy, and it releases it anytime the buildup gets too great. The supermoon probably won’t push it past the tipping point, but we’ll know for sure, one way or the other, by March 20. This story was provided by Life’s Little Mysteries, a sister site of Follow Natalie Wolchover on Twitter @nattyover