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We, the Arcturians – Norma Milanovich

December 22, 2010

We, the Arcturians is a significant book, perhaps even considered important and influential in the recent history of the channeling of ETs, and has made the author into something of a star in the New Age movement.  It has been and is still popular.  It went through many printings, is easily found, and is oft-cited by others.  Published in 1990, its author is Dr. Norma Milanovich (with two friends, Cynthia Ploski (www[dot] and Betty Rice), and it describes her experience channeling various entities called Arcturians, said to be aboard a spaceship near Earth.  These ETs claim to be fourth-density beings from the Arcturus star system who have come to aid earthly humanity transition to the next realm.

This book (I read the fifth printing, Athena Publishing, 1993, for I paid one cent plus shipping from a used-book dealer) is hailed as an inspiring message full of love and hope from our benevolent brothers of higher realms.  Having read this praise of the book, my expectation was to encounter a lot of airy-fairy love, light, and wondrous joy in the pages, but that’s very far from the impression with which I was left.

Quite notably, David Wilcock described this as the first book of channeled literature that he wasn’t skeptical about, and in fact, though he does not admit it directly, I believe (see Channel Watch 009) that this book imprinted him strongly with ideas that formed and still make up many of his core beliefs.  I’m sure he’s not exceptional.  Wilcock read The Ra Material after We, the Arcturians and described Ra as confirming the Arcturian material.  This was as astonishing to me as it may be to you by the time you finish reading this article.  Wilcock later came to believe that he, himself, is an Arcturian “wanderer” present on Earth to provide spiritual teaching to humanity.

Milanovich’s experiences took place in the late 1980s, while she was an assistant professor of Education at the University of New Mexico, and described herself as an “‘inside’ member of the educationally elite.” In her home, which she shared with her husband, an aerospace engineer, she made the contact via automatic keyboarding on an old PC capable of non-graphical, text-only display – no internet connection back then.  She says that the “networks of the psychic world were still relatively unfamiliar” to her then.  Her contact sessions generally involved two female friends who were present to record the material.  It became the book, which is presented as questions and answers, edited only to cut out personal material and to organize it into topics for better continuity.

Here is the gist of the book’s content.  As you read, remember that this is the 1980s, and note how the material forms the basis for the concepts repeated by so many channelers today.

Who/What Are the Arcturians and Why Are They Here?
The Arcturians say, basically, that they are 4D and that we Earthlings soon will be.  They say they’re here to help us with this natural, evolutionary step from 3D to 4D.  “It is we who have been guiding you for many earth centuries.”  They say that our transition would be made easiest if all negativity on humanity’s part would stop.  From what we’ve learned from Ra, The C’s, and Marciniak, this would be true, since negativity feeds our 4D STS controllers.  However, this notion of “stopping negativity” has since been expanded and twisted by others into the message, “pay no heed to the negative.”  Rather than recognizing it for the purpose of understanding and protection, and possibly to aid people calling for help amid the horror, the overwhelmingly popular current message of Wilcock and many channels is “detach from the drama and think good thoughts” or “don’t acknowledge the dark powers and they can’t hurt you” which, as you know, we of this forum tend to disagree with most vigorously.

The Arcturians say they’re working on a plan formulated by the Ascended Masters of the Universe, commanded by Jesus the Christ (also called Sananda).  Milanovich and one of her two partners were raised strongly Christian, suggesting a programmed religious bias and lexicon that is showing through here.  The Arcturians don’t often use these Christian terms and, in fact, state in the book that they bear no bias in favor of Christianity.  Though “Ascended Masters” often simply means “4D entities” in a lot of channeled material, the Arcturians place members of that alleged group “higher” in their scheme of things – more on that later.  As we know, Ascended Masters and Sananda (an entity claimed to be channeled by many) are now common on today’s New Age landscape.

This Plan of the masters includes the now-familiar aspects of helping anyone who is ready or near-ready to “ascend” to make the transition to 4D and to prevent humans from self-destruction.  Note that helping only those who are “ready or near-ready” is another tenet of Wilcock and others, which presumably excludes an awful lot of people.  According to Ra, the vast majority of Earthly humanity will have to repeat third density, so the near-ready would appear to be a highly exclusive group.

Arcturian Society and Mission
The Arcturian description of their environment agrees with the Ra/Cassiopaean picture of 4D in many respects (“we digest energy and frequencies as though they were foods”), though there is heavy emphasis on the physical aspects of it – something to which most readers can more easily relate.  The ETs go into great detail (that still didn’t form, for me, a very clear picture) about their own society.  I was most dismayed to find that it was far from the “heavenly” depiction that I expected.  Descriptions of Arcturian society absolutely involve controlling, ruling, judging, credentialing, formality, requirements for leadership roles, etc.  These concepts are very much at odds with the notion of service-to-others polarity as described by Ra and the Cassiopaeans.  These concepts hit hard and fast and alerted me early that these Arcturians were almost surely not an STO source.  It’s perhaps most surprising that most reviewers of this book don’t see it that way at all.  They tend to be blind to the clearly STS aspects of Arcturian society, no doubt because, as STS beings themselves, they don’t regard or even see such leanings as negative, divisive, hierarchical, in violation of free will, etc.

An interesting phenomenon I noted was that even when the Arcturians described something in “neutral” terms, the authors placed an STS spin of their own on it!  For example, the Arcs conveyed that their system of education is about advancing to greater and greater vibrational frequency – seems fine, but the advancing was not described as the acquisition of knowledge, application of knowledge, gaining of experience and wisdom, but though by a means that is something like programming (which reminded me immediately of the “direct knowledge transfers” that some such as Sheldon Nidle claim to receive).  The authors took this system to be like our hierarchical system of grades, even though the Arcs said clearly that their educational methods were not about being higher or better or passing or failing or competing, just natural progression (though it wasn’t explained how outside programming was natural).  It was clear from this interpretation of the authors that they were not, at least at that time, practicing the basic techniques of discernment that we so often discuss on this forum.

The Arcturians said that there were other civilizations engaged in this aid work for our planet, and that each star fleet sent to Earth is in charge of a different part of the birthing process (transition to 4D) for the planet – ascension being a new beginning, or birth.  Their particular expertise is claimed to be “curriculum of the mind.”

Our main assignment is the programming of messages and information into the minds of those Earthlings who have given us permission to communicate with them…

Ra and the Cassiopaeans have made it clear that STO sources do not “program” people.  There is no free lunch.  They teach by encouraging self-study.  In fact, it was Laura’s revelation that the C’s were actually leading her through deprogramming of false concepts.  Programming is particularly associated, in fact, with STS, with disinformation, with CoIntelPro, with mind control by vectoring attention and shaping attitudes, telling you what to think and what is permissible to think.  Ra explained how channels, especially beginners who don’t know about tuning or grooving, even those of positive orientation, can make contact with negative sources.  Ra referred to Orion STS as “the crusaders.”  The following quotation is from The Law of One: Book I of The Ra Material:

RA:  I am Ra.  It is entirely possible for the untuned channel, as you call that service, to receive both positive and negative communications.  If the entity at the base of its confusion is oriented toward service to others, the entity will begin to receive messages of doom.  If the entity at the base of the complex of beingness is oriented toward service to self, the crusaders, who in this case do not find it necessary to lie, will simply begin to give the philosophy they are here to give.  Many of your so-called contacts among your people have been confused and self-destructive because the channels were oriented towards service to others, but, in the desire for proof, were open to the lying information of the crusaders who then were able to neutralize the effectiveness of the channel.

Well, that would certainly explain why human channels of mixed orientation repeat warnings of danger, yet also allow clearly STS concepts without filtering.  They don’t even recognize the concepts as STS.  In Milanovich’s Arcturian material, I think truth, lying information, STS philosophy, and the unknown, in roughly equal measure, can be discerned.

What Are They Here to Teach Us?
The Arcturian “curriculum” drives home again this idea that one should not regard the negative, which is repeated and repeated by so many channels today, never thinking that this very attitude may be benefiting STS quite directly.  Few seem to consider that turning away from the darkness may only allow it to grow.  See this concept in the Arcturians’ promotion of what they call “reverse friction.”

…removing all blockages to smooth energy flow.  Learning much of the negative and lower forms of energy makes it hard to progress to higher levels of thought and manifestation (of ideas). So, one must learn to eliminate this subject.

The Arcs offered light meditation and positive-thinking exercises to help readers with establishing reverse friction.  The exercises seemed designed to keep one in a positive frame of mind, open to possibilities, and an “appreciation of God,” which they describe as “all there is,” light and darkness, yin and yang, etc.  To me, the exercises resembled common self-calming techniques that amount to self-programming, rather than the elimination of programming that is so essential to beginning to understand and know the self.  I believe that the Arcturian-given techniques provide more of a buffer against experiencing the reality of one’s environment than a conscious integration and understanding of it.

In what I have noticed to be “typical 4D STS style,” the Arcturians constantly far more than is asked.  In the Ra books, Ra would answer a question and the questioner might ask, “can you explain again a different way?” and Ra would oblige.  The pithiness of the Cassiopaeans is a trademark.  The Arcturians, however, often ended an apparent answer with, “That may be a bit confusing, so let us explain further…” and go on for pages.

STS and STO are not discussed by the Arcs as clear concepts even though we are supposed to be in the density of polarity-choice-making and they are supposed to be in the density of polarity-choice-made.  This is highly suspicious to me because I think an STO source would want to make clear that there is a danger from the opposite kind of source.  An STS source would logically want to hide the fact that “higher beings” might not all be love and light.

More Revelations of Arcturian Society
The Arcs reinforced, for me, the suspicion that they are STS in nature by describing “ranks” in their society, “Elders” who set “standards of appropriateness” regarding “the usage of manifestation powers” and that there is a “range of behaviors that are acceptable for (each) frequency.”  This simply drips with the concept of control, abridging free will, and even suggests the “need” for control in a society of riff-raff that aren’t “civilized” enough to control themselves and behave appropriately!  Yes, folks, many readers believe this book is a message of resounding “love.”  To me, it sounds more like right-wing extremist philosophy (law and order reigns, leaders make the rules for everyone, correct and incorrect behavior is dictated, call the system “freedom and democracy”).  I’m perfectly serious when I say that anyone whose heart warms at these ideas must be an authoritarian at heart.  What else could they be?  What does this say about the make-up of the New Age fans who have spouted reviews such as ” I found myself … awed by the gentle, loving God-like presence and energy they emminate.” – “The Arcturians are the most loving and nonjudgemental beings you can possibly imagine.” —  “Compassionate ET’s helping humanity” – and “The Arcturians, speaking through Norma, have sent Earthlings a gentle message regarding their purpose for being here.”

There are additional, powerful suggestions that the Arcturians are a negatively polarized society.  P. 186 mentions that a certain part of their spaceship is “most vulnerable in the event of an attack,” though they also state that they’re not prone to attack due to their reputation being “highly technologically advanced.”  Further, they say, “this reputation has lent centuries of peace to our civilization and we are pleased to say that it is not fear that keeps lower vibratory souls from attacking us, but wisdom.”  I see a bunch of contradictions there.  Firstly, if they’re 4D STO, according to the C’s, they don’t have to have contact with 4D STS (the most logical attackers) if they choose not to.  Secondly, if they’re 4D at all, how can they be vulnerable to attack from “lower vibratory” souls, unless “lower vibratory” means something other than 3D and lower.  Ra states that 4D is naturally invisible to 3D.  And wouldn’t the “wisdom” not to attack 4D Arcturians likely be more attributable to 4D STS than 3D STS?

And what of secrets – hiding of truth – that core activity of STS?  Secrets are something we 3D types know and relate to very well.  They’re everywhere.  One wouldn’t expect much secrecy in a 4D STO environment – privacy maybe, but not secrecy.  The Arcturians say they possess the means to detect the telepathic exchange of “classified” information, particularly aboard their vessel, though they’re quick to say that such activity is not a problem for them.  So is a lack of trust among STO entities common then?  Do STO entities classify information from each other?  Who knows, they may, but still this kind of thing is surely more at home in STS environments.

Arcturian Technology and Activities
Some of the technology the Arcs claim to possess are (Star Trek-like) molecular transfer of objects, vaporization of objects and recreation at a later time, engergization of objects that can then be stored within other solid objects such as stone, and even the replication of life forms (like cloning but done from something like a molecular blueprint).  They claim to be able to transport beings of other races aboard their spaceships, and can implant “knowledge” directly into them (again, Sheldan Nidle claims to have received this treatment).

Does that sound familiar?  Milanovich and friends were given detailed instructions by the Arcs on how to make a 3D image of what they look like.  The result was very close, I thought, to the common depiction of a Gray alien!  The Arcturians practically implicate themselves as the source of the frightening alien abductions, painfully recalled by so many humans!  They say they’ve executed this transportation aboard ship and direct implantation of “knowledge” with Earth people, who:

are being prepared to work with us in the higher realms and on Earth assignment… These people are assuming the roles that were written with us between embodiments…  Each of these souls has gone through an awakening process that it irreversible, once the programming for their missions on Earth has been revealed…  We have spent many hours… giving them instructions in their dream states.  They have recollections occasionally, of strange things that have occurred to them in the nights.  What they are actually remembering is the interaction with us.

The Arcs claim that, in this way, they “help the souls on Earth to advance.”  Despite the claim that they have permission to carry out these deeds (granted between incarnations), they also make clear that at least some of these people have no conscious knowledge of what has happened to them, other than vague, dream-like memories.

On Page 248, Milanovich asked, “Do you do medical experiments on the people who visit your spaceships?”  The Acrturians replied that, with permission, they sample tissue, liquid, and electromagnetic vibrational quality of individuals to measure their frequencies.  “Their minds tend to block this from memory, despite being full participants.  If they remember, it comes out as fear that blocks out the real truth.”

To me, this all sounds like merely another perspective on abductions.  But, when asked outright about abductions, they denied it was them, but rather was “our sisters and brothers who ride on companion ships” whom they called “the Physicians of the Universe.”  Are you rolling your eyes about now?

Further suggestion that the Arcturians may actually be the dastardly Grays (or at least one variety of such) of popular legend is their own claim that they are the ones who’ve supplied technological secrets to the military.

We have given many secrets of our technology to some in your military and to scientists of different countries…  We consider these to be forms of gifts.

Other forms of gifts are adornments, and many of the star children are already wearing these gifts on their bodies.  These have dual purposes… They not only serve as an object for beautification, but also as energy transmitters.  Perhaps one might call them communication devices…  These gifts are not detectable by the average person.

What the hell?  Communication devices?  Energy transmitters on the bodies of star children?  What on Earth for?  Lots of questions are raised by this admission.  Why would STO beings see to placement of undetectable transmitters on people?  Negative implications are much easier to imagine.  The Arcs go so far as to describe Earthlings “in tune” with their communications are “always on our screens, and they are well protected.”  Near the beginning of the book, in fact, they said they’d be watching “on their screens,” everyone who was reading this book.

Much more difficult to imagine would be any justification for turning technological secrets over to military forces, whose very purpose is to kill.  This is an STS world, after all, and the Arcturians surely know that, having been through 3D and duality themselves.  Logically, then, they know that advantages of technology in the hands of military powers will automatically be used to the detriment of that power’s opponents.  The Arcturians called this information transfer a “gift.” Remember that 4D STS engage in attempting to influence humans in the philosophy of service to self.  What military on Earth would serve others with advanced, secret technology?

When they were asked by Milanovich about rumors that ETs had approached the U.S. government.  The Arcs said that they had, but were met with hostility and deceit (a statement repeated often by Galactic Federation channels today).  “We have met with many presidents and premiers.”  Interestingly, they stated that they’ve been consistently turned over to militaries in such cases, making them ask, “who’s really in charge?”  They described exchanging information with militaries “on an equal basis.”

Why would the Arcturians do this, considering that, in this book, they also claim to understand that the militaries are negative?   They say that “a regimented approach to obeying orders when one’s heart doesn’t agree, as in the military, is barbarism and controlling.”  They explain that any system that doesn’t allow individuals to express freedom and will does not support the “God concept.”  Yet, they give tech secrets to our militaries and have a “restricted” area on their own vessel for “Elders” only, ironically called “That which bestows the truth and light on all.  Even a malfunctioning BS detector should be going off about now.

They added that they are actually prevented by governments and militaries from introducing themselves publicly.  That doesn’t make sense to me because if they are STO they would not be wanting to infringe upon free will by going public to people who didn’t ask for their presence.  On the other hand, we suspect that technologically powerful STS ETs may indeed want to land on Earth, and that there would be no way that governments and militaries could actually stop them.  Such action, though, would likely be resorted to only if the control system maintained by their earthly human minions were on the verge of collapse.  Ra explained that this is because they prefer to control via proxy, so as not to violate the free will distortion of The Law of One and attract more negative karma than necessary – but it is a possibility that they would engage in direct conquest if they had to.  Isn’t it odd that the Arcturians actually said “prevented” from going public?  To me, that means they would land if they could – or had to.  What could be the secret power that is preventing them or simply discouraging them from landing?  Could it be this natural pressure of The Law of One?

So, nowadays, the Arcturians say, they hook up more with people who seek them out (which is more along the lines of respecting free will and thus avoiding the pressure of the Law of One) and that the media of their teachings are education, medicine, arts, and entertainment institutions.  All of these areas are known to us, of course, as possible organs of disinformation and gate-keeping.

An interesting note:  the Arcturians say they’ve also established connections with “the civilizations of Middle Earth.”  Assuming they don’t mean Tolkien’s fictional land, this could very well be the subterranean civilization alluded to by so many channels.  The C’s assure us that these “underground” people are completely under the thumbs of STS controllers.

The flow of admitted (and apparently STS) behavior continues unabated throughout this entire book.  The Arcturians claim to be dosing Earth with energy from crystals to advance our “consciousness revolution.”  As we adjust to the energy levels, they increase the dose.  Ra explained that The Confederation of which it is a part (the “good guys”) sends telepathic aid to those of us who evolve consciously enough to begin to call.  That’s a far cry from dosing the whole planet with crystal-energy beams without being asked, yet, it seems clear that revelation of such “dosing” is accepted as “good” by an awful lot of readers, many of whom have probably read Ra, but not examined the material carefully – especially the issues of free will and the importance that STO entities place upon not violating it.

Effects of the Arcturian Contact on the Authors
At one point, the Arcturians turn the table on Milanovich and friends and ask a question of their own, to “gather more data from you.”  Milanovich called the Arcs “masters of psychology,” as they always seem to know just what to say and how to keep interest and curiosity high.  Sounds like manipulation to me.  They asked Norma, Cynthia, and Betty for permission to take them on a journey.  On Page 218, the ladies give the Arcs permission to “instruct” them.  “We will begin to do some minor programming with each of you,” they say, and proceed to get the ladies breathing, imaging, and intoning in sync.  The Arcs claim that the “masters of the highest spiritual orders on Earth” are actually rendezvousing with them to help them achieve “high states of ecstasy quickly…”  The Arcs promised the women collective powers of seeing long distances with their help and the ability to predict and get information on “a more sophisticated wavelength.”  This passage was frightening to me, as it reminded me of the archetypal “deal with the devil” in which someone is promised gifts in exchange for nothing – though a heavy price later becomes evident.

In Ra Session 15, January 30, 1981, Ra stated:

I am Ra…  It is important to allow each seeker to enlighten itself rather for any messenger to attempt in language to teach/learn for the entity…  This is not in balance with your third density.

They specified “in language.”  How do you think this applies to “programming” as the Arcturians did?

Furthermore, in Ra Session 22, February 10, 1981, such direct transfer of information was discussed.  First, what happens when a group of people produce a call for help?

QUESTIONER:  Who or what group produced this call and what action was taken by the Confederation?

RA:  I am Ra.  The calling was that of Atlanteans.  This calling was for what you would call understanding with the distortion toward helping other-selves.  The action taken is that which take part in at this time:  the impression of information through channels, as you would call them.

Ra then explained that technical information was not, at first, transmitted.  It was later, but people quickly turned it to purposes of serving self, in fact going to governmental purposes, and we know what a nightmare that is – to have essentially secret technology in the hands of those in power.  Thus, such transfer was considered an error.  Ra explained that is was blamed upon:

RA: … “the relative naiveté of those members of the Confederation members who felt that direct transfer of information would necessarily be as helpful for Atlanteans as it had been for the Confederation entity…

We remind you that we are one of the naïve members of that Confederation and are still attempting to recoup the damage for which we feel responsibility.”  [/i]

To me, this sounds like a pretty clear indictment of using direct-transfer of information on earthly humans, and not something likely to be repeated by the STO side.  Channeling words, yes.  Directly transferring knowledge, no.  Clearly, the danger in taking such a shortcut is that the receiving entities have not the experience nor the wisdom to handle it.

The women explained that their psychic powers increased somewhat, manifesting in unexpected and uncontrolled ways — they did not describe any truly significant effect of this.

The Arcturians returned to explaining their mission, in ever greater detail, to help humanity ascend.  They build the reader’s sense of reliance upon them with statements like, “There is no way you can do this yourselves.”  Gee, thanks for the vote of confidence!  They relayed the words of other big-shot entities such as Monica, Head of the Tribunal Council of the Ashtar Command,” and stated, “we are in the process of assisting our beloved commander, Sananda.”  This sudden association with the dubiously dynamic duo of Sananda and Ashtar (see Channel Watch 007) struck me as just plain odd.  So, the Arcturians thus allow their communications to be categorized with, or at least tied to, those of all the Galactic Federation sources.  Their name-dropping of Master Kuthumi seems to be an attempt to create a tie-in with the Ra gang, who quoted quite a bit of Kuthumi in the beginning of Volume 1 of The Ra Material. Kuthumi in this book claims to have been one of the Apostles and communicated directly with “the Command” after Jesus’s death.

In a rather frightening moment, all of a sudden sounding stern and perhaps annoyed with all the questions, the Arcturians communicated, “You ask why we are here on Earth?  We OWN the Earth.  We have been here from the beginning of time.”

Where that come from, I don’t know.  They had been consistent about their own planet in their own star system up until that point.  They then explained that their physical Earth bases are “located primarily in your countries of power.”  What happened to “we’re here to help?”  Well, they do get back to that.  Ra explained that earthly humanity really went downhill in the second minor cycle of the current major cycle (that would be the period 25,000 to 50,000 years ago) because of two major screw-ups:  allowing the ascendancy of the concept of money over barter; and allowing growth of the concept of individual and group ownership of property.  Though Ra points out the predominance of these concepts out as fundamental boo-boos, how many modern Earth people even consider them dangerous to the soul?  Heck, some so-called “prosperity preachers” of Protestant Christian sects even say that money is a sign of God’s favor and that poverty is the result of sin.

More from the Arcturians About Our Present and Future
In clear agreement with Ra, the Arcs said that those who choose not to raise their vibrations with the approach of the transition will have to “exit the Earth plane” and reincarnate on another planet.  They also said, “Many souls will be exiting before the year 2000, as the decade of the 90s has been reserved for the cleansing.”  Not so good timing, and the giving of calendar dates in prophecy has proven to be a bright red flag.

When asked about other helper civilizations, the Arcs named Lyrans, Orions, Alpha Centaurians, Sirians (who they say build the pyramids – oh, how many have claimed to have done so!), Hydrans, Pleiadians, and others that they say are pointless to name.  They’re all here for the big event, the harvest, or whatever you like to call it.  The Arcs cited some general forms of chaos as signs of this event’s approach, resulting from rising anger among those who unconsciously realize they’ve lost their chance to ascend.

As the book winds down, they get Biblical again, claiming that Sananda/Jesus will appear, his radiance to be witnessed by all upon Earth at the same time (this is echoed in the Ashtar Command material currently).  The “chosen” ones, the light children will rally around him, and others will tremble.  This could describe, in my opinion, any savior or any anti-savior.  Other biblical language comes forth: “son of God, ” “the lamb,” “Father’s house has many rooms,” “His father’s kingdom,” and even a line-by-line interpretation of Psalm 23.

The beginning and end of We, the Arcturians, have these brief and loose tie-ins to other channeled material, particularly to the Christian-flavored Galactic Federation entities.  It seemed baffling.  However, with reflection, I think it was done deliberately because it serves as endorsement for these names, and practically invites the impressed reader to seek out material associated with these names.  Just look at how prevalent these names are in modern channeling and how many alleged channels claim to be in contact with them.  In my opinion, a non-discerning seeker could easily be led into a labyrinth of non-critical New Age works both real and manufactured that contains a plethora of conflicting ideas, dead ends, cul-de-sacs, and endless loops that could easily consume their attention and energy for many years, all the while putting said seeker at risk for fatigue, confusion, and maybe susceptibility to the closer orbits of STS teachers.

Norma Milanovich Today
Norma Milanovich went on to produce two lesser-known books, Sacred Journey to Atlantis and The Light Shall Set You Free.  The latter emphasizes the need to educate the world to an enlightened state before it is transported to the Fifth Dimension.  Today she is something of a worldwide, New Age celebrity.  She promotes UFO reality and continues to channel a variety of “celestial beings,” does lectures, workshops, conferences, “spiritual journeys,” and has even presented before the UN Parapsychology Society.  Though the Arcturians never presented any information regarding the matrix control system on Earth, she seems to have been made aware of aspects of it via other channeled entities and has presented lectures on the subject of government conspiracy.  She is identified as the “primary guru” of The Trinity Foundation, an organization dedicated to advancing “education restructuring” in the US.  She is also the president of her own Athena Leadership Center (http://www[dot] of upscale Scottsdale AZ:

Athena Leadership Center exists to serve people worldwide to achieve their maximum potential through understanding spiritual enlightenment, the connection between body, mind, and Spirit, and that everything is energy (Light).

Athena Leadership Center specializes in individualized personal empowerment, prophesy from the Ascended Masters, Light Ascension, Feng Shui, ground-breaking and innovative wellness solutions, and worldwide sacred journeys and conferences, proven to expand and raise one’s consciousness, which ultimately assists in bringing peace to the world.

We seek to become an international center and clearinghouse for the highest level of truth. Thus, we pursue excellence and perfection in all that we do.

Those are inspiring words anyone would like to believe, but Ms. Milanovich is still lauded for We, the Arcturians, a book about which I’ve yet seen no other critical analysis, and which for me presents no clear evidence of positive orientation – in fact, quite the contrary.

Throughout each year, a limited number of sessions will be available for participants to come to Scottsdale and work with Dr. Norma Milanovich in intensive 2 ½ day programs designed to:  Experience intensive
one-on-one transmissions with the Ascended Masters; Complete customized work with the Masters through inter-dimensional sessions that will assist individuals with their individual missions;  Assist individuals to identify blockages within that limit their spiritual attainment;  Obtain knowledge and solutions on how to work through their challenges.

In addition to the above, each individual will also receive:  A customized diagnosis and attunement on the QXCI that could include:    Emotional Clearings, Past Life Relationships and Unresolved Issues, Neurolinguistic Reprogramming for Significant Problems in One’s Life, Connections to the Cosmos and Universal Mind, Reprogramming Karma, Releasing Negativity, and Subconscious Anger Releasing Spiritual Attacks and Suppression, Increasing creativity, Improving Self-Confidence, Reversing the Aging Process, And much more!

Ms. Milanovich conducts these programs roughly monthly.  It will run you $3000 for three days (or $1500 each if you bring a friend), and they sell out quickly!  If you can’t afford such lengthy exposure to enlightenment teachings, you can talk to Ms. Milanovich on the phone for $150 per hour.


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    This is a great review. I just have one suggestion, which is that it may not be the Arcturians who at fault, but Milanovitch in her description of them. My own belief is that Arcturians are benevolent beings of pure love, and that while Milanovitch may have had some initial contact, the majority of her material is misinformation/fantasy/delusion. If, as you say, the Arcturians appear to be STS through her work, this does not mean that the real Arcturian group consciousness is STS. In fact, if you think about it, a telepathic group consciousness cannot be STS in any real or meanigful way, because the self in question is multiple and those within the group retain individuation. I myself have seen recent appearances from Milanovitch and the work she is doing now (I even heard her describe Arcturians as ‘the cute little 3 footers’) and it is clear that she has used her ‘channelings’ in an STS way. Her husband was a US military computer scientist with high level security clearance, of course. Good work, though, AR

  2. wyatt smith permalink
    August 25, 2011 2:33 am

    What a load of shit…

  3. anon permalink
    January 1, 2013 10:54 am

    you all are so deceived These all are DEMONS who work for the devil and “disguise them selves as angels of light” ; The bible tells you satan also does this too; these all are demons bringing in the New world order agenda of the antichrist one world government system of the beast spoken of in revelation the U F O screen and abducttes is mindcontrol programming were au f o screen and abductie type crap is used all lies of the devil; Jesus will wipe these demons out when he soon comes to judge the earth and send these lying demonic liar demons to Hell all of the New age is Demonic channeling you are letting demons through May God have mercy upon you all Turn to Jesus christ the Livving god None goes to heaven except through Jesus christ and b t w Jesus doesnt use demons posing as “helpers” they are telling you “:lies” He will send all these demons to hell were they belong

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