Chemist Steve Colbern: Alien implants based on carbon nano-tube technology

Chemist and material scientist Steve Colbern appeared on Coast to Coast AM Radio on Friday night along with Dr. Roger Leir, author of “The Alien and the Scalpel”, and experimental nuclear physicist Robert John Koontz to discuss implants they’ve found in the bodies of people who claim to be alien abductees.

Colbern has analyzed several of Leir’s objects and spent extensive time working with objects number 15 and 16. Both objects were found to have some type of chemical coating on them, similar to shell or bone, that he feels may be responsible for a lack of immune response in the human body. This would explain how the object can be inserted and not cause the body to reject it.

Radio signals were picked up from both devices before removal from the subjects and they appeared to be transmitting on satellite and aeronautical communication frequencies.

As to the chemical make-up of the alien implants, Colbern claims they are composed of meteoric iron not found in our solar system because the isotopic ratios are skewed compared to those found on earth or in our own solar neighborhood. When asked, Colbern said it would not be possible for us to duplicate this material without major problems.

Colbern states that these implants are sophisticated nano-technological devices with carbon nano-tube electronics built right in. Carbon nano-tubes are very tiny cylinders of carbon similar to graphite and are the world’s strongest known material with advanced conductive properties. While we do have carbon nano-tube technology and are currently using it in some applications, Colbern says our research is in its infancy and clearly not sophisticated enough to produce these types of devices.

Noory asked Colbern, “Based on what you’ve seen what do you think these objects are?” His response was, “Extremely sophisticated nano-technological devices that are probably for gathering and transmission of information. They seem to transmit sensory information – what the subject is seeing and hearing, physiological information, etc.”

Colbern also states that the implants have a sophisticated biological coating that allows our nerve cells to grow into the devices after they’re implanted – something that is beyond our technology.

Colbern believes that these devices seem to be at least a minimum of 100 years beyond anything we can do at this point.

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Possible Brown Dwarf (Planet X?) very close to Orion's Belt

Confirmed coordinates for this star is:
6h42m8.44s, 41 40′ 18.94″

Coordinates confirmed w/Meade LX200-ACF Telescope on three separate nights in conjunction with my IR camera to locate this object. I also confirmed with four of my astronomy friends. We all know where Mars is located. The coordinates for this object are no where near Mars.…

This is an IR video(black and white) to PROVE to the naysayers how close this “orange colored” star (possibly Planet X) is near Orion’s belt. I’m not saying I believe this is Planet X(Nibiru), but it is plausible if you have an open mind and think outside of the box. Again, this is just an observation of mine since I know for a fact that this star or planet is NOT MARS, SIRIUS, OR SATURN.

If one day, Planet X is proved to exist, there will still be shallow minded people out there denying it even when it’s right in front of their faces.

In this video, I start at Orion’s belt. Then at 40 sec, I pan to the upper left part of the sky to an “orange colored” star. I then pan back to Orion’s belt at 2min10 sec and then I pan back to the orange colored star again at 3min.

Experts: Did UN troops infect Haiti?


The Associated Press
Wednesday, November 3, 2010; 5:40 PM

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — Researchers should determine whether United Nations peacekeepers were the source of a deadly outbreak of cholera in Haiti, two public health experts, including a U.N. official, said Wednesday.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that the strain of cholera that has killed at least 442 people the past three weeks matches strains found in South Asia. The CDC, World Health Organization and United Nations say it’s not possible to pinpoint the source and investigating further would distract from efforts to fight the disease.

But leading experts on cholera and medicine consulted by The Associated Press challenged that position, saying it is both possible and necessary to track the source to prevent future deaths.

“That sounds like politics to me, not science,” Dr. Paul Farmer, a U.N. deputy special envoy to Haiti and a noted expert on poverty and medicine, said of the reluctance to delve further into what caused the outbreak. “Knowing where the point source is – or source, or sources – would seem to be a good enterprise in terms of public health.”

The suspicion that a Nepalese U.N. peacekeeping base on a tributary to the infected Artibonite River could have been a source of the infection fueled a protest last week during which hundreds of Haitians denounced the peacekeepers.

John Mekalanos, a cholera expert and chairman of Harvard University’s microbiology department, said it is important to know exactly where and how the disease emerged because it is a novel, virulent strain previously unknown in the Western Hemisphere – and public health officials need to know how it spreads.


Interviewed by phone from Cambridge, Massachusetts, Mekalanos said evidence suggests Nepalese soldiers carried the disease when they arrived in early October following outbreaks in their homeland.

“The organism that is causing the disease is very uncharacteristic of (Haiti and the Caribbean), and is quite characteristic of the region from where the soldiers in the base came,” said Mekalanos, a colleague of Farmer. “I don’t see there is any way to avoid the conclusion that an unfortunate and presumably accidental introduction of the organism occurred.”

Cholera, which had never before been documented in Haiti, has killed at least 442 people and hospitalized more than 6,742 with fever, diarrhea and vomiting since late October. It is now present in at least half of Haiti’s political regions, called departments.

Death occurs when patients go into shock from extreme dehydration. The epidemic has diverted resources needed for the expected strike of a hurricane this week, and could spread further if there is flooding.

Suspicions that the Nepalese base could have been a source of the infection intensified Monday after the CDC revealed the strain in Haiti matches those found in South Asia, including Nepal.

But nothing has been proven conclusively, and in the meantime the case remains politically charged and diplomatically sensitive. The United Nations has a 12,000-strong force in Haiti that has provided badly needed security in the country since 2004. But their presence is not universally welcomed, and some Haitian politicians have seized upon the cholera accusations, calling for a full-scale investigation and fomenting demonstrations.


Russian activist disappears after exposing vaccination plans for Russia, Ukraine and Belarus

Alexander Goncharov

Alexander Goncharov, a Russian activist who has been exposing the globalists eugenics program and in particular a vaccination program set to begin in 2011 has disappeared after recently receiving a serious threat to his life.

He has been missing since the night of October 30th, 2010, at approximately 22:00 hours when he was last seen leaving his office at the Russian Benevolent Society and did not return home as expected.

Alexander Goncharov had sworn an oath to disseminate as much information as possible about the globalists eugenics program to medical professionals and the public. He had uncovered a plan to sterilize women through vaccination programs in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

The same day threats were made on his life Alexander had asked for protection from paratrooper friends, but unfortunately it seems he did not get this additional security on time, as he disappeared that very night.

Below is the last statement of Alexander Goncharov made on 22nd October, 2010.

I, Alexander Goncharov, President of the Russian Benevolent Society, received information from honest doctors who do not wish to take part in KILLING their own people, about preparations for the mass DESTRUCTION OF OUR CHILDREN in the guise of a “new vaccination” scheduled for early 2011.

I cannot confirm or deny this information or vouch for the credibility of it, but I ask everyone to check it for themselves. “Someone” found out that I had this information and I was first offered a bribe for non-disclosure and secondly threatened with death if I continued disseminating information about the upcoming KILLING of our children. I rejected their “proposal” and will never accept the deliberate destruction of my own people – I have a holy duty to the motherland, in accordance with the Constitution of Russia and knowing the power of the enemies of our people, I have sworn to disseminate information about the impending MURDER OF ALL OUR CHILDREN IN RUSSIA and I will circulate this information by all possible means.

I specifically appeal to the staff of the Ministry and FEDERAL SECURITY SERVICE, to listen to my calls and read my correspondence – THEY WANT TO KILL YOUR CHILDREN. Therefore, you have a choice: either to help the survival of your people or procure small coffins for your own grandchildren.


Vaccinations are of two types.

1. Vaccination is intended for girls 12 to 20.

The vaccination will be introduced in the guise of ostensibly preventing breast cancer or cancer.

– It is a similar vaccination to the one used to sterilize girls in Mexico, Nicaragua and Iraq.


– causes miscarriages at 3-4 months of pregnancy. In addition to direct effects, the inoculation has great mental impact because many miscarriages in late pregnancy would create panic and fear of becoming pregnant.

2. Vaccination is designed for women over 45 years.


Immunoglobulin and GMO preparations.


– Sudden sexual arousal, increases immunity for 2-5 years but then declining sharply until immunity is zero, i.e. the inability to fight any infection.

Chairman of CBR