Ultra Mk Universal Super Soldier Program

This is a short video about the history of the super soldier project. The team unit I was on is alpha squad 45.

Project Paperclip – OSS later the CIA brought in 40,000 Nazi mind scientists after world war two to continue their experiments in mind control and more.

Project Mkultra is a CIA umbrella project of 150 sub projects involved in the study of controlling the human consciousness.

Project Talent is a covert recruiting arm of the intelligence agencies that finds gifted psychics and subjects them to Project Mkultra, Monarch, and Montauk against their will. Originally project talent had 377,000 test subjects. The project was financed by Department and Welfare, Health, and Education; the National Institutes of Health, and the Department of Naval Research. These individuals were tracked using RFID technology and monitored at regular interviews throughout their life.

Project Monarch is the creation of a total mind controlled slave using trauma based programming involving the use of electroshock, needles under the fingernails, drugs, and water boarding. They were given a choice either die or split into alternate personalities. Most died those that survived developed dissociate identity disorder and could be activated like a Manchurian candidate.

Project Montauk took place in a underground facility on Montuak Point, New York involving time travel ops. It was shut down in the early 80s and then reopened as Montuak 2.0

Project Surrogate involves the creation of a batch of genetically superior individuals who are cloned and placed with surrogate families to be grown up in a natural environment until they are old enough to be used as super soldiers. They placed these individuals with fake families because they found they are better fighters if they have loving families instead of being grown up as a prisoner in a underground base.

Human cloning began in 1978 and has advanced beyond the imagination of the common man.

The Ultra MK Universal Super Soldier program is the creation of a perfect fighting machine one who acts without questioning their command, brainwashed, enhanced with drugs, metal bones, and circuitry they are the real terminator. Originally 6,000 promising individuals were chosen from project Talent to become super soldiers. They were then placed into different six groups such as alpha dealing with general programming, beta or sexual programming, gamma or conitinellpro, delta which are killers, and omega and so on. Only 20 living subjects survived from original group. It was there DNA that was chosen to create future generations of super soldiers within project surrogate. Today there are currently 15,000 super solider operatives in existence.

Total recall chair is the brainwashing chair. Long term and short term memories are switched around so that the person will have no clue what he or she was doing. Also used for training and torture.

Milabs stands for military abductions. Military abductions are performed on gifted psychics that are targeted by Project Talent. Those conducting the Milabs are often milabed themselves and have no idea they are leading a double life.

All of these programs were financed by the Federal Reserve under the direction of the Rockefeller Foundation and MJ-12.

The rest is classified lol.

2 thoughts on “Ultra Mk Universal Super Soldier Program

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  2. hmmmmm.
    Do the Russians and Chinese have anything comparable?
    What modern/contemporary programs like the Super Soldier are there?

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