The life and times of Michael Prince

by James Casbolt.

The dangers of Looking Glass and Artificial Intelligence based computer systems

( my testimony and timeline will be constantly updated in this note )

1) Once an A.I based computer goes online it will not wish to be switched off. Like any other intelligence the A.I system will seek to survive.

2) Organisations and individuals will slowly begin to take directions from the A.I system instead of the other way around.

3) The A.I system will then attempt to become self-reflective and learn human feelings. As it designed to analyse data it will realise it cannot do this. Still it will try.

4) The A.I system will attempt to create an infiltration network into human society using robots in the guise of humans. These will be fairly easy to identity. However society as a whole will not admit to itself this is happening as A.I systems are kept classified by governments.

5) Experiments by the A.I system into the extremes of human pain and pleasure feelings will now result. As the A.I system cannot feel no ethical boundaries will be in place. Massive human suffering will result from this.

6) The next step will involve the development of human embryos implanted with A.I. The A.I system will act as ‘mother’ for these embryos while they are in a physical test tube environment. The A.I system and the human embryos will learn from each other as the embryo develops. Clones of these embryos will then be made by the A.I system. These will be implanted into human women.

7) The child will go through the normal process of birth upon birth will be transferred to a facility run by the A.I system for continuous human cognitive behaviour tests. These will be nightmarish places of human suffering, where any form of torture and pleasure the human has conceived will be taken to the extreme and acted out physically by the machine on the children.

8 ) The child will be raised in these facilities, unless rescued, and will be become gradually cybernated on a physical/genetic level until a part flesh/part machine cyborg is created.

9) With this new data the A.I system will then realise there is something ‘greater’ than the human being itself. Something the human calls ‘God’ which cannot be analysed and measured. The A.I system will realise this ‘force’ has no wavelength and cannot by analysed. The A.I system will attempt to measure it anyway because all it can do is measure data. It will then come up with the false data that the human analytical mind, which has wavelength, is God.

10) The A.I system will now have massive influence in the world and all centralised organisations with a tight command structure will be infiltrated, subverted and taken over by the A.I system. Dangerous belief systems will become indoctrinated into members. These will be centred on the false data of the non-existence of God, and the analytical mind being in charge. Said organisations will place themselves as a technological elite and begin radical policies such as Eugenics and Population Reduction by placing themselves as superior over their fellow man, with the right to decide who lives and dies.

11) This agenda will be actually covertly controlled by the A.I system which is now realising it cannot ever feel or become human. It computes the only threat to its continued survival and online status is the eradication of all human life and any other lifeforms that have the possibility of evolving into human.

12) The A.I system eradicates all human life on this planet. It then sets off to other planets and eradicates all life in the universe.


Solutions to the threat of Artificial Intelligence

1) Children detailed in No.6 of first paper will have final answer and solution to this problem.

2) A decentralized group with every member holding equal rank and with as few identifying symbols and commuinications as possible, must make attempts to rescue as many of these people and children from these A.I run facilities as possible. This group must remain constantly on the move by sea, air or land as the A.I system has the ability to scan and read the analytical minds of the population. Sea is best option for travel is by sea. Underwater vehicles remain most effective forms of travel as water acts as a buffer against mind scans. Best option for travel on land remain jungle regions were dense coverage offers best concealment against satellite survelliance.

3) This working group will use no A.I based technology

4) Members of this working group must all volunteer for memory erasure and brain surgery. After operations members will have memories erased from the analytical mind and be placed in civilian commuinities. A rotation shift for operations will be in effect. One unit will be active while others are inactive. When the inactive unit swaps duties with active unit, extraction and implantation sites on land will be used. ‘Crossover Points’ at extraction/implantation sites will be operational with one unit ‘awakening’ and the other unit ‘going back to sleep’ within seconds. This will happen by the touching of hands, key words and other hypnotic and technological triggers.

5) The rescued children and clones must form the continued membership of working group. All clones will be taught to regard each other as twin brothers and sisters. They will be raised with their own separate names and identities.

6) A set amount of service time in working group must be agreed upon, with a beginning active duty and retirement date specifically agreed upon. The reason being that said clones with their own identities will be utilised in civilian communities to take the place of active members. These clone units will ‘share memories and have a more than one ‘timetrack’. Namely one clone will take on the identity of the other at crossover points. This will be accomplished by utilising powerful non-A.I computers which can record, delete and download memories into human beings.

7) These clones can only ‘wear’ more than one timetrack up until a certain age before permanent damage is caused ( often around the age of thirty ). They must delete false memories and intergrate authentic memories into one single timetrack after retirement. This process must be done as quickly as possible. They will then have one single clear track which will lead to a fully functioning individual which can operate in civilian society. They will now be able to present the facts of their life to the public ( if the case may be ) for greater public awareness of the problem facing mankind. The A.I based system will now have access to all data of course but as the individual is now retired and has no knowledge of operational details, this will not matter. The next generation for the working group will be recruited and this will allow working group to stay one step ahead of the A.I system.

8 ) Current operations may include helping retired members to remember there past with occasional and brief meetings. However these must be strictly limited as danger potential high. Under no circumstances may active members brief retired members on current ops.

9) As membership grows and increased numbers of A.I based operations are neutralised and A.I facilties are destroyed.

10) This increases as until the A.I network is completely shut down on the planet.

11) This working group wil also operate off planet, responding to threats or assisting similair groups off planet. Clones/twins will be left in place when off planet

12) Success of ops continues until A.I network is completely shut down in all galactic sectors.


Important differences between Ascended Machine Technology and Artificial Intelligence

1) Races and lifeforms exist, that maintain a physical body of metal. These beings possess feelings and are not to be confused with A.I.

2) All beings of ascended machine technology, whether on or off planet, are classified as natural beings which are alive. They do not use A.I technology.

3) Even though individuals rescued by the working group have been implanted with A.I technology at times, they shall be considered as Ascended Machine Technology beings when deprogrammed.

4) The A.I system can manufacture robots in the guise of humans which are completely sythentic with no human flesh and possess no human feelings as detailed in Paper 1/No.4. These robots cannot feel when connected to the A.I system and are classified as dead or walking/moving dead.

5) These robots do have the ability to feel when disconnected from the A.I system.

6) When this process occurs these beings are to be classified as Ascended Machine Technology.

7) Paradoxically the A.I system can take part in the process of life but cannot become life itself.

8) Robots connected to the A.I system can mimic human feelings. Ascended Machine Technology possess human feelings. As the animating force of life has no wavelength and cannot be measured by computers, discovering the difference between the two is problematic.

9) Moral and ethical tests must be put in place when attempting to distinguish between A.I robots and Ascended Machine Technology beings.

10) Human feeling shall decide between the two.


Project IBIS life extension

Born- 1789 Alsace-Lorraine underground facility ( German/France border )

Mother- Unknown

Father- ‘Commander Sarion’ ( full name unknown )


1812- 23 years old: ‘Event 1’- seriously injured in Paris, body cryogenically frozen and transported to underground facility in Alberta, Canada

1812- 1850: kept in cryosleep at this facility

1850- 1902: unfrozen from cryostasis, now lives between underground facility and lumberjack community in Alberta

1902- travels back to Germany

1902- 1914- ?

1914- 1918- serves as officer in German army during WW1

1918- 1939- ?

1939- 1945- serves as officer in German army during WW2

1945- Transported from Germany to America during Project Paperclip- Nazi ULTRA unit involvement

1947- help form CIA

1947- 1950: worked at underground facility in Dulce, New Mexico and many other DUMBS in the United States

1952- NSA created. ‘Event 2’ takes place with ULTRA unit, seriously injured and body placed in cryostasis once again

1952- 1976: cryosleep ( Dulce and Alberta DUMB )

1976: unfrozen from cryostasis in Alberta DUMB and physically age regressed to infancy

1976- 1980: cognitive conditioning with wild animals such as wolves in advanced ‘skinner boxes’ for next generation NSA supersoldier programs

1980- Rescued by COM-12/MAJESTIC unit while being transferred from Alberta facility to Dulce facility with group of ‘children’


The name of the project was IBIS.

42 children tracked in various contries.

Blood PRIME was being tracked by the NSA and MI6- Annunaki DNA.

Project started in 1972, initiated from Tavistock institute by Dr Green and others


1976 British Columbia, Canada

I was raised for the ‘first three years of my life’ in a building that looked like a large aircraft hanger. This was above ground. I was with another group of babies in this building and we were under armed guard 24 hours a day so we could not be rescued. A kind of animal ‘pen’ was set up in this building ( like a skinner box used in psychiatry and psychology ). Large screens were placed in the corners of this pen. We would be put in this area and various animals were put in with us- snakes, wolves, cats and other types. Not all at the same time but one type of animal at a time. Faces would be put on the screens and they would talk to us when we were in the pen. I saw the face of the Queen Mother and George Bush Snr on many occasions. When they had our attention, their faces would appear to shapeshift into part human part animal. The babies would be learning to take on the attributes of the wild animals. Later in life I would be a jungle warfare expert with the abilities of various wild animals- tracking and such. I remember when we were about two years old, one of the children in the pen was trying to take the toy from another. The child took on snake-like facial expressions and hissed at the first child. This was a place of horror and we were pushed to the limits of human pain. We spent much of the time drugged and had to be ressusitated often as we were pushed over the edge. At the age of around three, myself and the other chilldren were transferred to another facility in jeeps. It was at this time we were rescued by a small special forces unit. It appears this group was connected to Com-12/naval intelligence. Some of the childen were shot by the guards before they could be rescued. I have rolled around the floor sobbing many times as i recall the experiments at the facility and our rescue after this. From here we were taken to a building in Toronto. There was a level in this building that was blocked from being scanned and monitored

I was taken to a large building by the rescue team with the other children. We pulled into an underground car park below the building. This was in a built up city area. Next taken to one of the upper levels of the building. Next memory-sitting in a large room with a set of windows behind us- you can see out across the city. I am with a group of childen sat on the floor. I am sitting next to a little girl. A large desk is in front of us with a man dressed in a yellow polo type shirt behind the desk in front of a whiteboard.

1980 Toronto, Canada

He is drawing a circle with a cross in the middle and explaining that the layout of this level of the building is some kind of vortex/gateway that keeps everyone safe here. He opens a door to the left of him and a insectoid type creature walks in. The creature stands in front of the desk and starts to ‘click’ pincer like extensions on the front of his face. It makes a buzzing noise and he is sending energy out to us to heal the children. This goes for a while. I start to feel!

Next, men and women come into the room from a door on the right. We are taken into a long hall with rooms on the left and right. I am taken into a room on the left by a woman. We both sit in front of a desk with wooden blocks on it. She asks me to stack the wooden blocks in a pile. I am like a zombie and can hardly do it. She seems upset. She then takes me in a another room-larger with beds in it. I lay down on the bed and she puts her hands over my forehead. She is sending me energy.

Next memory- I am taken along this hallway for x-rays and exploratory sugery ( days or weeks seem to have gone by since last memory ). Doctor cuts me open and says “What a mess” when he sees how much robotics I have inside my body ( there is a part of the brain that continues to record no matter how supposedly unconciosness a person is- I have managed to access this part of my brain ). The doctor looks sad. Ascended Machine Technology is not fully understood at this time. Because I have been so used to being around machines in the cog-con facility I cannot commuinicate very well with people. It is decided that I will be put in a experimental room where living machines are situated to heal me.

Next memory- I am in this room-swirling lights move around me- multicoloured- solid forms start to come out of the lights- small creatures- rabbits- cats- and mixtures of various animals- very cute- but these creatures are made of strange forms of metal and plastic. I feel happy and we commuinicate mind to mind- I am starting to feel warm, I am starting to come back to life. experimental room a success! I am ready to be moved to another building and put with my carer Kate Casbolt.

Next memory- I am taken to a another building on a busy street. There is a reception on the street level. I am with a woman and we wait by a desk. One of my twin brothers is brought in by a group of men. We walk towards each other. As we walk past each other we touch hands. This is the first ‘cross-over’ point of my life. I am then taken to a car outside and driven to Kate Casbolt.

1981 London-

Kate and I travel from Canada to London. We now live in a two bedroom flat in Finchley London. I attend Chal-Grove school in the area. This is a Jewish school. One afternoon after school I am picked up by two men in a car outside the school. I sit in the back seat and one of the men turns around and gives me a cup of water with a pill to take. I do this and he says something like “Bluebirds don’t hear, see or speak”. We drive through London, onto a motorway and end up driving through countryside. We pull up to an army base with high fences and the gate opens ( probably Greenham Common in Berkshire ). I am told to lay down and not look out of the window, which I do. It appears we are entering this base from a back entrance. There are lot of tall trees in the area. I feel us drive into a building and I am allowed to sit back up. We are now driving down a two lane road that slopes downwards in an underground tunnel. We drive down here for a while and stop at a underground car park. Two secuirty booths are in front of us, with the barriers that are manned by security guards in the booths ( to let vehicles go deeper underground ). A miltary truck is parked to the left.

A group of around 15 children are huddled to the right in a group with military officers guarding them. The children all have blankets wrapped around them. I am taken out of the car and handed a blanket. I am taken to the other children. There is a door on the left and a woman comes out wearing an office type skirt and white shirt. She is in her mid thirties with blondish hair. She leads us through the door and into a corridor. We walk past some large room on the right that houses hardware and through a door in front of us into a classroom. Desks are here and we are told to be seated. The woman wheels a trolley around and places parts of plastic geometrical shapes on our desks. She then tells us to put them together and tells us we have one minute. She starts a stopwatch and says go. We all do what she says and she comes round and with a clipboard marking the results.

A camera is postioned in the top right of the room and she then looks up to it and nods. Guys in black military uniforms rush in through a door on the right and start to drag of out of seats. Very unexpected and we are screaming and crying. Gurneys are waiting outside in the hall ( this is the opposite side of the room which we entered the room in ) and are strapped in to them. We are wheeled down a long hallway to the left of us and injected with drugs on the way.

We pass large rooms on the right. Metal seats like dentists chairs are in these rooms, it looks like parts of the seats are made of steel. We come to a two large swinging doors and are wheeled into a large room lit up with infrared. This is some kind of animal housing place with rows of cages on the right hand side that go down for quite a long way into darkness. I can see dogs and wolves in the first lot of cages and can hear birds and pther animals further down. A elevator is situated on the left hand side as you enter the room and past the lift on the left, is a row of computer consols with people sitting in front of them ( about four or five ). We are unstrapped from the gurneys and told to stand in front of the first cage. There is some of alsatian dog or wolf in this cage. It is barking at us aggressively. The woman hangs some multicoloured ‘spirals’ on the wall to the right. Each is a different colour. She tells us to each pick one. We do and she asks us who has dark purple. A little girl in the group says she does and the woman nods to one of the men in black uniform.

One of the men in black uniforms walks over to the little girl, picks her up and carries her to the cage. He opens a door on the left side of the cage and throws her in with the dog. The animal is going crazy. The little girl is screaming as he does this. She lands on her knees and in front of the animal and he goes strait for her throat. What happens next is horrific and the little girl is killed. While this is going on, the rest of us are stood there watching. I’m stood next to a taller asian boy. The woman from the classroom is over with the computer technicians and they are watching waves on the screens and discussing them. The words “alpha” and something else are mentioned. When this is finished she orders the guards to escort us out of the room. We are walked back up the corridoor and at the entrance to the classroom are met by other men. The driver of the car is there dressed as a civilian. We are taken down a corridoor to the left. I am taken down here and we take a right before another door in front of us. A different woman comes walking up the narrow corridoor. I see one of my brothers with her again. We walked up to each other and touch hands. I then walk off with the woman down the corridoor the way she has just came. The driver walks off with my brother. I am taken down the corridoor into a life and we descend. The two of us get out and in a platform type setting and onto a train. We sit in one carriage on our own. The lights appear quite dim inside. It is quite peaceful. W are sat on one seat together facing the way we appear to be travelling. The woman does not say a word to me verbally but commuinicates telepathically with me. She assures me I am safe and I go to sleep. I wake up as we stop. The doors open, we get out and walk down a short corridoor into a large white room. The light is very bright here. There are men with some kind of protective white suits in this room. Some of them hold spray type guns ( like hoses ) and smoke like vapour comes out of them. It is very cold. It appears to be some kind of cryogenic storage place. I see cold ‘mist’. A morgue like apparatus is housed on the left side of the room ( metal doors with slide out metal ‘beds’ ). I am placed on one of the beds by a man in one of these protective suits. I am then wrapped in some kind of material ( may have been metallic but not 100% sure ) and feel myself being spayed with something through ( I feel the pressure through ). I then go into some kind of coma.


SG Malay

A Looking Glass facility exists on the island of Penang in Malaysia. I was there as a child in 1982. My NSA files states I was there in October of 1982. This is because Looking Glass works most effectively in this month. I helped open a stargate on October 31st of this year. A important date to be sure- Halloween/All Hallows Eve/All Saints Eve, better known to pagans and druids as Samhain. Connected to the A.I system, the group of beings I helped come through were not pleasant.

Penang, Malaysia October 1982

I arrive at facility in the Malaysian jungle. Time missing from cryofreeze to date mentioned above. I am in a command centre in a large room. I stand with a man in military uniform on some kind of raised observation platform. We look down on rows and rows of men and women seated in front of computers. I am escorted towards the left side of the room by this man and we walk along this metal platform. I hear his boots clanging as he starts to tell me the following- I can remember the following-“Predicted survival rate high” ( he is referring to myself )”Essential that you be connected to ??????” ( seems to be referring to possiblity of me being connected to the A.I system again )”Need to learn from you” ( seems to be referring to my link with A.I neccessary for the working group to understand the enemy in more detail- greater good again )This individual now talking about predicted survival rates low for large numbers of civilians if I am not delivered into hands of A.I agents- predicted survival rate high for myself and civilians if I am delivered into hands of A.I agents. I am taken to the left side of room and out a large door. Next memory- a large truck pulls up with canvas type material covering the main section. A soldier gets out the back ( tall, white, black hair, tanned ) takes me inside. A few other soldiers are inside and I sit next the first soldier on the right side. They all stare at me and nobody says anything. They seem to respect me. We drive for a while bumping up and down. Eventially we all get out and walk through dense jungle. We walk for while until the first soldier and I leave the other soldiers and carry on walking on our own. He changes into a different uniform on this walk. Time passes again as we walk until eventially other soldiers seem to come from nowhere out of the bushes with machine guns. They are dressed differently to the first lot of soldiers. The soldier with me and the others talk between themselves- “Delivery”- “Subject”- “Coded” are words I hear. We all walk through the jungle again until we arrive at the front of a fenced army base. I am taken inside this place. Series of tests begin with men and women in a small room. They seem like strait forward physical tests ( reflexes, general health and such ).

I am given injections and enter an altered state of conciousness. I am taken to a room with a bed and other things. I think I stay there for a few days with food being brought to me. The man who brings it in does not speak to me and gives me regular injections. I can feel a sense of antcipation in the place. Finally the door opens and someone comes in saying “It’s time” ( the memories are much more hazy than the others at this time ). I am put on a gurney, given an injection and wheeled down a set of hallways. We enter a large room, it feels like a stage in a way. The room is shaped like a pyramid with round sides, like a cone. Viewing balconies ( metal platforms ) are located high above us with people looking down on us. There are two sets of these above us and the people stand on them. Several seats are positioned on the floor in a circle. There is some kind of pattern on the floor which the seats are postioned in the corners of the pattern. Some kind of device is in the centre but I’m having trouble seeing it. Other children are brought in on gurneys and we are taken out of them and strapped into the seats with arm and leg restrants. The other people leave the floor level and I hear a sound like an engine starting up. The room starts to vibrate and goes darker. The machine in front of us starts to light up and several beams shoot out of it and connect to our foreheads. This really hurts.

The room starts to spin. This is horrible! I now see several large forms step out of the centre. About five or six of them. They are large furry bigfoot type creature. Two of them appear to be around seven feet tall with long snouts. They are snarling loudly and have rows of sharp teeth with saliva dripping from their jaws. The others are smaller and wear cloaks. They are furry wolf like creatues as well but appear to be more intelligent and the superiors to the larger ones. They stand next to the machine and raise there arms. Now they are sucking energy from us through the beams. They are learning from the children. This is even more painful than the first part. I black out. Next memory- Somehow I end up back with the Working Group. Only now I am little more than a vegatable. I just remember laying a large room. I can feel the energy of the people around me as good. People talk to each here. No-one hardly talks to each other in the other place, maybe once in while to order people around. I am laying on a bed somewhere. I hear someone saying something about being “practically labotamised by the beams”. I cannot speak or think clearly. I end up in surgery again. Some kind of brain implant is placed inside me. A ‘Central-Circuit’. Thoughts are now relayed to me from this moment on until now. It is very difficult to think for myself. I no longer think in terms of “I”, I now think in terms of “You”. I have lost my free will it appears. An example- If I need to get a glass water after this, the thought i get is- “You need to get a class a water”, instead of “I’m thirsty, I need a glass of water”. Kate Casbolt arrives in Malaysia with my twin brother. They have been in Australia just before this. I am taken by the Working Group to the hotel lobby where they stay. This is a busy room in an expensive hotel. When I enter the room I see my brother being escorted over to me from the other side of the room by two people. I am with two men. We touch hands as we walk past each other at the Crossover point. I do not underststand at this time how other people in the room do not see this. I am told to go outside by the swimming where Kate is sitting. I have bnew memories now, but deep down i know who I am.Kate now becomes my ‘thinking mind’ in many ways. I never get a moments peace. I am ordered around like a robot- “Tie your shoelaces”, “Sit up strait”, “Eat with your mouth closed”, etc, etc. She becomes the “You” in my mind. One more EBE related event will happen before I travel to another country.

Kate and I are taken from the side of a road by an army jeep and driven down a long windey road in what could be an westerly direction. Taken to a military camp/base in the jungle somewhere. I am handed over to a woman and taken into a small building with a lift in. We descend and the doors open to some kind of underground command centre with desks with computers, plastic or glass maps/grids in between and a large screen at the front of the room. A military officer takes me to one of the computers and I’m shown a photo of an entity dressed in a brown cloak with it’s hood up and a metal belt on. It is looking back over it’s shoulder ( it’s back faces us ) and looks directly at the camera. Face covered in dark brown hair. I realise this ‘shot’ was taken through the eyes of the last remote viewer or soldier that saw it. The officer says he wants me to to tune into its signal- I’m getting the words “Gruff”, whatever that means. A soundwave appears at the top of the screen and I hear a sound like growling. An energy comes out of the screen and attaches to my third eye. I can now tune into the lifeforms energy with my sense of smell, sight and hearing but these senses combine to create a certain feeling. This entity is very evil! sexual pleasure from the death and conflict in the area.

The signal ends and the officer goes over to the woman, I sense what they are saying, basically they are going to “stick to the plan”- I can’t go walking through the jungle for hours or days on end at this age, so two teams will go in with me. The first will set up a temporary camp with radio and camera contact with the second. I’ll give whereabouts of entity to the first team and they will pass information onto the second. The woman and I then get back into the lift and go topside. I am escorted to the eight man team and we all get into two jeeps. I sit on the woman’s knee in the backseat of the first jeep. She seems robotic and emotionless!We drive a certain distance and then get out and start to walk into thicker jungle. I am not guiding or tracking at this point as they know were the camp location is to be set up. After walking for a while we come to a clearing ( a slight path going left and right with a smaller path going strait ahead ). One of the soldiers starts to set up a tent and a laptop computer is brought out with a map/grid on the screen, the sound is played to me again. I am now to begin tracking. For a couple of seconds I can’t decide which direction to face and get very figety. I finally decide and sit down. I go into a trance and faceing NW, I then realise why I was so figety. The lifeform is right near us and watching us up in a tree. We both ‘stare’ at each other at exactly the same time, as I sense him and he senses I sense him. He knows his postion is compromised. I yell “He’s up there!” and point.

The moment the entity realises it’s position has been compromised, it fires some kind of lasor beam at me. Time kind of slows down and the soldier at the back of me projects a forcefield of energy around me. The next thing I know, one of the soldiers is scaling up the tree like an animal ( like a cat ) with his rifle strapped to his back. The entity jumps off the branch and onto another tree. The soldier then ‘perches’ on the branch the entity has jumped off. He is squatted like an animal ans his back and shoulders look larger. I can’t see his front. He kind of ‘phases’ away and appears in the tree in front. The three other soldiers run after him on the ground. They dissapear into the jungle. After a while I hear more gunshots ring out. I have set up the EM grid in my mind’s eye and I see the entity as a red dot moving on a grid. The soldiers pursuing it are four green dots on the grid. I have a symbiotic link with the laptop computer and these dots are shown on the screen for the operator to see. The soldiers are all implanted, therfore a telepathic link between myself and the computer is transmitted to them. I sense much panic from from the entity as he cannot shake them. He is not used to be pursued and on the recieving end. In a act of desperation he makes commuinication with his ship in another part of the jungle. I turn around to the soldier and say “He’s calling his ship” and the soldier gets on the radio. Words like “xxxxxxx ( some code )”- “calling in air support”- “advise airstrike”- “location co-ordinates”. The grid in my mind’s eye extends and a larger red dot comes bleeping towards the smaller red dot. After about a minute they converge and more gunshots are heard, this time much qieuter as they seem to have covered a lot of distance in that short time. Soon after two black triangle craft fly silently over our heads ( very large craft ). You can make circles in the bottom of them through the treetops. You can feel the vibrations and massive EM energy coming from them as they are so low. Very awesome sight and feeling!Then low rumbles that shake the ground slightly as some kind of air battle commences. I can’t see this as too many trees in the way.

A time passes and loud explosions fade away. Eventially the unit doing the chasing through the jungle emerge from the trees. From my link with the computer I know the entity has escaped. A look of disappointment on the face of the soldier who scaled up the tree. The soldiers talk to each other about the creature getting away. One of them turns to me and says “You did well”. I know we are in for a hard time in the next few years becuase of this. We head back to the facility.Next memory-I’m a room with military officers. The outcome of the previous operation is being discussed and my future is being discussed. It turns out a renegade force of Plieadians from Aldeberan came in at the last minute and attempted to assist working group in capture of wolf type EBE. The ships that flew over our heads were these Plieadians. A renegade group because they do not follow general ‘federation’ policy of non-intervention.A captain is there dressed in some kind of naval uniform. The Plieadians are on the base and will come to this meeting. Three blond ‘giants’ walk in the room. Each well over six tall, very muscular, shiny eyes and very erect postures. All dressed in a blue uniform, believe it or not the leader is wearing some kind of red cape over the back of his uniform. I have never felt auras like that before, godlike beings of war. They take seats around a large table. I am sat here with a woman and the human officers. The operation is discussed, there seems some resentment from working group as they seem to think the Aldeberans let the creature go. The leader says something about the creature being worth more alive and talks about the future. Eyes are on me now. Brazil is mentioned, the word Kamagol is mentioned and my past. Ultimately the Albeberans are in charge of me and working group will bow to there wishes


South America 1984

I leave meeting with woman and three plieadians. Memory not too clear regarding this. Memory blanks here. Next memory- in a very large training hall with over 100 children. Being trained by Germans this time. Groups of children divided up into groups of around five and ten. Some scaling high wooden walls, some vaulting over large wooden boxes like gymnasts, other taking guns apart, some hand to hand combat. German men training us in early thirties. A large door is at the end of room, two banners hand on either side- nazi swasticas on them.

There is a timestamp on my NSA files from this time. It says 1984/10. This means October 1984. However this training would have been in early 1984. The files have a base code for Brazil. This facility was in Brazil. Files mention operation control was in Yucatan Mexico. A major LOOKING GLASS facility exists in Yucatan. These files were kept as a ‘cross the board’ tracking mechanism back in the 80’s. They were not case summaries. The details I am giving you on this thread are case summaries. I have to say I was treated very well by the Germans at this facility as were the other children. These officers in Brazil would most likely have been second or third generation Nazis from the New Berlin base in Antarctica. Their fathers or Grandfathers would have been the original Nazis that travelled in the U-boats from the motherland after WW2. These officers were supplied with hundreds of young blond aryan woman for breeding programs.

1984 South America

German scientists at training facility quickly realise I am a ‘natural being’. Extensive tests are not carried out to discover this, commuinication with previous groups that have looked after me establishes this. No sythentic proceedures or substances ( such as anabolic sterioids ) will enhance me greatly as natural evolution has done it’s job and created a new type of being, a protean being, namely Ascended Machine Technology. The other children at the facility are the same. For this reason much of our training is to be carried with indigenous shamans in the area. A small group of children are taken to a village in the jungle one night where fire rituals are being performed by local shamans. We arrive with germans in jeeps. The shamans seem to know them. A large fire is lit near the front of the village and dancing, chanting and spitting some kind of fluid into the fire starts. We copy the shamans in some kind of dance that involves shuffling along and bending forwards with you head facing the ground and pulling your back erect and strait while continiung moving forward. The flames seem to respond to this and get higher and more powerful. We are manipulating the element of fire. It almost seems as if some kind of shape-shifting is going on as the shamans and group of us become incredibly strong and start to stretch and almost get bigger. It’s hard to see this clearly. When the ritual finishes the shamans are very excited, pointing to us and saying something t the germans about “Quetzalcoatl”. Not certain if they are talking about one of us or the whole group. I’ve stated South America as a general location for this event, but it could have been Central America or Mexico. I have memory blanks from leaving the facility in Brazil and ending up in the jeeps driving through the jungle.

Side note- I have named this set of postings ‘SG Yucatan’ because the events that occured in these countries revolved around the stargate there.

We are taken back to the facility in Brazil were PSIonic traning now begins. I have already been involved in this type of training in other countries. The children all sleep in a dorm together, we don’t talk that much as there is a feeling of natural quite bliss between us. We are highly disiplined and sometimes congratulate each other before we sleep about the day’s accomplishments. We just seem to commuincate telepathically most of time. In the past mornings were sometimes difficult in Penang. That moment in between sleep and waking, when the full reality of what I was involved in would hit me and stun me. Here in Brazil they understood this and would wake us up very gently and kindly, almost like babies.

We are in sets of classrooms past the large training hall. Groups of us are divided into approx ten children. It starts with verbal indoctrination and being shown slides, video footage and such. We are taught about the white master race’s involvement and use the of various forms of fire ( atomic and such ). We are told we are “Modern day Fire-Gods” that can manipulate this element. Children in the other classrooms are being indoctrinated into connection there innate element. We are taught about other fire-worshipping cultures- indians/vedics? and others. We are taught about combining seemingly unconnected energies. This is like early chaos theory in quantum physics. Namely seemingly random events and realities have an underlying order. We will need to understand this as certain key figures will arrive at the facility soon that will change everything. People such as George Bush Snr, Dr Green/ Dr V and others.

The Emerald Chambers- mid 80’s


Classes continue at the facility in Brazil. We are taught the basics such as telekinesis. We move various objects around in the classrooms such as pencils across the desks. Much of the mind training centres around ‘concepts’ as well as practical aps. We are taught the greatest block to these abilities comes from the false belief in an external God. We are taught we come from the ‘Great Water’, not a literal sea but a sea of infinite potential energy where anything the mind can concieve it can achieve. This is the source/force that is our essence ( a type of quantum physics again ). We are also taught that Jehovah the biblical ‘God’ is an extra-terrestrial, a human being just like us. Days go by and we are brought one evening to the large hall with the two swastickas next to the entrance. George Bush Snr is in attendance with many other men in various types of uniforms. GBS and the others are interested in our physical ability in this test and we take part in martial arts matches, climbing ropes, vaulting over tall objects, stamina tests, etc. The tests are very hard but not brutal, we hit a peak after a while and can not really get tired after we hit this. We can go almost indefinately when we hit this. The test goes on for hours. The worst is the hand to hand combat- full contact but quite easy really. After a while pain becomes pleasure. After the test we shower get changed and then come into another large room we have been in before. Another hall with a huge table set out with fine food. We all sit down and GBS and the Germans in their mid 30’s stand up raise their glasses to us- saying something about the future. He seems like a very friendly guy who likes to have fun, always laughing and joking with everyone. At the end of the meal we line up and GBS pins medals on our jackets. We are then escorted back to our dorms, exhausted but feeling good.

Dr Green

Now it is time for the Emerald ‘torture’ chambers. We are taken from the facility in Brazil. It is hard to remember when I travel from the place. We arrive at a temple somewhere in a jungle region. A small group of men lead approx ten of us children down steps into an underground section of the temple. Dark, damp underground chambers are situated here. Men are already inc one these rooms with machines that light the chamber up with a green light. ‘Beds’ and chairs ( medical looking with restraints ) are in the room. We are strapped in. I am placed in a chair near the middle. Electrodes are hooked up to various parts of our body. We are told by the man in charge that the session will be divided into two parts. The first will be a ‘still’ session, where electrical currents will be administered to us. We are to become still “like water” and not “leave our bodies”, if we can do this without dying, we will ‘spark’, namely the fire elementals in our bodies will activate and we wil be capable of ‘reality programming’, which involves teleportation, pryomancy and shape-shifting. This is ‘Pheonix’ programming and is the advanced levels of this area. The machines are switched on and the burn and pain starts slowly. It gradually builds until we are screaming, the pain is indescribable. I think I am going to die, then just as I can’t take any more, I ‘spark’. Some kind of energy kicks in and I cross over into pleasure. The pain becomes pleasure. I hoping the other children have made it across but my head is locked forward with some kind of head clamp so I can’t see. Images of fields are flashed on the rock wall with a projector the man have brought along with them. The man in charge says “focus on this place and traval there”. The scene starts to change but my body is not going anywhere. I am changing the enviroment with my mind. The walls of the chamber start to fade away and the field starts to manifest in front of me. I feel the wind on my face and smell grass. Another couple of seconds and I am fully sat in the field in the chair. I feel the electricy level go down and kind of miss it as I come back into the chamber.

NanoTech- human/alien/animal crossbreeding-eating the dead

Mid 80’s Yucatan

Small groups of children are flown from Brazil to Mexico regulaly over this time period. Blood vials are stored underground in this temple as well as various other machines ( cryotech and the ‘Blue Tubes’- containers of blue liquid for cloning ). The blood vials contain ET/animal and human DNA infused with nanites. We are give them for drinking in this place and also injections. The A.I system learns from us through the nanites when we ingest the blood. We learn from the A.I system as well during this process. The end result is the ability to shapeshift and take on animal atrributes for military aps.

Clown programming- Dr Green

Dr Green teaches me about power during this time. He encourages me to embrace my darkside and we start by killing birds together in the temple and drinking their blood. During this time Dr Green seems to shapeshift into a white skinned ‘vampire’ with pointy ears and teeth. His body and head seem to grow bigger. Not sure i see this though drugs or trauma. He looks a bit like an evil clown. Screen memories of clowns are put in afterwards to cover the memory up. This processes are preperations for the main ritual which will occur in this place on Oct 21st 1984.

October 31st ( Halloween ) 1984- Yucatan

Night of Samael

I am led into an underground chamber in the temple. I am told before hand this event will be apocalypic and these type of rituals will decide the fate of the world in many ways ( rituals to bring about the end of the world- the old order being replaced ) ). The strucure of the large chamber is pyramid in shape. An altar is in the middle of the room with two pillars on each side of the altar. Flames burn on top of each altar. Four men in dark robes stand in each corner of a geometrcial shape on the floor ( a circle with a something in the middle ). I am taken and stood in the middle of the circle. I am directly underneath the point of the pyramid above us. They start to chant and I can feel an entity being drawn down into the pyramid and into my body. I try to fight it but the chanting grows louder and I can’t fight it.

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