How to get out of the matrix.

When you pass by, you will see a light at the end of a ‘tunnel’.  The light which many of people spoke about who had a near death experience. Most of them did not know they can / could actually speak to this light. Light can create paradise, garden of Eden if you like. It can present anything you want. Well this light will trick you into staying another round here on earth, wipe your memory once again. Again you are stuck on earth, on Lyra constellation, on Orion, etc. This milky way is controlled for more than 95% and this for million of years.

If you are planning to get out of this controlled system / matrix, first you have to augment your vibration, your frequency. So you can sustain a 5 ,6 or 7th dimension. Once you have passed this false light, your (spiritual) guides will wait for you and help you. They know the ‘highway’ and where the stargates are located to get you out of here.

This information is quite unique. No new ager will tell you this information if they knew it already.



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