Q-552 Cloning facility, Canada

I have photographs of me in Canada at the time, I might post them soon


James, …I wrote you while digging through some stuff at work. I can not be specific about how I found these, but I was able to gain access to some files that a friend of mine located while doing some research.

It is amazing James. It seems you and I have been in contact as children. During the early 1980s in British Columbia, Canada (Above the US state of Washington on the Northwest Pacific Coast), there was a genetic lab. There is also another lab located near Lake Minnewanka, Alberta. The children (and some adults were flown in to Nelson, BC on small charter flights funded by the CIA. These children were then taken to Banff National Park (Lake Minnewanka). There is a DUMB entrance near the lake up and old logging access road. I checked this against the database and that DUMB was closed and relocated to a larger base further north. The base that was used in the 80s is now used for records storage and reserve emergency parts (generators, tools, etc). It is a small service base, but was used because of its location near a CIA training station as well as a genetics lab in Nelson. I think the site record said it was 150,000 square feet…not large for a DUMB by todays standards. like I said before there ae small ones and large ones. Anyway, they sequenced our DNA there. The documents stated (which were old CIA and NSA briefing documents) that the children were “blue bloods”, and used for “Project Ibis genetic sequencing”. We were selected as small children due to our lineages and genetics. We were either abducted, kidnapped, or maybe our parents were brainwashed in to letting us go there or taken there by them. I have no memory of my parents doing his. My parents have no knowledge of any of this. My parents never travelled to Canada, but I do have vague recollections of floating from my bed, out the window, and down into a space ship that reminded me of the Appolo spacecraft on the moon (at least that is the way I remember it). I also recall small “monsters” who treated me very nice and took me to a very pretty place in the mountains. I distinctly remember seeing the gate of the base entrance and walking out of this craft. The ramp reminds me of some Plaedian science crafts (sport models is what the government call them). The symbol is the triple tau inside the red delta below the red spear and sword (like the special unit patch I sent you). Below the symbol was Nelson Q-552. I did a search on Q-552 and it was located in the Banff National Park. The same park I mentioned above as now being storage for a larger more complex base built in 1992-96. Apparently in your file you had visited the base multiple times. I wrote dates on myarm with a ink pen. The dates were April 3, 1984 / May 23-25, 1984 / July 17, 1984 / September 11-12, 1984 / October 30, 1984 / December 21-23, 1984These dates are all on our files that my friend located. These are old paper files and not within a database. These are Ibis files only and related to transfer, work done on us as kids, and then monitoring. Both of us were located at the same base on these same dates. It states the project sequence completed in Februart 1985. There are no further records after that. It states our blood and plasma were taken, our brains were scanned, we were given IQ tests, asked to complete lobe exercises while hooked to EKG machines and brain monitoring equipment. Whle reading these documents so many memories started to come back. I am confused and a bit angry at all this. I asked to speak with my supervisor and I asked him about the files. He stated, “This kind of thing is common in the intel community”.That is all he said and he just smiled. I do not recall you specifically James, but i do recall sitting in a room with children and being shown violent films of nuclear bombs going off, people shooting gun, beheadings, bombs, explosions, etc and then being shown happy tthings like video of families, kittens, gardens, amusement parks, beaches, etcI also recall laying on a chair and having my blood drawn and asking a nurse why she was doing that and she stated, “because your blood is very special, you are special”. I recall another small boy laying next to me and him saying, “Just shut up and it won’t hurt”. These are the only memories I have and they just started coming back after I read these files and discussed it with my friend. They (my friend who is very trusted) is going to do some more digging, but these are the only IBIS files on use located at Oak Ridge. They said they will cross reference and look in other vaults. This might take some time because many of these olf files have never been digitized. There are millionsof them and almost impossible to find anything. It takes time. Now I am wondering if there were more of us involved that are connected now. Maybe Haley? I don’t know. Does any of this make sense to you James. The only thing that adds up in our files are those dates. There are many dates but those are the ones where our time in Canada overlapped at the same place. I need some sleep. I am exhausted. Let me know what you think about all this. It would be comforting. Also, I recall the banner that said “Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam” with a golden sleeping Lion below it. This phrase means ” To the greater glory of God”. xxxxxx

All credits go to James and his wistleblower.

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